How to Dress Up for A Summer Date – 15 Cute Summer Date Outfits

How should I dress up for a summer date? What is the best way to do summer makeup? These questions can haunt a girls mind before any date especially if it is your first one. Outfit Trends brings you 15 cute summer date outfit ideas that will make you irresistible. Here is a complete guide for girls on how to look hot in the summer sun.

Every girl wants to look stunning on a first date and what better time of year than the height of summer? Flaunt what you’ve got. By using your summer wardrobe to its full potential that fantastic first impression on a date is guaranteed!

selena gomez summer date makeup

Basic Tip for Date Dresses
Its summer so short, strappy dresses are always a great item of clothing. For a first date why not step things up a bit and flaunt what you’ve got with a cheeky halter neck dress? Cute and sexy while revealing a little bit more flesh. If a short halter neck is not your style and you don’t feel overly comfortable with showing off a bit more, why not rock a plain coloured maxi dress? These are great for accentuating the waist without going overboard so accessorize with a belt for added effect.

Two Piece Outfits
A fantastic item for a first date is one that no girl will be without during summer – The humble denim shorts. Every girl will have a pair of these lurking in their summer wardrobe. They are great for showing off those bronze legs but also keeping a natural summer look. How about matching denim shorts with a coral coloured strappy top? Coral is a common natural summer colour and will match any skin tone. Other colours which are popular throughout summer include pinks, blues, yellows, oranges and white. Jeggings are also fantastic for a first date outfit. They are very prevalent in today’s fashion and can be perfectly harmonised with a leather or denim jacket and plain strappy top.

What Shoes to Wear? 
The great thing about summer is that the chunky boots and wellies go away and the heels and sandals come out to play. Always remember though, if choosing to wear sandals feet should be beautifully pedicured and nails painted with a matching shade.
Heeled sandals are a great style of footwear to create that slim and sleek look. This style of shoe is perfect for showing off the ankles. Plain black suede boots are a stunning addition to any summer outfit. Match these with your denim shorts combo and the street; summer style is complete.

Summer Date Makeup and Accessories
Bright colours are great for summer outfits. Pink lips are a favourite as well as a brilliant shade for a first date. Bright and alluring but keeping a cute and innocent image going. There is such a vast collection of different shades of pink that finding one to match any outfit is not difficult. Glitter is a great makeup item. Shimmering eye-shadows with glittery lips are a flawless combination for a first date and a beautiful summery look.
Other worthy summer accessories include floral hair fascinators, big-rimmed sunglasses, oversized floral rings, and even imitation suspender tights which are brilliant for creating the stunning and sexy illusion of suspenders and garters. These are a perfect match to a relatively tight fitting short evening dress and black ankle boots.

The following images give perfect examples of the ideas explained above. Have a glance at these outfits and choose the best combination for your self. Good luck and have fun.

Peplum with leather Pants.

what to wear for summer date (15)


cute summer date outfits ideas (1)


Summer Date-Night Outfit combination.

cute summer date outfits ideas (2)


Short  Stripe Dress

cute summer date outfits ideas (3)

Sleeveless top with high waist Skirt

cute summer date outfits ideas (5)

Hairstyle for Date night.

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Denim Top with Skirt.cute summer date outfits ideas (7)


Polka Dot Top with Skirt.

what to wear for summer date (11)

Red Top with Animal Print Skirt.what to wear for summer date (12)

Wear Fedora Hat for a daytime date. See ideas on how to wear fedora hats in different clothes.

what to wear for summer date (10)

what to wear for summer date (14)

Date Dress combination for Teen girls.

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Celebrities Inspired Date Outfits. 

You can also get a lot of ideas from your favourite celebrities as how they dress up for this.

Blake Lively and co-star Chase Crawford film

what to wear for summer date (9)

Selena Gomez Date Dress with Justin Bieber

cute summer date outfits ideas (4)

 Miranda Kerr on Valentines day in Sydney

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