23 Modern Ways to Style Baggy Pants with other Outfits

Outfits with Baggy pants. If you are tired of wearing same mainstream trousers,skinny pants and want to try something new then must get inspiration from a baggy pants style. Baggy trousers can be worn for all the occasions provided you know to match it as per the event. These pants are best suited for spring and summer season. But you  can wear leather baggy pants or baggy jeans in winters also.

Top fashion designers and Fashion bloggers have changed the common perception among girls that these pants are only worn for a casual look. You can wear them for your formal functions, business trips or at work also (as you will see in this collection ). Lots of celebrities have been spotted wearing  these pants in different functions also.

You all would admit and agree to this that styling loose trousers have always been a little tricky. Loose fitting trousers are a popular choice right now and have been in fashion for quite long now. To some of you, baggy pants might seem to be a not so stylish or comfortable fashion piece but it truly is the most stylish and modern item to wear that can enhance the look.  We have put together outfit ideas and pictures of baggy pants to wear with different outfits.  It is always a good idea to do a little research before you purchase something. This gives you a fair idea of the latest trends and fashion. To balance out the look you could wear tight fitted shirts and tops with the loose style baggy pants. You can wear heels with the pants to give you a little height.

For all those who are confused if belts could be worn with the baggy pants, the answer to your query is that yes belts are one of the most complimenting items or accessory. It can even be worn over the slouchy pants. It will keep your shape good and will add more style to the outfit you would wear. From palazzo pants too baggy pants, they all carry the same style. Both are the derivatives of loose trousers. The most flattering styles for this season are stylish baggy pants but ultimately it all depends on how you wear it and with what outfit.

Baggy Trousers are very much popular these days for street style fashion. It’s preferable to wear dark tone tee shirts with light tone pants and light tone tee shirts with dark colored pants. In the following collection, you can lot of ideas . How to wear baggy pants? what are latest trends in it ? And most important how to style them with other outfits to get a glamorous look.

 How to Wear Loose Pants ?

#23 – Street Style

An all black look always makes the chicest street style fashion. Here are some more Popular Spring Street Style Outfits Ideas For Women


Street style Baggy pants

#22 – Baggy Trouser with Heels

yellow baggy pants

#21 – Cheetah Print Pants

Animal print baggy pants

#20 – Style for Housewives

stylish outfits with Baggy pants

#19 – Celebrities Wearing Baggy Pants

All those teenage girls who think that these pants are not really for them. You might like to get some inspiration from this. RECOMMENDED: Hollywood Celebrities Beach Outfits-30 Top Celebs in Beachwear

selena gomez in baggy pants


#18 – Women over 40 Style

Printed Baggy pants

#17 – with Sleeveless Top

Pink baggy pants

#16 – Fashion Blogger Style

orange baggy pants

We highly recommend  you to see these Trendy Palazzo Pants also . You will get lot of summer fashion ideas

#15 – Swag Look


Leather baggy pants

#14 – Pink Pants

Latest Baggy pants fashion

#13 – Kim Kardashian in High Waisted Pant

Check this picture out if you want to wear baggy pants to any formal gathering or official party. Isn’t the use of sequin in this outfit simply amazing? If you agree on this then you need to check out these 18 Plus Size Sequin Outfits-How to Wear Sequin as Curvy Women

Kim kardishian baggy pants

#12 – Spring Wear

For spring or summer season, you can wear baggy pants with a cropped top. For example, you can go for dark green baggy pants and wear it with black cropped top. You can also as a black blazer if it is a bit cold outside.

how to wear Baggy pants

#11 – Teen Girls Look

cool Baggy Pants

#10 – Selena Gomez

You can take inspiration from Selena Gomez.She is rocking her beautiful pair of baggy pants along with black loose tank top that says “just do it, girl”. She added a casual blazer on top of the top to make it look more funky and cool.

Celebrities Baggy pants


#9 – Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is known for her comfortable dressing, she is always seemed to be wearing comfortable outfits without caring about fashion. She doesn’t care about what the media will say about her but she needs to dress comfortably. She is spotted  here wearing plain dark green baggy pants with a white shirt tucked in. She pairs this combo up with black sneakers.

Cara in baggy pants

#8 – Professional Look


Baggy pants workwear

#7 – with Floral Top

Floral tops are in the headlines these days. Everyone and everywhere is wearing this pattern in every color and in everything. Whether its shorts, skirts or blazers, the floral prints are a huge hit in everything. In order to wear them with baggy pant, you can wear baggy pants in black color and wear a floral shirt in blue and black colors. Don’t forget to tuck the shirt inside of your baggy pant to make it look good and sexy. RECOMMENDED: 22 Cute Floral Print Outfits Combinations for Spring Season

Baggy pants with sneakers

#6 – Plus size women Look


baggy pants for plus size women

#5 – Summer Wear

If you have curves that you want to show to other people then baggy pants are the best pick for you. You can wear then comfortably without looking fat or overweight. You can wear baggy pants in any plain dark colors and then wear a sleeveless top with it. The sleeveless top can be in any light contrasting color. For jewelry, you can wear it in the similar shades of your baggy pants and shirt.

Baggy pants for office

#4 – Casual Outfit

Baggy pants are also proved to be a great casual outfit, but only if worn properly. You can add a denim jacket with the baggy pants and ponytail to make them look casual but also dressed up. For colors, you can wear baggy pants in the nude color and wear a white t-shirt underneath it. As far as accessories are concerned, we suggest that you go for black as you can see that they look awesome with this combination. RECOMMENDED: Season’s 12 Most Hot Casual Outfit Combinations for Girls

Baggy pants fashion

#3 – Party Wear

This outfit idea is perfect for night parties or for even official parties. You can wear sparkly and sequence baggy pants with a plain white shirt to tone down the glitters of the baggy pants. You can also add a velvet jacket over the shirt depending on the weather situations.

Baggy pants fashion ideas

#2 – Casual Street Style

If you have been staying at home all the day and you want to go out to grab a cup of coffee with a cupcake then baggy pants can be the perfect fit for you. You can match it with any kind of plain tank top tucked in and a jacket with its zip opened. This will be your casual go-to style when you want to go out for a cup fo coffee.

Baggy pants combinations

#1 – Holiday Style

Baggy jeans for women



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