What to Wear in Miami ? 17 Outfit Ideas and Tips

Miami is the perfect holiday destination for any girl out there. No matter what your age or interests are, there’s always so much fun waiting for you in Miami. Whether you are looking for some adventure, clubbing or just relaxation- Miami has it all.

But packing the right clothes is extremely important. And we don’t want you to miss out on anything so here’s the perfect list of outfits you need in Miami.

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What to Wear in Miami

We don’t want you to be carrying off big and heavy suitcases on your trip so we’ll keep to the essential items that you can incorporate to all your outfits. So keep an eye out for the amazing tips in this post. And at the end, you will find what some of the sexiest celebrities chose to wear in Miami. Also note the type of shoes being worn in these pictures so you know what you need. And yes, don’t ever forget your favourite sunglasses!

#17- Maxi Dress for Beaches

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#16- For Clubbing

Here we see models Jourdan Dunn and Toni Garnn attending an event in Miami.

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#15- Shopping

Remember to keep something cool and comfortable Miami such as this slip dress, for your shopping days in.

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#14- No Need to Sacrifice Style for Comfortwhat to wear in Miami (10)

#13- Dress for Miami Museums

Miami has a number of amazing museums so remember to keep a dress for them.what to wear in Miami (7)

Check out Rose McGowan’s Hot Floral outfit for her Miami Trip.

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#12- Street Style

what to wear in Miami (3)

#11- Bright Colours

The perfect lush look.what to wear in Miami (16)

#10- Nighttime Outfits

You will need some sparkly clothes for dinners or other nighttime activities. How about this sexy sparkly culotte?

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#9- Swimsuits

A swimsuit and a hat should be an essential part of your Miami trip.what to wear in Miami (18)

Check out Gigi Hadid in her hot swimsuit for Miami.

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#8- Chic Boho Fashion

Boho never goes out of style on Miami beaches.

what to wear in Miami (17)

#7- Spa Day Outfit

Miami has some awesome spas, particularly water spas that you surely must visit. How about a bright-coloured tunic for these days?what to wear in Miami (20)

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#6- Flowy Skirts for Casual Day Out

If you like wearing skirts then pack as many as you like for your trip. To save up space, just keep a white crop top that you can pair with all your skirts for casual day out in Miami. What catches my attention the most however is that awesome hair top bun as it goes really well with this look.what to wear in Miami (19)

#5- Show Off Your Skin

Miami is the perfect place to show off your beautiful skin and a Halter dress perfectly fulfills this purpose. To top it all off, add in a nice scarf. This yellow coloured Halter dress will surely look great on sunny days.

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#4- Spring Wear

Pastel-coloured outfits are definitely the best to wear in Miami’s Spring Time. For that X-factor, try pairing the pastels with some floral print.what to wear in Miami (12)

#3- What to Pack for Chilly Days

While the Miami weather is usually on the sunny side, there can be some cooler or rainy days and nights. For such weather, you can go with a midi skirt paired with a nice cotton tank top. what to wear in Miami (5)

#2- Professional Business Trip to Miami

If you are going to Miami for business purposes or to attend an interview, just remember to keep one or two nice blazers that you can wear with any of your outfits and be all set for the day. A few other items you can pack to go with the blazer are a nude coloured belt and a stylish purse which goes well with most of your outfits.

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#1- Dinner Outfit

Your vacation can never be complete without a sexy black outfit. You can wear it to a dinner, the club or any other formal event you plan on attending. Check out Cameron Diaz’s all black outfit for a dinner in Miami.

what to wear in Miami

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