How To Wear Cottagecore Outfits 23 Aesthetic Ideas

Cottagecore outfits – Who doesn’t love a slow-paced and peaceful life across a village in a small cottage? We all do but life hustles do not allow us to leave our spaces but one thing that is in our hands is the dress-up inspired by a cottage life on a farm side.

You guessed it right, we are talking about the famous cottagecore fashion that is gaining massive popularity among women. The word cottagecore is inspired by simple and no-fuss cottage or countryside outfits.

What is Cottagecore Style in Fashion?

Cottagecore became famous around the lockdown period and it is greatly attributed to Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation film studio that literally turned cottagecore into an internet movement. It is all about escapism towards the simple things in life, often related to life in a cottage.

These outfits are different than our everyday clothes as they are inspired by both vintage and retro elements. The puffy sleeves, laced-up corsets, knitted vests, statement-frilled hemlines, and muted color range are all back with a bang.

One thing about these outfits is that they are loosely fitted clothes, hence a comfortable option for your everyday activities and day outs. You can wear these outfits to brunch, cocktail parties, a picnic in the park, and your workplace as well.

Cottagecore outfits are not the kind of outfits that require a lot of time and effort to style. You can wear a light, breezy midi dress with some statement puff sleeves, and a hat, and you are done.

This aesthetic fashion has a variety of options for you. From apron dresses to pinnacles and from midi skirts to puffy blouses and pants, it has got you all covered. If you are a fan of vintage, minimal and victorian outfits, you are going to love this fashion.

Your friend has planned a birthday party and you want to try this trend, so go ahead. Don’t be shy to experiment with your look. Grab a ruffled chiffon blouse in white. Pair it up with a plain black or pink skirt. If not a skirt, a pair of jeans. Add some accessories like studs. Go for comfy sandals and tada! Your oh-so-aesthetic cottagecore outfit is ready.

How to Wear Cottagecore?

  • Shopping items for the trend: Dressing up in a cottagecore outfit doesn’t require you to spend loads on your shopping. Just get top with ruffles, puffs, corsets and you’re good to go.
  • Create multiple looks with one article: For example, pair your strapless dresses with a puff sleeve top. The same dress can be worn in winter with an oversized floral cardigan.
  • Statement accessories: Add a statement hat, bow ribbon at the neck, and vintage laced socks to your wardrobe.
  • Oversized sweaters: Create a cozy look with oversized sweaters and cardigans having pockets, puff sleeves, and knitted flowers.
  • Create a mood board: If you’re trying a new aesthetic for the first time, it’s best to start with a mood board as it will help you in choosing a colour palette and style that you want to go for. It will also help you shortlist the materials, textures and cuts that you want to go for.
  • Jewelry: accessorize with dainty and DIY jewelry like a heart-shaped necklace or butterfly-themed earrings.
  • Hair accessories: flower crowns are an essential part of cottagecore aesthetic fashion. They give off those countryside girl vibes.
cottagecore outfits
  • Aesthetic colors: Though it depends on your color preference, cottagecore outfits are known for their dusty and muted colors like dusky pink, mustard yellow, olive green, light blue, and neutrals like ivory, brown, and beige.
  • Fabric: Go for cotton, hemp, linen fabrics, and wool cardigans when looking forward to creating your cottagecore outfit. You can get it both from a brand or a thrift store. It will look great either way.

Celebrity Style

26 – Bella Hadid

Bella has been at the forefront of the cottagecore movement. Here we see her looking as stunning as ever in a feminine and romantic, pink gingham dress.

25 – Rita Ora Giving a Modern Twist to Cottagecore

You know that we love fusion outfits because of their modern appeal and because they’re more wearable for most individuals. Here we see Rita doing the same – she actually made cottagecore look sexy with her sheer purple lace dress.

24 – Cottagecore Meets Regencycore

Here’s another very modern and wearable look as we see Bollywood actress Shanaya Kapoor in a whimsical tiered dress. Her soft-glam makeup and nude lips make this even more perfect.

Cottagecore Skirt Outfits

23 – Plaid Skirt Outfits for A Vintage Vibe

The first outfit is a quite basic everyday ensemble, having all those earthy and neutral tones. If you are someone who likes to stay basic and subtle, go for this one.

This design is pretty much similar to the main characters of the classical English movies, where collared shirts and patterned midi skirts were a staple. Complete the look by adding these laced ankle booties.

cottagecore outfits


22 – Serving You With Some Dusky Pinks

Dusky pink and ivory have to be our favorite combination this year. For a fun-filled snow day in the mountains, nothing can be better than this combination.

