Long Wool Coat Outfit Ideas – 22 Ways To Style Them

Long wool coat outfits – Woolen coats are an essential part of every woman’s winter wardrobe. They can be styled with a variety of outfits, ranging from your summer t-shirts and floral dresses to early fall sweatshirts and bodysuits.

We’ve already talked about outfits with long coats but in the truly extreme winters, you need something even warmer, which is where woolen coats come in. They’re great for layering up and staying toasty. They are perfect ensembles for your evening hangouts, day weddings, and afternoon brunches.

Since they’re are available in multiple colors and multiple designs, you can grab any basic outfit from your closet and wear it underneath these coats. Trust us, you will slay while being all packed.

What to Wear Under a Long Wool Coat?

Long coats have this amazing ability to spice up your look. Whether you are wearing a dress or a skirt or jeans, it has got you covered. Do you know the fun part? They look as fantastic on a normal girl as they look on a model walking on the runway. So we can surely say it is a must for all the ladies out there.

If you are wearing it with a long flowy dress, make sure the coat length is aligned with the dress. It should not be shorter than your dress. However, if you are wearing a mini skirt or a mini body con dress, you are allowed to exceed some inches in your coat. Before we talk more about outfits to wear with long wool coats, let’s go through some basic styling tips:

Things to Know Before Buying a Wool Coat

  • Buy Fitted coats: For everyone who is going to get a coat for the first time, pay special attention to the shoulders and then sleeves. Ill-fitted shoulders or sleeves will ruin your whole outfit.
long wool coat outfits

  • Get good-quality coats: Coats are usually expensive but they are a timeless staple. So instead of thinking of saving a few bucks, make sure you invest in good, high-quality ones as they will last for years. Cashmere, lamb wool and merino wool are generally more expensive but they will give a much more luxurious look than a polyester coat which will not just look but also feel uncomfortable because of its stiffness.
  • Consider the level of warmth you want: The warmer you want to stay, the heavier should your wool coat be. For the harshest weather, it’s best to go for coats made from the same material as woolen blankets.
  • Think of the style you want: If you’re buying your first woolen coat, it can be easy to get lost with so many options. So consider your priorities; do you want one with a hood or one without it? Do you want a single-breasted coat or a double-breasted one? Do you want a coat with or without a collar? All these questions will help you shortlist the best coat for yourself.
  • Choose a coat that complements your body shape: While there are no restrictions on what you can and can not wear, certain types of cuts complement certain body shapes best.

Tips on Styling a Long Wool Coat

  • Styling tip for petite girls: If you are a petite girl, pair your long coats with high-waisted pants. Go for a nicely fitted top and tuck it inside your jeans. In this way, you will be creating an illusion of longer legs.
long wool coat outfits
  • Create a leaner and taller look: Wearing a vertically striped t-shirt or pants is another great way to synchronize your body with the outfit and give it a leaner and taller look.
  • Balance the saturation of colors: The color should go well with the dress. It should look flattering and snazzy rather than a misfit. For example, a beige coat over a black dress will look more appropriate rather than a dark orange or green one over a black dress.

Celebrity Style Inspo

Let’s start with how some of our favourite celebs are rocking their woolen coats:

22 – Celebs Favourite Double Breasted Wool Coat from Mango

This woolen coat from Mango was originally priced at $300 and now it is on sale for just $200 and it seems our celebs love wearing it. The best part? It’s made from eco-friendly materials!

21 – Angelina Jolies Mom Outfit

This is the ultimate mom look: a long wool coat layered over grey trousers and of course, black boots. This was just a casual outfit she was spotted in, while out shopping with her daughter and I can’t wait to try it.

20 – Long Coat Outfit Inspiration from Lilly Collins

Lilly collins in Emily in pairs has won all our hearts. Along with all other things, she has taught us that ignore all the eye stares and wear whatever you like. We were in love with her bright and funky overcoats throughout the three seasons.

