30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Tea party outfits: The time for tea parties is almost here, and preparing beforehand for your attire is not only smart but clever too! Soon, you will have friends inviting you over. Or perhaps you will host one this year. Therefore, it is only good sense to have figured out what to wear to a Tea Party!

Here’s everything we’ll discuss today:

How to Dress for a Tea Party?

Choosing your outfit may appear to be a daunting task because there is a variety of clothes to choose from. But I am here to help you select the perfect and trending attires according to your style so you can look stunning and feel comfortable with your ensemble simultaneously.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Tea parties happen in different locations, times, or even celebrations like birthdays, wedding parties, and so many more. Most parties are daytime, so the majority of the looks in this article are chosen accordingly.

When putting together an outfit, you want to ensure you are relaxed and casual yet glammed up. In simpler terms, semi-formal is the way to go!

If you have a formal dress that needs to be dressed down, add a simple cardigan and block heels. Similarly, amp up your plain blouse with a printed satin midi skirt!

This event is about showing off your grace and finesse and enjoying soft, muted tones.

Therefore, you will find yourself reaching for pastel outfits and shades of ivory more often unless the invite gives you the freedom to dress however you want to.

You should pay particular attention to your hosts and their expectations to avoid awkward encounters dress code-wise.

Tips on Choosing The Dress

There is a massive variety of ensembles to experiment with and wear. But before we talk about it all, here are some tips and tricks for you to look the best in your attire:

  • Try to reach for light and soft colors as they complement daytime events – as most tea parties are – the best.
  •  Make sure you always pair your dress with appropriate accessories. When in doubt, reach for pearls or chunky gold jewelry!
30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look
  •  For a vintage tea party, you can wear a fascinator hat and opera gloves to elevate your attire. But do not forget to take your gloves off before service.
30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look
  • Kindly familiarize yourself with table etiquette before the party.
  • I would suggest keeping your make-up natural, bronzed, and glowy!
30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look
30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look
  • And lastly, be confident! There is no better way to pull off an outfit than embracing it and being your most confident self.

Now let’s break down all the ideas for dressing up!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Look of the Day

30 – All White GLAM

Starting with our favorite look of the day, here we see the gorgeous Doitallin in an all-white ensemble that is ideal for both, party hostesses and guest outfits. She has looked at a twist by going for combat boots instead of heels but you can also go for ballet flats if you want a more formal style.

The tulle skirt is very versatile and it would match effortlessly with any light-colored sweater.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Spring and Summer Outfits

29 – Pair an Ivory Blouse with Satin Midi Skirt

28 – Mix & Match Bold Colors for a Stunning Fit

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


27 – Drape a Scarf Over the Shoulders Loosely

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


26 – Appear Dreamy in Pleated Two Piece Sets in Pastel Shades

Shop these gorgeous sets below:

Pleated Oversized Shirt and Trouser Set $79.00

25 – Go for a 90s Classic Vibes

The attire that people mostly wore then and now falls into the same category: smart casual, which is halfway between formal and relaxed. So here is an example of a classic 90s outfit for a tea party, which has been trendy from the beginning till now.

Classic dresses come with their grace and elegant look, which is always a spectacular dress option. Here are some fabulous Slip Dresses to try out. 

24 – Style a Printed Pleated Midi Skirt with a Plain Blouse

A printed pleated skirt is a statement in itself. Therefore, you can go simpler with the rest of your outfit, especially if you want to make your bottoms stand out. A detailed, full-sleeve blouse will look phenomenal with a skirt like this, along with block-heel shoes. Add a hair scarf to your hair and chunky hoops, and you are all set!


23 – Style a Printed Skirt with a Hair Scarf

This is one of my favorites! Skirts are always a perfect fit for such events because they add a unique style to your attire. At the same time, skirts are known for their comfort. Therefore, skirts will be a good choice for a daytime sipping event.

Complete the look by choosing one of these Shoes to wear with Skirts. We do not choose footwear according to style only; we also go for comfort. A nice pair of footwear can keep any unpleasant day away. Most skirts style phenomenally with mid-length heels or different types of flats and shoes.


22 – Floral Printed Outfits are the Ideal Pick

Floral prints are everyone’s favorite. Outfits with light colors and floral patterns are a must-have in every closet, whether they are shirts, dresses, or even skirts. You will see so many floral prints because they are easy on the eyes, and you can look stunning wearing them to a garden or lawn.

Here are some of the best Floral Print Combinations.

Most of the styles we have talked about are almost full-length dresses. And the reason is that full-length dresses are the most elegant-looking. These dresses are worn in different styles, and each style is unique and glamorous.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


21 – Go All Out in a Floral Embroidered Blazer Dress

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


20 – Go for a Plain Short Dress with Detailed Sleeves

Are you upgrading your wardrobe this summer? Well, this dress is a must-have! These types of short dresses are perfect for events in summer because you will not feel too hot in them, and look stylish too. I suggest avoiding black, navy blue, or other dark colors for a daytime event.

