26 Amazing Paper Dresses Collection – Paper Clothing Ideas

Paper dresses are creatively made from recycled papers or newspapers. Newspaper Dresses in fashion is pretty trendy these days. Fashion shows are full of these cool Dresses which are creatively designed by designers. You can easily DIY paper clothes too. In the recent past, many fashions and textile designing graduates have come up with some fantastic paper clothes in their final thesis also. If you are looking for paper dressing fashion ideas for your final projects or thesis, here is the collection of 26 creative paper dresses. These dresses are creative, unique, funky and elegant. So you got a lot of option to utilize them as per the occasion. Don’t be reluctant to try them out. Good Luck.

Cool Paper Dresses and Paper clothing Ideas

Dress Made with magazines.

Newspaper Gown

Stylish paper dresses

News paper shirt.

Sleeve Less paper dress

Creatively Designed Dress with Recycled Newspaper.

recycled paper Gowns

recycled paper dress


Elegant Newspaper Dress

Pretty newspaer dresses

Models wearing Newspaper dress During fashion show.

Paper dressing ideas

Paper Outfits.

paper clothing

A little funky Paper dress.

paper clothes

Sexy Model in Short Newspaper Dress.

Newspaper dress designs

Newspaper short dresses

paper dress designs

Dress made for Summers with Daily times Newspaper.

Newspaper Dressing

Newspaper Dress

Paper Skirt.

Newspaper dress style

Colour full Paper Dress.

Latest Paper dresses

Gowns made from newspaper

Paper wrap up Dress.

Gown made of Papers

Fun paper clothes

Full sleeve dress made with paper.

Dresses Made from Newspapers

French Newspaper Dress.

Cool Paper Dresses



Celebrities paper Dresses.

Celebrities in paper dresses

Carrie Bradshaw's Paper Dress

Dress made with a lot of newspapers.

Amazing Newspaper dress

Unique News papers Dress

Paper dresses kids


Paper dress with skirt

A skirt made with Newspaper Creatively matched with a lot of rolled magazines.

Ideas Paper Dresses

Paper dressing design ideas

clothes paper


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