90s Fashion for Women – 13 Top Picks That Are Still Relevant

90s fashion for women: Studded belt, slip dresses, graphic prints, grunge fit, and bell bottoms – the glorious era of fashion, the 90s. The early 90s carried on with the larger-than-life styles, glitchy prints, and neon shades from the 80s and nodded to our beloved jeans.

With a wave of stylish contrary, the latter part of the decade turned minimalism de rigueur. With this came the intoxicating phenomenon of supermodels. The ’90s was the era of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Cambell, and Christy Turlington.

As Kathryn Hennessey writes in the book – Fashion: The Ultimate Book of Costume and Style, published in 2012

The phenomenon of the ‘supermodel’ reached its height in the 1990s when among the most celebrated were Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington. When these four strutted down the catwalk arm in arm during Versace’s 1991 Autumn/Winter fashion show in Milan, they were more famous than the clothes.’

The Best Fashion Moments of the 90s

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Around the mid-90s, fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger turned, ‘heavy branding’, a marketing gimmick into a fashion statement. At the same time, the bohemian style was establishing a strong hold on the street style.

Oscillating between different styles – from fit and perfect to casual slip dresses, the 90s was the era of experimentation, of neon shades and minimal style both living in harmony with supermodels sashaying the runway in pristine styles while the women on the streets strutted in slinky tops and bell-bottoms.

Going down memory lane, let’s check out some iconic fashion looks from the 90s that we can all take inspiration from to turn our everyday outfits into a fashion statement.

Tips to Bring Back the 90s Fashion

  • The 90s were filled with a panoply of styles and silhouettes, from graphic prints to regal Chanel sets. When it comes to opting for a 90s aesthetic, the options are endless. Find one that suits your style the best.
  • Avoid fashion chaos and do not try more than two outfits aesthetics at once. Find the style that you love the most and dazzle.
  • Style your 90s outfit with modern accessories to keep your fit up-to-date.

13. Grunge Aesthetic with All Black

The easiest way to adopt the grunge or emo aesthetic is to go for an all-black look. Opt for a casual black tee with graphic print and pair it with matching skort or loose-fitted jeans.

To add on to the vibe, throw on a silver chunky necklace, black stockings, and the classic thickly lined and kohled eyes to achieve the quintessential grunge aesthetic. Here are some more stylish Grunge Outfits.


12. Graphic Print Set

Graphic prints peaked in the 90s, from graphic tops to trousers these interesting patterns were taking the fashion world by a storm. The 90s was all about larger-than-life outfits, this graphic print set adorned by Mandy Moore is the epitome of the 90s fashion. Channel your inner diva and rock this graphic print set with panache.

Paired with a comfy pair of flip-flops – peak 90s.

11. Chainmail Top with Leather Pants

All credit goes to the 90s for bringing back and turning low-rise trousers into an iconic fashion trend that is steadily making its way back to the fashionista’s wardrobe in 2022. Paired with a slinky chainmail top, this JLO outfit is as 90s as it can get.

Here are some more Cute Outfits with Leather Pants for Women.


10. The Iconic Kate Moss White Dress

A moment – Kate Moss in a classic, satiny white dress is a moment in the history of fashion that will be forever engrained in our brains. Inspiration to the millions of brides then on, young Kate Moss strutted in the most beautiful yet simple slinky white satin dress and won hearts.

To nail this magnificent look from the 90s, opt for a white slinky dress, and style it with a classic messy bun and deep red lips for that perfect date night outfit.

9. Red Dress with Black Strappy Heels

Talking about slinky dresses, how can we forget about Cameron Diaz in this gorgeous red mini dress from the movie – The Mask. The quintessential red dress, this classic number is as much a fashion statement now as it was in the 90s. A versatile number, this dress can be styled in a panoply of ways, each of which will leave you looking like an absolute diva.

Pair it with a denim jacket and a no-makeup makeup look with an MLBB lip and turn this into a brunch outfit or wear it with a 90s-inspired blowout and berry lip for an evening fit.

8. Graphic Tee with Low Rise Jeans

The 90s demanded casual and the designers delivered. While the early 90s was shadowed by Cindy Crawford in Versace dresses, by the end of the decade, fashion took a more relaxed and less glamorous route. With comfortable graphic tees making their way to the street, denim in a panoply of colors was a hot favorite.

