19 Apple Shape Body Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

Which outfit to select for an Apple Shape Body? Usually, apple figures are comprised of rounded shoulders, that is, they are broader and there is fullness around their tummy. So they have a heavier upper body with big belly and well-shaped legs.

Such persons face problems having their dresses tucked up due to broad shoulders, full busts and round tummies. It cramps one’s style. So the major thing they want to do is to give shape to their bust and hips and balance their top and bottom. Girls with such body types experience difficulties regarding which outfit to select to look at their best. Therefore, I have come up with 19 Fashion tips for Apple Figures.

Things to do!

  • Try to avoid clothes with heavy prints as it will give you more chubby and butterball look.

  • Fabric needs to be soft in order to avoid bulkiness around bust, belly and waist too.

  • Have details above your bosom line keeping the mid area simple.

  • Use splits at the waist as it makes the waistline look prominent and slimmer.

  • But those outfits that have lower necklines, that is, V-necks, scoop, sweetheart and similar.

  • Opt for those jackets that are either open or has a single button tucked above tummy; right below the bosom.

  • Wear jeans having wide leg or classic boot cuts.

  • Do not wear thick big belts as it will give you more bulky look at the waist.

  • Wear those outfits that are fitted on the bust thus drawing attention, but flow from bosom.

  • Avoid wearing heavy necklaces.

  • Say no to big boots, leggings and skinny jeans.

  • Better opt for A-line skirts.

  • Do not wear hi-necked shirts.

To get dressed in a best possible way is to focus on your best parts and pay less attention to the rest. Therefore, for the apple-shaped body, you need to focus on your legs and bosom; and minimize attention towards the tummy.

 Apple Shape Body Outfit Ideas

#19. Short Dresses with defined waistlines

Waistlines give shape to your body and helps hide your bulkiness from the tummy.

#18. Embroidered dress with Bolero Jacket

Look pretty with a simple embroidered dress and style with a bolero jacket.


#17. Soft fabric with Print

Soft fabrics are the best option for the apple-shaped body rather than fully textured and printed dresses.


#16. Make your bust well-defined

Wear such kind of dresses that gives your bust a well-defined shape.


#15. Cocktail Dresses

Dress up for parties by wearing cocktail outfits and show your sexier side 😉


#14. Wrap Blouse with skirt

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#13. Scoop neckline with floral touch


#12. Get a chic lookLucky Magazine Hosts First-Ever Two Day FABB West - Day 1

#11. Elegant Bridesmaid Dresselegant-dresses-for-plus-size-bridesmaid

#10. Stunningly Pretty


#09. Loose Tops


#08. Maxi DressPlus-Size-Maxi-Dresses-For-Spring-Summer-2014-6

#07. Get Ready for Prom

#06. Bloom All the Way


#05. Low V-necked Dressv-neck-dress

#04. Casual Beach Outfit3db2e406f0ab9d7f531ab8c080c89341

#03. All in One

#02. Shirt styled with JeansPicture-520

#01. Wedding Dress


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