Long Coat Outfits – 20 Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter

Long Coat Outfits. How to wear a long coat and how to style a coat with different outfits is a conundrum that may crop up quite often during the winter months. After all, one quickly tires of wearing the same exact thing day after day, week after week.

Switching up your coat game just might be the change your wardrobe needs in these remaining weeks of the cold season. So here at Outfit Trends, we have compiled 20 different ways to wear long coats this winter… ways that are stylish, unique, refreshing, and chic. Ultimately, we want to answer the questions that are on everyone’s minds: just how do you wear a long coat in the winter? And what are some long coat outfit ideas? Let’s get started.

What to Wear with Long Coats?

In one of our recent posts, we talked about cozy, stylish long coats to wear for the season. In today’s article, we are going to be talking about ways to wear a long coat. But first, let’s go over the top 14 types of long coats that you can choose from. Here they are:

  • Wrap Long Coat
  • Pea Long Coat
  • Parka Long Coat
  • Wrap Long Coat
  • Chesterfield Long Coat
  • Military Long Coat
  • Cape Long Coat
  • Car Long Coat
  • Cocoon Long Coat
  • Toggle Long Coat
  • Duffle Long Coat
  • Bracelet-Sleeve Long Coat
  • Top Long Coat
  • Duster Long Coat

If you aren’t familiar with some of these, a quick Google search will turn up some images that can give you an idea.

how to wear long coat outfits

We are going to talk about different styles. Let’s have a look at the following tips:

  • Wearing long coats along with your workwear is a very popular trend in the winter. Check out cute workwear outfit combinations.
  • The cape coat style is quite a popular style and very elegant. You can wear it with cigarette pants. You can go for a sleeveless long coat and pair it up with gloves and long boots.
  • Another choice is a cropped coat. You can wear a long dress with layers and a cropped coat over your long dress. A maxi would be preferable and great for a party.
  • A third option would be a knee-length coat. Wearing it in winter is a great option. You could wear it with a skirt. Make sure that the skirt is longer than your coat. You can also wear trousers with a knee-length coat.
  • Recently, floor-length coats have been quite trendy. It is a great street style and you can wear it for many different occasions too. Keep the rest of your outfit simplistic so as not to go overboard.
  • The long trench coat is a classic and investing in one of these is never a bad idea. Go for a neutral-colored one and pair it up with peplum tops and short outfits. You can wear it with a waist belt as well.

Now, let’s look at some outfit ideas!

↓ 20. Wear It With Neutrals

Perfect for fall or winter, an all-neutral look is endlessly classy. A long scarf is a great way to bring new colors or shades into a look and heeled boots are excellent when paired with a knee-length coat.


↓ 19. With a Tee-Shirt & High Heels

If you want to elevate a simple tee-shirt and pants look, add a fedora hat and a plum-colored coat with heels. This relatively understated look is great for the gal who likes a bit of a grungey street look.


how to wear hat with coats

↓ 18. With Jeggings & Booties

With this look, a camel brown coat takes center stage and is perfectly complemented by a deep blue jeggings-and-tee combo. Pair with some sleek black booties. Notice that the coat comes halfway down the calf and the jeggings hit right above the ankle. This is a slimming combo that elongates the whole figure.

DUSTER Long COAT style


↓ 17. Wear It With Shorts

While this article mainly showcases coats to wear in winter, this crazy gorgeous look is great for those chilly spring days (coming right around the corner) where there’s still a nip in the air and you aren’t quite comfortable going around in your usual spring attire… alternatively, this makes for a great early fall outfit as well. We told you the long coat was a versatile piece!

how to style yellow coats

↓ 16. Wear It With Leather Pants

An all-black outfit paired with a light brown thigh-length coat is such a winning ensemble, we reckon you will want to wear it all month long. Leather pants and heels give that slightly rock-style look that’s so fun and edgy and the neutral hat and coat make it quite chic. Keep your accessories minimal, and check out other outfit ideas on how to wear leather pants in different outfits here!

How to style camel long coats

↓ 16. With Knee High Boots

For a spur-of-the-moment date, this Little Black Dress paired with knee-high boots and a soft pink coat is the perfect mix of sassy and sweet. A little bit girly, a little bit edgy – it’s the perfect way to showcase different sides of your personality and your sense of style. Accessorize with sunglasses, a clutch, and some bracelets.

Pink long coat style

↓ 15. With Ripped Jeans & Sneakers

If you love a grunge street-style, this is the one for you. Match a beanie to your coat and layer up the rest of your look, especially if it’s chilly and your coat only comes mid-thigh. We also love the bright-colored sneakers which are youthful and comfy without sacrificing cuteness.

long coat with ripped jeans

↓ 14. With Boyfriend Jeans & Beanie

Here again, we have an example of how to wear jeans with a long coat. With this look, a charcoal gray coat is worn with a black tee (or long-sleeved sweater, depending on the weather) and boyfriend jeans. The beanie is boyish and cute while the heels keep the whole look chic. We like this outfit a lunch date, a coffee run with your bestie, or simply a weekend look for a not-so-cold day! Here are some more Chic Outfits to Wear with Beanies.

long coat with boyfriend jeans

↓ 13. With a Dress

We adore this blogger’s look which is classy, simple, and endlessly chic. You can wear this kind of outfit to all sorts of occasions, from a date to church to a business meeting to a luncheon party. It’s also (bonus!) a great option for a petite lady. This scalloped dress falls right to the knee and this structured, neutral-colored coat comes right below it. With these lengths, your body won’t be overwhelmed with excess material, which many petite gals try to avoid. Pair with heels and a neutral-colored handbag!

