30 Celebrities All-Black Outfit Styles for Fall to Copy

Celebrities Styling All Black Outfits. We all love our celebrities but celebrities with style and good fashion sense are surely a hot favorite. Have a look at how the best dressed and most stylish celebrities wear black outfits in fall, for formal occasions as well as random and casual ones.  

For our daily outfits, these celebrities are surely an inspiration as they teach us what to wear and how to wear it. For more great and inspiring ideas, do check out our exclusive post on Celebrities Fashion Secrets.

How to Wear All Black Like A Celebrity

Let’s start with some tips that will help you rock the monochrome black outfits in all seasons… but especially fall:

  • To avoid looking boring, go for interesting cuts like peplums or statement sleeves.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer black on black. Simply try to go with different textures and materials. For instance, you can layer a plaid black cotton shirt with a black fur coat.
  • If you want to add some print or color, you can always use accessories like shoes and scarves.
  • When it comes to belts, metallic ones look best with all-black outfits.
  • For cool street style vibes, you can always use black graphic tees.
  • For a sultry look, show off some skin or go for sheer black outfits. (Here are 30 Ideas on How to Rock Sheer Outfits.)

celebrity fall outfits

Here are the most beautiful and well-dressed celebrities, showing off their gorgeous all-black outfit looks!

↓ 30 – Hailey Bieber House Party Look

No one quite does casual, almost grunge style with super fashionable twists like Hailey Bieber (so she makes a couple of appearances in this post!). If you are a fan of her grungy, comfy, but still edgy and trendy style, then check out this look. Perfect for a house party, a movie date, or just Friday night shenanigans, this easy look will have you feeling cute and comfy. Those on a little strappy tank with your favorite pair of black skinny jeans.

Next, get yourself an oversized leather jacket. This bad boy is great for tossing on when you want to take your look to the next level and stay relatively warm. The real magic of the look is in the accessories! So get yourself some cute sunnies and a pop-of-color handbag. For more tips on rocking oversized clothes like her, check out these Ideas On How To Wear Oversized Clothes.

all black celebrity outfits


↓ 29 – Joey King’s Glam Evening Dress

If you were totally wowed by Joey King’s look at the SAG awards, so were we! Little Ramona Beezus is all grown up and she sure looked it too, in her sheer black gown! To steal the look, look for a dress that highlights all your best features. (Gorgeous shoulders? Try an off-the-shoulder gown. Love a little décolleté? Get yourself a little bit of a low-cut frock. Gorgeous gams? Try one with a slit up the side!)

If sheer, be sure to wear the appropriate undergarments. (Skin-colored is always your safest best.) Shapewear is also a great choice when wearing a form-fitting frock.

all black celebrity outfits


↓ 28 – Jodie Comer in Embellished Bomber & Capris

If you have a semi-formal event coming up and you’re feeling like a monochromatic outfit, then check out Jodie Comer in this totally glam yet edgy look. For one thing, who knew a bomber jacket could look this cool? Plus, it’s so October with those spooky cat faces!

To recreate the look, get yourself a black velvet bomber jacket that hits you right above the hip. Look for a little fit and structure. Pair with cropped Capri pants and round off the look with some teeny heeled sandals… Finally, slick back your hair in a low bun and go for a cat-eye look. This ensemble will have you feeling like a pro fashionista, just give it a try and see!

all black celebrity outfits


↓ 27 – Bella Hadid’s Rainy Day Look

Rainy days can be fun, soothing, refreshing… or a total bummer. Your mood and preferences will determine how you feel about rainy days, but if you are anything like us, you know that a cute outfit can totally change the day around and make it a lot more enjoyable. So take a page from Bella Hadid’s book and design yourself an outfit you’ll love wearing!

From the funky hat to the stylish raincoat to the chunky boots, here’s how you can look super cute and edgy as well as super comfortable. Layer your coat with a hoodie if it’s chilly and be sure to style your hair and do your makeup if you want to look polished and not frumpy.

all black celebrity outfits


↓ 26 – Hailey Bieber’s Casual Weekend Style

Headed out for lattes with friends? If you are looking for a casual weekend ensemble, here’s Hailey Bieber showing us how it’s done! A ribbed crop paired with bike shorts and topped off with an oversized jacket is cute, trendy, and totally Insta-worthy.

We like the color-blocked jacket which breaks up the monochromatic outfit and provides a little coverage for the shyer gal. Tie back your hair in a knot and throw on some cute sunglasses to finish off the look. For matching footwear, try chunky sneakers!

all black celebrity outfits


↓ 25 – Jessica Chastain’s Styles

Jessica Chastain has previously wowed us with her style, glamour, and beautiful outfits on all occasions. Check out her casual all-black outfit, perfect for a random day out in the fall. She’s wearing a simple black blouse with heart-shaped embroidery, black trousers, and stiletto heels. This look is casual but chic, just our cup of tea!

all black girls outfits celebrity style


But it isn’t just casual outfits that she wears with perfection, she does glam just as well! Check out this completely different look of Jessica’s where she wore a formal black beaded dress and stole our hearts away!


 ↓ 24 – Rihanna Casual & Dressy

Here is one of Rihanna’s best looks ever. The girl is not just an amazing singer but also a diva and inspiration for all those who love fashion. We love her choice of jewelry and red lips. You might have also noticed that she’s wearing some amazing henna tattoo designs. You can check out some even more beautiful ones here: Trending Mehndi Designs – 50 Latest Henna Tattoo Ideas.


Here is a more formal look of Rihanna’s: she wore an all-black outfit for the British Fashion Awards and blew us all away. If you choose a similar outfit, definitely go for the nude make-up look and high bun hairstyle.

