24 Cute Black Blazer Outfits for Women

Black Blazer Outfit Ideas. A Black blazer is an absolute staple and should be a must-have for your closet. They go with every single outfit and a black blazer, of any kind, will never let you down. Wear it with a dress, jeans, shorts, skirts, pants, or not wear anything under them and you’d still look amazing and rock the outfit.

What to Wear With a Black Blazer?

Black is one of the few colors that you can match with any color. A black blazer is very easy to style, you can literally wear it on top of any outfit and it would look amazing. You can’t go wrong with a black blazer! A lot of people associate a black blazer with office attire and think that it can only be worn at work or think it can only be worn professionally, but that is not true.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers

Styling Tips

  • Wear a black blazer with bright colors and prints or experiment with neon shades to elevate the outfit.
  • If you dont know what to wear with a blazer, you can always turn it into a dress! Just take an oversized blazer and wrap it around with a belt. It looks great and can be a perfect date outfit.
  • Belts!! A few chunky belts will be really useful if you love wearing blazers. Belts make the outfit look more stylish and adds class to it. If you want to make your outfit look more fomrmal, just wear a belt.
  • Oversized blazers are actually very cute. But, dont have one? No worries. Borrow one from your dad or brother. No one will be able to tell and they honestly look super cute with mini dresses or skirts. If you’re confused about trying an oversized blazer then do check out these Tips On How To Wear Oversized Clothes.
  • Shoes! If you’re wearing a blazer, boots or some sneakers look better. Rather than wearing flats, wear some long boots or even heels if you’re going somewhere fancy.
  • Be creative and mix and match a blazer with different outfits. Trust me, there is nothing you can’t wear with a blazer and not look good!
  • A black blazer looks nicer if you tie your hair in a bun or a high pony tail. Gives it a more classy look

↓ 24 – Black blazer with Denim shorts

Pair your black blazer up with a simple tank top and denim shorts if you’re going for the casual simple look. This can be a great look for Summers and is super trendy! If you’re looking for something more formal then here are some Cute Outfits to Wear with Denim Studded Shorts.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 23 – With Mom jeans

Another way to style a black blazer is to wear it on top of a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt, which keeps the look casual and simple. Can be an outfit for college or if you’re simply just going out for some groceries


↓ 22 – With a Tube top

Wearing a black tube top under a blazer looks super sexy and can be the perfect outfit for a dinner date. Tube tops are in fashion right now and are a great alternative for tank tops. Pair this look up with a tote bag and some block heels.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 21 – With Stockings

Oversized blazers are the new look and are very popular now days. Style an oversized black blazer with a turtle neck and a pair of sheer stockings. Pair it up with some combat boots and slay the look.


↓ 20 – With Leather!

A black blazer with leather pants is the perfect combo. Even better when you wear it with some white leather boots. Perfect look for a cold day! This is such a classy look and will make you look like a fashionista. Pair this outfit up with some Hoops and your favorite bag!

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 19 – With Plazos

Anything goes with a black blazer so you can easily pair it up with the colorful Plazos in your wardrobe. This is a more fun look for a nice brunch/lunch date. These polka dot Plazos go perfectly with the blazer.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 18 – With Zebra prints

Going for a funky look? Experiment and pair up your blazer with some different prints. Co-ord sets would go perfectly, these zebra print pants and top looks super cute and would be perfect for a girls’ night out!


↓ 17 – Over a Minidress

Wear it on top of a mini dress to complete the whole look, plus point is that it’ll help you if you’re feeling a bit chilly AND you’ll look like a diva wearing it! Assecories the look with a pair of sunglasses.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 16 – With suit shorts

Look like a boss lady with this look. Suit shorts are super cool and very fashionable and look so sexy, pair them up with a white tank top and long leather boots.


↓ 15 – Keeping it casual

Going to a concert? To the bar? Wear a graphic T-shirt with a blazer and you’re ready to go out. You probably have so many T-shirts at home, time to use all of those! Pair the outfit up with some boots and a pair of jeans.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 14 – With Pleated skirts

Long skirts! A blazer with a long skirt may sound a bit odd and weird but trust me, it looks super chic and elegant. Style your black blazer with any skirt you have and take a look out of it! Pleated skirts would do and any colored skirt would go with a blazer.


