15 Best Walking Shoes for Europe Trip – Travel Style shoes

Best Women’s travel shoes for Europe trip. So you are about to pack for your trip to Europe and are ready to make the best out of this experience. You most certainly don’t want uncomfortable shoes to stop you from savoring this journey to its fullest.

So what shoes should you be packing along that are both stylish and comfortable? As your luggage will be depending upon the diversity of your Europe trip, same goes for your shoes. Europe has many colors, and you might be needing comfortable walking in many situations. Hiking shoes and flats are a must. Go through the guide we developed for you for a better idea of the types of travel shoes you can carry with you on your trip to Europe.

What Shoes are Perfect for Europe Travel Trip

#15 Stylish Flats for Wearing on Beach

Wear these beautiful flats while visiting beaches during your Europe Trip. Also a good style for a street look.




#14 Arched Ankle Boots for Europe Trip

These arch ankle boots are style overloaded. They are very cool to wear on your trip and highly suitable for wearing while you go out shopping.



#13 Shoes for Summer Europe Trip

These cozy flats sandals are amazing to go with any dress and great walking shoes as well.



#12 Formal Wear Flats for Summer Wear on Europe Trip

You might want to take something fancy and comfortable with you on your Europe trip in case of parties. Melanie Harvey’s flat sandals are a good idea.




#11 Soft Flat Shoes

You can walk, hike or run with them – these flat ballet shoes are not only very comfortable, but you can also try a variety of outfits to go with their cute look.




#10 Knee High Gladiator Flats

Great to go with your short pants or skirts. Walk freely with these awesome knee-high gladiator flats. To go with these shoes, check out these stylish Lulu Skirt Outfits.



 #9 Stylish and Comfortable Boots for Europe trip in Winter – These soft, winter walking boots are also a great choice for everyday wearing and for putting on for travel. article-2553774-1B420DA300000578-357_634x809


#8 Over the knee boots

There is no way we are going to forget these sexy black leather over-the-knee boots. They go wonderfully with a diverse wardrobe on your Europe trip.




#7 – Fancy Flats for Europe Trip in Summer

Another superb choice if you want to wear something fancy on your trip. Great to go with summer wear, they are pretty impressive for a decent look and also comfortable walking.




#6 Shoes for Women over 40

We all need some red shoes in our lives so take along these hot red flats and feel great in any outfit while exploring the beauties of Europe. Also, have a look at these elegant Outfits for women over 40.



#5 – Prada Leopard Print Boots for Teenagers

These leopard print boots are Great for both hiking and walking. Also suitable for a Europe tour in winter.



#4 Hiking Boots

No trip is complete without a pair of durable and comfortable hiking boots.



#3 Rihanna’s studded pumps

These stylish and trendy studded pumps are great for you if you want something funky with you on Europe trip.



#2 – Stylish Leopard Flats

These chic leopard print flats are also pretty comfortable for walking and hiking.


#1 – Fancy Sandals

Why not include something that is good for both casual wearing and parties? Like these fancy beauty flats. You can put on some cool nail art with these shoes, so for some nail art ideas for your trip, have a look at our Metallic DIY Nail Tutorial.


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