17 Winter Work Outfits For Women & Styling Tips

Winter Business Attire – Going to work with style and comfort is almost art! Looking for fresh ideas of winter work looks for this year? First, take a look at minimalist outfits as minimalism is all the rage now – it’s super comfortable and that’s exactly what we need for winter.

Second, pay attention to oversized options that are also in trend right now – with them, you’ll be able to create layered looks, so you’ll feel warm. Now take a look at the ideas! Winter is coming, and we should get prepared for it! Our wardrobes should be prepared for winter, too, especially if you don’t work from home. I’ve gathered some chic and comfortable winter work outfits that will make you stand out; take a look!

Working women are usually worried and concerned regarding their appearance. They often find it hard to decide the best outfits for themselves that they can wear to their office. It becomes a challenge for all the ladies who run out of time or are usually busy.

Nothing can be more challenging than selecting an outfit to be worn in winter. We desire to look good and decent every time, but deciding what to wear to work can be challenging and confusing. Working women prefer to wear simple clothes that are easy to carry between 9 and 5-time job. All you need is a little guidance and tips. If you are not good at deciding, then you must read this post, as we will help you with different ideas and tips. You all know that we all wish to look fashionable every single day.

Tips on how to Style a Winter Work Attire?

Just keep certain pointers to be kept in mind.

  1. Just make sure the length of the skirt is not two fingers above the knee. It can touch the start of the knee and go beyond it, of course.
  2. Buttoned-up tops and shirts or an open collar button.
  3. Don’t do colour blocking
  4. Tights can be of dark colours
  5. In the end, nothing too tight or visibility of inner material or skin
  6. In a strict office, denims should be avoided
  7. To create classiness and elegance, prefer rich, nude colors instead of bright ones
  8. Thin pastel or nude color belts on skirts and pants are good
  9. Avoid halters or too sleeveless

17 Cute Winter WorkWear Outfits For Women For Elegant Look

17 – Work From Home

Do you desire a comfortable but trendy look? Here’s the answer to your question. Just look at how resplendent yet comfortable this looks. The colours of this look are so on point. On a warmer winter day, sometimes all you need is a comfy sweater, cropped printed pants, and gorgeous heels. The best outfit formula! So comfy yet so chic.

16 – Skirt Style

Wear a tweed or woollen skirt or even a dress and an oversized sweater over it – this is a comfy and trendy combo. Try layered looks with skirt suits, or even go for a trendy knit suit with a skirt, which is all the rage right now. Add sneakers or boots, a coat and go! Here is a minimalist look with a camel linen skirt, a black sweater, and a tote bag with nude heels for an official meeting in the fall. You can complete this look with a coat on top.


15 – Belt it up

Comfort definitely comes first for all the working ladies out there! Take a look at this business casual look with a white turtleneck, light blue jeans, and a plaid blazer for a chic feel. Simply adding a belt to your regular jeans and sweater is also another way to pull off the cool and comfy office look.

14 – Cute and Casual

For your casual day at office, a white shirt is always perfect. If you’re a fan of a fitted blouse or a loose, oversized look, you simply cannot go wrong with this beauty. We love this shirt because it’s perfect for the office and with your jeans at the weekend. Throw on a warm sweater with this number and wear comfy loafers so that your day at the office goes smoothly and comfortably.

13 – Brunch Look

For brunch with colleagues on a chilly day, you can pair your favourite black sweater with camel-coloured pants. For a more structured and elegant look, put on a long-length blazer. It will give you warmth and style on a cold day. For footwear, she has opted for nude heels. To complete her look, she has accessorized herself with a mini purse and minimal jewellery. How effortlessly elegant does she look?  

12 – Gorgeous Greens

Decide on the colours you want – besides basic ones like navy, tan, white or grey, there are many pastels and bright shades you may try. Don’t be afraid of rocking non-typical colours; they will make your look bolder and more special. Think of rocking total green or blue colour looks; they will be extra bold. Her simple look is shining just because of the pop of colour in the outfit. Elevate the look even more by wearing heels and minimal accessories.

11 – Hijabi Style

Being a hijabi is not so easy as it seems; just to wrap a scarf around your head is not what it seems to be. Hijabis need to figure out a lot of things to make an outfit modest and very appealing at the same time. If you’re looking for an excuse to try new things or combinations. You can integrate colours into your life, like having fun colour combos. A bell bottom with a nice shirt and a vibrant sweater with a basic hijab, not only looks modest but chic as well. Take a look!.


