15 Long Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas to Try This Year

You know that we love talking about skirts, some of our all-time favorites being midi skirts, lace-up skirts and tulle skirts. But now, we all can feel the hype surrounding the return of the long denim skirt trend. They combine comfort and style and are incredibly versatile.

What To Wear With A Long Denim Skirt?

A long denim skirt should ideally go with everything, but maintaining balance in your outfit is crucial. Tops, hoodies, and oversized blazers can all be worn with midi skirts. At the same time, maxi skirts look good with tucked-in and well-fitted blouses.

Additionally, the colors play a massive role here. A white top with denim always looks refreshing while bold colors may also steal the spotlight.

For the colder months, layering is also a great idea. Wearing your long skirt with a denim jacket or top is another amazing way to wear skirts in winters.

Styling Tips

  • Find the right style: Similar to other skirts, denim skirts are available in a range of styles. Slit skirts, buttoned-up skirts, flared skirts, midi skirts, and other styles are among the various looks. You can select the option that best suits your needs.


  • Play With Prints: You can choose vibrant and striking top prints for a fun look because denim looks great with a variety of print combinations. In this case, opt for minimal accessories to maintain a balanced overall appearance.


  • Tucked-In Tops: Tucked-in tops and blouses look the best with denim skirts for a more put-together appearance. They go well with high-waisted skirts, and you can also accessorize them with additional layers and pieces.


  • Accessories: Accessorizing a basic denim skirt enhances its overall appearance. You can opt for statement belts and bags to elevate the look.


Outfit Ideas

15 – With Bralette Top

It requires very little effort to style a chic outfit like this one. All you need to do is pair a stylish bralette top with a high-waisted denim skirt. You can finish off the look by wearing it with long leather boots.


14 – With Ruffled Top


13 – With Cami Top

A side-slit denim skirt is a fashion statement itself and you wouldn’t require many styling tips to wear this one.

You just need to wear it with a stylish top and chunky heels to look put together. Shoulder bags, multi-layered necklaces, and chained belts are examples of accessories that can improve the appearance.


12 – With Halter Top

This is another stylish way to wear a maxi skirt with a halter top. By matching your footwear and accessories to your top, you can elevate your appearance.

Additionally, a sleek belt will help you in achieving a defined waist.


11 – With White Tank Top

Denim and white is a timeless combination that never goes wrong. It looks extremely chic and super easy to style.

You’ll notice that the bold bag and sunglasses, among other accessories, elevate this easygoing style. This is a perfect summery look however you can also go for layering options in chilly weather.


10 – How To Wear A Long Denim Skirt For Work?

You might be wrong if you think that you can’t incorporate a denim skirt into your professional looks. Just grab a skirt and pair it with a satin button-down shirt.

To achieve a dressier look, add a layer of a blazer or keep the colour tones simple.


9 – With Strapless Top

It sounds too simple to pair distressed denim with a strapless top. For this reason, you should wear it with a stylish skirt that has a front slit. Put on your sneakers and get ready for a breezy summer brunch.


8 – With A Corset Top

Seeking for a stylish outfit? Say no more, as a long denim skirt and corset top together can make for the perfect ensemble. To finish the look, add statement earrings and a leather jacket on top.


7 – With An Oversized Blazer

You could pull off a semi-formal look by teaming an oversized blazer with a skirt and white top. Fashion enthusiasts love this look even though it might not be to everyone’s taste. As an alternative, you might want to think about wearing a cropped jacket or blazer as well.


6 – With Turtleneck


5 – With Sweatshirt

Here’s how to dress down your skirt for a casual day out. Simply wear canvas shoes and a cosy sweatshirt with it. You can wear this outfit to college with ease if you carry a backpack or a crossbody bag.


4 – With A Leather Jacket

As always, an all-leather ensemble with a dash of denim looks stylish. Wear your skirt with a leather jacket, leather boots, and a leather purse for this look. You can finish it off with a stylish, slim belt, and you’re ready for the day.


3 – With Cardigan

The denim fabric is perfect for a fall ensemble. You can simply pair your skirt with an oversized cardigan to get this look.

To create a colourful look, you can also combine and contrast various colours and patterns.


2 – Retro Look With Vintage Skirt & Striped Sweater

A striped pullover sweater looks great with a vintage maxi skirt to add a nostalgic touch. To achieve this style, team a striped pullover sweater, Doc Martens, and a vintage long skirt. To complete the look, you can also add other accessories like a belt or muffler.


1 – Classic Denim On Denim Look

It is always a head-turner to wear denim on denim, and you can never go wrong with it. You can put together this look for the day by simply adding a statement pair of heels and a statement bag.


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