How To Wear Plaid Coats ? 18 Cute Outfits with Plaid Coats

Different Stylish Styles of Wearing Plaid Coats – Winter is coming! Time to bring out your ammo against the cold, unforgiving winds. There are numerous coat options to choose from, from parkas, trench coats, camel coats to the funkier leopard print, teddy coats and of course, plaid coats. Plaid is classic. When you think of plaid you think of fall and pumpkin spiced lattes and cold breezes. Plaid coats are in fashion this season and they can up your fashion game in an instant whether it be for a casual day going to pick pumpkins or a fancy night around town. Plaid has got your back!

Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and our favorite JLo are some of the few celebrities that have been spotted out and about sporting plaid fashion. We are here to help you give some handy tips to style your plaid coat and strut around town feeling no less then a celebrity!

Where to Buy Plaid Coats

  • This double-breasted woolen coat from Nordstrom is an entire outfit of its own and perfect to rock some street style with.
  • Shop this nude faux fur teddy plaid coat from Bernardo and make your snowy days all the more comfy and stylish.
  • This black and white plaid from Macy’s should definitely be a staple in any closet.
  • For a pop of color, get your hands on this funky red plaid coat from Amazon.

Fashionable Outfits to Wear with Plaid Coats

#1. With Tights and Boots

If you want to stay warm yet still show off the body you’ve been working so hard on and don’t want to drown yourself in big warm winter clothes, why don’t you try a mid-length coat with sheer tights? Sheer tight are both sexy and classy and do the perfect job of being a little risqué but not doing too much. Pair this outfit with some heeled boots and you are ready to take on the night! The colors of winter are brown, black, and white so keep that in mind.

cute outfits with plaid coats 19


#2. With a Skirt

.Important work meeting at 9 but brunch with the girls at 12? Don’t worry we got you covered! You don’t need to go for a fit change because this style tip will have you looking 10/10 for both the occasions.  Pair your plaid coat over a mini skirt or even a knee length skirt. Add some court shoes for a boss babe look and let the plaid coat tie your outfit together!

cute outfits with plaid coats 18


#3. T-Swift Style

This girl knows how to rock it and makes every ensemble look stylish as ever. She’s seen here matching her beanie with her gloves with her bag with her boots. The white and grey plaid coat just adds enough class to the funky colored outfit, and she looks ready to hit the studio to give us another banger of an album

cute outfits with plaid coats 16


#4. With a Graphic Tee and Mini Skirt

 If you want to keep it cool and casual while still being chic, take out your funkiest graphic tee and wear it under your plaid coat. Graphic tees are a cool way of showing off your personality through clothing so let yours shine through! A plaid blazer or knee length coat will amp up your regular jeans and t-shirt outfit and have you looking business ready!

cute outfits with plaid coats 15


#5. Little Coat Dress

The idea that coats are just to be worn over other clothes seems a little outdated, no? Well, that’s because it is. It’s 2021 and fashion keeps surpassing and breaking conventional dressing rules. For the days choosing a full outfit seems a bit of a hassle, just go with your plaid coat. Button it right up and wear sheer tights, woolen tights or long boots underneath, the choice is yours and the world is your oyster! Style the coat your already have in your closet like a dress or expand your wardrobe and buy plaid coat dresses online! Either way, you have yourself a style tip for days.

cute outfits with plaid coats 14


#6. Street Style

When we say plaid coats are a statement, we mean they are meant for the streets. If you’re looking to get high fashion, we have just the right outfit for you. A long, baggy plaid coat serves the look. Tie your plaid coat at the front with a belt or let it loose. Pair with this outfit a simple crossbody and you’ll feel like you’re walking a runway. Keep in mind though, this look works with a longer length plaid coat that’s a size or two bigger on you.

cute outfits with plaid coats 13

 #7.Keep it Classy

Turtlenecks never go out of style and are an amazing base for so many chic winter outfits. So, keep it classy this winter and style your plaid coat with just a plain black turtleneck. And if you’re wondering how this simple outfit is going to work, trust us and try it out for yourself. Put your hair back in a sleep ponytail, add a statement pendent over your turtleneck and you’re ready to face a snowy day looking your best!

cute outfits with plaid coats 12


#8. With A Dress

Heading to a party with your girls? Want to be all dolled up but still warm? Wear your favorite sundress and just wear a plaid coat over it for an extra layer that will also have you looking like you own the party! That’s the great thing about plaid coats, they make you look like you’re in charge. In a bad bitch way of course!