Instead, always go for light colors and prints that are not too heavy. Keep it minimal and chic to have a perfect appearance for the day.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


19 – Go for a Puffy Dress -Themed Birthday

We all love pastel colors, especially when they are packed into a gorgeous puffy dress! Wearing this unique blend of colors is bound to make you appear eye-catching and pretty. I am sure you will be collecting so many compliments. Therefore, if you are a teenager planning to throw a party for your birthday, this attire is the way to go!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


18 – Go for a Pastel Blouse With White Shorts & Heels

Getting your hands on a similar blouse in pastel shades would be a dream come true due to its multi-purpose use! You can pair it with white shorts and heels or knee-high boots. Match your accessories to the pastel shades of your top, and you have a stunning look!

Bristol tops will pair wonderfully with shorts as well!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


17 – Opt for a Printed Jumpsuit in Pastel Tones

Jumpsuits are a different yet, another outstanding choice, and they should be carried in a smart & classy way as other outfits. This jumpsuit style is a must-have in a modern wardrobe as the color combinations with different accessories will look incredibly trendy. 

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


16 – Linen Vest Sets are Ideal for a Summer Party

This ensemble is perfect for a casual tea party in the streets of Barcelona with your friends and family! It is oh-so-comfortable, chic, and timelessly modern.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


15 – Whimsical in Pink

If you are one of the girls forever in love with pink, a pink-themed get-together sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? You can decorate it in shades of pastels and coordinate your outfits accordingly. And what better way to bring justice to pink attire than opting for a Lirika Matoshi dress?!

The designer’s strawberry dress gained popularity for being universally pretty back in 2020 and, three years later, is still worn by a majority of influencers. Therefore, whether you opt for the strawberry dress or any other outfit from the brand, you are bound to slay!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Grab this dress right here:

Pink Skies Dress $520.00

Fall and Winter Outfits

14 – Get into the Fall Spirit in Reds & Earthy Tones

Long-length dresses are perfect for fall because they look super stunning. Also, they have been trending since 2021 and are all over the internet. These dresses are floating on Instagram with many aesthetic looks, including tea parties.

The best way to make your dress exude more fall vibes is to opt for earthy toned cardigan, shoes, or accessories. You have to experiment with different pieces to find what complements your dress the best. High chances are that a neutral cardigan and booties will not fail you!

13 – Pair a Cardigan with a Short Dress or Skirt & Stockings

Short-length skirts are always trendy. Opting to wear these short dresses or skirts will be an extremely pretty choice. And adding a cardigan will mix things up and provide a look different from a dress on its own.

Add contrast to your pastel-toned fit by wearing black stockings and platform loafers!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


12 – Keeping it Cosy

People who love winter – like me, sometimes also struggle with what to wear during the season. You need something that is stunning – an outfit that covers you well and looks phenomenal too. What if I told you you can end up looking stunning while beating the cold as well?

You should style a fit similar to this image by pairing a sweatshirt with a long-length satin skirt. It looks so beautiful, but at the same time, it’s cozy as well. You can add your favorite jewelry or glasses to make them more classy. And throw on a pair of boots to complete your look!


11 – Add a Blazer Over Your Dress for a Classic Look

I am in love with this gorgeous ruched dress! The print is stunning, and the color combination works phenomenally, making it an ideal wear for these occasions. This lady styled this dress with a white blazer with scallop details over the shoulders, and the pairing looks effortless.

I would advise opting for pencil heels or at least a small-heeled shoe to complement the dress. I must say, this attire will look stunning on my ladies over 50!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


10 – Matching Tweed Set to Complement the Occasion Perfectly

Tweed skirts and blazer sets are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. And the fact that they come in various colors and patterns makes them perfect for every and any occasion! You could go for a bright color or a pastel shade; both will look phenomenal for a winter evening with tea.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


Vintage Themed Tea Party Ensemble Ideas

9 – Opt for a Whimsical Look With a Flowy Dress

Flowy dresses are famous for their dreamy aesthetic in light colors and floral prints. These dresses are the definition of elegance, and you can find a variety of flowy dresses at affordable prices from local brands. Moreover, they are super easy to style and customize according to the occasion.


8 – Add a Hat & Gloves to Make Your Attire Ultra Fabulous!

Gloves and hats are essential and have to be worn when following a strict code for the event. There are many types of gloves that you can go for, such as lace, shorties, or classic, over-the-elbow length ones. They also come in various fabrics and colors that you can match with your clothes.

