Girls Sweatpants Outfits – 24 Chic Ways to Wear Sweatpants

Chic Outfits with Sweatpants for Girls. Sweatpants are most commonly known as loungewear and athleisure wear. But in recent years, these bad boys have been making quite a name for themselves, joining the ranks of elite workwear, fashionista-approved ensembles, and even runway outfits.

They bring the best of both worlds being cozy and comfortable as well as stylish… when worn right, that is. And with this article, we hope to show you just how to do that! Dress your best this fall and winter season with the perfect sweatpants, using our pictures as a source of inspiration. Whether you love a funky style, a super chic look, or are searching for an outfit for a shopping trip, we have got you covered. So do you want to look cute and stylish in sweatpants? Figure out ways what shoes to wear with sweat pants? Scroll down for a host of ideas and inspirations and have fun!

How to Wear Sweatpants Every Day & Everywhere

Before we get started, let’s look at some quick and easy tips to keep in mind when styling sweatpants.

how to wear sweatpants

  • Opt for fitted sweatpants or joggers. If you are going for a chic and stylish look, then baggy sweatpants probably won’t make the cut. (Except on rare occasions. See outfits below for examples.)
  • Be mindful of footwear. Avoid Crocs or flip-flops. Heels, booties, and little sneakers are your best options.
  • Choose accessories. Rocking sweatpants in daily wear (outside of your home or gym, that is) is a pretty bold move. With most of the outfits we are going to show you, the accessories you will see are sunglasses, scarves, or, sometimes, a simple necklace. Keep your overall vision in mind when choosing pieces that complement your outfit.
  • Try out different kinds of sweatpants. Maybe you find that the most flattering sweatpants for your legs and figure are slightly loose joggers. Maybe you find that a baggier version works better for you. You can also take it to a new level and try sweatpants that are made of silk or vinyl.
  • Add a coat or blazer for instant style.
  • Go monochrome. A monochrome or matching hoodie and sweatpants combo is always chic and is an easy way to pull together an outfit without too much guesswork.

Now let’s look at some outfits.

↓ 1. How to Style Sweatpants for Work

Heading to the office but want to dress differently? Why not go all black and white with a silk blouse, black blazer, black baggy trousers, and white Adidas shoes. This is a fabulous blend of athleticwear and business-chic and you can wear it with confidence and aplomb.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 1

↓ 2. Floral and Funky Sweatpants Outfit for School

Honestly, sweatpants do not have to be boring and dull. Liven them up with brightly colored flowers and floral designs for a feminine and funky outfit. A flower blossom pattern is super trendy and in fashion these days, too. Whether it is in nail art, wall stickers, tank top pattern, etc. a flowery print rocks at everything.

You can pair sweatpants like these with a cropped hoodie or a small, fitted tee-shirt. For shoes, you can definitely rock some heels to really seal the deal on your feminine apparel.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 2

↓ 3. Rihanna-Inspired Sweatpants Outfit

Rihanna’s wardrobe is a super stylish one. She wears a lot of sweatpants, for both casual and formal looks. If you’re in the mood for a grungy street-style look, wear a bandana and fitted sweatpants and go bold with your accessories. Oversized sunglasses and gold chains are a bomb complement to this ensemble. If you like this look, you’ll surely love these 5 best bandanna outfit combinations for the perfect bandanna look.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 3


↓ 4. Plus-Sized Outfit with Sweatpants

Wear dark and baggy sweatpants for a slimming look. You can also try adding a jacket with an open front to give an even more flattering style. Also, have a look at these cute yet casual outfits for plus size girls.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 4


Another option for curvier girls is a monochrome outfit in taupe or beige. It’s super chic and very flattering.


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↓ 5. Celebrities Sweatpants Style

If you want to look stylish yet comfortable while traveling, wear a crop top, denim jacket, and fitted jersey sweatpants. If you are not comfortable with a crop top, then you can still rock this look by wearing a fitted tank top or tee-shirt along with a denim jacket with an open front to look effortlessly chic.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 5


↓ 6. Sweatpants with Elastic Bottoms and Matching Jacket

If you’re heading to a meeting but want to make head turns, grab a matching blazer and sweatpants. Wear a plain black T-shirt underneath to tie the look together.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 6


↓ 7. Pair Your Sweatpants with Heels

For a vogue and trendy look to wear at functions, parties or as a fashion editor, wear cropped sweatpants with a bright red blazer. Pop on some black pumps and sunglasses and accessorize with a statement handbag. Super hot and stylish for all ages!

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 7

↓ 8. Super Chic & Stylish Business-Wear Outfit

A professional wardrobe for the fall season can include a long black coat paired with sweatpants. This allows you to remain practical as well as stylish. If you want some more ideas on what to wear to work this season, have a look at these 17 cute winter workwear outfits for women for an elegant look.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 8

↓ 9. Winters Sweatpants Outfits

Denim sweatpants look super hot during the winter season. Pair them with a jacket and a loose beanie cap for a seasonal look.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 9


Step by Step Video Tutorial: How to Style Sweatpants

↓ 10. Cozy Outdoors Look

If you’re heading outdoors during the snowy season, why not try fleece sweatpants? Bundle up in an oversized sweater and a Burberry scarf. The color scheme can vary, but since it is winter, it would look comfier if you wear dark colors. Dark-colored sweatpants are very easy to find too.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 10


↓ 11. Matching Sweatpants and Top Outfit

Whether you are a busy mom running around with your little one, or you are a free bird 25-year-old, this outfit can work for you. It’s super simple and takes all the guesswork out of assembling the ensemble. For this outfit, get yourself some sweatpants and a matching hoodie and pair with some white sneakers. The key to this look is looking polished, so make sure your hair is done and that your outfit fits you well.


