Latest Jumpers Fashion to Copy this Winter-20 Jumper Outfits

Wear Jumpers in Stylish Ways this Winter. Winter brings with it a number of unique outfit ideas and clothing items, jumpers being one which is often dreaded as girls think they look boring and make one look fat. So today we will be sharing some great outfit ideas to help you look stylish in jumpers.

Read on for the best ideas ever!

How to Wear Jumpers Fashionably in Fall/Winters

Here are some tips that will help you style your jumpers in the most amazing ways this season:
If you have an oversized jumper, give it a more tailored look by wearing a belt on top of it.

  • If you’re wearing a loose, baggy or oversized jumper then don’t wear it with wide legged trousers. Instead, choose jeans or trousers which are either skinny or cropped or even both. This is because cropped skinny jeans will make your legs appear slimmer and longer and hence they go really well with baggy jumpers. This is also a great style tip for curvy girls.
  • If you’re wearing a jumper as a dress or with short skirts or shorts, then it means that a lot of focus will be on your feet. So make sure that you choose a nice pair of socks and some trendy shoes such as pumps or cute boots.

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  • If you want to give your outfit a more formal or professional touch then wear your jumper over a collared shirt. If you can get your hands on a shirt that has studded or a nice printed collar then that’s even better.
  • For a casual laid back look, wear overalls on top of your jumper. This cute, lazy girl attire is perfect for days when you don’t feel like putting much effort in dressing up.
  • Jumpers go really well with leather so if you have anything made of leather like shoes, handbags, skirts or pants, then you really need to try pairing it with a jumper and you’ll just love the look.

 ↓ 20 – Printed Jumpers

An excellent choice for school and college going girls. Love the messy bun hairstyle chosen to go with it.winter outfits with jumpers (1)


If you’re looking for something funkier then check out this jumper outfit of Selena Gomez. She’s looking really chic and stylish in a Rexy jumper by Coach.

 ↓ 19 – Celebrity Style – Wearing Jumpers as Dresses

Selena Gomez looks gorgeous as ever, wearing her jumper as a dress. If you feel that wearing a jumper as a dress makes your legs too cold then wear it with long over the knee boots.

winter outfits with jumpers (2)


But here’s the sweater dress that just won us over. Kendall Jenner wears a white hooded jumper over a dress and this is definitely the sexiest jumper outfit that we have ever seen.


Here’s another look of Kendall as she wears a black oversized jumper as a dress for a concert she attended.


And if you’re wondering what shoes to wear with a jumper dress then take tips from Kelly Rowland as she pairs a white jumper dress with tan colored Gianvito Rossi suede lace-up heeled boots. You can buy these shoes here for £662. Though they might seem expensive, they are a worthy investment since you can pair them up with any outfit for chic boho vibes.


 ↓ 18 – Matching Holiday Jumper Outfit for Couples

Who doesn’t love dressing up like their partner? So find a pair of matching jumpers for yourself and your husband or boyfriend, especially recommended for the holiday season.

winter outfits with jumpers (3)

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 ↓ 17 – Celebrity Style Christmas Outfit

Taylor Swift looks spectacular in her blue jumper.

winter outfits with jumpers (4)

 ↓ 16 – Classic and Warm Winter Outfit

Here we see a jumper worn over a dress for Winter. But if you want to make the dress prominent instead of the jumper then you can do the opposite and simply wear the dress on top of the jumper. Of course, for this, you need a more fitted jumper and a looser dress but the results are really worth the hassle. Check it out below.

winter outfits with jumpers (5)jumper outfit ideads


 ↓ 15 – Tartan Pants with Jumper for School

Here is the perfect Fall outfit for school and college going girls. The hat is the best accessory to go with this look, if you’re planning on buying a hat for the season then do check out Hats Outfits; 22 Ideas How to Wear Hats with Different Outfits

winter outfits with jumpers (6)

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  ↓ 14 – For the Love of Pink

winter outfits with jumpers (7)  ↓ 13- Black and White Look

Black and white is definitely one of the best color combinations around and wearing a jumper on a slip dress make this combination even better. Since many women are not very comfortable with wearing a jumper since they find it irritating to their skin, a slip dress is an answer to your worries. The dress does not just make the jumper comfortable to wear but also gives it a much better and polished look.

winter outfits with jumpers (8)


 ↓ 12 – Add in some Floral Prints

One celebrity who loves wearing jumpers is Alexa Chung. Here we see her looking hot as ever, wearing a jumper over a floral printed maxi, surely a trend-setter. winter outfits with jumpers (10)winter outfits with jumpers (9)


 ↓ 11 – The Effortless Chic Outfit

If you too love being lazy in winters then this is the outfit for you.

winter outfits with jumpers (11)


 ↓ 10- Jumper Outfits for the Beach in Winters

Mustard and Pastel blue are the most favorite colors you can wear to the beach this season. winter outfits with jumpers (12)


winter outfits with jumpers (13)


 ↓ 9 – Holiday Party Outfit

Winter is the best season to wear your all black look. This black jumper looks just too sexy with the leather skirt. An outfit you must give a try at the next party this season.

winter outfits with jumpers (14)


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 ↓ 8 – Game Day Look – Celebrity Style

This amazing jumper of Emma Watson is perfect for a day out in the field.

winter outfits with jumpers (15)


 ↓ 7 – Street Style Fashion

Tuck in your jumper a bit and show of your belt in street style fashion.

winter outfits with jumpers (16)


 ↓ 6 – Vintage Look for Girl’s Night Out

This H&M jumper seems to be perfectly paired with the hat and jacket.

winter outfits with jumpers (17)


 ↓ 5- The Perfect Nude Look

The beige jumper looks amazing with a nude make-up look. Really simple and classic for everyday wear.

winter outfits with jumpers (18)


 ↓ 4 – Christmas Jumpers

An adorable outfit and colour for plus size girls.

winter outfits with jumpers (19)


 ↓ 3 – Professional Look for Work

A collared check shirt under your jumper is a really chic and sophisticated outfit for work.

winter outfits with jumpers (20)

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↓ 2 – Cute Schoolgirl Look

The heart elbow patches are absolutely lovable.

winter outfits with jumpers (21)

 ↓ 1 – Turtleneck Jumpers

The turtleneck style of this oversized jumper gives it such a comfortable feel that one can wear it all day long.

winter outfits with jumpers (22)


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