Slip Dress Outfits: 20 Ideas on How To Wear A Slip Dress

Slip dress outfits: Slip dresses are all the rage these days. You might think you cant wear a silk dress because you don’t look like all those Victoria’s Secret models. Well, the truth is you don’t need to look like them to wear a silk dress anybody can wear one if they like They are easy to wear and can be bought from almost any shop. Slip dresses can be worn in the summers or the winters so don’t worry about the weather, you just need to know how to style them. All these models keep wearing silk dresses so why shouldn’t we wear them?

Slip dresses come in all sorts of prints and designs now. You can choose whichever one you like and wear it. These dresses are the best option when it comes to wearing formal because they are usually made of silk and silk is one of the sexiest and most royal of all materials.

How to Style a Slip Dress?

Slip dresses are fun and look extremely stunning when worn properly. You can wear them with sweaters, jackets, overcoats and even shirts. Don’t worry about how you’ll look just remember to wear these dresses with confidence and show everyone how bold you are!


• DO make sure to style your slip dress with a matching upper.

• DO wear seamless undergarments with your dress.

• DO pair your slip dress with simple jewelry to prevent taking attention away from your dress.

• DONT wear extremely oversized jackets with this dress.

• DONT worry about footwear, sneakers, or heels, both will look good.

• DONT forget to style your hair in a pretty bun or french braids.

↓ 20 – Black Slip Dress

This is a plain black slip dress that has been paired with white cowboy boots. The contrast of white and black looks super cool and sexy too. This dress looks comfortable as well as sexy and the small shoulder bag looks super cute. Don’t forget to wear some dainty pieces of jewelry with this dress because they will make the outfit look even prettier. If you tie your hair back then it will show off more of your shoulders which is always a big yes!


↓ 19 – Tied Up Shirt With Dress

This outfit has a lot of colors in it and it still looks quite amazing. The green dress paired with the shirt that has been knotted to serve as a cover-up looks dope. They have also paired red heels with this outfit which one would assume won’t look good but they still do. Carry a cute bag with this outfit and don’t forget to wear your sunglasses because they will add more glamour to this look.

↓ 18 – Slip Dress With Fuzzy Sweater

If you like slip dresses but can’t wear them because the weather is always too cold where you live? We got you covered. Try wearing a fuzzy sweater with your favorite slip dress the next time and you won’t regret it. Who says you can only wear a slip dress in the summertime. You can wear this outfit to any dinner, party, day out with friends, or a cute lunch date. Pair it with heels and it will serve as a formal outfit too.

↓ 17 – Silk Dress With Turtleneck

This is another outfit that will be good for the winter. Wear a black turtleneck underneath a slip dress to achieve a goth look but if you don’t like that then a turtleneck in any color would work too. Pair this outfit with black chunky boots and a black handbag. Use a belt to make your dress fit well because silk dresses are usually not fitted. Wear lots of necklaces on top of the turtleneck it will look dope! Here are some more of our favorite Women’s Turtleneck Outfits.

↓ 16 – Casual Look With Silk Dress

If you want to wear a slip dress but not show too much skin then this is the outfit for you. You can wear an oversized full sleeves sweater on top of the silk dress and your outfit will still look good. Dresses look very cool when paired with sneakers so try that and you will love it. You can wear this outfit to run errands or go out with some friends. It’s cute, comfortable, and convenient.

↓ 15 – Overcoat and Slip Dress

An overcoat is one of the best clothing items that anybody can own. They are versatile and go with just about anything. This is why we are here to tell you that you can wear one with a slip dress too! Pair a brown overcoat with a red dress and you will have yourself a complete outfit. Wear heels that either match your coat or your dress and you will have yourself an outfit that you can wear to a party, a birthday, or a date night.

↓ 14 – Celebrity Style Slip Dress Outfit

Alessandra was seen wearing a grey silk dress in the streets of NYC. This grey dress is a style statement and we love to see it! Ambrosio paired the dress with a brown and gold Gucci belt and some black booties. However, they did not forget to wear jewelry and wore 2 chunky gold chains around their neck. Ambrosio also did not seem to forget to wear sunglasses and carry a bag. You can steal this look and wear it to a party or any other formal event.

Slip Dress Outfits: 20 Ideas on How To Wear A Slip Dress

↓ 13 – Tshirt With Dress

T-shirts with dresses are quite popular these days. We don’t blame the people that wear them because it is definitely a cool trend. Wear a white t-shirt under a black dress and complete your outfit with some chunky sneakers. This is more of a casual look but you can make it formal by wearing heels instead of sneakers. Wear some cool pieces of jewelry to make this outfit even cooler.

↓ 12 – Emily Ratajkowski’s Black Slip Dress

Ratajkowski wore a black dress while walking her dog. They paired a plain black dress with white sneakers to keep it casual and comfortable. You can spice up this look by wearing heels instead of sneakers and pairing it with some chunky chains. This outfit can be worn anywhere because it is super casual.

