How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

Outfits with Baggy Pants. Are you feeling totally puzzled when it comes to styling baggy pants? Rest assured, girl, you are not the only one! Many of us have taken note of the trend and yet some of us have definitely felt a little shy when it comes to trying it out.

After all, it’s easy to get wrong and while Billie Eilish may rock the totally baggy look with aplomb, us everyday gals might have a different goal in mind. Top designers and fashion bloggers have changed the common perception that these pants can only be worn casually.

Now more than ever we see all sorts of baggy pants – from oversized jeans to wide-legged trousers and slacks – worn in a variety of ways and settings. Now you can wear them for formal functions, business trips, or even work (as you will see in this collection).

Lots of celebrities have been spotted wearing these pants in different functions as well. Last but not least, baggy pants (particularly oversized jeans) have taken over the Instagram influencer generation, with many girls like Emma Chamberlain and Madaline Beer rocking baggy jeans and crop tops.

In today’s article, we are going to show you exactly what types of outfits you can create using baggy pants from work looks to casual ensembles to weekend travel outfits. Let’s get started!

 How to Wear Loose or Baggy Pants 

Before we show you our top 26 ways to style baggy pants or jeans, here are a couple of quick tips to keep in mind.

  • Balancing your overall silhouette is key. Be mindful of your layers so as not to overwhelm your figure with too much fabric.
  • As with any type of clothing or particular piece, keep in mind that baggy pants may not be super appropriate in some settings. (For instance, wearing baggy jeans and a crop top to the office. That’s a pretty obvious example but you get the idea.) Be careful when it comes to formal events like weddings or funerals and keep in the mind the environment of whatever event you are attending.
  • You can definitely wear baggy pants to work but it will have to be tastefully and carefully done. In today’s article, we give you a couple of good options so be sure to check them out.
  • Tuck in your blouse or top as a rule of thumb. While your tops don’t have to be skintight or close-fitting, you want to try and avoid super baggy shirts with baggy pants as a general rule.
  • Try belting your pants to further streamline your silhouette and draw in your waist.
  • Style with different kinds of jackets or blazers for extra fashionista points.
  • Lastly, have fun with your baggy pants! They are comfy and at times a daring clothing choice but with some trial and error, you can certainly master the look.

Now, let’s look at some outfits!

↓ 26 – Like an Influencer

Let’s just start things off with the one we’re all kind of curious about: wearing baggy pants or jeans like a proper Instagram model! One might argue that they basically ignited the trend. So how do you get the look for yourself? Start with a cute fitted crop sweater and pair with some high-waisted cargo or jogger pants. Your goal should be pants that fit closely around the waist and hips and are loose around the thighs. And, of course, no real influencer look is complete without some big ol’ white sneakers and a cute bag.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas


↓ 25 – Loose Pants with Bandeau Top

If you love an easy weekend look, here’s one for you! This adorable pairing of lounge pants with a bandeau top and a long denim jacket is super in style these days.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas


↓ 24 – Chic Summer Styling

For a chic summer look, these high-rise, straight-leg cropped pants are simply unmatched. Pair them up with a short-sleeve button-down top tucked into the front to visually draw the eye in and voila! Add espadrilles, sandals, or other delicate shoes to complete the look.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas


↓ 23 – Street Style

An all-black look always makes the chicest street style fashion. Here are some more Popular Spring Street Style Outfits Ideas For Women.

Street style Baggy pants

↓ 22 – Baggy Trouser with Heels

Bold yellow is always a fun color.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 21 – Cheetah Print Pants

This is an awesome weekend look for a day out with your gal pals!

Animal print baggy pants

↓ 20 – Gray and Purple

We love a neutral look rounded off with a pop-of-color accessory. Check it out.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 19 – Celebrities Wearing Baggy Pants

We love an all-beige look! A sleeveless turleneck crop top with baggy linen pants is a classic look as sported by Selena Gomez. Do check out these Hollywood Celebrities Beach Outfits.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 18 – Espadrilles and Little White Tee

Here’s a classic Palazzo pant look that includes a little white tee tucked in and paired with beautiful espadrille shoes.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 17 – Sleeveless Top and Metallic Heels

We love this look for a party or baby shower. It’s sweet and feminine but ultra-comfy!

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 16 – Fashion Blogger Style

This ultra-stylish look will have you feeling like a proper fashion blogger.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

We highly recommend checking out Trendy Palazzo Pants for awesome summer outfit ideas.

↓ 15 – Comfy Winter Travel Outfit

This mostly monochrome look will keep you feeling chic and toasty warm.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 14 – Pink Pants

Shake up your baggy pant style by opting for a pink velvet pair.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 13 – Kim Kardashian in High Waisted Pants

Check this picture out if you want to wear baggy pants to any formal gathering or official party. Isn’t the use of sequin in this outfit simply amazing? If you agree on this then you need to check out these 18 Plus Size Sequin Outfits-How to Wear Sequin as Curvy Women

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 12 – Spring Wear

For the warmer seasons, you can wear baggy pants with a cropped top and a blazer. For example, you can go for dark green baggy pants and wear them with a black cropped top. Pair it off with sandals and a statement necklace.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 11 – Teen Girl Look

A white off-the-shoulder top lightly tucked into some taupe jogger-style pants paired with slip-on shoes is a great casual summer look for teen girls.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 10 – Selena Gomez Print Pants

