What to Wear in Egypt? 23 Best Travel Outfit Ideas for Egypt

What to wear in Egypt. Sometimes you may be concerned about what to wear when you are visiting a foreign country. Especially when your intentions are to experience different ways of living and have fun there without disrespecting the land or offending anyone.

Have you ever wondered what are the essential things to include in your luggage when you are travelling to Egypt? Worried about what to wear there? Is it safe?  If Egypt is on your bucket list, here’s your guide on what to wear in Egypt depending on the Egyptian culture, various places, and the climate, and where to spend your time there.

What Outfits To Pack For Egypt

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↓ 23 – What To Wear To The Pyramids?

Your decision of traveling to a foreign country that has diverse culture and history than yours is always competitive and making you uncertain. It’s worthwhile when you are visiting the world’s wonder there, The Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the oldest wonders built on earth which constructed between 2580-2560 BC. You can wear a soft turtleneck mix-stripe fluid ribbed-knit sweater and wide leg beige trousers for a subtle look. In order to prevent your hair from intertwining with the grains of sand in a windy day, make it into a bun. You can add to your outfit these flimsy hoop gold earrings, and this fancy belt. I guarantee you will take the most aesthetic pictures of yourself with your ancient fellow. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you might enjoy our earlier post on 27 Best Winter Travel Outfits for Women That Are Trending these Days.


↓ 22 – Can You Wear Crop Tops In Egypt?

Many people are curious about whether Egypt is safe after the Arab spring events and political propaganda. It’s completely normal to be concerned since the publicity of the issue given by the media convinced numerous people that the middle east is a dangerous place for decades. Egypt is safe, don’t let anything discourage you from visiting such a majestic place, but you better come with a tourist group. You can wear wide leg baggy print pants with a tank crop top. Yes, you can wear a crop top and it’s more acceptable to wear it in Hurghada and Sharm El-Shiekh.


↓ 21 – What To Wear In Egypt In December

One of the false beliefs some people hold is that Egypt is a large desert that has dust storms and intolerable temperature. The same view goes for the Arabian Gulf which is untrue, too. Egypt has many places to visit, not just the Pyramids. There are cities and civilized places for leisure activities. You can book a five-stars hotel room, shop in large chic malls or walk in downtown and Korba to witness the western architectures built back in the time of colonization. You can wear leather boots and a yellow top tucked into a high-waisted light wash jeans. A big yes to this brown cotton coat and delicate bronze watch, necklace and silver bracelet.


↓ 20 – For the Yacht Ride 

Are you planning for a yacht ride in Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada? You can chill out having a ride on the red sea, enjoying the strong smell of salty water and tidal surges. For lightweight and soft garments on your body, try on a slim-fit wide boat neck black cotton crop top that adds a hint of retro appeal. A high-waisted flared stripe paper bag pants with slippers would provide you an elegant look. Keep your hair loose to let the fresh air play with it. Here are Women’s Outfits for Airport & 15 Ways to Travel Like a Celebrity.


↓ 19 – You Will Look Cute On The Beach.

Try wide waistband black pants with a tight crop white top and silver slippers. This exquisite outfit would fit on the beach when you head to the beach bar to drink juices and have your meal after changing your swimming suit.


↓ 18 – Elegant Outfit For Luxor Trip

You will miss out the most charming places in Egypt if you don’t have a tour in Luxor and Aswan where the major majestic archaeological sites of ancient Egypt exist. You have to moisturize your skin often with a suncream, wear your sunglass, and hat because Luxor turns like a furnace in summer. The old classic color of this wide-leg bold red jumpsuit would harmonize with the golden sunlight and sand, and the baby blue sky. This will provide you perfect bright lightning to your pictures with high quality. You can opt for the one made of lightweight cotton to make you less sweaty. Any sneakers are highly recommended instead of heels or sandals. 


↓ 17 – Stick To The Casual Look.

When you are in Egypt you get to wear casuals more often. If you are wishing for spending your time to explore malls and stores to shop new stuff and gifts, you have to dress in casual. There are prevalent western branches of famous brands like Zara, H&M, Victoria Secrets etc. You can also find fashionable local stores with lower prices stuck on their clothing tags. A colorful turtleneck medium strip pullover folded into dark wash denim jeans is my favorite to suggest you since Egypt can be cold in December and January. You can substitute the ankle high-heel boots for sneakers to play the trampoline or walk for hours comfortably.


↓ 16 – What To Pack For Nile Cruise

You ain’t going nowhere out of Cairo or Aswan until you witness the magical beauty of the Nile river. You can have dinner by the river or you can take a felucca ride on the Nile while watching the sunset. Yellow is the color of this season, thus I am suggesting it frequently in my articles. You can wear such a simple outfit like these pairs of jeans with a Ceylon yellow sweater and sneakers. In case of a windy day, you have to loop around your neck a plaid black and white scarf. If your ride on the Nile is sailing from Luxor to Aswan, remember to immerse your hands into it to drink directly from its pure water.


↓ 15 – For An Evening Stroll

If you are partying with your mate at nightfall or you are having a leisurely walk, shove on this wide-leg flowers printed overall with high heels or flat gladiators sandals. You can wear them also on the beach in the summer.


↓ 14 – You Can Wear A Floral Dress.

You will look enchanting wearing this floral summer dress when you are visiting the most enormous temples and tombs.