Slip Dress Outfits: 20 Ideas on How To Wear A Slip Dress

↓ 11 – Modest Way To Wear a Slip Dress

This is yet another outfit that will be good for people that never get to see the summer. Wear a chunky knitted sweater on top of a silk dress. In this image, the person has paired a beige turtleneck sweater with a white silk dress and some slides. This outfit looks super comfortable to wear and even easier to put together so if you don’t know what to wear with a silk dress, try this outfit.

↓ 10 – Slip Dress With Blazer

Blazers are the best to pair with just about anything. Here the person has paired a white dress with a matching white blazer and chunky sneakers. This outfit is on point because everything matches perfectly. If you love wearing white then this is the outfit for you. You can also wear this outfit with white heels instead of chunky sneakers. You can wear this outfit to a birthday dinner, anniversary, night out with your girls, or just when you feel like dressing up!

↓ 9 – Printed Slip Dress

Printed slip dresses are super cute and quite trending these days. They are easy to wear and you can pair them with just about anything and they still look good. Pair a printed slip dress with some chunky sandals if you like or some chunky sneakers. These dresses are versatile so you can wear them anywhere you like.

↓ 8 – Black Dress With Chunky Sandals

Wear a black dress and pair it with some black chunky sandals. This black dress is super sexy and sultry. Use a belt to make the fitting better and don’t forget to wear some chunky jewelry with this outfit because it will go well with the chunky sandals. You can carry a big handbag too because it will look dope!

↓ 7 – Cheetah Print

Cheetah print is one of the most worn animal prints so you couldn’t possibly go wrong with it. Wear a cheetah print slip dress with beige heels or sneakers if you like. You can also pair a cheetah print bag with this outfit. Don’t forget to wear some dainty jewelry with this outfit. You can wear this outfit on a night out with your friends or on a date night!


↓ 6 – Pink Slip Dress

This pink dress looks super cute. The length of this slip dress is a bit shorter so if you like shorter dresses better then you should try this outfit. Pair some sneakers with this dress but you can also wear heels with it which would make it look sexier. You can wear this dress to go out with your friends and have some fun!


↓ 5 – Blue Dress

There are a lot of ways you can wear a blue slip dress. One of the ways is to wear it with a beige shirt underneath it. Most people would opt for a black shirt underneath the dress but a beige shirt will bring out the true color of your dress and make it pop more. You can wear matching beige or white heels and carry a bag too. This outfit can be worn to dinner, birthday, or a lunch date with your besties.

↓ 4 – Goth Outfit

If you are into goth culture then you will love this outfit because of the skeletons on this dress. The chokers are also super sexy. The lace on this dress is stunning and eyecatching. Pair some chunky black boots with this outfit to complete the goth look! You can wear this outfit when you’re going out with your friends or anywhere you like.

↓ 3 – Black And White

The contrast of black and white never fails to amaze us. White and black always look good together even though we think they won’t. The way this white slip dress goes so perfectly with a black blazer is just amazing. You should try this outfit if you like blazers and slip dresses! This combo is the one you’re missing out on. Don’t forget to wear some chains and your sunglasses. This outfit would look great with some chunky sneakers.


↓ 2 – Textured Brown Dress

This dress is super sexy and something you should not miss out on. This dress would be perfect for a birthday, prom, or date night outfit. This textured brown dress is stunning and would look even prettier if you wore it in the daylight as the texture would be more visible. It would be better to pair this dress with heels because they’ll add to the sexiness of this dress but if you are more into sneakers then wear those.

↓ 1 – Slip Dress With Printed Blazer

You can pair a slip dress with a printed blazer and it will still look amazing. If you love wearing blazers then you should give this outfit a try! A printed blazer will always look good with a plain dress. Wear some cute black booties or heels if you and do not forget to wear some gold jewelry pieces because they will make the black color pop even more. Here are more ideas on What to Wear with Printed Blazer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are slip dresses in style 2021?

A. Yes, slip dresses are still in style 2021. People are wearing them with all sorts of accessories and clothes in 2021 so don’t worry about them being in style just wear a slip dress if you want to.

Q. Are slip dresses formal?

A. Yes and no. However, slip dresses are mostly formal because of their material and their looks they appear formal. Most of the time people also only wear slip-dresses formally but it is up to the person how they want to wear their dress. If someone wants to wear a big sweater on top of a slip dress and top it off with sneakers then it will be a casual look but if they wear a dress with heels and an overcoat it will be formal. It is up to the person’s preference.

Q. How to wear slip dresses in winter?

A. There are lots of ways to wear slip dresses in the winter. The best way is to wear a big chunky knitted sweater on top of a slip dress and pair it with chunky boots. Another way would be to wear a dress with an overcoat and then you can also wear a black slip dress with a leather jacket. This outfit includes a lot of outfits that will tell you how to wear a slip dress in the wintertime.

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