46 Tips on How to Wear Plunging Necklines like a Style Queen

Plunging Necklines: Ever wondered how all the celebrities rock plunging necklines so effortlessly? We do too. Plunging necklines are gorgeous when worn with confidence and boldness. They are one of those items of clothing that sit in our closets because we are too shy to wear them or can’t decide how to wear them. It’s really not that hard to style a plunging neckline if you really want to. They can easily spice up your look for a birthday party, office dinner, or a romantic dinner. The thing about plunging necklines is that they can be worn however you want, to a wedding? Make sure whatever you wear as bottoms is a little looser so that there’s a perfect balance. Want to wear it to lunch with friends? Wear a plunging neckline jumpsuit, and you will look effortlessly chic.

Sporting a plunging neckline may seem like a tough job to you but trust us on this; it’s really not. You have to make sure that you pair it with the right underwear and accessorize it properly. It may seem like plunging necklines are only made for certain people with longer necks and smaller breasts. That is certainly not the case, so don’t feel that way. Anybody can wear a plunging neckline, so don’t let stereotypes hold you back from wearing something you really like. Wear whatever you want however you want, girls! Never think that somebody else looks good in something they are wearing because of the way they look, NO. What makes you look good is your confidence and style, and self-love. This leads me to share some tips to help you feel comfortable in a plunging neckline outfit.

How to properly secure cleavage in plunging neckline outfits:

  • Use fashion tape

If you don’t know about fashion tape, then what are you even doing? Fashion tape is a new and easy way to make sure your cleavage is secure in place. If you worry too much about it or have a bigger cup size, you need to get your hands on this tape. You can use this tape however you want, but it will definitely give you security and comfort. One of the best sites to buy fashion tape from is https://skims.com/.

  • Use nipple covers

Nipple covers are another easy way to cover your nipples in a plunging neckline without having to wear a bra. If you don’t like the idea of using tape on your skin, then you should definitely give nipple covers a try. They are easily available in reusable and nonreusable materials.

  • Ditch the bra

And if you are bold enough and don’t want to wear anything underneath, then completely ditch the bra. Don’t wear anything underneath and rock a plunging neckline outfit the way you want. Just make sure to remain confident, bold, and fearless!

Unique ways to style a Plunging Neckline

46. Plunge neckline jumpsuit

Need an easy but classy way to wear a plunging neckline? A Jumpsuit is the way to go. It’s cute, stylish, comfortable, and sexy. It’s the perfect balance between sexy and modest. If you like to go all out, you can do that, but if you want to keep a balance, then a jumpsuit will be perfect. The deep neckline looks good with this jumpsuit. Wear a vibrant colour and pair it with some dainty jewellery pieces.


45. Bodysuit

A bodysuit is very classy. They are comfortable enough to wear all day and can be worn on multiple occasions, whether it be lunch with friends, shopping dates or a formal dinner. The plunge neckline makes this bodysuit sultry and chic. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot. Wear it with some high waisted whitewashed jeans and a small handbag for added style.

plunging necklines

44. Cross body top

This top can be worn with denim jeans or even shorts. However you want to wear it you can.

plunging necklines

43. Romper

Rompers are super cute in the summertime. They are versatile pieces of clothing. She wore hers in a light nude pink colour and layered some gold necklaces. You can rock this romper with sneakers or heels, as you like!

plunging necklines

42. Summery crop top

This crop top looks stunning in this vibrant yellow colour. It can be worn with high waisted jeans or a matching yellow skirt. Here the girl is wearing it with gold hoop earrings only, but you can switch it up and wear heavier jewellery.

plunging necklines

41. Sequin dress

This sequin plunge neck dress is perfect for any party. The sequins on it look gorgeous and will make you the star of the night. Wear this dress with fishnet stockings or nothing if you are feeling bold!

plunging necklines

40. Printed flowy dress

Wear a printed flowy dress with a plunging neckline to subtly show off what you’ve got. Wear light nude makeup with this dress and some delicate heels or sandals.

plunging necklines

39. Cotton summer dress

This plain white cotton dress is beautiful for the summertime. It is elegant with a touch of sexy. This dress is the best for an occasion when you need to look done up, but you don’t feel like going all out. Wear some intricate jewellery pieces, and there you have it, an effortless look!

plunging necklines

38. Deep neck bralette

Keep it simple and wear this sexy bralette on any day and turn heads!

plunging necklines

37. Button up shirt

It’s good to switch up your office look sometimes. Give this deep neck button-up shirt a try with this leather skirt. Pair it up with a golden chain and black heels.

plunging necklines

36. Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are in style again, which is why we have decided to include them too. The emerald colour of this maxi looks exquisite paired with the golden jewellery and leather clutch.

plunging necklines

35. Mesh deep neck top

Mesh is always a big yes! This mesh top is different from a lot of other mesh tops we have seen. The shoulders showing give it a very sexy look. Definitely give it a go!

plunging necklines

34. Ruffle sleeves dress

The ruffle sleeves look classy. Wear this mustard dress to a wedding, romantic dinner or dinner with friends.

plunging necklines

33. Polka dot maxi dress

This dress is super cute! Braided hair and some sunnies would make it even cuter. Grab a black handbag and some sneakers, and you’re ready to go.

plunging necklines

32. Hippie dress

This rust colored dress looks comfortable and cute. Perfect for a laid back day.

plunging necklines

31. Gigi Hadid party look

Gigi rocked this shimmery maxi dress with blue heels and a black choker which gives it a 90s vibe which we are living for it!

