42 Bachelorette Party Outfits For The Bride To Be to Wear

Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas as the Bride: Going from Miss to Mrs. calls for a glamourous bachelorette party, but you don’t need to worry about that because your bridesmaids have got it covered for you. Bachelorettes and glam go hand in hand, and since you’re the bride to be all eyes will be on you, and the right outfit is the way to show them what you got.

The bride-to-be’s bachelorette outfit is an integral part of how she honors the times she had and the memories she made while say was single and celebrating her new journey. Since you’re already 6 feet under the wedding preparations, allow us to inspire you for the perfect bachelorette outfit. So let’s dive right in and party on, ladies!

What to wear Bachelorette Party?

Although weddings come with all their charm, all the planning and preparations can be extremely stressful so let us help you out with your bachelorette outfit!

Where to buy outfits for your Bachelorette Party?

We’ve round up a list of bachelorette outfits for our bride-to-be’s. Scroll through these links and thank us later!

  • LA FEMME Ruched Sequin Cocktail dress
  • RTA Madrid Metallic Leather Skinny Pants
  • Emerald Sundae Juniors’ Ruched Satin Bodycon Dress
  • MAC DUGGAL Sequin Drape Back Trumpet Gown
  • DRESS THE POPULATION Andy Sequin Strapless Jumpsuit in White
  • MAC DUGGAL Stripe Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress
  • City Studios Juniors’ Animal Burnout Slip Dress
  • Nordstrom Free People Morelia Bronze Sequin Joggers
  • IEENA FOR MAC DUGGAL Sequin One Shoulder Dress
  • ASTR THE LABEL Selma Sequin Wide Leg Pants
  • Macy’s bebe Split-Leg Jumpsuit

#42. Bedazzled

Bedazzled from head to toe really means you’ll be blessing everyone’s eyes, and since it’s your bachelorette, why what’s stopping you from doing so?

#41. Red Hot

You’re already going to wear white at your wedding, so while not spice it up a bit with a dress red for your bachelorette party.

#40. Metalwork skirt

bachelorette party

This metalwork skirt looks like it came straight from a Hannah Montana album, and it’s your chance to show the world you’re more than just their average girl!

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#39. Sequin Wrap

bachelorette party

A romper is something that can be casual and formal at the same time, and since you’re the bride to be glamour is your best friend. So, if your friends have planned something casual, a sequin wrap will give you that bride glow and also be simple at the same time.

#38. Tassel Razzle

bachelorette party

This lantern-style body con with tassel sleeves is giving off just the right bachelorette vibes, and we’re here for it. We love the cuffs at the end that bring the tassels together. The style of this dress is unique, just how a bride loves her outfits.

#37. Lace Robe

If your bridesmaids have planned a sleepover, then robes are the way to go. However, the bride-to-be needs a fancier and slightly different robe than her bridesmaids, which calls for a chunky lace robe and a crown for the queen!

#36. Get me Confetti!

Party means confetti will be a part of it one way or another, and this dress is the definition of that. Look like walking confetti that you’re supposed to be since you’re the bride-to-be, and the bachelorette party can’t start till you walk in! This dress is super cute and chic at the same time. We mean, just look at those cute bell sleeves.

#35. Black Attack

Nothing speaks bachelorette louder than sequin does, and black is everyone’s go-to no matter what the occasion is. The cut of this dress over the belly and the slit on the side of the thighs give a perfect chance to show off a little skin while you’re celebrating the next journey of your life and saying goodbye to being single. The shoulders of this dress and the flair on the side give a royal look.

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#34. Frill Thrill

It’s no secret that girls love frill, and the best part about this dress is that it’s off-shoulder, so you get to show off your beautiful collar bones, and we’re here for it. No matter what your girls have planned for your bachelorette, this dress speaks bride-to-be!

#33. Chain and Champagne

Sexy yet chic, this black satin chain strap crop top is the way to go! It’s the right amount of formal with a hint of casual added with denim, and if you’re looking for a break from all the extra wedding glam, then this would be just the right outfit for your bachelorette.

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#32. White Delight

If your bridesmaids have planned a cocktail party near the coat or even just a spa day, then this white two-piece skirt and shirt combo is the outfit to go for! Accessories you look to tie it all together.

#31. Shimmer it up!

bachelorette party

Bodycons are every girl’s best friend, and this dress explains that without a doubt! The minimalistic choker and ring are also doing wonders for this outfit. If you’re looking for a minimalistic outfit that is still up to mark for a bride-to-be, then this is your que to get a shimmer bodycon, and if it’s lilac, then you got the best of both worlds!

#30. Silver thrilled her!

When we say that the frill on the side of this dress is and the design is to die for, we mean it! If you’re going clubbing or a night out with the girls for your bachelorette, then let this dress do the job for you.

#29. Your Highness.

Balmain knows what they’re doing, and we are just in awe! The lions on the sides of the dress are meant to be at the service of the lioness (aka you) at her bachelorette party! All the royal colors in one look will definitely have you looking regal without much effort.

#28. Shine on

Bachelorettes call for some shimmer fun, and the best way to get around this is a shimmer tank top paired with your favorite leather piece! And now you’re all shiny, looking like a gem.

#27. Frill’s the drill!

These frill sleeves are like a bolero but even better because you can freely move your arms, and if you’re planning to dance the night away, then this is the dress for you!

