16 Different Ways To Wear Kurtis With Jeans For Women

Kurti And Jean Outfits: We know how strenuous it is to choose a new outfit every day, especially if you’re caught up in a ‘traditional vs modern’ fashion dilemma. What if we told you that you could have a little bit of both, and still have an outfit that’s trendy & current.

Queue the ‘jeans and kurti’, a casual, feminine, simple yet ravishing ensemble that’s perfect to suit every mood. This duo of jeans and kurti isn’t a new revelation, it’s timeless. There is a variety of Kurtis available in the market these days and we’ll help you choose the best ones.

             How To Wear Kurtas With Jeans

Kurti is a traditional piece of clothing worn by South Asian women and is adorned around the globe by Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi or any other desi communities. It is one of the most comfortable piece of clothing in all of South Asia and they are easily available in different fabrics such as lawn, cotton, silk, chiffon, khadi, linen, rayon and more.

When talking about comfort and everyday clothing, Kurti is the go-to piece of clothing for every South Asian woman to exist on the planet. You can hear me be so sure about it – and bet you yourself are too there lady because of the comfort, elegance, and versatility that this single piece of clothing holds with it. It can be worn to any casual and day-to-day occasion or even to a more formal or a fancy one. Depending on how it is styled and dressed.

Today, we will cover how to style different types of Kurtis with jeans. It’s the ultimate go-to style for any desi girl, be it a quick rush to get done with day-to-day errands, looking presentable at home only, for everyday school and classes as well as for everyday work with some makeup and maybe some jewelry like hoops, rings or bangles.

Before we go in the details, there are some basic tips that you need to know before styling jeans and Kurti outfit for any day.

  • From casual Kurtis to embroidered and heavy Kurtis, denim jeans can work with anything and everything.
  • The best shoes to go with Kurtis when dressing casually are flats, traditional khussey or jootis, even heels. The best choice for comfort would be to pair them with your sneakers.
  • Some traditional but statement pieces of jewelry or earrings and bangles would only add more oomph to the jeans and Kurti outfit.
  • With simple Kurtis or even embroidered ones, jewellery can be the make or break point of the outfit.
  • Printed or plain scarves added to your Kurti and jean outfit will only add more charm, never less. It can be used in the place of long dupattas.
  • Experimenting with a new style of jeans and a new style of Kurtis is always fun and always creates a new look.
  • From casual to formal days, keep your hair and makeup accordingly and it will add more character and colour to your Kurti and jean outfits.
  • Light makeup and tied up hair are usually more suitable for everyday casual looks. On the other hand, heavily printed and embroidered Kurtis will look their best on you with hair let down and a pop of colour on your lips, some bright blush on and jewelry.
  • Add a black handbag with your white plain Kurti, or a white one with a solid black Kurti or any other contrasting handbag with your Kurtis to complete the look.
  • For a proper summer look, add some cool sunglasses to complete it.

Kurtis can prove to be the best way to make a style statement anywhere nowadays. They are preferable for all age groups of women and girls for wearing to a special occasion, festival, office or college. It is comfortable and easy to wear and maintain. Kurti is an evergreen outfit for women as well as girls too. Right from traditional events to casual meet-ups, kurtis are the best possible way to keep the look classy yet a bit casual. The Kurti and jeans fashion is like the go-to wear or the attire for the women on the go. To all the ladies out there, we have some trendy kurti styles which you can easily wear with a pair of jeans.

kurta styles with jeans for women

↓ 16- Long Straight Cut Kurtis:

Long straight cut Kurtis are really preferred and worn for daily wear, by women because of how modest they look. They’re really comfortable and can be adorned in the day-to-day work activities and they’re really flexible too. This one really gives a dual impression of being modern yet stylish, ethnic yet sophisticated. Nowadays, long straight kurti is in full demand. The fabrics can also vary flexibly from bamber georgette to silk, from chiffon to the plush cotton. You’re guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression. If traditional clothing doesn’t really excite you, or if you’re simply looking to mix it up a little for a work meeting then this look got you covered. Just pair your long shirt style Kurtis with skinny denim and you’ll be totally dressed for the day. Such kurtis look pretty formal, hence they’re ideal for working women. With a quarter or full sleeves, long straight kurtis gives women a professional look.