10 – Sassy and Stylish

The best way to dress up is by keeping your personal style. You can always keep in mind that light colours are very appropriate for office wear. You could select a dark inner with a light colour coat.

For shoes, you can wear cool boots or wedges that are comfortable and stylish. Office attire should show your personality as sophisticated. You need to express yourself through your outfits. The world’s most stylish human rights attorney brings her flair in and out of the courtroom. Inspiration from our favourite barrister Amal Clooney.

9 – Duty Calls

Wanna know the winter outfit formula for your professional image? Cause I may have found one for y’all. sweater + collar + tailored pants + long coat + heels/ankle boots. The ultimate winter work outfit formula is simple yet sophisticated and work-proof. What’s your ultimate winter work outfit?


8 – Go All Black

Are you looking forward to creating an utterly classy and sassy look? If yes, then look no further. Because here is the perfect inspiration outfit for you. Leaving a smoother and slimmer appearance, this outfit is perfect for a holiday dinner with your work colleagues.


7 – Dress to Impress

A black sweater dress with a turtleneck, long sleeves and a square bag for a chic and comfy look. Awaken your inner fashionista and take your style up another notch with a stunning coat.

It is always smart to cover up the upper body with a coat so as to keep yourself warm even with your lower legs naked. You can wear this outfit for a meeting at the office, a classy evening out, or any time when you want a sleek and structured look; you can’t go wrong with this look. 

6 – Classic Pant Suit

Pant Suits are classic office wear. You can also wear them in winters. There’s no way of ditching them. High-waisted pants, culottes or just some other comfortable pants. Add a turtleneck or an oversized jumper and boots, heels or trainers. A coat, a puffed coat or some other outer garment will finish off the ensemble. Take a look at this black and white printed suit, a white turtleneck and glasses for a chic and stylish winter outfit.

5 – Trench Coats

A Trench coat is ideal for your transitional wardrobe. Lightweight enough to have on when the sun comes out to play but warm enough for the slight chill in the air. Meghan Markle is the exact type of dresser one would hope to be classified as at work. Her looks are sophisticated, but she wears bold pieces like this one.

4 – Checked Patterns

Nothing says cold-weather dressing quite like checked patterns. Pare the trend down with a white turtleneck and your favourite jeans. Checked a teddy bear coat and skinny jeans with white booties. It looks super chic and bold. Elevated accessories like starch-white booties will bring the full look together.


3 – Leather Blazers

The leather blazers and jackets of the ’90s are making a major comeback—especially those of the tan variety. Embrace fall’s must-have trend with an authentic vintage style that can be integrated into your collection of workwear with ease. These black leather pants are the cherry on top. Bringing the whole look together. 

2 – Cape Coats

Some work occasions call for a more formal look. To ensure you’re as poised as you are warm, an A-line cape coat is a great place to start. They tend to look very feminine and stylish and can be worn to formal evening dates and dinner galas. You can experiment in so many ways. Give a fashionable look to your outfit by classy shades.

1 – Monday Blues

One foolproof way to elevate even the most basic workwear staples is to add unexpected pops of colour to your look. Start by trading your classic black blazer for a rich blue one that can double as a neutral. It’s worth investing in a pair of leopard print heels to get you to and from. Wear them with deep blue jeans and a basic white shirt.

Women's outfits for Office In The Winter


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best dresses for women to wear in the office?

There are many choices for girls to wear in the office, like:

  1. A long bodycon dress
  2. A-line dress
  3. Maxi Dress
  4. Peplum dress
  5. Shirt dress
  6. High waisted pants
  7. flared pants ( not too flared)
  8. Bodycon skirt
  9. Plain nude Palazzos
  10. Business Suit

What are trendy women’s work-from-home outfits?

During this difficult time of quarantine, isolation, and staying at home, many people are working from home. And then you need to answer emails, file reports, and get those conference calls, and video calls, and communicate and do your office work from your bed to your kitchen table.

So, I have come up with some of the best work-from-home outfits that will make you look like the true professional you are. Here we go:~

1} When you want a comfy and formal look, sweatpants and a T-shirt will provide you with that look, whereas adding a blazer transforms you into a corporate look.

2} Comfy and stylish culottes are all you want when you settle down for a long day at your homework desk.

3} Striped A-line dress with pockets is fashionable yet free-flowing, elegant, and comfortable.

4} A simple white cotton tee or shirt with coloured trousers or pants with a cardigan is a complete work from home attire.

5) Wide-leg trousers were designed when trousers seemed a little uncomfortable. An excellent pair of wide-leg trousers with a semi-formal top complete your formal attire for working from home.


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