#26. Silk in sync


Every girl wants an ideal outfit for any significant event in her life, and all we can think of is how a silk dress will be the perfect attire for your bachelorette party!

#25. Pearls for the girl

And as the saying goes, diamonds can be any girl’s best friend, but pearls tell of her pedigree, so consider this mesh pearls shirt at your service for your bachelorette party. Pair with chains and accessories to top it all off!

#24. Floral Prints

Floral prints add to the look no matter what piece it may be, but in this case, the puffed sleeves, choker neck, and the cut design will leave the crowd stunned!

#23. Lace it up!

bachelorette party

Anything lace is the way to go, ladies, and jumpsuits are already our favourite statement style, so incorporate the two and make your bachelorette party your very own runway ladies and show us your catwalk!

#22. Diamantes have enetered the chat

Diamantes and Satin together are like a dream come true for girls. And even better are diamantes in fringe style. We love everything about this dress, from its diamante spaghetti straps and the diamante fringe on the slit side to its overall glam but minimalistic look!

#21. Stripes on stripes

Stripes on stripes are already to die for, but a blazer and palazzo paired with a tube top is all about making a fashion statement. It’s your bachelorette, and the floor is all yours, so get on your stripes on stripes and show us your moves!

#20. Emerald Green

Slits and the off-shoulder style is already what we love the most about dresses, but this Emerald green…we have no words! Consider this your que to throw on this dress for your bachelorette and leave everyone speechless!

#19. Disco Style

bachelorette party

Life of the party really means bringing life to it and what better way to do it than a corset style dress with tassels… we don’t even need a disco ball anymore cause we have the bride-to-be and now all that’s left is to dance like the ball of energy that you are!

#18. Disney Land

bachelorette party

Disney land is where dreams come true, and if your girlfriends have planned this magical bachelorette for you, you need something comfy to go out there and explore the land of fairy tales! Get customized t-shirts with your bridesmaids, and have fun making memories out there that will last a lifetime!

#17. Bold in Gold


Making a statement in the chilly weather means getting a fur coat! A gold v neck bodycon and a gold fur coat over the shoulders means going to your bachelorette party like the fashion icon you’re meant to be.

#16. Bows before the vows

Bow and cap sleeves all in one dress, and you’re off looking like a Disney princess. Since you’re off to start your happily ever after, then why not go for this dress for your bachelorette party!

#15. Metallic Pants


If casual on top and party on the bottom is the look you want for your bachelorette, then metallic pants paired with a plain shirt is the outfit you’ve been looking for!

#14. Smokin’ hot

Look smokin’ hot in a smocked dress for your bachelorette ladies!

#13. Bolero to go!


Boleros have a way of enhancing any look, and paired with a bodycon; you’re meant to look fashionable as ever. So, if you’re looking to add some fur to your bachelorette outfit, the bolero is the way to go, ladies!

#12. Snapped in Abstract

The abstract vibes this slit skirt and crop top are giving us are undeniable. If your girls have planned a late-night beach party, this outfit will add just the right amount of glam and glow to it!

#11. Sequin on Sequin

Sequin on sequin…are you kidding me? We’ve all been looking for this glam overdose. Sequin blazer over a sequin tube top paired with sequin pants, what more a bride-to-be could want for her bachelorette?

#10. Puffed up

bachelorette party

Going down in style means leather pants and a puffed sleeves top. Style the look up a notch with some fancy shades and take over the town since it’s your bachelorette!

#9. Just keep swimming

If you’re a sucker for pool parties, then it’s no secret that your bridesmaids must be planning one for your bachelorette. This means you’ll be needing a fancy customized swimsuit because everyone should know that you’re the bride-to-be!

#8. Neon buzz!

If you’re looking to add some color to your wedding wardrobe but have found the perfect white gown for your wedding, then consider your bachelorette as your very own mini-event and go completely neon!

#7. Casual Drip

Not all girls are looking for fairy dresses for their bachelorette. So, if you’re a girl who loves casual drip, then a glitter bubble jacket will come to your rescue to serve as your shining armor on your bachelorette.

#6. Black Swan

What better way to steal the spotlight than to channel your inner black swan in this incredibly chic and jaw-dropping dress for your bachelorette! Dance away because you’re no less than a black swan anyways.

#5. Party Animal

Bachelorettes mean you’re going to party like an animal and make crazy memories, so you might as well just throw on an animal print dress to go with the vibe!

#4. Beach Style

bachelorette party

If you’re booking a cruise for your bachelorette or going island hopping, then say goodbye to the usual beachwear or bikinis because you’re the bride-to-be and style up your beachwear with fringes or laces to make it bride worthy!

#3. Shining bright like a diamond

Diamante over the knee stiletto boots? It’s like you’re living your barbie girl dreams on your bachelorette!

#2. Satin in Fashion

Go strutting around the town on your bachelorette in a formal satin shirt paired with a cute matching bag over a pair of jeans. The perfect blend of chic yet casual!

#1. Holographic mini dress

bachelorette party

We’ve always been really fascinated by holograms, and incorporating that into a dress will leave everyone amazed. Opt for this dress for your bachelorette and show the world your magic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to bachelorette outfits?

A. There aren’t really any do’s and don’ts because you’re the bride, it’s your party so you can do whatever you want but dressing according to the occasion is essential because you can’t wear heels to a beach party after all!

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