22 Chic Day to Night Outfit Ideas for Seamless Transitions

Day to night outfit ideas: We’re overwhelmed these days with, well, life, and the last thing we need after a long work day is to scramble for another outfit to meet friends, clients, colleagues, or a date. What we need is a collection of day-to-night outfits that can take us from morning meetings to evening events.

Style is all about fun, even when you’re at work. If your wardrobe has a few versatile pieces that you can mix, match, and rotate different looks to make it easier to transition your corporate work outfit into a chic night look.

Here at outfit trends, we present you some stylish ideas on how to wear one fashion piece in two different situations. There are so many fashion pieces that are ideal for work outfits and for a night out or party outfit at the same time. If you make the right combination, you will look gorgeous by changing just a few details from your day outfit to your night outfit.

How to Take an Outfit from Day to Night?

Learning how to dress for the entire day is such a valuable skill, I tell you. Here are a few tips before we dive into the details. Invest in basic wardrobe staples and versatile pieces that can take you from office meetings to date night with little to no effort. Because just like you, your outfits should work overtime!

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The following tips will make it easier for you to take any outfit from day to night in style.

  • A staple top – Every am-to-pm wardrobe needs a top that can go from effortless to elegant in a matter of minutes.
  • Silk Blouse – Sleeveless, collared, or button-up, a silk blouse is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Here are some stylish Silk Outfits you can try.
  • The Little black dress – a work-appropriate black dress is one of the best daytime fashion pieces that can easily transition into a night look with just a few tweaks. 
  • Leather Pants – Their sleek sheen and rocker vibe make for the perfect day-to-night pants.
  • Jumpsuits -A neutral or print jumpsuit is an all-in-one outfit that can work in a professional and casual setting.
  • Slay in a skirt – If you’re looking for an investment piece to revolve your day-to-night outfits around, look for A-line leather skirts, Midi skirts and wrap skirts.
  • Culottes – For a day look, pair culottes with a graphic T-shirt, cardigan, and clean, white sneakers. For a night look, add a silk blouse and a flattering pump to be ready for date night or dinner with friends.
  • Shirtdress – A shirtdress is another versatile piece that can be modified in a variety of ways.

22 – Pair Mini Skirt with Tank Top

To bring out your inner happiness and the child inside you, you can try on some softer or lighter colors like white and beige. Here’s a complete day inspo for y’all.

Add a leather jacket, or a pair of strappy shoes to create a stylish after-hours outfit. Keep a few statement jewelry pieces stashed away in your purse too, and layer them on as you’re leaving work for some instant glam.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


21 – Boujee in Blazer

With neutral hues trending, adding a beige blazer to your spring/summer wardrobe is a no-brainer. If your evening plans are more laid-back, separates are the way to go.

Keep it formal for the office with a blazer, pants, and a white blouse. Then, just slip off your blazer for a relaxed yet polished evening outfit.

Day to Night Outfit


20 – Sexy Go-To Date Night Look

Regular date nights totally call for a go-to jeans-and-heels outfit. This red top & low heels = HOT! Every am-to-pm wardrobe needs a top that can go from effortless to elegant in a matter of minutes, and this red top is a staple piece for sure.

Paired with straight-leg denim and slingback pumps, it creates a perfect day-to-night outfit.


19 – Checkered Co-ord Sets

Want a fresh take on the familiar summer dress? A geometric print set like this is all you need. Dress it up or down according to the occasion and don’t be afraid of keeping it simple either. We love the versatility of this set in particular.

This particularly is a night outfit look. For a day look, you can just replace your heels with comfy sneakers.

Here are some of my favorite Matching Sets Outfits.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


18 – Glow in Green

A classic jumpsuit will never let you down if you are trying to achieve a chic day-night look. Jumpsuits are a lot like slip dresses. They’re basic and versatile pieces you can style up and down. For a night look layer it under a jacket or wear it alone; add statement jewelry and you’ll look sharp and chic.


17 – Brunch to Bar Outfit

We’ve already talked in detail about Sunday Brunch Outfits but this outfit has to be my favorite. Co_ord sets should be a must-have staple to create a day-to-night outfit!

For a brunch look, style the set with a white button-down and put on a blazer for extra layering. Complete your day look with your favorite shades!

In the evening for a crazy night at a bar with your girls lose the blazer and button down. Voila, you are ready to slay the evening. You can easily dress it up or down with heels or sneakers.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


16 – Leather Pants with Puff Sleeved top

Leather pants don’t have to be in black color only you can wear them other as well. You can then go for a dark or nude-colored top with puff sleeves over the pants and tuck it inside for a perfect look.

To keep your look chic, you can always wear some nude heels and let your hair down, your whole look is done! Don’t forget to add some statement accessories for the nighttime.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


15 – Top off Your Look

From off-the-shoulder to oh-so-sheer lace, a blouse is a perfect way to show some personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints or intricate necklines.

During office hours you can layer with a jacket or blazer and you’re good to go girl.  After the sun goes down, pair the blouse with skinny jeans and your favorite statement jewelry.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


14 – Beautiful in Black

A black midi dress that you can wear from day to night! Wear this little black dress any day of the week! Comfy enough to wear running around town, but dressy enough to wear on a date night, church or work meeting.

