Tea Party Outfits – 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party

Tea party outfits: Have your friends invited you to a tea party? Or perhaps you’re hosting a tea party but still haven’t figured out what to wear? Here are some of the best ideas on what to wear to a tea party.

Choosing your tea party outfit can be a hectic task because there is a huge variety of outfits to choose from but, we are here to help you in choosing the perfect and trending tea party outfits, that will be according to your style so that you can look stunning but at the same time feel comfortable with your Tea Party Outfit. Tea parties happen in different locations, times, or even celebrations like birthdays, wedding parties and so many more. Mostly tea parties happen in the daytime, so we’ll make sure that you must dress perfectly for Tea Party!

How to Dress for a Tea Party?

As I told you before that there are a massive variety of outfits to wear for a tea party, but before we talk about it all, here are some tips and tricks for you to look the best in your Tea Party Outfits:

  • Modesty is the key for achieving a perfect look of the day.
  • Always pick soft colors
  • Make sure you always pair your outfit with accessories
  • Don’t add too much makeup, keep it nice and elegant 
  • You can wear hats and gloves for a tea party in winters
Tea Party Outfits - 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party

Now let’s break down 25 ideas on what to wear to a Tea Party

↓ 25 – 90s Classic Dress For Tea Party

The attire that people mostly used to wear in tea parties then and now falls into the same category, smart casual, that is in between formal and casual. So here is the example of a classic 90s outfit for a tea party, which is very much trending from the very beginning till now. Classic dresses come with their own grace and elegant look, which is always a spectacular dress for a Tea party. Here are some fabulous Slip Dress Outfits that you can wear to tea parties.


↓ 24- Tea party Outfit For Plus Size Women

You can look stunning in every outfit regardless of your body shape or size, but when you wear outfits according to your body shape, it will enhance your body and make you look and feel confident. Knee-length dresses are the most trending look for Tea parties and especially for plus-size women.


↓ 23- Tea Party Outfits For Skinny Girls

Long-length dresses are a perfect choice for skinny girls because they look super stunning. Also, these have been so trending in 2021, they’re all over the internet. These dresses on Instagram are floating with so many aesthetic looks, but you can wear them to a Tea party? Yes! Because these come in smart casual attire.

↓ 22 – Vintage Look

We all have been often hearing the term “vintage dresses” these days. Vintage dresses are famous because of their dreamy look in light colors and floral prints. As I told you before, tea party outfits should ideally be in light colors. These vintage dresses are just exactly the definition of tea party outfits, and also you can find a huge variety of vintage dresses at affordable prices from local brands.


↓ 21- How to Style Skirts for a Tea Party

This is one of my favorite outfits for tea parties, skirts are always a perfect fit for events like tea parties or outings because they add this unique style to your look but at the same time skirts are known for how comfortable they are so if it is a daytime tea party than skirts will be a good choice. Complete the look by choosing one of these Shoes to wear with Skirts.


↓ 20 – Outfit With Belt

Who says you can’t add on your favorite accessories with your tea party outfits? You can actually make it look more stylish with these modern belts, which will give your outfit a defined modern vibe in your outfit, we’ve so many choices in belts but you’ll have to choose it according to your outfit print and lengthwise. Here are some more Perfect Outfit Ideas with Waist Belts.


↓ 19 – Floral Outfit

Floral prints are everyone’s favorite, outfits with light colors and with floral prints are a must-have in every closet, whether they are shirts or dresses and even skirts you’ll see so many floral prints because these prints are light, and you can look absolutely stunning wearing these prints to a tea party. Here are some of the best Floral Print Outfits Combinations.

↓ 18 – Full Length Outfit

Most of the styles so far we’d talked about are almost full-length dresses and the reason behind it is that full-length dresses are the most elegant looking outfits when it comes to tea parties, these dresses are carried with different styles each style has its own glam.

↓ 17- Short Skirt Outfit

Short length skirts are always in trend, In a tea party if you are going to wear these short length skirts will be such a pretty choice, and it will also be changed look others than dresses.

↓ 16 – Accessorizing Your Tea Party Outfits

When it comes to jewelry, it excites almost every woman, But to find which jewelry will be best for your outfit can be a difficult part, but if you focus on your style, skin tone, and most importantly the color scheme of your outfit that can make it much easier.

↓ 15 – Celebrity Style

We often follow our favorite celebrities on social media, So here is my favorite celebrity, and this is such a beautiful outfit inspiration that we can definitely wear to a Tea Party.