Take out your chunk ivory sweater. Pair it up with flared dusky pink skirt with a lined hemline. Add a pair of snowboots to stay warm and a bucket bag to keep all your essentials.

cottagecore outfits


21 – Aesthetic Outfit for Curvy Women

For days when you feel conscious about your body, a flared skirt with a plain top is the best option. Make your skirt the center of attention by putting white lace over the hemline. For the upper body, you can simply wear a bodysuit or a tank top.

Add a touch of cottagecore with a hat. Carry a tote bag and your simple and flattering outfit is ready. Don’t forget to wear a comfortable pair of sandals.

cottagecore outfits


20 – Grandmacore Aesthetics

Grandmacore is another genre of cottagecore that revolves around knitted cardigans, jumpers, long ankle-length dresses, and crochet blouses. These outfits give you that familiar grandma times touch and a sense of belonging.

You can even ask your mom to take out that old knitted oversized jumper and pair it up with a long skirt. Go for vintage jewelry and brooch. This fashion is inspired by simple things in life that ooze out warmth and happiness. It is more whimsical and nostalgic than the cottagecore.

cottagecore outfits


19 – Funky Sweaters

How cute is this funky sweater having colors and cows? It can be paired with your mini skirts, pants, ankle-length long skirts, and with white or pink leg warmers. Oversized sweaters are definitely our first choice when creating a cottagecore look.

cottagecore outfits

Cottagecore Dresses

18 – White Floral Dresses Are Always In-Vogue

When we talk about cottagecore, floral dresses in cool and pastel tones just pop up in our minds. No matter if it’s 2023 or the Victorian age, a floral dress with statement ruffled straps will always be our go-to outfit.

This white floral dress is exactly the epitome of beauty, grace, and period aura. Add a bow to your hair as well. Keep the makeup fresh, light, and natural. No stilettos as we are gearing up for a vintage fashion. Rather you can try kitten heels or pump shoes with this dress.

cottagecore outfits


17 – How to Style Corsets Over Dresses?

Corsets have this whimsical power of giving that stylish and elegant look to your outfit. Since the Victorian age, printed corsets and bandanas have been the number one choice of women. You can wear it with any plain dress and it will give an aesthetic look to your outfit.

Here we have this tiered white dress, paired up with a printed corset top. The detailing of the lace in the middle is gorgeous. This look is perfect for your friend’s birthday, especially if you want to look like a fairy straight out of a fairytale.

cottagecore outfits


16 – Halter Neck Dress Ideas

We are currently obsessed with this light mauve dress which seems so elegant and dreamy. If you are a fan of fairycore dresses, this one is a must-have for you.

Tie your hair in a side braid to flaunt your beauty bones and the falter neck. You can tie a ribbon in your braid and wear some pearl jewelry in the form of earrings and bracelets.

cottagecore outfits


15 – Try A Vest

Thanks to the gen z but the vest fashion is back in full swing and we couldn’t be more happier. You can pair your vest with sweaters, dresses, sweatshirts, jeans, leggings, button-downs, and skirts. It will enhance the beauty of every outfit of yours.

Here we have paired it up with a brown floral dress. We added a simple pendant as the neck is square and we wore a nude brown lipstick.

cottagecore outfits


14 – Patterned Dress With A Skirt

Yes, you read it right. Skirts can be paired up with your flared midi dresses. This is a simple way to bring more attention to the hemline of your dress. Plus it gives an illusion of a layered dress.

For your next morning walk, this one is a perfect pick. Pair it up with some comfy sandals. Tie your hair in a bun and enjoy the fresh morning breeze.


13 – Plain Black Long Frock

Though cottagecore is always a mixture of toned-down and toned-up colors, there is still no harm in going for an all-black long frock.

It looks elegant and perfect for a day out with your friends. You can wear a contrasting red handkerchief in your hair to get that country girl look.


12 – White Dress Is A Staple In Cottagecore Aesthetics

As we already mentioned, light and subtle colors define cottagecore aesthetic, especially a white dress.

You can style it in a number of ways. If you are choosing it for a picnic, wear it with some colorful and funky jewelry like stars, moons, and ladybird earrings. For colder days, pair it up with a red or rainbow sweater to introduce some colors. For early spring days, you can wear it with a vest or a corset.

Then come the hairstyle and shoes. Go for a fishtail braid adorned with white beads. If you want to keep your hair open, make a twisted braid on both sides of your forehead and pin it back.