Here Selena Gomez is rocking her beautiful pair of baggy print pants along with a matching tank top. She added a stylish jacket on top to bring the look together.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 9 – Cara Delevingne Baggy Trouser Style

Cara Delevingne is known for her comfortable outfits and with good reason. They’re always cute and they always look comfy! This one is no exception. To get the same look, tuck a button-down long-sleeved shirt into some loose slacks tucked into combat boots. Finish off the look with a cap and an oversized bag. This is a great look for traveling, which Cara seems to be doing here.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 8 – Professional Look

If you work in the fashion industry, this could be a great look for you, especially as we head into the colder season. Go monochrome, not quite head-to-toe but at least head-to-ankle! Charcoal gray is always a chic color to don. Try tucking a turtleneck into some oversized slacks belted mid-waist and topping it off with a matching suit jacket. Finish off the look with some thick-soled, slip-on sneaks and a long beaded necklace.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 7 – Floral Top and Converse

Tuck a fun floran print halter top into a pair of mid-rise tapered slacks belted at the waist. This daring style look will have you feeling every inch the fashionista. For more inspiration, here are the Cutest Floral Print Outfits Combinations for Spring Season.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 6 – Cute Work Style

Some lightly loose print pants are perfect for work, especially if you are tired of plain trousers or slacks. Pair with a satin magenta top and a moto jacket in dark brown for a cute work outfit you’ll love showing off at the office.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 5 – Summer Wear

If you are sick of wearing jeans in summer then baggy pants are the best pick for you. You can wear baggy pants in any plain dark color and pair it with a sleeveless top. The sleeveless top can be in any light contrasting color. For jewelry, you can wear it in similar shades to your baggy pants and shirt.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 4 – Casual Outfit

Baggy pants are great for casualwear but only if worn properly. You can add a denim jacket with baggy pants and a ponytail to make them look casual but also dressed up. For colors, you can wear beige pants and with a white tank and a denim jacket. As far as accessories are concerned, we suggest that you go for black as you can see that they look awesome with this combination. Don’t miss out this Season’s 12 Most Hot Casual Outfit Combinations for Girls.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 3 – Party Wear

This outfit idea is perfect for night parties or for even official parties. You can wear sparkly and sequined baggy pants with a plain white shirt and ruffled velvet jacket. Accessorize with statement earrings and some studded boots.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 2 – Casual Street Style

Long baggy trousers are the perfect go-to option for running quick errands or feeling comfy on a crisp fall day. You can match them with any kind of plain tank top tucked in and an open jacket. This look is also great for grabbing coffee with friends.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas

↓ 1 – Holiday Style

Wide-legged jeans rolled at the ankle paired with nude pumps and a fun blazer jacket can be a gorgeous ensemble for your next summer holiday.

How to Wear Baggy Pants ? 26 Chic Outfit Ideas


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to wear baggy pants, how to style them, and what looks good with them. Check them out!

Q. How do you make baggy jeans look cute?

A. This is a great question and it’s one we have probably all had at one point or another. Styling baggy jeans so that they look cute is not as tricky as some might think. It’s just a matter of keeping a few things in mind.

  • Remember there are different types of baggy jeans. Some baggy jeans are merely loose-fitting. Some are very fitted around the waist; others are baggy from waist to hem. Experiment with a few different styles (if you’re not sure where to start, simply get your hands on some oversized jeans and start there) until you find the ones you like best. Thrifting for gently used jeans is a fabulous way to find baggy jeans at a low price as well.
  • Remember baggy jeans look best when they are worn with close-fitting tops. Think crop tops, bandeaus, and bodysuits. If you go loose on top when you are already wearing baggy jeans, you risk looking sloppy and unkempt. If you don’t like showing too much skin, simply throw a short jacket or open, plaid shirt over your top. You can knot the plaid shirt at your waist as well to make sure you keep a tighter silhouette on top.
  • If you do want to wear something a little looser on top, consider a cropped sweater or a sweater knotted at the smallest part of your waist or a graphic tee knotted at the waist.
  • Try and shoot for a high-waisted pair of baggy jeans or mid-rise. Low-rise is simply not a good option for jeans in general.
  • You can also try turning up the hem of your jeans, especially if they’re super long, or getting a pair that stops just above the ankle. This is a good way to break up the width of the look and add some dimension.

Q. What do you wear with baggy pants?

A. Depending on the type of baggy pant, you have a little more versatility than with baggy jeans. You can rock some Palazzos, paper bag pants, or brand-name joggers and try them out with a variety of tops and accessories. As a rule, try to wear shoes with a heel… unless your baggy pants come to a tapered ankle, as with joggers. A little heel of some sort will help balance the loose pant leg.

However, this isn’t always the case, as in outfits #6, #7, and #8. A chunky sneaker, ballet flat, or thick-soled fashion sneaker can all look fabulous with a loose-pant style.

Q. What tops to wear with baggy jeans?

A. A close-fitting top or blouse is always a safe bet but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can rock a baggy tee, an off-the-shoulder top, or even a tank with relative ease… but we do recommend tucking your shirt in! This is an easy way to keep from “losing” your body beneath the layers and keeping a general sense of your silhouette. If you hate adjusting a tucked-in top throughout your day, give a bodysuit a try! We happen to love bodysuit turtlenecks as they provide coverage without sacrificing chic style.

So are you feeling ready to rock the baggy pants look? What was your favorite outfit from our curated picks? Let us know in the comments below!


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