Cute Fall Outfits – 25 Latest Fall Fashion Ideas for Girls

Cute Outfits to Wear in Fall. As ladies, we just love fall, don’t we? We wait all year for the fall season when the leaves are falling and all is golden and beautiful. Fall also gives us the lovely opportunity to dress up in ways we couldn’t throughout the summer (sweater-weather, anyone?) and indulge in all things cozy and comfy.

But cozy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style. In fact, some of our best fashion ideas are devoted to fall weather! There is no better time to practice layering our outfits, experimenting with warmer colors, and enjoying some cute accessories like beanies and scarves. It is also a popular time to revamp our wardrobes and add new pieces. With the year flying by us, fall will soon be approaching and getting your wardrobe set is a must. And so, for this article, we have rounded up 25 of the cutest, most stylish outfit ideas for you to try, as well as tips and tricks to keep in mind as you build your seasonal wardrobe. Let’s get started!

Best Fall Fashion Trends to Follow

Here are our best tips to keep in mind for building a fall wardrobe.

  • Go through your closet and discard anything that is outdated, torn, stained, too tight, or too worn out. Every season deserves a fresh start, fall most of all.
  • Create a Pinterest account and begin pinning fall outfits and colors that appeal to you.  Or you can go on Instagram and save or screenshot pictures that embody the kind of wardrobe you are drawn to.
  • Layer your clothes thinner to thicker fabrics. As the temperature starts to drop, you might be tempted to just throw on as many layers as possible in order to stay warm. But if your goal is to look stylish, then you should keep an eye on how you are stacking your clothes so as to prevent looking too bulky. Keep the pieces closest to your body more streamlined and fitted and let your outer garment be the bulkiest of your outfit.
  • Stay away from garish colors or overly bright tones of pink, orange, blue, and purple. Think in warm tones: browns, russets, reds, oranges, forest green, and even charcoal or warmer tones of gray. Don’t be afraid to bring pops of color though. Some yellow in your outfit can look very refreshing in a sea of traditional fall colors!

Now let’s look at our top picks for cute fall outfits.

what to wear this fall

↓ 25. What to Wear to Work in the Fall

Need a business-casual outfit to wear to work this fall? We’ve got you covered, girl. Pair a plaid blazer with jeans, a crewneck sweater, and knee-high boots for a look as chic as it is practical. Stick to neutral tones and soft browns to really give it that autumnal edge.


↓ 24. Casually Chic Sweater & Flats

Running to Target? Grabbing Starbucks? Picking up the kids from school? Whatever the errand, do it in style with a chic sweater, lightly tucked into the front of a banging pair of jeans. Pop on some flats and your favorite oversized sunnies and you are good to go.

cute fall outfit for girls


↓ 23. Perfect Coffee Date Outfit for Fall

We can’t think of a more stylish and chic option for a coffee run than this gorgeous look right here. Start with your coziest knit sweater. Opt for a warm brown, burnt orange, or russet colored sweater with a decent fit. Pair with a cute miniskirt (add tights if it’s too cold) and zip on some uber sleek knee-high boots. Et voila!


↓ 22. Super Simple Sweater and Jeans

Every girl needs a go-to outfit, no matter the season. And this outfit is just that. A go-to outfit should consist of some of your favorite pieces (whether you love their colors, the fit, or just how you look in them) that require no time to throw together. For this outfit, decide on your favorite pair of jeans (you know the ones: they do great things for your butt and you never feel like they’re cutting into your stomach) and pair it with a simple long-sleeved top. We recommend opting for one that is in your favorite fall color. Pair with some simple black booties and your go-to designer scarf and there you have it! You know you can throw this on in a pinch and it requires no time at all.

cute fall outfits


↓ 21. Chunky Sweater and Cozy Scarf

For this look, we wanted to show you a great example of how to layer your warmer fall clothing pieces. Note that you should never go baggy or bulky on the bottom half of your figure if you have on the top. Stick to well-fitting jeans, especially skinny jeans, and a chunky boot (which will visually balance out the chunkier aspects of your top half). This outfit is also a great example of warmer tones of gray, with the addition of a cool gray purse! (Stick to cool tones in small doses when building a fall outfit.) Last but not least, pop on your favorite dark-colored beanie. The thicker the knit, the better! This one is sure to keep your noggin warm.


↓ 20. Blazer & Jeans

Another great go-to look for fall is this one right here. This outfit combines understated elegance with business-casual vibes, making it the perfect option when you need a cute outfit for work or just want to look a cut above average while grocery shopping. (We’ve all been there, girl.) Pair a well-tailored blazer with some jeans, a neutral-colored top, and a thick scarf. This will give style as well as keep you warm. You can complete the look by wearing flat pumps or some boots. Do check out Outfits with Faux Fur Coat; 20 Ways to Wear Faux Fur Coat

cute fall outfits (1)

↓ 19. Chic Skirt and Tights

Who says skirts can be only worn during the summer? Pop some tights beneath a chic brown skirt and look absolutely gorgeous by pairing it with a white blouse and black booties. Add a scarf to your outfit to help keep you warm. This look can be worn for casual hangouts with friends or even semi-formal events.

cute fall outfits (2)

↓ 18. Ultra-Cute Hat & Coat Fall Outfit

We can all agree that long coats are a fabulous styling piece, also great for keeping warm on a chilly day. You can wear a long coat over a denim skirt and top outfit, or even with jeans and a tee. This is a great outfit for school or for hitting the road with your friends.

cute fall outfits (3)

↓ 17. Flannel, Hat, and Booties

Bring a bit of the farmgirl vibe to this look with a red-and-black flannel, perfect for staying cozy and looking cute. You can wear it with a basic tee or blouse paired with black leggings. Add some brown booties and a matching hat to tie off the look. This outfit is great for those casual days where you want to feel and look good. Don’t miss out Cowgirl Outfits; 25 Ideas on How to Dress Like Cowgirl.

cute fall outfits (4)


↓ 16. Leather Jacket & Sneakers

Maybe leather jackets aren’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of fall weather. Maybe they are. Regardless, if you are going to rock a leather jacket, this is how you do it! Pair with your favorite graphic tee (we love this orangey-yellow tee that brings that delightful pop of color to an otherwise darker-toned ensemble) and your favorite jeans. Lastly, add sneakers! You’ll also love these Fabulous Outfits With Converse.


