Oversized Styles- 30 Ideas on How to Wear Oversized Clothes

Oversized styles for women-  Fall is here with its own fashion trends and styles and oversized clothing is one of the never-ending winter trends; which is now followed during spring and summer as well. It’s not only the hype of the Fashion Weeks that made everyone fall in love with oversized clothes but the high-fashion model like look these baggy items create when worn in the perfect order.

Athleisure and baggy trends are the major contributors in making oversized clothes acceptable for casual as well as formal wear. Swathes of garments over your knees look classic if worn in an artistic manner. Renown brands like Balenciaga, Puma, Dolce & Gabbana and many others have launched various outsized clothes which can be worn at any age.

How to Style Oversized Clothes

You’ll find quite a large number of ensembles which are considered to be oversized but this article is going to provide you with 30 ultimate trends to be followed for a fashionable baggy look.

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↓30- Oversized Bomber Jackets

Enlarged bomber jackets have been trending a lot these days for so many reasons among which the first one is the way it spices up any simple attire. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande have been seen slaying classy luxe outsize bomber jackets with knee-high shoes and pantyhose. Keep your jacket colored to bring attention towards it. Have a look at these 13 Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket.

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↓29- High-Fashion Oversized Tees

Let it be tees or sweaters, the bigger the better. However, it is always tricky to carry such super-size, athleisure oriented tees in public. If you want to have a relaxed casual look, wear these with denim shorts or tuck half of it inside to enhance the ensemble.

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↓28- Oversized Fur Coats for Fall

Those who like their coats fluffy and want to hide in the fur have got these amazing outsized fur coats by Gerard Darel, Burberry etc. Pair these stylish pieces with fur slides or tennis shoes to have the ultimate athleisure look. Do check out these Outfits with Faux Fur Coats.

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↓27- What to Wear with Loose Hoodies?

Thigh long hoodies have been trending for quite a long time as these are both simple and fashionable. Long-sleeved, enlarged hoodies can be worn with a black hose or simple denim shorts. Knee-length booties look classic and tied up hair will further compliment the hoodie.

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↓26- How to Layer Oversized Sweaters?

Layering the never-ending trendy oversized sweaters is not that critical, wear them over a simple cotton collar shirt or a turtleneck top and if not wearing a top then simply add a scarf to highlight it’s elegance. Here are 18 Best Styles of Sweater for Women this Year.

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↓25- Clothing for Working Women

Now you can wear oversized blazers over crisp white shirts to office with your classy stilleto pumps and hair tie in a sleek pony tail.

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↓24- Baggy Sweatshirts

Outsize sweatshirts with enlarged jackets over them and sneaker. Fishnet tights are trendy and chic as well. These can be added to sweatshirts. Also, wear casual chokers to enhance your street style this fall. Have a look at these 20 Shoes Women Can Wear With Sweatpants.

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↓23- What to Wear with Oversized Sweaters?

Oversized sweaters can be worn with wide-leg pants or even with skinnies. For knee length sweaters, wear them with ankle booties.

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↓22- Enormous Denim Jackets

Double denim has been trending for quite a long time now. Bra tops with long denim jackets and ripped jeans will rock your concert or festival style. Don’t miss out these 23 Ways to Style Black Denim Pants.

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↓21- What Bottoms to Wear with Oversized Clothes

Fishnets can be worn with elongated sweaters as well as large baggy hoodies. These look exquisite on skinny young girls. Also, these can be worn with denim shorts and baggy tees in summers.

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↓20- Baggy Clothing for Formal Events

Suits with oversized blazers and little embellishments or with long wide-leg pants can be worn to formal events like charity functions or award ceremonies but the colors have to be extremely neutral and classy like charcoal and pastels.

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↓19- Sexy Dresses for Date Night

Short flowy dress with elongated sleeves and baggy cuts can be worn during summers with peep-toe heels or wedges.

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↓18- Large Button-Down Shirts

Long sleeved, large button down shirts can be worn in a casual style with bell-bottom ripped  jeans or simple straight pants. Cuffed sleeves and tucked baggy shirt will make you look like a high-fashion celeb.

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↓17- Enlarged Sweaters for Holidays

Go for funky and outsize neon shade textured sweaters during holidays as these are cool as well as funky. You can wear them with skin color hose tights.

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↓16- Huge High-Fashion Coats

Elongated velvety coats are trending since these are super comfy and give a luxurious touch to your attire. Wear them with your casual clothes and add some sexy shades to enhance the look. Here are 19 Ways to Wear Trench Coats this Winter.

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↓15- See-through Tops

Sheer tops are every skinny girl’s favorite item and elongated ones are even more classy. Wear them with denim shorts for a casual look or luxe pants for a semi-formal look.

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↓14- Baggy Jumpsuits are Classy

Outsize jumpsuits are quite experimenting and unique. These can be worn during summers as these are flowy and comfy. Plus-size women should try these as it compliments their curves well and makes them look smart.

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↓13- Blanket Scarves

Well, oversized scarves are the coolest option for winters as these can be worn with your sweaters, jackets as well as coats.

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↓12- What to Pair with Oversized Cardigans?

Wearing an oversized cardigan will add more definition to your ensemble. Here are 13 Stylish and Trendy Cardigans Collection for Women.

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↓11- Baggy Pants are Complicated

Pants, a bit bigger than your size, are the latest trend around. These wide-leg bottoms or culottes can be worn with formal luxe tops or even sweaters and high-neck tops.

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↓10- Pleated Tops

Pleated oversized peplums are fashionistas favorite as these can be worn with your simplest pants and need minimal styling.

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↓9- Modest Clothes with Hijab

Hijabis can wear cardigans as well as coats bigger than their size for winters with casual jeans and sweaters.

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↓8- Oversized Clubbing Clothes

A luxe oversized sheer top with minimal embellishments is a perfect idea for clubbing these days. Don’t miss out these 30 Best Casual Outfits for Clubbing.

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↓7- Boyfriend Shirt Dress

Elongated collar tops with sky-high heels look super stylish when worn by young smart ladies.

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↓6- One-Shoulder Dress

One-shoulder baggy outfits are designers ever favorite as these can go perfectly regardless of your body shape.

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↓5- Novelty Sweaters

Novelty sweaters for a funky look work best for women who are tired of dull and boring clothing and want to add some funky yet comfy clothes to their wardrobes.

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↓4- Flowy Slit Dress

Ladies who love outsized slit dresses can wear them with long chains and gladiator sandals. Check out these 23 Best Ways to Style Silk Outfits.

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↓3- Modest Ankara Dresses

Loose-fitted and big Ankaras are perfect for ladies who are curvy as these cuts will enhance the charm of the prints.Styling Oversized Clothes (19)


↓2- Loose Leather Jackets

Unlike other jackets, you can wear an enlarged leather jacket with your casual crop top and denim pants.

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↓1- Flowy Skirts

Outsize skirts for traveling is an amazing idea as these are classy and comfy for that purpose and can be paired with any simple and casual top.

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Do not forget to share your oversized ensemble ideas with us in the comments section.

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