No matter if you are a neutral person like Sylvie or a color lover like Emily, a long coat will always be your best friend.

This pink coat paired up with a patterned sweater and a mini pencil skirt just took all our attention. The color is so aesthetically pleasing that we cannot resist including it in our ideas list.

long wool coat outfits

Casual Looks

Whether you’re hanging out with friends or going for a coffee break, below you’ll find some effortless casual outfits with woolen coats:

19 – Wear a Long Coat As A Dress

For sudden coffee or lunch plans, throw on a basic gray coat. Grab your beanie or cap. Put on your sneakers and you are all set.

This is such an elegant and smart color that you don’t need any extra things. However, a nice cross-body bag in white will look amazing.


18 – Go For Retail Therapy In Camel Coat Outfits

Let’s not disagree, sudden shopping pants are the best. If you have to get ready for one such plan, nothing is better than this basic camel coat paired up with a matching sweater. Throw on some black pants and white Chelsea boots. A beanie or a muffler is a bonus especially when it’s chilly outside.

long wool coat outfits


17 – Long White Coats Can Elevate Any Outfit

Did you get that long-due leave from work? if yes, congratulations. Now sort out your airport look with us. Grab a beige sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans. Pair them up with a white coat. Throw on your boots. Wrap a muffler around your neck. Throw on the shades and your baddie airport look is ready.

long wool coat outfits


16 – Red Is The New Black

No matter what season it is, girls can never get bored of red. It instantly brings out the lost energy in your soul. So it’s especially recommended for lazy girls.

You can go for an all-red attire featuring these red snow boots and a red coat. For more support, a beige or printed muffler would be great. It will balance out the saturation of red and will give a very subtle look to your outfit.


15 – Go With A Monochromatic Black Outfits

While in summer, we mostly prefer light colors, our winter closet is all about blacks, grays, and reds. Studies suggest that colors like black and gray, which are darker, absorb heat, and hence they are best for winter.

For a girl’s day out, nothing can be better than this monochromatic black coat. Pair it up with a cross-body bag and black boots. You can even go for black sneakers with this look as they are more sporty and less formal.


14 – The Perfect High School Outfit

This one is for all our high school girls. Some basic jeans with a white sweater beige long coat and you are all set for a day ahead.

Tie your hair in a loose bun, wear nice lipstick, and lastly sprinkle some perfume. That’s it, a quick school look is ready.


13 – Camel Coat + A Graphic T-shirt

What is better than wearing your graphic t-shirt with a warm long coat? Absolutely nothing! Camel coats are a great way to introduce a pinch of elegance into your rather laid-back outfit.

If you would ask us, we would say, it is one of the most elegant and versatile colors that team up with all of our outfits. Carry a nice cross-body bag with it. Throw on ankle strap block heels and Tada! You are ready!

long wool coat outfits


12 – Neutrals + Black

If you live in an area where it snows heavily and you are juggling between style and warmth, this outfit is for you.

The coat will keep your upper body warm and the leather leggings will keep the lower body cozy.


11 – Green Trench Coat For Snow Days

Another beautiful snow day outfit for you!

long wool coat outfits


10 – Pink Long Wool Coat Outfit

Yes, you read it right. Pastels in winter are an underrated yet amazing fashion statement. The hues are enough to bring serenity to your day.

You can even mix and match your rich autumn clothes with pastels and they will look great.

Here we have this all-pastel look featuring a pink coat, green cap, and patterned pants. Needless to say, it has instantly calmed our nerves and given us such eye-pleasing aesthetics.

long wool coat outfits


9 -80s Style Oversized Long Coats

Oversized fits can never go out of fashion. Be it a turtle neck or a coat, you have the option to style it eloquently.

