Outfits With Blue Jeans – 30 Ways To Wear Women’s Blue Jeans

Women’s outfits with blue jeans: Blue jeans are a lifesaver for every woman since the beginning of time now. An absolutely perfect fit for a woman of any colour, shape, size, ethnicity, or region. Blue jeans never have, and as far as the imagination goes, never will go out of style. Let’s talk about all the basic and non-basic outfits a girl can put up with blue jeans today.

Let’s be real; even the fashion industry cannot fit the blue jeans style in a bottle, it’s as vast as the earth spreads and as versatile as it can get. So, we thought to bring on here some of the best ideas for you all, to take inspiration from and style your blue jeans with. Blue jeans, white shirt, it’s as loved as Lana Del Ray making a song over it, apparently. With different shapes, cuts, sizes, and shades, blue jeans are a whole vicinity in the fashion world itself. Today, we will be talking about different ways you can style your blue jeans.

How To Wear Your Blue Jeans Every Day

Blue jeans are the must-have, staple clothing item that is found in, quite literally, everyone’s wardrobe. Especially if you decide to look in a teenager’s day, it’s blue jeans for dinner and blue jeans for lunch kind of a situation going on there. From the start of the year to the end, it’s a staple piece for any season.

But, before we get into the glitz and glam of the outfits, here are some quick tips for styling blue jeans your way:

  • While blue jeans will always be the must-have, staple piece of clothing, the cuts and shapes keep changing now and then, so it’s best to stay updated about them.
  • In 2019, skinny jeans took the backseat, and other wider, relaxed-fit jeans are making their way up to everyone’s wardrobe now. Skinny jeans will still be there in the background; it’s not going out of style any soon.
  • This is the era of whatever blue jeans fit you, from wide-legged maximalist jeans to super-tailored ones; everything is a fit nowadays.
  • Blue jeans can take you anywhere on your calendar, as formal pants and dresses are not everyone’s choice on a daily basis, blue jeans of different cuts and shapes have managed to make their way up for any occasion you like to wear them to.
  • Blue jeans can be paired with tank tops, formal shirts tucked in or out, T-shirts, button-downs for work, peplum tops or long tops for a modest look. Blazers, cardigans, denim jackets, leather jackets, and sweaters also go the best with blue jeans.
  • Blue colour has existed from the start of time, and as time has passed,  new styles and outfits have experimented with it. That is why it is the most loved and one clothing item that is a must-have worldwide.

So now that is out of the way, we may proceed to the official glitz and glam of the blue jean outfits for girls.

how to wear blue jeans

↓ 30 – Tied Up Bow Blue Jeans For The Weekend Shenanigans

I am sure you might have seen tied-up formal bow pants everywhere, often paired with high heels and tucked-in shirts for corporate affairs. But this trend has made its way in the jeans vicinity. These high waist paper bag waist jeans are a perfect fit anywhere formal as well as casual, depending on how you style it, with a formal top tucked in or with a tee. A blazer threw over a tee, and these pants will make up for a perfect fit for a cool look for the weekend. Here are some more Weekend Outfits for Women That Are Trending in 2019.

women outfits with blue jeans

Paperbag Waist Tie Belt Boyfriend Jean – £14.00 (50% OFF)

3×1 Kelly Paperbag Tie Belt Jeans 50% off – $191

↓ 29 – Zippered Blue Jeans

All over zippered jeans have made their way back to fashion recently as well. They have been seen trending this past spring, and I am not complaining. This exposed fly-detailing adds a lot to the conventional jeans style. You can pair it with any tee of your choice and to elevate the outfit more, add a jacket over it too, and voila, it’s a look. These zippers from top to bottom add more of a retro style to the whole look, a printed or written tee tucked in would look ultra 90’s for sure.

women outfits with blue jeans

Pixie Market Wnona Leg Zipper-Jeans – $40

↓ 28 – Casual Look With Jeans

For a casual day out, this is a perfect jean outfit. Not a lot, but not too dull at the same time.

women outfits with blue jeans

↓ 27 – Two-Tone Blue Jeans

If you a huge fan of double denim, then this jean style will definitely excite you. This style is all about different shades of denim at one place, quite literally at one place. This style was all over the ramp fashion past spring, from Victoria Beckham to Christian Cowan and Dior to Stuad, every designer is showcasing this style for you all to take inspiration from. Pair it with a white tee and white heels, a button-down shirt or any other formal shirt, this style of blue denim can take you literally anywhere on your calendar. It’s a whole retro vibe.

women outfits with blue jeans

Tach Clothing Two-Tone Cropped Flare Jean

FRAME Le Sylvie Multi Panel Jeans – $137.50

↓ 26 – Ripped Skinny Jeans

While skin fitted jeans are starting to take the backseat, it is still a comfortable and readily available blue jeans style, and will always remain to be. Girls had already stormed their wardrobes with skin fitted jeans when they came out, that now it is not so easy to get rid of them. The ripped, knee-slit detailing to jeans, however, has given a new look to it. Ripped jeans and a white tee tied at the front with a hat like this is a proper vacation outfit. You can find here some more awesome Outfits with Ripped Jeans.

