What to Wear on a Picnic? 21 Outfit Ideas

Picnic Outfit Ideas. Picnic weather is just around the corner. Think about all the fun you will be having with your best friends, family, or significant others in just a few weeks. Although picking out the perfect spot and playlist is not all. One main concern for any fashionable girl is always appropriate attire.

Since it is an outdoor activity one must choose the outfit that is most comfortable. Therefore your concern number one is the weather. Although it might be sunny – springtime weather can be deceitful, so be careful not to get caught in some cold winds.

Lastly, it is imperative that your outfit fits the aesthetic, of spring and outdoor fun.

What to Wear to a Picnic?

To prepare you we are proud to present to you a rundown of the most elegant outfits for your outdoor endeavours this spring.

  • Layer: As we already brought your attention to the weather, we must elaborate. Springtime weather is tricky, a sudden breeze can catch you off-guard if you’re not properly dressed. Especially if you are sitting around on cool grass all day. Therefore we recommend bringing many layers, whether it is a raincoat or a cute shawl. Here are some tips on how to Layer Your Clothes Like a Pro.
  • Dark Hues: Laying around on the grass is romantic and all, but don’t forget the realities of grass stains. Try and avoid the cliché all-white picnic dresses, because you will simply get yourself dirty. Stick to dark tones, like black or brown. They will work great as they won’t stain so easily.
  • Platforms or Flats: If you intend on wearing heels, make sure they are none other than platforms. Getting a thin heel stuck in the grass can really ruin your day. Otherwise, we strongly recommend flats. Or even sneakers.
  • Long-length: If you will be sitting around all day, we guarantee you will want some length to your skirt, dress, or pants. Although you might think that it’s sunny and too hot for maxi lengths, remember you will be sitting on the floor a lot of the time. And cold soil tends to be uncomfortable, even if you’re sitting on a blanket.
  • Active Wear: Picnics are not always limited to a glass of bubbly and hand sandwiches. Alternatively, a fun active experience might play up your day. Therefore it is best to be prepared. Therefore try to avoid any loose clothes. So they don’t get in the way of you running around under the sun.
what to wear on a picnic

21 – Show Off Those Shoulders

Being under the sun is the best occasion to show some skin. So go for an off-shoulder top and pair it with either jeans or pants in a light color. I also love the choice of Sperry shoes because picnic shoes should be comfortable and slip-ons. Here are some ideas on What to Wear With Cold Shoulder Tops.

picnic outfit ideas


20 – Pair a Pair of Light Blue Shorts and a Light Blue Bandana

Now moving on with a highly casual outfit. This is perfect to wear to a picnic with friends. Especially on a very warm and sunny summer day. This outfit looks just as simple as it is to recreate. All you need is a pair of light blue shorts and a bandana in a matching color. Then try layering a white tank top and a cream-colored short-sleeve button-down.


19 – Go For Track-Pants and Top

Second, on the list is an outfit that is similarly simple and casual. This is perfect for when you are hit with the question of what to wear to a sporty active picnic. Pair light grey or white sweatpants, with a uniquely cut blacktop, and you, are all set.


18 – Pair Different Denim Pieces For a Super Cute Picnic Outfit

As we are gradually moving towards more fashionable outfits, yet still remain in the section of casual looks we suggest you try this denim outfit. There is not just one clothing item that is denim, there are two – and it is not necessary to match them.

Pair casual blue denim shorts, with a white tank top. However, spice it up with a lighter denim color on your long sleeve or short sleeve button-down.


17 – Add a Round Straw Hat to Your Look

This is an outfit that is both super chill and elegant. The special ingredient here is a straw hat. It is the perfect option, as it protects from the summer sun, but also fits the outdoorsy environment very well. Pair this hat with simple jeans and a blouse look.

But make sure that your jeans have some stretch to them. Therefore you will be able to comfortably position yourself on the picnic blanket. Do check out these Straw Hat Outfits.


16 – Tackle the Latest Vest Trend With this Summer Outfit

Make sure you are looking super trendy even when you’re in a casual outdoor outfit. One way to achieve that is to look at a past major trend – vests. A woven vest will serve you well in the unpredictable summer windy weather, especially if you layer them with a collared t-shirt. Complete the outfit with some jeans, and comfy shoes.


15 – Go For a Brown and Yellow Theme

Another casual outfit option involves some brown tones. Since you will be in the outdoors, it only makes sense for you to blend in with nature, so go for some casual brown cargo pants. Match a darker hue of brown on your top. However, don’t blend in too much, by choosing a bright yellow tank top. Because all outfits should have that breathtaking pop of color.


14 – Spice Up a Jeans Outfit With Puffy Sleeves on Your Shirt

As we gradually move into more elegant and dressy outfits we recommend you add a unique top to your simple blue jeans. This outfit is cute but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, so it is the perfect outfit for a romantic picnic. The top we recommend is a cropped blouse with some puffy long sleeves.


13 – Go For Subtle Yet Bold Blue Checkered Pants

Similar to the previous outfit, this is the perfect outfit to wear to a picnic date. It is cute and unique. Although is a lot less casual than the previous option, due to the blue checkered pants. Similarly, although the sleeves on the blouse are puffy and it is cropped. The sleeve length is short, which makes this look a lot more playful.