plunging necklines

30. Rosie Huntington’s silver dress

This silver glittery dress looks eye-catching with the silver hanging earrings that Rosie wore them with. She knows how to carry any outfit!

plunging necklines

29. Deep neck blazer

Blazers are formal but can still be worn on multiple occasions. She is wearing this striped blazer with striped pants and clear heels. Paired it up with big dangly earrings and a beret.

plunging necklines

28. Kendall Jenner street style

Kendall rocked this stunning top with nothing but sunglasses and small gold earrings. The white outline on this top is what makes it different. The tiny leather bag is the cutest!

plunging necklines

27. J-LOs red carpet look

The ultimate style queen wore this silver intricate design, plunge neck dress to the red carpet. Her hair is put up in a bun, and she is holding a glittery clutch. Jennifer looks classy as always!

plunging necklines

26. Neon yellow sheer jumpsuit

This sheer jumpsuit is something we cant stop thinking about. Extremely stunning neon colour, especially for the summertime and the straw fanny pack, is what makes it even cooler! This is the perfect vacation look.

plunging necklines

25. V neck red dress

This red dress is what you need to wear this valentines day. It is both sultry and sexy. The dress can be worn to birthdays, weddings, and romantic dinners too. Put your hair back in a sleek bun or leave it open.


24. Black velvet dress

Velvet is the best material for formal events. This dress is sexy and will look stunning if you wear it to fancy dinners or birthday parties. The golden triangle earrings make the dress look even better.


23. Deep neck Bralette with leather skirt

This maroon plunge neck bralette looks amazing paired with this leather skirt. It gives off a grunge vibe, so if you’re into that, then you should definitely try this!

plunging necklines

22. V neck mauve shirt

This top is very simple and casual but you can make it more formal by wearing it with a leather skirt and some heels.

plunging necklines

21. Red satin dress

This red satin dress is the sexiest and more so because of the net on the border. Wear this dress when you’re feeling yourself and set the world on fire.

plunging necklines

20. Satin dress tied up shirt

This satin shirt can be worn with jeans if you want to keep it casual or anything black if you want to go all out and formal. Don’t forget to wear some necklaces with them.

plunging necklines

19. Deep neck slip

Suits will always be in. To make your classic black suit a little more stylish, wear a deep neck slip underneath it, throw on some bracelets and a necklace, and you’re good to go.

plunging necklines

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18. Marble design dress

This marble design dress is vibrant and full of colours. Wear this in the summertime and look stunning. Not all outfits are this eye-catching, but this one will definitely turn heads.

plunging necklines

17. Red cropped knot top

This red crop top is nothing but sexy!

plunging necklines

16. Silk shirt

This outfit is gorgeously done. She is wearing a pink silk shirt with a white skirt. Golden necklaces for the win always.

plunging necklines

15. White beach dress

This white beach dress with a plunging neckline looks comfortable as well as stylish. The straw hat makes it look even better. This is the perfect beach outfit.

plunging necklines

14. Black ribbon croptop

Pair this black ribbon crop top with jeans, shorts or a skirt and show off queen!

plunging necklines

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13. Printed leaves jumpsuit

This print is very different, and people don’t usually go for it, but if you feel like you can rock it, then go for it. Don’t forget to wear some sunnies to look cool.

plunging necklines

12. Polka dot jumpsuit

This jumpsuit gives us 70s vibes, and we love it: the hair, the lipstick, the outfit. If you’re old school, then you need to try this one.

plunging necklines

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11. V neck flower print shirt

The perfect shirt for summertime. Beach days, nights out and parties are what this top is made for.

plunging necklines

10. Peplum top

Peplum tops are always considered to be very formal but you can keep it casual by wearing it with some black jeans.

plunging necklines

9. White cami top

Keep it plain and simple by just wearing a white cami top with black jeans. Some golden necklaces would make it a little more stylish.

plunging necklines

8. Nude glittery dress

Glittery dresses are the best for parties or dinners. Rock this stunning nude pink dress whichever way you want!

plunging necklines

7. Green satin croptop

This top looks classy with the silver watch and denim jeans. Try it out for yourself.

plunging necklines

6. Plain deep neck shirt

This plain white full sleeves top looks so comfortable it looks like you could sleep in it too! A very casual outfit, but the plunging neckline makes it sultry.

plunging necklines

5. Check belle sleeved top

This bell-sleeved top is pretty for outdoor events, and the check design makes it look exquisite. Pair it up with black jeans and sneakers.

plunging necklines

4. V neck bodysuit

This red suit is on fire paired with that black lace bodysuit.

plunging necklines

3. Black cami top

Another basic that you need in your closet is a black cami because it goes with just about everything!


2. Knitted top

This is a cute top which would be perfect for both summer and winter time. Wear it with blue mom jeans and carry a cute small bag too.

plunging necklines

1. Half and half shirt

This shirt is the ultimate style queen shirt. You could never go wrong with it. Wear it with black jeans and some necklaces too. There you have it, the perfect outfit!

plunging necklines

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is considered a plunging neckline?

A. A plunging neckline is basically a very low cut neckline found on many dresses and garments.

Q. What to wear underneath plunging necklines?

A. You can wear whatever you want or nothing. You can wear two things under a plunging neckline, nipple covers, fashion tape, or you can even choose to wear nothing. It is totally up to you.

Q. How to fix a plunging neckline?

A. You may have found the perfect dress, but it has a lowcut neckline that isn’t appropriate for a setting you have to be in, so don’t worry; there is a way you can fix it. You can add layers underneath the dress, like a pretty bralette or even a t-shirt. You can try tying a knot on the back of the dress or use safety pins to make the neckline a little higher.

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