For shoes, go for vintage-style laced booties in white or ballerina shoes in white.


11 – Little Red Riding Hood’s Inspired Outfit

It seems like yesterday when we were obsessed with the little red riding hood story. The story is set in the 18th century, and it grabbed all our attention due to the unique outfit of the girl and her pretty demeanor throughout the story.

If you are a fan of these whimsical bedtime stories with the lead characters slaying in customized outfits, you must try this look.


10 – Cottagecore Theme Outfit For A College Party

Are you worried about how to slay on your prom night or college party? Worry no more, because we have got you sorted with this puff-sleeved tulle long dress. It is a fusion of a contemporary fairycore long dress with vintage puff sleeves.

Go for vintage pink ballerina shoes with this outfit. Some loose curls in your hair and a natural makeup look will complement the dress.

cottagecore outfits


9 – Pair Your Floral Dress With A Long Coat

What to do when fall is just around the corner and you are not ready to bid farewell to your favorite floral dress? Simply pair it up with a long coat or a turtle-neck sweater. Put on pretty lipstick, throw open your hair, and you are done.

cottagecore outfits


8 – The Staple Patterned Dress

cottagecore outfits


7 – Cottagecore Outfit for A Day at School

cottagecore outfits


6 – Co-Ord Set with a Corduroy Dress

Corduroy always has a very cottagecore aesthetic to it and if you really want to try such looks, you need to follow the cottagecore who also sells these outfits.

cottagecore outfits

Fall and Winter Outfits

5 – Red Cardigan and Beige Pants

Red and beige have always made a stunning pair. The vibrant bright red is balanced out by the muted tones of beige. For your next minimal cottagecore outfit, wear a red cardigan with beige-relaxed fit pants.

Wrap a floral handkerchief around your head and, lastly, a tote bag to carry all your essentials. Try getting a funkier version of tote bags, with strawberries or maybe lemons over the bag.


4 – Black Overall Dress With a Mustard Sweater

After red and black, mustard and black have our hearts. Dangree dresses or overall dresses hold a prominent place in cottagecore aesthetics as they are simple and comfy. Just the right kind of outfit you need across a countryside cottage.

Pair it with a mustard sweater and brown boots.


3 – Say Hi to Honeycore Aesthetics

Confused about the new term? You don’t need to, Lol. Honeycore is the subgenre of cottagecore fashion. This aesthetic is similar to cottagecore in its agricultural imagery and it lies in the backdrop of honey, waffles, and sunflowers in the backyard garden.

The color palette of honeycore is mostly mustard and yellows.

cottagecore outfits


2 – How to Wear Cottagecore At Work?

Collared vintage shirts are great workwear. Either you pair it up with straight pants or a midi skirt, it will look amazing and elegant. Here we have a checkered shirt in neutrals with a statement bow collar.

Pair it up with a basic pair of pants. Carry a stylish handbag of your choice. We suggest going with an ivory or beige crochet bag rather than this pink one.

However, change your shoes from flat pumps or boots to ankle-strap heels. Make it a fusion of contemporary and vintage fashion.


1 – Vintage Blouse With Eyelet Detailing

Eyelet fabrics are one of the best fashions of summer. The cool and airy fabric combined with eyelet details is a staple for warm summer days.

Pair up this vintage eyelet blouse with flared pants and a crochet hat. As the sleeves are long, skip bracelets and wear some pearl drop earrings. Lastly, wear white eyelet boots and you are done.

cottagecore outfits
1. Buttonfly Flared Jeans $28.98



Q. Do cottagecore outfits look good on plus size?

Ans; Yes, Absolutely. It is not the type of clothing but your confidence that makes you look good in any kind of outfit. For curvy ladies, cottagecore works like magic. It is mostly loose-fitted and works for all body sizes. If it’s summer, you can wear basic and floral long dresses. You can either pair it up with a hat or a fabric headband. An overall denim dress with a plain t-shirt is another great option for you. In winters, cozy cardigans, knitted dresses and jumpers should be your go-to outfits.

Q. Can you wear cottagecore to work?

Ans; You can wear it to work by keeping it simple and subtle. For example, if you are wearing a floral blouse, pair it with a basic blazer and basic pants. If you are going with a skirt, go for more browns and creams rather than blues and pinks.

A White Ruffled chiffon blouse with olive green pants and a crochet bag is another great option for work. Wear a bow clip at the back with half-done hair. Lastly, some round pumps and a light lipstick.

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