long coat styles


Here’s the look from the side!

ways to wear a long coat


↓ 12. Trench Coat with Statement Earrings

We will forever be obsessed with the trenchcoat trend. It’s super chic and classy too! For this look, pair some statement earrings with a belted trenchcoat in beige. Wear over a white top and checkered ankle-length trousers. Finish off the look with a neutral metallic pair of stiletto heels. If you like this look, don’t forget to check out these fabulous Trench Coat Outfits.

ways to wear a long coat this winter


↓ 11. How to Wear a Coat With Jeans

For another option on how to wear a coat with jeans, here’s a look we love. A flared coat that cinches the waist, worn over jeans, and paired with a polka-dot scarf is just too cute to miss out on. Give this look a try next time you are headed out to chill with friends or attending an outdoor event.

ways to wear long coats this winter


↓ 10. Sleeveless Coat with Leather Leggings

There are always some winter days that are just chilly enough to make a light coat necessary, but not so cold that you’d pop out the parka… For just such a day, a sleeveless coat fits the bill quite nicely. It’s also a great way to layer your outfit in a stylish way without excess bulk; plus, if you are wearing an all-black ensemble like this one, you can use a sleeveless coat in a contrasting color to bring a new dimension to the look.

ways to wear long coats this winter


↓ 9. Monochromatic Neutrals

We are lowkey obsessed with this all-neutral look that is extremely stylish and super chic. From the camel brown coat to the turtleneck top tucked into high-waisted bronze trousers, this look is perfect for the vivacious gal who isn’t afraid of standing out in the crowd. Finish off the ensemble with some animal-print heels.

ways to wear long coats in winter


↓ 8. Neutral Coat & Striped Trousers

If you are ready to make a statement, this high-end chic ensemble will do the job nicely. Wear a sheer top paired with striped trousers and a neutral trench-style coat. You can wear your choice of footwear, either boots or high heels. We love this model’s top knot hairstyle which draws attention to her face and shoulders. A cinched waist helps keep the coat from overwhelming her figure.

ways to wear long coats this winter


↓ 7. Style It With a Waist Belt

Adding a belt over a coat is a trick you might only see done on the runway… which makes it just edgy and daring enough to really elevate your style in a big way. For this look, you’ll want a coat with a pattern of some kind. We like this neutral scheme of colors as well. The contrast of the brown belt over the coat and white open-front top is decidedly fashionista-approved.

ways to wear long coats


↓ 6. With Dress and Tights

Here’s a gorgeous way to wear a bright-colored coat, like this fuzzy, sunshine yellow piece. While we always caution pairing yellow with black (as the effect can remind one of a bumble-bee) it’s not impossible to do and you can see here that on occasion, the pairing works quite well. However, if it’s just too buzzy-buzzy to you, try a coat in a different color. Here are some more tips on styling Outfits with Black Tights.

ways to wear long coats


↓ 5. How to Wear an Oversized Long Coat?

When wearing an oversized coat, look to create some structure with the rest of your pieces (like defining the waist) to avoid overwhelming your figure.

ways to wear long coats


↓ 4. Fuzzy Coat & Wide-Legged Pants

Give this ’80s/’90s look a try!

ways to wear long coats


↓ 3. Mustard Yellow & Chunky Sneakers

Super trendy, super chic.

ways to wear long coats


↓ 2. Styling for Petites

Here’s another look for petite gals.

ways to wear long coats


↓ 1. How to Wear a Long Black Coat?

We love this coat paired with neutral gray and a matching black conductor hat and knee-high boots.

ways to wear long coats


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to wear a long coat.

Q. What shoes should I wear with a long coat?

A. Most shoes work extremely well with the versatile long coat. The weather, of course, plays a factor. It may be too cold for certain kinds of flats and you may feel most comfortable in some knee-high boots… but here’s a list of different types of shoes you can wear with a long coat:

  • Sneakers
  • Thigh-high boots
  • Ankle boots
  • Loafers
  • Converse
  • Flatforms
  • High Tops/Low Tops
  • High heels

Q. How to wear a long coat with a dress?

A. There are two main ways we would recommend wearing a long coat over a dress. The first is to opt for a coat that falls at least six inches longer than the dress. The second way is to wear the dress at least six inches longer than the coat… Each way ensures that the respective pieces get their full due without outshining the other. Layering a coat over a dress of the same length doesn’t allow either one to stand out. However, this doesn’t apply with a flared skirt, especially a flared midi skirt, or A-line skirts. When it comes to a flared or A-line skirt, choose a structured coat that matches the length of the dress or is similar to it. Ultimately, a little experimenting should help you discover the length that will help create a balanced silhouette.

Q. How to wear long coats for petite women?

A. How to wear a long or maxi coat when you are short is a dilemma lots of women face. You may have written long outerwear off as a no-no for your petite frame, but it doesn’t have to be! Obviously, it will be a little trickier but it’s totally doable. Here are three tips for wearing a long coat as a petite gal:

  • Go for a monochrome or neutral look. This will help create the illusion of being taller. Dark gray, black, or navy are good options.
  • Try wearing your coat over jeans and a tucked-in top. A high-waisted pair of jeans will help make your legs appear longer.
  • Don’t go for a floor-length coat. Choose one that is ankle-length or above-ankle.

Q. What coat to wear with a long formal dress?

A. You can’t go wrong with a wool coat! Also, depending on the length of your dress, you could opt for a maxi-length coat or a mid-length coat.

We hope you feel inspired and ready to take on the long coat trend in a way that’s practical but also feels glamorous to you. Let us know in the comments below which long coat outfit was your favorite!

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