Office Style For Women Over 50 – 18 Elegant Work Wear Outfit Ideas

Office Style For Women Over 50. What to wear to work is the important issue from Monday to Friday even you are in any age. In today modern world, women spend most of their time in offices, corporate companies and banks. So looking professional with this age is also very important. Here we will put some creative outfit ideas to work for women over 50.

Corporate Wear for Women Over 50

#18- Celebrity Style

The most appropriate and easiest way to adore for work is the classic look. The classic looks never fade, as it’s still the excellent choice for a meeting, for office and professional looks.


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#17- Vintage Look

The vintage look restrained at the waist with a thin wrapper belt looks perfect style with wine-red blazer, classic bag and heels.Perfect business wear for fifty plus women.


#16- Camel Coat with Long Boots

The combination looks perfect and  looks great on women over 50.You can finish the look by adding a handbag and wrist watch.


#14- Flared Skirts and Tailored Bodice

The A-line checked dress with a tailored bodice and slightly flared skirt fits well with  women with larger hips and thighs. It beautifully emphasizes the waistline. Just have a try  with gray wool coat and red accessories, including bag and boots.


#13- Polyvore Sets, Really Comfortable

Collection of  best Polyvore sets are really professional and comfortable dresses, which are ideal for working and after-working hours wear. They  not only looks good but  feels comfortable and appropriate for working environment.


Business casual

#12- Professional Summers Look

Selection of fabric is very important in summer for professionals. They must be lightweight. You can wear sleeveless blouses  under colorful jackets, that can also streamline your shape and look slimmer. You can remove the jacket in the afternoon when it heats up.


#11- Wrap Dress with Shawl Neck

If you want to flatter your shape then here we is a wrap dress with shawl neck, which has a best fit and style. It details your bustline and waist. It’s an excellent piece for those who want to hide their hips. The  long sleeve are really professional and keeps you warm whole day at the office.


#10- Good Coat, Good Idea

You can always embark a good coat one as an warm approach to winter.


#10- Opaque and Patterned Tights with perfect Hairstyle

If there is a work scheduled presentation, then you can go for patterned opaque tights for a great classic look.


#9- Zara Jacket and Cashmere Jumper

It is the most cheery style with the changing weather  as work outfit.


#8- Turtleneck Sweater with Leopard Print Blouse

This is the perfect classic work outfit for winters.


#7- Glam up Your Office Style

Yes you can glam up your office style with cardigan, jeans and white shirt. A pair of shoes and bag can embrace a chic style.


#6- Sundress as Faux Skirt

 Layering a sundress with a sweater gives warmth in the office, where the air condition is always on.  Pairing up sweaters with sundresses is really adorable and appreciative.

 #5- Lightweight Jackets For Summers

Office outfits in warm weather is always a bit of a challenge. Just try to include structured elements such as lightweight  jacket and closed-toe shoe. They are really lifesavers during summer months.

#4- Artistic Garments

The artisan accessories are right statement pieces that imparts unique and neutral look in office. Some premium pieces  are produced as high quality products by experts who are passionate regarding their craft.


#3- Flattering Printed Cape

Yes you can look amazing by occasionally mixing things. The cape looks super amazing and adorable  with tights and jeans.

#2- Pencil Skirts

If you really love the foundation of neutrals then stretch your wardrobe with organized statement pieces. Pencil skirt is one of the lovely neutral that looks beautiful.


#1- Cook up a Personal Style

Yes you can cook your own personal style by throwing different designer ingredients together. Don’t rely on pieces from just a one place. Experience a confident style by mixing up a bit.



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