↓ 23 – Jennifer Aniston

A really cute fall outfit, that is all about simplicity and still looks awesome. You can totally copy this look for your Autumn mornings, whether you’re heading off to work or for some morning coffee with friends. Also, check out these 20 Latest Fall Fashion Ideas for Girls.

↓ 22 – Kim Kardashian

Here’s a simple black outfit as was worn by Kim, the queen of the fashion world, as she heads out for dinner. If the look is inspiring for you, do have a look at more ideas with Stylish leather jackets outfits for women.


↓ 21 – Victoria Beckham

A simple trench coat has been turned into a hot outfit for fall by this hot mom celebrity. Outfits surely are a true reflector of one’s personality. If you too have the guts to bear the cold like her then this outfit is a must-try this fall.

↓ 20 – Blake Lively

The gorgeous gossip girl we all love. Her immense knowledge of fashion and amazing style is incomparable. This is an outfit that really makes you wish you were Blake Lively.


↓ 19 – Beyonce’s Black Gown

This girl is a fashion icon for millions and millions of people across the globe. She has the ability to look effortlessly stylish in any outfit she wears. How creative is her choice of emerald ear cuffs with a black dress!


↓ 18 – Jennifer Lopez

She looks absolutely flawless in this all-black leather dress.


↓ 17 – Nina Dobrev

The cute star from The Vampire Diaries shows how you can style your rompers in the fall season.


Another hot all-black look of Nina’s in a Christian Siriano dress.


↓ 16 – Katy Perry

The queen of icons herself, Katy Perry! She wore this incredibly unforgettable look that we are still thinking about. Want to snag the look for yourself? It’s all in the details! A wool coat trimmed in gold that matches the form-fitting dress is the place to start. (Pro tip: all-black outfits look fabulous with gold or silver accessories!) Miss Perry even matches her purse and shoes to the look, and tosses in a fun twist with a polka dot hair bow.


↓ 15 – Emma Watson

Can we all agree that Emma Watson could wear a burlap sack and still look chic?! This ultra-simple look is classic and easy to replicate. To dress it up more, swap out the black jeans for slim-fitting trousers or Capri-length pants.


↓ 14 – Kristen Stewart

KStew often wows us with some unexpected fashion “lewks” and this one was no exception! Forget the boring jumpsuits and opt for a sheer lace piece over a bodysuit. Perfect for any formal occasion, such statement black pieces are sure to turn all heads your way. To take it to the next level, get yourself some spiky stilettos with a red underside for a surprise pop-of-color.


↓ 13 – Kate Winslet

A celebrity post would not be complete without the token airport look or travel ensemble. So check out Kate Winslet doing her thing! We love a leather biker jacket with anything. Make it “celebrity” by going all-black, wearing your jacket over a loose tee or sweater, skinny jeans, and strappy boots. Finally, throw on a chunky scarf and your choice of bag and your are ready to hit the streets (or airways) in style.


But the beautiful Kate doesn’t just do leather airport looks. Here she is in a formal floor-length gown that still has us gasping. To get a similar look, opt for a gown that highlights your best features. (A slim waist, beautiful shoulders, a shapely figure…) We also love her up-do and gorgeous statement earrings. Overall, this look was an unforgettable one!


↓ 12 – Kate Moss in Black Leather Jacket Outfit

Does Kate Moss even age? That’s what we can’t help wondering when we see her sporting short shorts, tights, and a leather jacket! She brought some white into this look but if you are set on an all-black ensemble, simply swap the white tee with a black one!

↓ 11 – Kirsten Dunst

Lovely Kirsten Dunst once again showing us how to rock the celebrity airport look!

↓ 10 – Jennifer Morrison

You can totally see here the power that accessories can have on the simplest black outfit. For some more ideas on choosing your accessories, check out these Fashion Accessories for items that you must have this year.

↓ 9 – Angelina Jolie’s All-Black Airport Look

A third for the road! For those who like to travel in style and comfort, this look of Angelina’s is truly inspiring. For more ideas, check out these Women’s Outfits for Airport.


↓ 8 – Jessica Alba’s Professional Black Attire

All-black outfits are always a cool outfit choice for all sorts of workplaces, a point proven by the radiant beauty, Jessica Alba herself.


↓ 7 – Jennifer Lawrence in a Black Crop Top

The queen of crop tops. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these Cute Ways to Wear Crop Tops This Season.


↓ 6 – Kate Middleton’s Black Lace Dress

The Duchess of Cambridge has a style with a sophistication that goes beyond words. Not only does Kate Middleton always look great but she is also a pro when it comes to reusing old outfits, which makes her a great inspiration for eco-fashion supporters. Here are 18 Tips from Kate’s Travelling Style.


↓ 5 – Emma Stone’s Winter Outfit

This gorgeous lady gives a wonderful touch of neutral nude color to her all-black outfit. Amazing idea for fall since neutral colors look best for Fall.

↓ 4 – Sienna Miller in a Black Party Skirt

A beautiful actress, bold model, and best of all, a fashion designer. No one can carry a black outfit quite like this woman can. By now, you can tell how important the right makeup and hairstyle are for an all-black outfit, so check out Top 12 Celebrities Braided Hairstyles.

↓ 3 – Gwyneth Paltrow Grayish-Black Fall Outfit

Her perfect look for Fall. This is something you can copy even for work or any other occasion. For more Fall outfit ideas, check out the 20 Latest Fall Fashion Ideas for Girls.


↓ 2 – Charlize Theron in All-Black Red Carpet Look

If you need to attend a formal function this fall, the outfit by Dios that Theron is wearing is truly inspiring.


↓ 1 – Taylor Swift’s Black Street Style

When it comes to style, fashion, and beauty, she is unbeatable.




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