Kate Middleton Travel Outfits – 18 Tips from Kate Travelling Style

Kate Middleton Travel Style. Kate Middleton’s travel style has never ceased to impress neither the media that watches her every move like a hawk, or the people of her country who admire her ideally. Not only is her personality and charming attributes are worshiped everywhere but so are her endeavors in fashion and style.

You might have missed out on if you live in another country but we can help you catch up. Kate Middleton’s wardrobe styles, particularly the ones she applies in travel, has transformed over the course of four to five years and each of her yearly trends are noteworthy. The time when she traveled around in Canada and marked her trip with prominent travel casuals and media reported on it religiously and so many other times when her travel wardrobe has kept us more hooked to her life and follow her classic styles.

Kate Middleton’s Best Travel Outfits

So have a look at Kate Middleton’s travel style from the course of 2011 to present and how her style changed along with the changing trends in fashion. Not only her clothing but her hairdos as well, how she matches her outfits with accessories such as shoes, bags, etc. and managed to pull off her each style with elegance and beauty. Middleton probably is the one fashionista who we have never seen in a bad outfit approach. And if you’re traveling soon then you can just not miss out these Women’s Outfits for Airport-15 Ways to Travel Like Celebrity.

Starting from one of her latest tours, the Duchess visited Canada on an official tour in 2016 and this video shows all her amazing outfits from the tour, the designer’s names, prices, accessories and in short everything you need to know!

↓ 18 – Kate Middleton’s First Royal Tour in 2011

↓ 17 – Kate in a Royal Blue Lace Dress

Yes, when Kate and husband, embarked on the royal tour to US and Canada in 2011, she was caught in a magnificently lovely royal blue dress that knocked the viewers off their feet. She matched the outfit with her usual loose curls and her simplistic as ever makeup look.


↓ 16 – Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen Gown

Kate Middleton in a ravishing and breathtaking Alexander McQueen Gown as she progressed on her tour in 2011. She surely stunned us with her spark as much as she stunned herself. As she walked around in a glossy high street branded gown, she remained attached to her tour spirits and pulled it off. Not to forget the mystifying earings!

↓ 15 – Kate in Sarah Burton Bold Green Dress

We could not help but realize how deliciously icecream-inspired green it is that she wore on one of the occasions while touring in Canada. It was a custom-made beautifying dress by Sarah Burton that was worn by Middleton in the Brits to Watch Ball. RECOMMENDED: Europe Travel Outfits-15 Ideas What to Wear in Europe Now

↓ 14 – Kate in her Reiss Engagement Portrait Dress

Kate in one of her ultimate royal classics: the white Reiss Nanette dress that she pulled off like a pro at the official engagement portrait in her tour of 2011.

↓ 13 – Kate in a Patriotic Dress

Kate Middleton was seen beautifully pulling off a dress that was made by the epic Canadian designer Erdem. The dress was surely a blatant tribute to Canada while she was touring and she matches it gracefully with a nude clutch and shoes. Check out this amazing guide on Travel Style- 20 Cute Summer Travelling Outfits for Women

↓ 12 – Kate’s Glorious Tour Wardrobe from 2012

Kate in Jeans and a Temperley Scarf

Kate, on her way back to Britain, nailed a classy and casual jeans outfit matched with a sweater and a catchy Temperley scarf.


↓ 11 – Kate Middleton a Flowery Dress from London Label

She also nicely carried around a catchy and floral dress that she got from a Dannii Project D London label. She matched it with her usually iconic makeup look that’s the most natural and pearl white earrings.

Kate Middleton’s Travelling Shoes

Here’s a short video compilation of her amazing shoe collection!

↓ 10 – Kate in a Traditional Lace Dress

Kate Middleton in a cute and traditional lace dress, which according to sources, was designed by an independent designer who sold it to Middleton. She matched it with admirable Stuart Weitzman wedges and a lovely updo. RECOMMENDED: 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas how to Wear Them

↓ 9 – Kate Middleton’s Lovely Tour Outfits from 2013

 Kate in a Classic Polka Dress

Kate was seen wearing a scattered Polka dots dress, a kind that we have not exactly seen but Kate has got her hands on everything unique and out of the box. It’s one of her most classically royal styles out there.


↓ 8 – Kate in a Channel Outfit in Paris

Kate in classy and gorgeous channel branded outfit with terrific black patches all over, while she was touring around in Paris in about 2013. Look forward to what she offered us in the next years to come and we all got absolutely awed.

Image result for kate middleton travel style 2013

Kate’s Tour Style in 2015-16

↓ 7 – A Comfy and fitting pair of Skinny Jeans

One of the best and the most satisfying styles of Kate Middleton travel wardrobe ever that we cannot simply get out of our heads. She surely pulls off all skinny jeans attires the best and we would love to see her wearing casual jeans outfits so much more!

A Great-Fitting Pair of Skinny Jeans


↓ 6 – Kate’s Epic Shopping Styles

Kate’s patch pocket button-down shirt and enthusiastic knee boots that we cannot simply get over! Kate’s always up to buying themed outfits that best matches the places she is about to visit.

Well Made Knee-High Riding Boots

↓ 5 – Kate Middleton in Naeem Khan Dress

On the final day of her tour in India in about 2016, while she roamed about the beauty of Taj Mahal with Prince William, she had put on a cultural Naeem Khan dress and simple sunglasses that could not be more suitable for her visit and tour in India.

Simple Sunglasses

↓ 4 – Kate in a Casual Silk Dress

Kate in a casual silk dress or you could say her regular Sunday best that she chose to match with simplistically beautiful wedge heels that cannot be any better suited with a pinkish-white casual silk dress. Here’s How to Look Cute in a Casual Outfit – Fashion Tips for Teens

Neutral Wedges

Kate Middleton Travel Style 2017

↓ 3 – Kate Middleton in a Lovely Velvet Coat

Kate Middleton in a lovely and sophisticated velvet coat that she pulled off quite nicely as she traveled all the way to South Wales to visit and support all the vulnerable families out there.

Image result for kate middleton travel 2017


↓ 2 – Kate in a Fabulous White-blue dress

Kate in a fabulous and mesmerizing white-blue dress that she nailed as usual when she was traveling to Netherlands. She looked an ultimate beauty and totally matched the serenity that Netherlands is made of. RECOMMENDED: 18 Ideal Girls Outfits with White Shirts for Glamorous look

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↓ 1 – Kate in a Matchless Black Gown

She wore it at the BAFTA’s that took place in 2017.

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