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↓ 12. Kate Beckinsale Inspired Outfit with Sweatpants

This actress knows how to rock sweatpants in a stylish way. Here she is wearing an all-white Joie pair that had heads turning; she added a net shirt on top of her sleeveless top for a glam look. Copy her look for A-list glam and style.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 12


↓ 13. Get Glam with a Furry Coat

For a super chic look, wear a long furry coat with soft cotton gray sweatpants. This looks elegant and glamorous on all women. Don’t forget that adding a little bit of fur to any outfit can make your outfit look ten times more glam and sophisticated.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 13

↓ 14. Chic Cheetah Print Sweatpants Outfit

Go glam with an all matching cheetah-print ensemble. It’s all about the fit with this look so make sure your choice of sweatpants and hoodie is close-fitting and hugs the figure. Little neutral-colored sneakers are the footwear of choice and then you can have fun with some simple accessories. Oversized sunglasses and little stud earrings are all you need. Remember, looking polished is key so be sure to style your hair and choose some glam makeup.


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↓ 15.  Sweatpants for Teens

If you want to dress up but look effortless, then go for sweatpants and pair it with a matching cardigan or tank top. Take a look at singing sensation Selena Gomez, how beautifully she is rocking her black sweat pants.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 15


↓ 16. Super-Cute Winter Outfit

Whites and pinks are such a darling combination for winterwear. Make yours especially cozy with the choice of an off-the-shoulder sweater, a chunky knit hat, and pale pink sweatpants rolled once at the cuff. (Fitted is best for this look.) For shoes, you can opt for little white sneakers or ankle booties.


↓ 17. Stylish Loungewear

They say that home is where the heart is, so why not look cute for yours? We love this cropped black sweater and gorgeous pair of wide-leg fleece sweatpants paired with some super cozy slippers. Swap out your slippers for loafers if you need to head out but otherwise, enjoy looking gorgeous in your loungewear!


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↓ 18. Funky Print Sweatpants and High-Top Converse

Another fun way to wear sweatpants is to choose a pair in a funky print and pair it with your favorite cropped hoodie. Add some high-top Converse, a chunky beanie and a cute purse. We recommend opting for accessories that have a little extra bling like this purse with a gold chain.


↓ 19. Fabulous Shopping Trip Look

Striped sweatpants-inspired trousers are another option for the gal who loves a stylish but comfortable look. This pair looks great when matched up with a hot pink blouse, gold accessories, and heels. This outfit is great for long shopping days, brunch with your best friends, or a ladies luncheon.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 19

↓ 20. Cute Sporty Athleisure

This article would not be complete without a gym-wear look. Whether you are hitting up the gym, working out at home, or going for a jog, you can do it in style. Sweatpants are great for encouraging a sweat (no pun intended!) if that’s what you are after. They’re also a great piece to pair with a more revealing top like a long sports bra. Pop on your favorite sneakers and you are ready to wow as well as workout.

cute sweatpants outfits for girls


↓ 21. Sweatpants and Puffer Jacket for Winterwear

Look adorable and feel comfy with a sweatpants-and-puffer jacket look this season. This combo is so easy to throw together and can be styled to look more dressy or be more casual depending on the occasion. To get the look from this picture, pop on a beanie and sneakers with your sweatpants and feel ready to hit the mall for Christmas shopping or simply running errands! For more ideas, check out these Chic Outfits With Puffer Jackets.


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↓ 22. Classy Wrap Top and Sweatpants

Feeling ladylike is the privilege of every girl and we are happy to say that it is possible to do, even wearing sweatpants! A wrap top is endlessly feminine and does a wonderful job of highlighting the figure, which is especially important when wearing a more casual item like sweatpants. Opt for pale pinks, beiges, and off-whites for a classy palette and pop on some pale brown sneakers to tie the look together.


↓ 23. Chic & Stylish Work or Party Ensemble

When done right, workwear should be able to double as partywear. This outfit can be worn for either! This v-neck blouse pinned at the waist is incredibly chic. Opt to get yours in bright red as well. Pair it with some tapered sweatpants. This pair is blue with detailing all down the side. Last but not least, pop on some neutral-colored heels. Brown will do the job nicely. It’s all about the makeup and accessories with this look so if you want a more dressy style, go glam and if you want to keep it a little more subdued, opt for understated makeup.


↓ 24. Everyday Casual Joggers and Tank

This is a look that can work for any casual occasion. The key is to choose well-fitting joggers that tie at the waist which is flattering and stylish. Pair with a tank and opt for flats or heels to finish the look off.


Did you love these outfits? Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below!


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