Similarly, hats are a significant part as well. The majority of influencers are wearing these trendy hats throughout events like beach parties, visiting the farmer’s market, and for everyday use. Together, these two are bound to make your plain attire fancy and stylish!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


7 – Vintage Grunge Ensemble With Belt for a Unique Look

If pastels and light colors do not float your boat, I have an ideal attire in store for you where grunge meets tea parties! This attire, while unconventional at first glance, is a gorgeous pick for sipping your drink in style without leaving your comfort zone.

You can make any look more stylish with modern and trendy belts, which will give your ensemble definition. There are so many choices in belts to nail the vibe of your fit, but you will have to choose it according to your clothing articles. Here are some more Grunge Outfits that you can try.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Looks with Jeans

We’ve often heard this question, “can you wear jeans to a tea party?” We say, why not. As long as you style them right, you can easily wear any type of jeans to these parties. Here are some of our favorite looks:

6 – Style a Whimsical Blouse With Ripped Jeans

Our styles are constantly evolving and upgrading. So why keep options limited to dresses only? No doubt dresses exude elegance, but you can add modern trends to make you look chic. Fashion is limitless, and you can wear whatever you want.

Jeans and formal blouses are a staple for almost every closet. Thus, if you do not have enough time to shop for a new fit, this combination is perfect for you.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

5 – Any Silk Blouse or Glittery Top + Boot Cut Jeans

If you can’t decide on anything else, here’s the easiest thing to do. Just pair any formal bouse with boot-cut jeans and you’ll love the results. You can find the top shown below over here for just $35.99 and I must say that I love its fitting.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


4 – Add Some Sequins

Adding sequin to your jeans fit is a simple but effective way to amp it up. You can either go for a sequin top or a sequin blazer, as shown below:

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


Celebrity Style Inspiration

3 – Add a Corset to a Printed Dress for Vintage Vibes like Kylie Jenner

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

2 – You Can’t Go Wrong With a Flowy Summer Dress Like Selena Gomez

We are always following the latest fashion trends through our favorite celebrities on social media. Therefore, it only makes sense for us to gain inspiration from this gorgeous dress that Selena Gomez wore in her music video for De Una Vez. The best part is, it is 100 percent appropriate for the occasion!

I would suggest adding satin opera gloves for the ultimate whimsical attire!

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

1 – Get Inspired by the Royal Ladies

We have been watching the royal family since the very beginning attending royal events, and most of these events happen to be hi-teas! We have some classic ensembles that the royal duchesses and queens have styled. And keeping in check with the occasion, she too is wearing this light baby pink which looks gorgeous on her.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look

Hairstyling Tips

Your clothes can be perfect, but if your hair is not styled appropriately, it might leave you looking a little flustered and incomplete.

I love hairstyles with scrunchie scarves – they are easy to do, and manage, and very appropriate for the occasion. Other good options include wearing a puffy headband or claw clip.

And if you want to go for open hair, I suggest you try beachy waves.


Choosing the Right Accessories

When it comes to jewelry, it excites almost every woman. But finding which jewelry will be best for your clothes can be tricky.

The key is to focus on your style, skin tone, and more importantly the color scheme of your attire which can make choosing it much easier.

This outfit can be made fancier by opting for a simple pearl necklace and opera gloves in white satin. Contrarily, short gloves in white lace will complement the dress immensely too!

Furthermore, a few chunky rings in gold over the gloves and hoops will complete your attire and make you exude royalty.

30 Ideas What to Wear to a Tea Party for Chic Look


Get this dress:

You Look So Beautiful Dress $89.00

Many people don’t wear accessories and find their outfits lacking and incomplete. Your look is never complete without accessories, like jewelry, scrunches, hair accessories, and many more.



Q. Is it Important to wear dresses at the tea party?

As we have discussed, the attire code is smart casual. And dresses happen to fall in the same category because they give an elegant, classy, and timeless look. Furthermore, they come in sorts of colors, fabrics, designs, and lengths. Therefore, you are bound to find one that works perfectly for you.

With that being said, it is not essential to only stick to dresses. You can easily go for any other smart-casual outfit, including skirts and suits. Here’s our complete guide on Smart Casual Attire for Women.

Q. What colors do you wear to a tea party?

Parties like these are usually hosted outdoors and during the morning or evening. Therefore, soft neutral tones and pastel colors are significantly reached for and considered ideal for such occasions. These include soft pink, blue, mint, white, cream, peach, and lighter shades.

However, you can wear bright, bold, and fun colors too. Just make sure to be tasteful with the accessories and add components that will blend your look seamlessly with the theme while simultaneously making you stand out. And you can go for black as well if the theme allows it!

Q. Where to buy tea party outfits?

You should check out brands including Princess Polly, Lululemon, Pretty Little Thing, SheIn, Nordstrom, ASOS, and H&M for affordable yet stunning pieces!


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