Pair with chunky jewelry and colorful accessories to create a more casual look. This entire look is a favorite, and I adore how effortlessly this lady has styled her dress. 


13 – Pair a Graphic Tee with a Blazer

Graphic tees are so fun to wear in spring and summer! Layer a graphic tee under a blazer for a fun, sophisticated look at work.

I love the look of a graphic tee and jeans, and then the addition of a blazer. To make the piece work for the evening, be sure you finish off your look with a polished pair of pumps.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


12 – Black and White Never Goes Out of Style

Black and White’s combo never goes wrong and geometric prints look the best in this combination. I definitely am in love with these pants! This outfit is perfect for the summer, it’s super breathable, and you will look fashionable and feel comfortable throughout the day. 

At night compliment your look by wearing bold makeup, hair, some statement jewelry, and definitely lose the blazer.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


11 – Maxi Dresses Supremacy

Evening outfits are either a lot shorter or a lot longer. It’s a good thing maxi dresses are as much a daytime staple as they are an appropriate evening look!

Dress from day to night with no stress by rocking solid-colored maxi dresses in more polished and sophisticated cuts. For nightwear, you can throw a leather jacket over your look to level up your whole look in no time!

Here are some of my personal favorite maxi dress outfits for this year.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


10 – Casual Day to Night Look with Graphic Tee and Skirt

Wear a graphic tee tucked into a skirt. Keep the outfit casual by adding some sneakers or sandals. And choose a skirt that isn’t too dressy, since your skirt and shoes are casual.

Complete the look with your fav shades, minimal accessory, and handbag of your choice.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


9 – Classic Little Black Dress Moment

The LBD isn’t iconic for nothing. Find the perfect little black dress for your body shape and personal style and you can wear it everywhere! To work, play, nights out, casual parties—you name it.

You can pair a black dress with a blazer and sneakers during the day, and switch to a heel for after-work drinks. It is perfect to wear to work or any special occasion—it’s definitely a forever staple


8 – Simple Yet Trendy

If you want to look hot in summer while keeping up with your style game then a pleated skirt is the best for a day out.

These skirts pair well with a long-sleeve top, blouse, or turtleneck as a day outfit, and when you’re ready for nightwear, you can pair it with a tank or ruffle top, and throw a leather jacket over your look to give it a chic aesthetic.


7 – Girls Night Out

Right there! It is the perfect inspiration for y’all to slay an outfit day to night. These outfits are appropriate enough to wear to work and glam enough to wear at a party later in the night. It’s time for you to grab one of these staple pieces for your next day-to-night outfit.

All you have to do is to pair them up in the right way.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


6 – Pair Skirt with Tank Top or a Silk Blouse

A mix of casual and chic styles that are perfect for a day of leisure or work, depending on the informality of your job. Go for this look. How effortlessly charming does this look?

For nightwear, instead of a tank top, opt for a silk blouse. Add some blingy jewelry and heels. It will look amazing.


5 – Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are a tricky trend. On one hand, it’s a bit revealing. But on the other hand, it’s such a basic and versatile piece you can style however you like!

Versatility is one of the most important things to remember if you need to dress from day to night. During the day, just cover up your slip dress with a cardigan or jacket.


4 – Longer Skirts for Chiller Days

Pair a pleated skirt with a crewneck sweater for work. Add a tote and wear comfy sling-back pumps. For nightwear, you can replace a crewneck sweater with a stylish silk top and slingbacks with some heels. If you usually bring your tote to the office, consider throwing in a clutch.

When you’re ready to leave for after-work drinks, you can transform your outfit in seconds with the swap of a bag as well. 


3 – Glam Lunch Date

High-waist trousers are a great piece to always have on deck for both day and night. The unique structure and often sleek material make for the perfect item to juxtapose with an elegant look, like this gorgeous one here. You don’t need to make many changes for this outfit to work day to night.


2 – White Never goes Wrong

Shirt dresses in white are your next must-have staple for a day-to-night outfit! This is a classy and alluring look you could wear for a high-end fashion event, or for a shoot. You can easily dress it up or down with heels or sneakers.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas


1 – Perfect Office to Happy Hour Look

A silk blouse is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. For a day look, you can wear a silk blouse with slacks or a long skirt and drape a camisole or cardigan over your shoulders. At night, pair the blouse with skinny jeans, leather pants or a miniskirt, and a bold statement necklace.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas



Q. What is your favorite way to dress for a night out?

Women often debate over the night-out dresses, the styles they should wear on a date or out to a bar or club with friends. It is too difficult for them to select a dress that is comfortable as well as looks seductive. Every girl wants to look hot & sexy at night out. If I talk about myself then I would like to wear little black dresses, short dresses, and a cocktail dress for a night out or club.

Q. Which is the best dress to wear in the morning and night?

Wear classic in the morning and at night you can wear dark heavy layers. So you can add layers like a jacket or casual blazer while wearing comfortable casuals. Pairing with sneakers during the day and heels at night would be a great one.

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