12 – Match a Yellow Printed Top to Yellow Pants

Speaking of eye-catching pants, these definitely will stop the show. If you are brave enough pair some vibrant yellow pants, possibly jeans. With an equally attention-grabbing shirt. To match the summer theme well, try to find a shirt that has a floral print.


11 – Pair a Yellow Checkered Skirt with a Simple White Button Down

Alternatively, to the previous outfit, this presents the option of balancing between a bright piece of clothing and a laid-back one. This is a simple way to wear bright colors such as yellow, which could make some people uncomfortable. Simply find a color that matches well. In the case of this skirt, white is that color. Because the skirt is in a yellow and white checkered print.


10 – Match a White Top with White Boots

As we are slowly moving away from casual outfits into elegant ones, this is the perfect balance between style and simplicity. The style tip here is to match the color of your top to your shoes. Also, this works even better if your shoe option is more original than sneakers.

For instance these white cowboy boots. Following this statement piece, matching with a long dark skirt to contrast will make people’s heads turn.


9 – Style a White Ribbed Dress with a Neon Mini Bag

Even if you are attempting a stylish look, your main clothing item can be a very blank color. Since the real magic is done through your choice of accessories. A mini purse in a bright color is a perfect choice. Here are more outfits with the ultimately stylish Mini Bags.


8 – Tone Down a Bright Green Dress with a Long White Blouse

Alternatively, if your dress is very bright you can choose to blend it in or tone it down a bit with other clothing. For example, if you are worried that this cute green dress is a bit much, but still wanna wear it, pair it with something neutral. Like a long white blouse.

This way you still show the cute dress, but don’t make it gather as much attention. As a bonus, you also have a coverup in case you are hit with some winds.


7 – Match Your Headwear to the Small Details of Your Dress

This outfit is very elegant and is easily the perfect girly girl outfit for a picnic. This unique dress style with puffy sleeves and a box cut is very much in style. To make it your own try seeing what is a significant color in the print of the dress, and matching your hair accessory to it.

In this case, the flowers are light pink, therefore a light pink headscarf is a thoughtful addition.


6 – Wear Just One Clothing Item, Go For Minimalism

Alternatively, this type of dress can be worn on its own. It is elegant and beautiful and can certainly play the main character. This will make you able to indulge in a variety of activities because you won’t have anything extra in your hands or handing loose on you.

Another benefit of this dress style is that it is long enough, and fits firmly around your waist – to even be active in.


5 – Wear a Matching Checkered Printed Set In Blue

Another ultra-comfortable and functional outfit for a picnic is a two-piece. Even a long skirt works, because you have to remember that you will be sitting on the ground, and the extra padding is useful. However, since the top is so tight and has nothing hanging off it won’t get in the way of any outdoor games.

Also, this type of print is perfect to match with some sneakers, so you can wear your functional shoes too. Here are some more Matching Sets to Wear & How to Style Them.


4 – Create a Photogenic Outfit with a Vintage Looking Gown

Similar to a few outfits ago this dress is able to work on its own. However, due to several details, it is a far more fashionable option. This is also the perfect dress to mark us moving down to the fashionable picnic outfits. The dress color isn’t white it’s cream and has buttons down to a corset-like bodice. If you find a dress like that, it will be perfect for some outdoor photoshoots.


3 – Try Out a Long Blue Full Dress

An alternative although a similar one is this maxi blue dress. It is similar to the previous outfit in the sense that it doesn’t require additional accessories. Although, is that way not because of shape but because of the highly vibrant color. This too is a beautiful dress to photograph yourself in, in nature.


If monochrome is not your style, you can always go for a printed dress and add a belt to give it a better shape.

picnic outfit ideas


2 – Try a Mini Bodycon Dress in a Vibrant Magenta

Magenta is not a color you see all the time, it is a unique color that is hard to pair. As well as strongly seasonal color. Which makes it perfect for a stand-out summer outfit. As for the shoes that match well with it, try out a simple color. But beware a black sneaker will tone down the purple hue, whilst the white will make it bright and day time like.


1 – Create a Barbie Look for Your Picnic Date Outfit

The last outfit on the list also happens to be the most elegant out of all. It is super Barbie-like because it contains that classic barbie pink color in the dress. A great companion to this color happens to be a classic snow white, which is perfect to include in the shirt. This is a perfect romantic picnic date outfit if you’re not afraid to show you wanted to make an impression on your partner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is casual picnic attire?

If you need an outfit for a simple picnic day relax with your friends, and try to pair basic clothing items. Go for some jeans, or even cotton/linen pants, paired with a beautiful flowy blouse. Most importantly make sure that all the clothes you choose are made from a breathable, soft fabric. It is important that you stay comfortable.

Q. What is the perfect picnic dress?

The perfect picnic dress is one that is suitable for both a simple picnic and a picnic date. Meaning that it is both practical and cute. For example, if you want something to look cute, and stylish when it is just one piece of clothing – go for something with a pattern. Alternatively, you want the dress form to be comfortable to sprawl across your picnic blanket in. Therefore the optimal option is a patterned dress, that is tight at the waist, and flows down along the legs.

Q. What should you wear to a picnic?

Wear something that is casual-chic. You want to be comfortable, warm, and cute. Perfect options are pants with white blouses or midi dresses.

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