↓ 14 – Winter Tea Party Attire

People, who love winters like me, sometimes also struggle with what to wear in winter? Something that looks stunning or an outfit that covers you well? What if I said you can look stunning by beating the cold as well. As in this look, she is wearing a sweatshirt with a long-length skirt. Which looks so beautiful but at the same time, it’s cozy as well. You can add on your favorite jewelry or even glasses to make it more classy.


↓ 13 – Summer Tea Party Attire

Upgrading your wardrobe this summer? Well, this outfit is a must-have if you have anyone upcoming event like a Tea party. These types of midi dresses are basically for summers because you won’t feel too hot in them and the fabric is light too. You shouldn’t choose colors like black, dark blue, or any other dark color, always go with light colors and prints that aren’t too heavy. Keep it light and simple to have a perfect outfit for the day.

↓ 12 – Tea Party Outfit For Teens

In our teenage, we often struggle with clothes because some clothes will make you look like a kid too, so I’ll give you an idea to find clothes for a tea party that can justify your teenage, also the key to a nice and elegant look is light and glowy makeup to look more natural.

↓ 11- Tea Party Outfit For Women Over 50

We often had seen Queen Elizabeth outfits for tea parties which is proof that no matter what age you are in the fashion world has no limits. Age is just a number, that’s what comes to my mind while looking at this gorgeous woman slaying in this stunning outfit for a Tea party.

Tea Party Outfits - 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party


↓ 10 – Hairstyle Ideas

The first impression of a person is obviously their hair, your outfit can be perfect but if your hairs aren’t proper that can actually make you look messy and feel uncomfortable with yourself. There are many hairstyles that you can make and style according to your own choice, These three hairstyles are mostly styled for tea parties as well.


↓ 9 – Gloves To Wear With Tea Party Outfit

Gloves are an essential part of Tea party outfits if you are following a strict code for the event then do wear gloves. There are many types that you can go for such as fashionable gloves like lace gloves, and they also come in a variety of other fabrics and colors that you can match up with your outfit.

↓ 8- Hats

As in the above pictures, many of the outfits are also with hats, that’s because hats are also an outfit code for tea party outfits, these hats are also trending through the internet, and the majority of influencers are wearing these trendy hats throughout events like beach parties and also in tea parties.

↓ 7- Royal Tea Party Outfit

We have been watching the royal family since the very beginning attending royal events and most of these royal events are Tea parties, we’ve some classic royal outfits that the royal duchies and queen have been styled in. Also as we discussed light colors she is too wearing this light baby pink which is looking absolutely gorgeous on her.

Tea Party Outfits - 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party


↓ 6 – Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are also a different yet outstanding choice for tea parties, but they should also be carried in smart casual as other outfits, This style of the jumpsuit is a must-have in a modern style wardrobe, also the color combinations with different accessories would also look trendy.

↓ 5 – Pastel Colors Outfits

We all love Pastel colors like this beautiful pastel blue or even more pretty pastel colors, Wearing these unique colors at Tea party events, you’ll look eye-catching, and pretty sure everyone will give you so many compliments.

↓ 4 – Pink/Girly Tea Party Outfit

Pink Tea party before the big day, We all girls are forever in love with pink and a pink Tea party before your wedding seems such a dream come true you can decor it all pink and pastel, your outfits are also according to your event theme, so you can choose it from a dress to even a skirt but that too should follow the color code.

Tea Party Outfits - 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party

↓ 3 – Footwear For Tea Party Outfit

When it comes to footwear, we just don’t choose according to styles only, we also go for the comfort with style. A nice pair of footwear can keep any bad day away. For Tea parties, most of the outfits are carried with mid-length heels or different types of flats and shoes.

Tea Party Outfits - 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party


↓ 2 – Accessories For Tea Party

Many people don’t wear accessories and then complain about not looking that good, your look isn’t complete without accessories like jewelry, scrunches, hair accessories, and many more. Accessories make your entire look complete.


↓ 1- With Ripped Jeans

Our styles are always upgrading, why just keep tea party outfits on in dresses? Well, dresses are quite elegant, but you can add your modern look to make you look chic. Fashion is limitless you can wear however you want to so here is a beautiful woman in this pretty modern outfit. As jeans and formal shirts are almost in every closet, so if you don’t have enough time for shopping then this outfit is for you.

Tea Party Outfits - 25 Ideas on What to Wear to a Tea Party

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q- Is it Important to wear dresses at the Tea party?

A. As I discussed, attire code for a tea party is smart casual, dresses are in the same category because it doesn’t show too much skin and gives an elegant look. However, it’s not essential that you only stick to dresses as you can easily go for any other smart-casual outfit including skirts and suits. Here’s our complete guide on Smart Casual Attire for Women.

Q- What colors do you wear to a tea party?

A. You can wear bright, fun, light colors but don’t choose colors like black because that will be too formal.


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