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#9. Victoria Beckham Style

Posh Spice is a cult favorite amongst fashionistas because of her impeccable fashion sense. To put it straight, if Posh Spice is wearing it you better get your hands on it too because that’s going to be the next trend in fashion. That is her undeniable impact! Here, she’s seen styling a plaid coat with orange flared pants and a white button down. Orange pants huh? Who would have thought that they would work this well with plaid? Victoria Beckham clearly did and now she’s imparting this funky fashion tip onto us so who are we to deny? Get out your funkiest pair of pants and wear it with your long plaid coat. Be sure not to overdo it so keep it simple with w neutral colored top.

cute outfits with plaid coats 10


#10. With Fur and Simplicity

Comfortable, warm chic and high fashion? Yes! you can be all these at the same time! It really does not take much to look like you’re just about to hit the runway, just some really good styling tips. And that’s what we’re here for. We got you babe! For the perfect cozy Christmas eve outfit, wear a fur plaid coat. Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt, something simple. Let your statement fur coat do all the talking for you. It’s so fluffy and comfortable it will keep you warm while also making you look chic as hell. But wait! We are not about fur in the household! Only faux fur because we like to keep it ethical. If you want to know more about fur and animal cruelty so you make more responsible and ethical fashion decisions read up here.

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#11. It’s a Flair-y Tale

If you think flared pants are a thing of the past, think again! This 70’s fashion piece is making a comeback and now is your chance to hop on the bandwagon. Flared pants are having a moment on the Spring 2021 runways and look books so set those skinnies aside and make room for wide legged pants! Keep things simple and classy and pair your neutral-colored flared pants with plaid coat. Not only will it do the job to keep you warm as the flared pants won’t be doing much to keep the chills away, but it will also class up your outfit. Flared pants work best with some heels and you can go the extra step and accessorize with a chunky belt to tie your plaid coat. There you go! You have yourself the perfect outfit for dinner at an upscale restaurant!


cute outfits with plaid coats 8


#12. Keeping it Simple

You don’t have to always have an elaborate outfit planned for the day. Some days you just want to do the bare minimum and still look good. We understand. Wait what’s that sound? That’s the sound of plaid coats coming to your rescue yet again! Don’t want to change into a fancy outfit? That’s completely okay. Just put on a plaid coat over your skinny jeans and tee shirt and call it a day. For an extra pop of color go for a funky colored plaid coat to beat the winter blues. Pair this outfit with a chunky scarf around your neck for the look and against the cruel winds.


cute outfits with plaid coats 7

#13. Country Girl

To look like the country girl of your dreams incorporate the colors of the fall. These are tones of oranges and red. Pair with your outfit some brown leather boots and a cowboy hat and of course, your plaid coat and you’ll be looking just like you came from the stables. In a good way of course!

cute outfits with plaid coats 6


#14. Fall-ing for You

Orange and red tones are the OG fall colors. Have an outfit that is an ode to the crisp autumn days with an orange plaid coat. To keep with the theme, accessorize with your favorite fall themed bags, sunglasses etc. Put on some comfy shoes if you’re walking your dog around the block and match with the nature with this outfit!


cute outfits with plaid coats 5


#15. Pop of Color

Winters are gloomy and blue and cold. You can change that with a bright yellow plaid and shine bright and warm as the sun! This outfit would work best with some pale blue jeans to contrast the bright colored plaid coat. Wear your favorite converse underneath and you are ready to run some errands on a sunny winter day looking fresh!

cute outfits with plaid coats 4

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#16. Over a Sweater Dress

Wearing a dress during winter months can be challenging. Layering up can sometimes ruin a party outfit but not when you have plaid coat. Plaid coats style up any outfit you’re wearing so wearing it over a long sweater dress or even a shorter one should be your go to.


cute outfits with plaid coats 3


#17. Leather Pants

I’m sure the title has got you wondering ‘leather pants? Who still wears leather pants?’. And the answer is YOU will! Once you hear this amazing style tip, we have got under our sleeve you’ll be running to your nearest Macy’s to get yourself a pair of leather pants. Leather pants are hard to style, and some might even argue even harder to wear but winter is the best time to experiment with them as they will keep you warm that’s for sure. A plaid coat will make the outfit just classy enough.

cute outfits with plaid coats 2


#18. Casual, Relaxed Weekend Look

Just a simple white tee and jeans can be taken to the next level with the addition of a long plaid coat over it. This is perhaps the easiest style tip and also looks the most effortlessly chic. All the items are already in your closet which makes this is the most cost-effective tip as well. So, what are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are plaid coats in style 2021?

A. Yes! This statement fashion piece is not only trendy but also classy! There are many ways to style this outerwear piece to look cozy and chic.

Q. What is a plaid wool coat called?

A. It’s called a buffalo plaid coat and if you want to own one classic fashion piece, it should be this one! It will look good on the streets and on your gram! So, up your Instagram game with a buffalo plaid coat.

Q. Are plaid coats warm?

A. There are different styles of plaid coats including faux fur, longer trench coats, woolen plaid coats, blazers and shackets. The warmest of the bunch are longer woolen plaid coats, also known as buffalo coats, and faux fur coats. A faux fur plaid coat will keep you warm and cozy while still looking chic and high fashion!

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