If you are a fan of layering up in winter, these are for you. You can wear two to three sweaters underneath and they will not look bulky. If you are going with this mustard coat, add sweaters and pants in black. Replace the hat with a woolen cap in black. Go light with makeup. Accessorize with a cross-body chain bag or you can also wear a crochet bag.

long wool coat outfits


8 – Pretty In Purple

Another great option for you is this purple long coat. The color is vibrant enough to grab the eyeballs. It can be paired with a contrasting bodycon dress, a basic jeans t-shirt, and a black mini-skirt outfit.

The choice of shoes plays an important role here. If you are going with a full-length dress, pointed-toe stilettos should be your go-to footwear.

If you opt to go for a black tank top, go for boots in the same color. Matching your shoes with the upper part of your fit is the key to a neat look.

long wool coat outfits


Semi-Formal & Party Outfits

Long wool coats are great to wear to work or even layer up your party outfits, take some cues from these looks:

7 – Checkered Style

Our very first recommendation is this black and white checkered coat. Honestly, when you incorporate something statement like checkered blazers, you don’t need anything else. This majestic piece is enough to elevate your outfit.


6 – Head To Work In Power Suits

Who said corporate outfits just consist of a monotonous blazer, button-down shirts, and pleated pants? This season, rock this neutral outfit to work and just notice the head turns.

Beige and neutrals are the safest choice when you are getting ready for a day at work, and want something elegant yet professional.


5 – Takes Cues on How to Wear Wool Coats Over Dress

We cannot take our eyes off this beautiful outfit. To be honest, we can rave all day about the combination of black and red. These two seemingly bold colors pair up so well.

So go for this pretty combo this time. This black midi flared dress is a great option for your evening hangouts. Pair it up with a red statement belt. Add a pop of color by going with this red wool coat.

We suggest swapping these silver pointed toes with black velvet heels or black laced-up heels. Take half a portion of your hair and tie them in a scrunchie with some bangs out.


4 – Pair It with A Satin Dress

Parties in winter are fun but is your outfit sorted? We have a suggestion, Pair your ivory satin dress with a long ivory coat. Get that flushed makeup look with a bright pink lip color.

Slip into these white pointed-toe heels and lastly, wear a bright smile. Your outfit for the night is ready.

A wool coat tends to be more on the formal side. So you can also wear this outfit to a day wedding. Just make sure that you add some accessories like a pendant, studs, and bracelets.


3 – What to Wear With Orange Coat?

Do you know what instantly lifts up your mood? Getting ready in a vibrant and bright outfit, going for lunch, and wearing nice glowy makeup.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that funky printed shirt from your closet. Pair it with your brown pants. Last but not least, put on this orange coat and that’s a wrap.

Go to a friend’s place, show off your outfit, make some memories and have a nice evening.

long wool coat outfits


2 – Floral Dress With A Long Coat

As we said earlier, dresses and coats make a terrific combination. But keep it in mind, when you are wearing a relaxed fit dress, your coat should be well fitted.

This will create a balance in your fit. If both the articles will be oversized or relaxed fit, your outfit might give a boxy appearance.

long wool coat outfits


1 – Sweater Vest And Buttoned Jeans

Your next pizza date outfit is here. It is snazzy, it is regal and it will keep you warm. Just one piece of advice, swap the nude shoes with brown or black pointed-toe heels.

long wool coat outfits



Q. Are wool coats heavy?

Ans. Wool articles are specifically designed to keep your body warm. Naturally, they do carry some weight. But no need to get worried as it is not so heavy to make you feel uncomfortable. It can be a great match for a windy and chilly day while you can just wear it with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and jeans. However, if you live in areas where it snows heavily, you have to layer up with sweaters, warmers, and tights.

Q. How much should a women's wool coat cost?

Ans. The price range depends on the type of wool coat you are getting and from where you are getting it. If you are ordering it from amazon and Walmart, you will get some amazing discounts and you can get a good quality one in the range of $30 to $200. However, if you you will buy it from certain brands, you can expect a price range of $150 to $1000.

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