↓ 13 – Wearing Shorts & Skirts In Egypt

Egyptians aren’t extremists and it has nothing to do with Islam, but they stick to their beliefs and traditions. If you are walking alone in shorts or skirt, expect to confront verbal sexual molestation, maybe physical harassment from some men there. Especially if you are walking in chaotic public streets where you can find all different classes, ideologies, and thoughts. I can never minimize the existence of discrimination ― I think it’s a global issue. Also generalizing everything is an action for spreading deception and misinformation. Not all Egyptian men will harm you, but some of them will also protect you. We shall throw blame on the lack of morals and education, not religions. It’s fine to wear them in malls, tourist regions, and restaurants. You will be safer if you have them on when you are touring with your group accompanied by a tour guide. The valley of the Kings is a very hot place, therefore you can wear a burgundy lightweight blouse tucked in a short or a denim jean skirt with a striped cardigan.


↓ 12 – Your Skin Will Be Happy Wearing This

I will always insist that skirts make us free and comfy. It allows all the air to flow in, unlike trousers. Achieve your bucket list contently wearing a maxi tiered white skirt and emerald green shirt with lace-up sandals.


↓ 11 – The BestDresss For The Nubian Village

The Nubian Village is the most magical and cherished site you would ever travel to. You won’t see anywhere such a colorful aesthetic place in Egypt. Moreover, the unconditional kindness of the Nubian people will leave you flabbergasted. You can wear a sleeves black top folded in a below knee yoke-waist skirt with a scarf and flat strappy sandals. You will look gorgeous.


↓ 10 – T-shirts Are The Most Common.

You will find vast the majority of Muslims and Christians Egyptians are conservative and likely dressed modestly and smartly. T-shirts and Trousers are the most common dress, however, you will see abundantly both Muslim and Christian women veiled through wearing abayas. You may enjoy your free time reading Egyptian English magazines like Horse Time, Ancient Egypt Magazine during sipping your favorite coffee. You can have on a crew neck grey T-shirt tucked into high-waisted white pants. Be cautious about leaving your hotel not wearing white in a windy day filled with dusty air. Any color is preferable than white, especially for your footwear because it won’t last clean longer at some muddy places in Cairo. This cowboy hat will protect you from the burning sun and heat. Here are 20 Cute Summer Travelling Outfits for Women.


↓ 9 – Try On An Abaya When You Are Visiting A Mosque.

You need to visit barefoot a mosque once in your life to witness the great calmness and the majesty it has, and its incredible prominent Islamic architecture. Mosques in Egypt will give you goosebumps, chiefly, the old ones built back in the golden age of Islam like Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As and Mosque of Muhammad Ali. They will mind you get in there unless you are dressed modestly and you aren’t showing much skin. What about trying something new? You can find this cheap cotton abaya and other styles in souvenir shops. Show respect through covering your hair with a scarf like how Princess Diana did when she visited Al-Azhar.


↓ 8 – Wear What An Egyptian Teenager Would

Female Egyptian Teenagers wear casuals, mostly jeans. Try a light brown T-shirt and black skinny pants with a jean jacket.


↓ 7 – What To Wear for Safari In Egypt

You can have an expeditious trip in Egypt driving a beach buggy and going wild through doing safari. Try on this black ripped pants, black shirt, and an olive quilted jacket. These colors wouldn’t make the dust on the garments observable. The fixed rule is to don’t wear anything other than sneakers, otherwise, you will stumble wearing heels or have the sand stuck to your toes through sandals.


↓ 6 – A Silk Dress

Feel free to knock around wearing a yellowish silk dress and wedge heel sandals with your partner to explore the crowded famous market.


↓ 5 – Dress Code In Egypt Hotels

There are many western cafes and restaurants in Egypt like Starbucks, Durkin’ Donuts, Paul, Panda express and Cinnabon etc. You will find also local cafes established on the Egyptian style. You can try some Egyptian courses like Koshary, stuffed squash, and Falafel. There are Asian restaurants where you can order Ramen, Sushi or Biriyani and more. T-shirts and blouses are very common to wear in summer. Try to respect the places and people through being sweet, polite and wearing modest clothes like a jean jacket or a cardigan over your cut top. In winter, you can wear a crew neck black pullover with these ripped jeans and a medium size crossbody bag. Don’t miss out these 15 Best Walking Shoes for Europe Trip & Travel Style shoes.


↓ 4 – A Nice And Appropriate Outfit for Riding A Camel

If you are planning for riding a camel or a horse, note that their back is stiff so wearing a skirt will be hella uncomfortable. Wear a white shirt with wide-leg cotton trousers.


↓ 3 – A Lovely Outfit To Wear When You Are Visiting Khan Al-Khalili

You have to wear simple clothes as much as possible and don’t exaggerate your look. You can wear a white T-shirt and flared pants with a cardigan.


↓ 2 – Best Time To Travel to Egypt & Best Outfit To Wear

If you can’t bear the heat, you better book your flying ticket from November-March when the temperature is cooler. It doesn’t rain frequently in Egypt, but the rain falls heavily when it’s the right time for the clouds to break their water. Cairo is more fun and joyous in winter while Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh in summer. I am assured you aren’t the only foreigner, but the majority visit Egypt to spend Christmas there. By that time you can wear this striped red and white shirt and dark wash denim jeans. Most of us forget or skip belts for their outfits, although wearing one adds an extra smart look. Bring your jacket because it gets cold more at night and a pastel pink satchel bag.


Take the experience of crossing the desert to witness the temple that got buried under the water but survived, Abu Simbel. You get to wear a high-low dotted dress with wedge sandals.


↓ 1 – What Shoes To Wear In Egypt

Now coming towards the shoes, you obviously need to pack at least one pair of sneakers for days when you’ll be walking a lot. We recommend some light and breathable sneakers like the Vivobarefoot Women’s Ultra 3 Watersports Walking Shoes that you can get here for as low as $ 60. Other than that, you should have some sandals (you could go with gold colored gladiator sandals if you want some Egyptian vibes) and lightweight flip flops for the beach.

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