Channel your inner Kate Hudson and style this look with a high ponytail, and vintage sunglasses and you are all ready to hit the streets.

7. Red Tank Top Styled with Ripped Jeans

Everyone’s favorite show ‘FRIENDS’ was as much a part of the 90s pop culture as it was of the 90s fashion. Monica Geller was the epitome of style and class and was often overshadowed by her best friend Rachel Green. Now don’t get us wrong, we are in full agreement that Rachel Green was and is a fashion Icon but Monica was no less.

With her casual yet glamorous outfits, Courtney Cox aka Monica Geller paved the way for the laid-back and casual ’90s fashion that we all can take inspiration from, even today.


6. Diana’s Little Black Dress Styled with Pearl Necklace

When it comes to fashion, Diana was an icon. When Diana stepped out in that stunning little black dress, the crowd went into a frenzy, and rightfully so. That off-shoulder beauty is a style statement that has stood the test of time and still remains one of the snazziest yet classic pieces of clothing.

Channel your inner Diana and opt for an off-shoulder black dress, bold lip, and a pearl necklace. Or you can opt for a maxi dress for a more modest look.


5. Cropped Blazer with Matching Trouser

When it comes to fashion, the 90s is a goldmine of styles and trend inspirations. From Kate Moss in her controversial see-through maxi dress to Diana’s revenge black number, the 90s was full of fashionable styles that can still give today’s designer dresses a run for their money.

Linda Evangelista strutting in this cropped black blazer outfit paired with matching trousers is an inspiration for tons of fashion influencers and celebrities even today. A number that compliments almost every body type, one can never go wrong with this one.


4. Green Turtleneck with Checkered Skirt

Rachel Green was way ahead of her time. Famous for her sartorial fashion choices, Ms. Green was and is a fashion inspiration to a lot of young womxn even today.

Opting for a striking green and styling it with a tasteful checkered pencil skirt for office wear is as Rachel as it can get. After all, we all know, green is her color. Only Rachel could give us the style encouragement to bring such a vibrant color into our wardrobes.

Pair this with pointy kitten heels, and classic black stalkings for a chic business casual outfit. You can go through this post for more of our favorite Rachel Green outfits.

green turtleneck with checkered skirt

3. Plaid Midi Dress

One of the most iconic Naomi Campbell looks, the supermodel strutted in a plaid midi dress at the Valentino show-1992 and sent the world into a frenzy. Posh and chic, by the time Naomi’s walk was over, plaid had turned into a new favorite.

Add the modern pizzaz into this outfit by opting for a sleeveless form-fitting plaid dress and pair it with a statement hat for an elegant look or style it with gold accessories, and clear heels and turn it into a 2022 appropriate outfit.

plaid midi dress

2. Chanel Suit Set

The topic of 90s fashion is incomplete without an honorary mention of the Chanel ready-to-wear sets. The epitome of class, these ready-to-wear sets were often spotted on the streets of New York and London and were a hot favorite amongst working professionals in the 90s.

This set from Chanel’s 1995 spring collection, was snazzy, voguish, and posh, with a unique aura of schoolgirl chic which was a breath of fresh air from Chanel’s other ready-to-wear sets.

Bring back the golden time and style this look with a pair of retro shades and sashay like a diva.

chanel ready to wear set

1. Pant Suit with Sheer Top

Do you think Komal Pandey brought the pantsuit trend? Think again. Boxy pantsuits were a rage in the 90s from Courtney Cox to Carried Bradshaw, celebs were often spotted donning this trend and looking like a million bucks.

This year this trend has again gained traction. Zhush up the 90s trend by pairing your pantsuit with a sheer top and channel your inner boss lady. Accessories it with a chainlink choker and throw on a pair of chunky sneakers to complete the business casual look.

Here are some more Ideas on How to Wear Sheer & See-Through Outfits.

pantsuit with sheer top

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What did female wear in the 90s?

From low waist jeans, and dungarees to slip dresses and graphic prints, the 90s were the peak of fashion that saw multiple iconic styles. Females were often spotted strutting in knee-high boots with mini skirts or running errands in a buttoned-down tank top and ripped jeans.

Q. What clothing was popular in the 90s?

The 90s nodded to the craze of slip dresses. From sensual satiny number to casual buttoned down with a tee. Slip dresses were a hot favorite amongst womxn and celebrities in the 90s. Check out our selection of slip dresses from the 90s that you can rock in 2022, above.

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