how to wear kurti with jeans

↓ 15 – Layering Your Kurtis In Winters

Earlier we talked about wearing Kurtis With Palazzo Pants but today it’s all about the kurti and jeans combination that works for every season including the chilly winters. This is because you can easily layer over your kurtis for some extra warmth and comfort. We recommend wearing long cardigans (longer than the length of your kurtis). You can also layer with denim jackets or bomber jackets. You should also have a look at these

how to wear kurti with jeans

↓ 14 – Accessorizing

If you find the kurti to be too ill-fitted, you can always give it a better shape by wearing a belt over it. Other than that, medium-sized handbags look really good with such outfits.

how to wear kurti with jeans

↓ 13 – College Attire

Wearing kurtis with jeans to college is the best way to create effortless looks on a budget. Because you can just rotate 3-4 jeans and pair them with a different kurti every day. We recommend having the following jeans in your wardrobe:

  • 2 Jeans in shades of blue. You can have one in a darker and the other in a lighter shade.
  • 1 black jeans
  • 1 white jeans
  • 1 flared or boot-cut jeans

how to wear kurti with jeans

This buttoned long kurta with jeans can really make a difference in your wardrobe. It can easily be worn to formal places like work, offices or college. Unlike most Kurtas, it has a long buttoned pattern that makes it look more like a long shirt than a kurta. how to wear kurti with jeans

↓ 12 – What Kurtis To Wear With White Jeans?

We’ve been getting this question a lot and keeping the latest trends in mind, my recommendation is to go for bright, colorful kurtas with your white jeans and white sneakers.

how to wear kurtas with jeans

↓ 11 – Angarkha Kurti With Jeans

Kurtis are an epitome of comfort, elegance, and versatility for women of South Asia. Paired with jeans or with trousers they can be worn on any given day and any given occasion. Jeans and Kurti are more of an everyday style while Kurti with pants are usually preferred for a formal night out, family gathering, at a work party or even at a wedding festivity, depending on the style and work on the Kurti. One of the Kurti style is an Angarkha cut Kurti, which looks utterly elegant. While paired with jeans, a patterned Angarkha Kurti can work best for an everyday look.

angarkha kurti

↓ 10 – Printed Kurtis For Mature Women

Initially, Kurti and jeans outfit was a proper outfit for young girls and suited mostly working women. But as the fashion grew, the style changed and became popular amongst more and more people – women of age and housewives took up this style as well, and they look equally chic and fit in the style. A long Kurti, flowy maybe or even a straight one paired with some faded or light blue mom jeans look the best on mature women and housewives. Not to generalize it at all, go for it women if you want to and wear a short Kurti with skin fitted jeans, there are no boundaries. For more on this, check out our earlier post on Elegant Desi Outfits For Women Over 30.

jeans and kurti for women of age

↓ 09 – Plain Kurti And Jeans

Nothing beats a plain long Kurti and jeans when it comes down to South Asian summers. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and UAE experience one of the hottest summers around the globe. So beat the heat with a long, plain, cotton or lawn white Kurti paired with light blue jeans, or maybe a faded one to play it cool with the light and refreshing colors. Light yellow and white are some of the other summer or spring colors that go the best in the scorching sun. To add some more chic and cool vibes to the outfit, you can wear a long statement piece around your neck and also ripped or distressed jeans will look equally rad with a white cotton Kurti. Some khusseys or traditional jootis will go amazingly with the entire look.

Plain kurtis are essential because you cannot wear floral tops always and to change your style you can pair plain kurtis with different pair of jeans and printed scarfs which will look absolutely gorgeous. If you are buying plain kurtis for summers then go for some vibrant colors and if you are buying plain kurtis for winter then you should definitely go for the darker colors like black and navy blue.

plain kurti with jeans

↓ 08 – Long Kurti With Ripped Jeans

Another potential summer and spring outfit for women of South Asia could be this long Kurti with ripped jeans. Again, Kurtis and jeans themselves give out a chic and cool kind of vibe and so does ripped jeans, when they are paired alongside, it is a proper chic Indo-Pak outfit. A long cotton Kurti is the most breathable piece of clothing to get your hands on in the summertime. This simple long Kurti style paired with your comfortable flats, slippers or even your sneakers or joggers, is a proper outfit for women of any age, from the 20s to 40s. From housewives to working women or any other women, with a change of pattern in Kurtis and some jewelry and makeup, you can dress up and dress down according to the occasion.

long kurti with jeans

↓ 07 – Front-Slid Kurti With Jeans

Sometimes, your outfit needs a little help; a small twist that makes it extraordinary. A front slit could be all you need to break the boredom. This Kurti usually looks best in flowy materials like georgette, chiffon & silk , if it’s anything other than these, the kurti would look boxy and stiff. You can wear almost any style of jeans with them, but the ripped jeans pairs best according to me. Remember to add some striking bracelets, earrings and rings, with bold smoky eyes, soft waves and embellished heels, to finally complete that Fire look! They are the new craze in the fashion world.

