How to Style Camel Coats? 18 Outfits Ideas

Wondering why you need to wear a camel coat? It’s stylish, super comfortable, and perennial; what more could you want? These classic items are a must-have. Your bomber jackets and leather jackets will come and go, but this winter classic is, in fact, timeless. It’s not only an excellent alternative to your all-black winter wardrobe, but the best part is that you can style it in several ways, from casual to formal, depending on the occasion and, of course, your mood. What are you waiting for, ladies? If you don’t already own a Camel coat, this is undoubtedly your que to get one.

Where to buy Camel Coats?

If you’re wondering where you can get these fashionable camel coats or want to add to your collection, then you came to the right place. Scroll through these links for some of our top picks and save yourself the hassle. From high street finds to the camel coats of your designer dreams, we’ve got you covered.

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How to Style Camel Coats

#18- With Leather Pants

Are you looking for a sleek and sexy outfit? Pair your leather pants under a camel coat, and there you have it. Whether you have plans with the girls or just a random day out, it’s undoubtedly the ideal ensemble. The leather pants will keep you warm because not only are they waterproof rather they’re windproof as well. So, with a camel coat as a final touch to your ensemble, you will be able to tie together a very comfy and cozy look, all while being sexy and stylish. So, what’re you waiting for?

ideas to wear camel coats

#17- Camel is the New Black

Just like long camel coats, all black outfits also never go out of trend. What better way to look fashionable than to style these two timeless items together?  Top it off with accessories ,and you just amped up the cool of your outfit.

ideas to wear camel coats

#16- Denim on Denim Outfits

Denim on Denim or Camel on Denim call it what you want, but it’s definitely a look worth making heads turn. Make your denim on denim ensemble stand out with a hint of camel. A camel coat over an all denim is one of the trendiest winter looks. It’s a great outfit choice but don’t forget to add a nice belt to make your denim pop, all while complementing the camel coat too.

ideas to wear camel coats

#15- With Long Skirts

If long skirts are your thing and you’re wondering how to style them for winter, then we have the perfect outfit for you. Just throw a camel coat over your long skirt, and it is going to be an effortless transition from chic to comfy and chic. And oh boy, you’ll make everyone stop and stare wherever you go!

ideas to wear camel coats

#14- Work Mode On

Wondering what to wear to your business meeting? Or want to make your formal wear look trendy all while maintaining the class and elegance of your look? Throw a camel coat over your dress pants and formal shirt and watch your outfit make you stand out. Impress your colleagues and be the boss lady you’re mean to be!

ideas to wear camel coats

#13- Cool and Casual with a hint of Camel

Do you wish there was a way you could wear your sweats in public and still make a statement? We have news ladies. Keep your casual and let the camel coat add the cool to it. Your casual outfit doesn’t have to be boring and introducing a camel coat to the equation will definitely ramp up your look.


ideas to wear camel coats

#12- Party time calls for show time

We know that camel coats are a winter staple and the best part about them is that they can be styled with nearly anything and will only enhance your look. So, ladies if you’re looking for party wear that will keep you warm during the chilly weather then all you need do to is pair a camel coat with your party dress. Camel coats go with all colors, so you don’t need to worry about that, but they go best with fitted dresses. If you want to show some skin while remaining cozy, then you can go for a dress with a slit on the side. The camel coat will add that touch of elegance to your outfit.

ideas to wear camel coats (5)

#11- Crop tops and making jaws drop

Bored of your blazer to keep you warm on chilly days? We’re here for you. Ditch your blazer and throw on a camel coat. And if it isn’t too cold out there, then it’s the ideal opportunity to show off some skin this winter by wearing a crop top and some ripped jeans. Mind you ladies you can never go wrong with a camel coat, be it to keep you warm or to make the crowd stunned. The crop top and camel coat combo is the ultimate blend to add to your autumn and fall wardrobe.


ideas to wear camel coats

#10- Layering with Camel Coats

For the chilly days and nights, layering with a camel coat is a great idea. You can either wear the coat over your sweater and shirt or just let it hang over your shoulders. Keep warm without compromising on your style and better yet make a statement with this eye-catching look.

ideas to wear camel coats (15)

ideas to wear camel coats (14)

#9- Beach Vibes

Heading out to the beach this winter? Wear a camel coat over a matching overall and embrace the monochromatic vibe. Be a showstopper at the beach with this unique attire. Your camel tones will also complement the beach view, so get some cool Instagram pictures to seize the day (and the look)!