women outfits with blue jeans

Good American Good Waist Crop Blue Jeans – $155

Vee Neck Worn-In Boyfriend Tee – $69

Lisianthus Women Belt Buckle Fedora Hat – $16.45

↓ 25 – Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans started to come in fashion from 2017, and by 2019 it can be seen everywhere you turn your head. They are an absolute favorite after skin fitted jeans, because of the chic and street style look that they add to an outfit. Pair it with anything of your choice, and it’s a perfect fit for a summery, casual look. Add a leather jacket or a cardigan over it to make it spring or winter appropriate.

women outfits with blue jeans

Mid Rise Medium Wash Ripped Ankle Jeans – $61.60

Slinky Tank Top – $20

Intimately FP Adella Longline Bralette – $40.50

Adidas VL Court 2.0 Women Shoes – $29.99 – $125.63

↓ 24 – Bell Bottom Blue Jeans

Bell bottoms or flared pants were the gems back in the ’90s, and they had made a swift come back in 2019. Not to lie at all or exaggerate, I don’t know of anyone who is not jumping up and down by the surprise of bell bottoms coming back in style. And since this style has been incorporated in denim jeans style, it has made everyday styling a lot of fun and trendier. Pair these versatile jeans, which can be dressed up and dressed down according to the occasion, with tees, silk tops or button-down shirts.
Some heels to flaunt the flared cut bottom would make it a perfect look. I love the modern cowboy vibes that this outfit gives off!

women outfits with blue jeans

High Waisted Light Wash Bell Flare Jeans – $55.93

Slim Fit Ruffle Chiffon Portofino Shirt – $34.93

Gucci Belt With Textured Double G Buckle – $580

Lisianthus Women Belt Buckle Fedora Hat – $16.45

↓ 23 – Stretched Blue Mom Jeans

Stretched mom jeans are the new cool now as comfort matter more than roaming around in skinny jeans all day in summers. These distressed mom jeans are so chic and versatile, they can be paired with anything and everything, from casual to formal, and they will look equally amazing. Here are some more Chic Ideas How to Wear Mom Jeans.

women outfits with blue jeans

Washed Printed Tee – $26.65

Stretch Mom Jeans – $52.46

↓ 22 – Buttoned High Waist Blue Jeans

Exposed button-high waist jeans were the talk of the town this last spring. With a cute off-shoulder top to make it a proper spring or outfit, a tee or a button-down shirt tucked in. The shirts look best tucked in because of the button detailing on the waist, which adds some character and style to the conventional everyday blue jeans.

women outfits with blue jeans

Reflection Of Perfection White Off The Shoulder Bodysuit – $22

Making It Big Dark Wash High Waist Skinny Jeans – $48

Tony Bianco Kade Heel – $163.20

↓ 21 – Madison Crop Jeans

Madison crop looks quite classy to wear with silk tops or button-downs for a day at work or a corporate occasion. The straight and sleek look of these jeans with a jacket or a coat was thrown over will be the perfect fit for a day full of meetings at your workplace. Or a distressed look on Madison crop jeans will instead suit a night-out party with some high heels and a side bag like shown in the picture here.

women outfits with blue jeans

BLANKNYC Madison Crop – $71.27

ba&sh Danila Top – $147.50

Hazel Pointed Toe Heels – $120

↓ 20 – Straight Cut Blue Jeans

Straight cut jeans which are fitted from the thighs, are the perfect go-to jeans for any casual or working day. You can rock them with a tee and an upper or a warm sweater any day at school, as a teacher, any day at your office or even going out to get everyday errands done. A side bag to go with the look and maybe denim over it will complete the look. Straight cut jeans are easily available anywhere, which is why they are the clothing item you can grab and put on in on any day.

women outfits with blue jeans

↓ 19 – Summer Vibe

A cute cold-shoulder ruffled sleeves cotton blouse and some blue jeans to go are a match made in heaven. What else can someone think of in summers other than this cute vacation outfit? It’s a perfect fit. Add a Gucci side bag to complete the look with obviously some crisp white sneakers or white flats, anything of your choice. This outfit is the talk of the town every time summer comes around.

women outfits with blue jeans

Petersyn Alice Cold-Shoulder Striped Cotton -Poplin Blouse – $129

Joe’s Jeans High Rise Straight Jeans – $198

Chanel Chain Mini Shoulder Bag – £4,257

↓ 18 – Some Spring Flowers

Spring is the absolute time to take out all the floral prints and pair them with your dark blue jeans. Like shown in the picture here, it’s an absolute spring love. A floral, silk cowl-neck short body top with dark blue bell-bottoms and a floral scarf around the neck for a full retro vibe. Spring is the time to incorporate your flowers with dark and gloomy colors, while no one takes any offense. A proper work fit.

women outfits with blue jeans

Zimmermann Cowl-Neck Silk-Blend Blouse – £329

Lisha High-Rise Flared Jeans – £ 146


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