20 Chic All Black Outfit Ideas For Girls

“When in doubt, wear black”, and why not? Black is not only a highly sophisticated colour to wear on formal occasions but also helps you appear both hot and graceful on informal occasions or while hanging out with friends.

People wearing black appear more confident and attract more attention. While black is hardly ever out of fashion, wearing all-black is a cool new trend. Innovation and smartness is required while going for the right way to wear all-blacks. If you think you are running out of ideas, check out this awesome collection of all-black dress styles we have compiled for you.

How to Wear All-black dresses

#20 Little Black Frock with Black Tights and Slit Booties

This cool little black frock is just the right choice for a youthful and sexy look. Black tights and slit booties go very well with it. The right choice of make-up complements this look very well. You can also go for one-strap black stilettos with it.

Black Outfits for Women

#19 Black Lace Top

A black lace top is just the perfect choice for a sassy and hot look. Go without accessories except for goggles and wear your hair tied up. Black high heal boots or flat boots both go well with this look.


#17 – Pencil Skirt and Sweater

Your black pencil skirt can help you discover so many looks with some tweaks. Wear it with a leather jacket and sweater or go for a see-through kimono jacket with a short top. In accessories, go for a gold-plated bracelet and goggles.


#16 The goth look

Confused about what to wear on Halloween? What can be better than an all-black goth look?


#15 – Lace Dress

Let your hair down with this cute laced dress. Wear light make up and keep this look youthful and simple by going accessory-free.


#14 – Embellishment Gowns

Wear a black embellished gown to feel like the princess you are. A sweetheart neckline enhances it’s beauty. Go for a simple necklace and braided updo. Also check out these 14 elegant gowns for a special day


#13 – Casual Black Dress

Pull off a casual yet sassy look with black over-the-knee boots and with black tunic. Look fabulous with a chic cozy scarf. Check out these18 best casual outfits


#12 – Black Dress for Plus Size


#11 – Black Maxi


#10 Black for Prom

All-black Black prom dresses are highly desirable. They can be complemented by a variety of hairstyles and make-up. A laced blouse and embellished neckline or a sweetheart neckline can’t go wrong either.


#9  –  Draped Velvet

Take a leaf out of Emma’s book and wear draped velvet in winter to look enigmatic. Notice how the large necklace compliments her off-shoulder dress. If you hair is short or you are supporting and updo, you can pick some earrings to go with the look. If you like her hairstyle, have a look at these 18 preppy hairstyles for women


#8 Going all-black for office

Women in black look impressive and confident at work. Don’t hesitate to add your own style statement while wearing all-blacks for the office. Pick a pencil skirt with black top and jacket or an all-black suit. Both sleek hair and updos go well with black office suits.


#7 Black for Bridesmaids

Black full-length gowns enhance the beauty of the occasion. They will go wonderfully if the bride’s wearing a white gown – resulting in giving a fairy-tale effect to the wedding.


#6 – Flowy Sweater dress

Put on large pendants with this awesome sweater dress or wrap a scarf to two varying stylish looks.


#5 Leather Jacket and Skirt

This leather jacket and skirt go well for a funky attitude and confident look in winter.


#4 – Laced Skirt

This awesome sweater top and lace skirt with goggles and stilettos help you look ready to rule the world.


#3 Little black dress with net tights and boots

A full-sleeved short black dress with net tights and over-the-knee boots is one of the coolest styles ever. You might want to wear a multi-layered pearl necklace or some other kind of pendant and experiment with different kinds of hairstyles to get a unique look.


#2 – Street style

Little black draped dresses, leather jackets and messy side braids are just the thing for fashionistas.


all black streets style

#1 Powerful Look

Incorporate a powerful and chic look with a puff shoulder dress with black goggles and black heels.