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ideas to wear camel coats (13)


#8- Back to School Outfit

Back-to-school season right around the corner and your wardrobe isn’t ready? Don’t worry ladies the camel coat will complement all your back-to-school outfits. To get a casual look for your everyday college routine, pair the camel coat with a sweater and jeans. Add a pair of sneakers or converse and now all you gotta do is get those grades.  

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ideas to wear camel coats (12)

#7- Spice it up with Plaid or Checkered

If you want to make your camel coat pop, then it’s time to let your plaid and checkered pieces shine. To make the camel coat look styled up a notch add some plaid or checkered to your look, so either choose a shirt to complement your look or just add a scarf. Ready for a round around the block and a bunch of compliments?

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ideas to wear camel coats (10)

ideas to wear camel coats


#6- Jumpsuit Style

Going for the dressed but still best dressed look? Jumpsuits are known to be a statement style but throwing a classy camel coat on top will surely give you that striking look leaving everyone in awe. You are ready to hop around town looking stylish and hot as hell!

ideas to wear camel coats (9)

#5- Comfy and Chic

Don’t want to compromise on comfort but still want to look chic? Don’t worry ladies we have exactly what you’ve been looking for. Are you ready for a little outfit mixing magic? Wear your camel coat over your lounge wear and ramp up your whole look. A low bun, camel sneakers and a bag paired with this ensemble will make you look invincible. 

ideas to wear camel coats (8)

#4- Camel Coats and body cons – The best of both worlds!

If you really want the best of both worlds, then you will have to experiment ladies so don’t shy away and explore your options! Pair your sexy bodycon with a classy camel coat and get ready to serve some looks because we love to break it you that all eyes are on you now.


ideas to wear camel coats (6)

#3- Winter essentials- Camel Coats and Turtlenecks

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes ladies, winter essentials surely have to be camel coats and turtlenecks. But have you ever thought of pairing up the two? If your winter wardrobe is overflowing with turtlenecks, then what better way to shake things up than with a camel coat. Don’t forget your accessories as they will also do wonders for your outfit.

ideas to wear camel coats

#2- Camel Coats-The Celebrity Edition

Our two favorite Jennifers are serving some major looks with their take on camel coats for different occasions. Jennifer Anniston shows the world how a casual look is really done. Take note ladies- pair your camel coat with ripped mom jeans for a super chic but casual look.  Hold your horses (or should I say camels?) as we’re not done yet. Jennifer Lawrence leaves the crowd in awe in an all-white outfit paired with a camel coat for the extra class. Lesson learned ladies, if you want to make heads turn then a camel coat is your best friend.

ideas to wear camel coats

#1- Camel Coats, Skinny Jeans, and Long Boots

We already know that winter cold and camel coats are the perfect combination. But all that this perfectly deadly combination is missing are a pair of your best long boots and your favorite jeans to take everyone’s breath away.


ideas to wear camel coats

Frequently asked questions?

We came across some frequently asked questions from women around the globe; give it a read as you might be curious about these things too.

Q. What are camel coats made of?

A. Camel coat is made from camels’ hair (mostly the double humped Bactrian camels) and is collected when the camel sheds it’s coat. They can either be made of just the camel hair or have wool added with it. Usually the camel coats aren’t dyed rather they’re the natural color of the camel’s hair which comes in variety of shades from light brown to black. 

Q. Are camel coats warm?

A. The camel hair is extremely warm and lightweight and since that’s what the camel coat is made of it is definitely warm too. If you want the extra warmth, then you can go for the coats made of both camel hair and wool.

Q. Are camel coats expensive?

A. The camel hair fabric is one of the priciest wools and is therefore categorized in the same luxury wool group as cashmere or mohair. One of the reasons that they’re expensive is that they barely make it in factory settings.

Q. How to wash camel coats?

A. Spot cleaning is ideal for these items otherwise handwashing is the best method. But beware, camel hair is sensitive to water temperature and if not treated properly it can shrink too. Wash with cool water and remember not to wring it rather, press the water out of your coat. If you see color in the water, you need not worry as that is just the excess dye, and the coat will not lose its original color. If you want to save yourself the hassle, then you can send it for dry cleaning too as handwashing the coat yourself is rather tiring.


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