↓ 13 – Make it a Dress!

Want to wear your favorite black blazer but are confused about what to wear it with? Simple! Take your oversized blazer out and turn it into a mini dress! A simple solution, just wrap around a chunky belt and the outfit is complete. Lastly, it up with some long boots.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 12 – With a white skirt

This look would be perfect for date night! A cute white skirt looks super girly and amazing. The white skirt compliments the black blazer and completes the outfit. Style them with a pair of black heels and a bright lip color to add some color to the look.


↓ 11 – Neon it up!

Always remember to mix and match different colors and fabrics with a blazer, style your black blazer with a neon-colored top and see how trendy and cool it looks! Also, tights with a Blazer are a great alternative for jeans or pants! Much more comfortable. Here are some more trending Neon Outfits for Women.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 10 – With Ripped jeans

Another way to style your black blazer is to wear it with some ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are very much in fashion right now and they look amazing on anyone so next time, remember to style them a black blazer!

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 9 – Black leather blazer

A black blazer looks cuter but black leather blazers look even better if you know the right ways to style them. Style a black leather blazer with a dress like this, or with any other outfit you want. If you love blazers then be sure to get a black leather one too!


↓ 8 – With Long dresses

A black blazer can be the perfect accessory, wearing a strapless dress and don’t feel very comfortable? Wear a black blazer on top. Or if you’re done wearing cardigans and coats, switch to blazers and you’d be surprised how perfectly they go with every outfit.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 7 – Over a Camisole

You can wear some sexy lacy v-neck camisoles under a black blazer. They look super hot and can be great for a night out! You can experiment with different tanktops as well.


↓ 6 – With Biker shorts

This is a super casual cute look. If you want to be extra comfortable but still want to look like a diva, style a black blazer with some biker shorts and a simple crop top. Pair it up with a few neck piece and a cute bag so the look does not look too dull.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 5 – Concert look with a Blazer

This would be a perfect outfit for a party or if you’re going to a concert, this looks super hot and it is a different way to style a black blazer so definitely try this look! Don’t forget your high heels.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 4 – Office Attire

A black blazer is a must-have if you’re a working lady, look like a complete boss in this classy office look. Blazers are an everyday attire for the office and you can wear them over anything so they’re an absolute must-have especially for those important meetings and presentations!


↓ 3 – With Collar Shirts

You can style a black blazer with collar shirts as well for a professional and casual formal look. The perfect attire for that important meeting or presentation at work. Everyone probably has lots of collar shirts at home so its time to utilise them.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 2 – With Lilac

Lilac is such a lively, light color and looks super cute. It should be a color you need to wear with a black blazer. And these polka dot pants!! Super adorable and they go so well with the blazer.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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↓ 1 – Going all White

Black and white color combinations are the most elegant and are always in trend. Wear all white with a Black blazer to achieve a timeless look! It’s a Classic Look. You can never go wrong with B&W. If you like this bag then you definitely need to check out these Bamboo Bag Outfits.

Black Blazer Outfits for Women-24 Ways to Style Black Blazers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a Black Blazer be worn in Summers?

A. Some blazers can be very thin and not warm at all so they can easily be worn in the summers as well. If you love wearing blazers in the summers as well then opt for ones made of cotton or linen! They’ll be lightweight and breathable so will be easy to wear. Blazers can be worn throughout the year.

Q. Can a Black Blazer be worn outside of work?

A. YES! So many people think that Black Blazers can only be worn at work or only on special occasions. That is not true at all. It can be worn anywhere you want! Wear blazers at a party or even to a lunch date. There is no limit to it so don’t restrict yourself and wear a blazer wherever and whenever you want to, and look amazing.

Q. What Jeans/Pants look good with a Black Blazer?

A. The most common piece of clothing that people wear with black blazers is straight-leg trousers. They look the most formal and elegant. But Black blazers can also be worn with Mom Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, Skirts, and shorts, and many more. Anything looks good if styled properly and worn with confidence.

Q. What shoes to wear with a Black Blazers?

A. The best and most footwear to wear with a black blazer would be a pair of boots. Combat and long boots look really nice with blazers as well as a pair of sneakers. Avoid wearing open shoes such as flip-flops or sandals and switch to a pair of pumps or some loafers as they go better with blazers. A nice pair of stiletto heels are also a good option.

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