 Makes it look modern at the same time too with the jeans peeking through, I personally love this style. A patterned front-slit Kurti or frick style front-slit paired with ripped jeans to add some chic and cool vibe looks absolutely perfect. Some dainty jewelry like a neckpiece or jhumkas and flats or sneakers look pretty cool and well suit such outfits.

front-slid kurti with jeans

↓ 06 – Short Kurti With Jeans

The initial stages of Kurti and jeans style were only with short Kurtis. Started amongst teenagers and young university going girls who wanted to add a modern touch to their everyday shalwar kameez style, jeans looked like the best alternative to trousers and they seemed to work too. Short, skin fitted Kurtis and blue jeans were the cool back then, and it still hasn’t gone out of style. On a summer day when the sun is a little too unbearable, a short Kurti and jeans outfit will be the perfect getaway from getting ready while still looking put together as the Kurti adds colour to the outfit. Some jewelry and a little makeup would make things even better. The best thing about Kurti and jeans outfit your comfortable, easily available and easy to carry sneakers. You can wear sneakers and joggers with any of your patterned Kurti and jean outfit for any casual day.

short kurti with jeans

↓ 05 – Party Ready

Wondering whether can you achieve a party look with a lawn or cotton Kurti and jeans? Yes, you can ladies, here is how. For a night out or a college party with friends or family, you can pair your ripped or skinny high-waisted jeans with a bold colour, patterned or embroidered Kurti. Some pop of colour like red, orange, dark blue, green, dark purple would be perfect. Bold red or any other dark colour on lips will suit the whole party outfit. A modern cut Kurti, like one shown here, can be the show stopper of your whole outfit, the absolute eye turner. If you are opting for a more fancy look, you can wear an embroidered Kurti as well, some big hoops or jhumkis will do perfectly fine. And voila! It’s a party look.

kurti and jeans outfit for a party

↓ 04 – Frock Style Kurti With Jeans

Frock style Kurtis go amazingly with jeans. Short and flowy, they give a very modern touch to this look. Long tops and jeans have always been a major modest outfit, and frock style Kurtis look a lot like long tops on jeans which is an appropriate outfit for work, a hangout with friends, a day at college, shopping day or even on a casual day when you need to run some errands and get things done. From heavily patterned and embroidered frock style Kurtis plain and rather light patterned ones, all work just fine with jeans. If you are going for a winter look with frock style Kurtis and jeans, you can add a shawl over it.

frock style kurti with jeans

Bonus points if you can get your hands on a Kurti with statement sleeves like this beautiful bell-sleeved Kurti here:

kurta outfit with jeans

Here’s another look in statement bishop sleeves. For more inspiration, head on over to our earlier post on the latest Sleeve Designs For Suits.

how to wear kurta with jeans

↓ 03 – Hand Embroidered Short Kurti With Jeans

Hand embroidered clothes and Kurtis are a big part of our culture. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have major embroidery and fabric export business and the same embroidered clothes are worn by women in South Asian countries too. The same hand-embroidered Kurtis are pretty famous around town as well, and to add a touch of modern to the traditional clothing, you can pair them up with black, blue or white skin fitted jeans and voila, its a perfect combination. Flats, sneakers or even plain loafers will go fine with short hand-embroidered Kurtis and jeans. Short Kurtis with jeans can be worn to work, college, hangouts with friends, casually at home or when you are having small get-togethers at your home. It’s as versatile as it can get, can be dressed up and down according to the need of the hour.

hand embroideed kurti with jeans

↓ 02 – Traditional Work Kurti With Jeans

Again a traditional Kurti style with tassels and glasswork. This traditional work can be incorporated in modern-day short Kurtis and paired with jeans, the whole attire looks more rad and chic when combined. The camouflage print Kurti and the Sindhi detailing over it look absolutely perfect together, however, they are two entirely different styles but if you are thinking of mingling two styles together, here is something you can do.

traditional kurti with jeans

↓ 01 – Tale Kurti Top With Jeans

How to incorporate the jeans and Kurti style in fancy outfits? Here is an inspiration picture for you all. A long tale Kurti can be a perfect fit for parties and hangouts. Kurti style that looks ultra-modern and more or less like a long dress with jeans. For any fancy get-together or a party, a long tale Kurti, paired with ripped skinny jeans to add more style to the outfit, a pair of high heels and some dainty jewelry. Voila!

tale kurti top with jeans

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