↓ 15. Super Cozy Turtleneck with Sneakers

Who doesn’t love an oversized sweater or hoodie? How about mixing some sporty style with high-end elegance? This outfit does both! Opt for a light-colored knit turtleneck and pair with a deep purple skirt. Alternatively, you could combine this sweater with joggers or sneakers to give yourself an active-casual look. Play up your accessories to keep it dressy.

cute fall outfits (6)


↓ 14. Woolen Dress and Heels

If you don’t like to wear too many layers, a wool dress is a great option. It will keep you warm without adding bulk to your figure. We love this chic frock paired with heels and a little crossbody purse.

cute fall outfits (7)


↓ 13. Chic & Fabulous Cardigan and Adidas

When they say simple is beautiful, we would have to agree! This simply chic look is to die for. Pair a black turtleneck sweater with a thick overcoat or cardigan or soft brown. This looks effortlessly beautiful and can be worn for different casual outings. Add your favorite ripped jeans and classic Adidas. A simple updo with loose tendrils and stylish eyeglasses tie the look together. If you like keeping it simple then do have a look at 13 Cute Minimalist Outfits for Winters; Minimal Fashion Style

cute fall outfits (8)


↓ 12. Cute and Feminine Fall Outfit

A great way to layer a dress is by picking one that features a cute collar and adding a knit sweater over top with the collar pulled out. This is a great way to look cute and feminine while staying cozy warm. Add tights underneath and your favorite pair of booties. We recommend opting for contrasting colors like this white sweater over a dark blue polka dot dress so that each piece stands out.

cute fall outfits (9)


↓ 11. Wool Coat and Sneakers

When its fall time you can wear multiple layers of clothes and combine them with a messy top knot for a casually chic look. We like the combination of a black crewneck sweater with a gray wool coat, fitted jeans, and sneakers. Plus that hair is just too cute! Here are 20 Cute Outfits with Top Bun Hairstyle to Compliment Style.

cute fall outfits (10)


↓ 10. No Layers Chic Style

Again, if you are not a fan of tons of layers, why not simply try a cute knit crop sweater with your favorite pair of skinny jeans? It’s a one-and-done outfit that will take no time at all to throw together. This gives an overall sleek look. To add more style, you can also opt for loose curls or wavy hair and a pair of earrings from keeping it too casual.

cute fall outfits (11)


↓ 9. Super Bright & Fun Cold Weather Look

If you love a bit of a playful ensemble, check out this fun and colorful one! The sky is the limit with this look. Pick your main color (pictured is red) and build on that. A red beanie, top, leggings, and shoes are so fun when paired with a wool coat (check out that red detailing) and boyfriend jeans. Such a great, out-of-the-box ensemble!

cute fall outfits (12)

↓ 8. Fall Outfit for Formal Event

If you are attending a wedding or some other kind of formal event this fall, check out this stunning look. We love this full-skirted frock paired with two-toned heels and tights.

cute fall outfits (13)


↓ 7. Plaid Cape and Leggings

Capes add an instantly stylish look to any outfit. Woolen or some thicker material capes are perfect for fall. Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings and bring your look to a whole new level. Here are some amazing Cape Outfit Ideas for you to try this Fall.

cute fall outfits (14)

↓ 6. Beautiful Foresty Ensemble

Do you have a favorite dress you want to rock this fall? Have no fear, we’ve got a solution! A floral dress like this features a couple of colors… we love how this girl picked out the forest green tones in the dress and played off that with a long cardigan featuring a gorgeous array of buttons. Add a belt to the waist, a chunky scarf to keep your neck warm, and tights with booties for a look so stylish, you’ll have every eye on you no matter where you go!

cute fall outfits (15)

↓ 5: Back to the Basics

Some days you might not feel like dressing up, so its always a great idea to have a go-to basic look you can turn to. Have a couple of basic pieces you can grab in a pink with a go-to hairstyle as well. This outfit is great for any occasion in the fall or even winter.

cute fall outfits (16)

↓ 4. Celebrity-Inspired Fashion

The Olsen twins are style icons for a reason. Check out their black-and-white ensembles!

cute fall outfits (17)


↓ 3. Fashionista-Approved Fall Look

What’s fall without a go-to woolen hat? Like Taylor Swift, you can opt for a woolen hat to go with any well-styled outfit. We love what she did here! Also, check out These Stylish Hats That Every Girl Must Try.

cute fall outfits (18)


↓ 2. Monochrome Ensemble

For a standout look, go all-white. Just add a pop of red to those lips and you’ll have the perfect fall look!

cute fall outfits (19)

↓ 1. Belts and Sweaters

We love a unique sweater-and-belt pairing! This look is super chic and looks so good with a velvet red purse and jeans.

cute fall outfits (20)


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