Harem Pant Outfits-25 Ideas On What To Wear With Harem Pants

Harem Pant Outfits– Harem pants are long baggy pants, that are in a loose-fitting all the way to the bottom, but they get tighter right around the ankles. They originated from South Asia, and now they are known as fashion icons around the world.

They are often tied at the ankles using ribbon, elastic or a separate piece of fabric. I believe there are very few types of outfits that any one of us can carry correctly, but harem pants are undoubtedly one of them. Today we’ll be sharing some ideas on how you can wear harem pants, what shoes go with harem pants and what are best outfits combinations with harems according to your personality. I hope these ideas inspire you into creating your own unique and beautiful looks! Let’s check the looks one by one.

How To Dress Up In Harem Pants?

If you haven’t tried harem pants before, now is the time to try them. Trust us once you learn to wear and style them properly, you won’t want to go back ever. So, for beginners, we have a few great tips on how to wear harem pants.

  • Harem Pants look good in primary and solid colors like black, grey, brown, etc., so go for them.
  • Avoid Overly printed harem pants with printed tops. Keep at least one piece in a solid color.
  • Harem pants look better when worn with heels; hence prefer heels over flats with these pants.
  • For regular use, tuck your shirts inside your harem pants and use a belt.
  • For Harem pants and trousers, fabric like silk, and cotton jersey are good choices as they drape in the right areas.
  • Make sure your pants and trousers fit you well. Too tight or too baggy ones will ruin the face of this masterpiece.
  • If you want your harem pants to be emphasized, then wear a crop top with them.

how to wear harem pants

↓ 25 – Soft And Comfy Harem Pants For Winters

We’ve all seen harem pants making their way to ramps and fashion weeks. They are often seen as a part of summer outfits as well. But have you ever thought of wearing them in winter? If not, then do it now. Wear Caprice Hacci Harem pants with a soft, casual sweater and warm ugg boots. You can slay this look inside your home as well as outside. It is trendy, timeless, and vintage!

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Caprice Hacci Harem Pants

↓ 24 – For Mature Women

Women often prefer or shift towards simpler attires once they reach their forties. They limit trying different fashion trends and wear what everyone else is wearing. But believe us, you don’t have to be this boring or old-school just as yet. You still should try this novel and trendy piece and create something decent and elegant out of it. Here is a look that you can create with Harem pants. Wear it with a Tee shirt and layer up with a velvet dress blazer. Put on small heels, delicate jewllery, and slight makeup. Finish off your look with a patent leather wallet.


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Velvet dress blazer

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↓ 23 – For Plus Size Women

Age, weight, and size are genuinely just numbers. They do not limit you to wearing specific clothes. You can pull off any outfit if you wear it the right way and carry yourself well. So, for the next event that you are planning to attend, wear glittery peach harem pants along with a maroon pleated top. Wear nude shaded, strapped sandals. And polish off your look with center-parted loose curls, glowing makeup, and a decent watch. Lady, you’ve dressed to kill!


↓ 22 – Perfect Street Style Look

What’s the point of dressing up in an outfit that has all the flash but no dash? Try out this ultra-comfortable silhouette, which makes harem pants essential for effortlessly stylish outfitting. Accessorize your outfit with a stylish hat, shades, and boots.

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↓ 21 – For Pregnant Women

If you are a pregnant woman and want to wear something comfortable yet stylish, then harem pants are surely for you. Wear harem pants in linen fabric, along with a tee-shirt and you’re all set for a super-comfy day.

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↓ 20 – White Harem Pants

Embrace your skin tone and style accordingly. There are so many colors that white girls can’t pull off well, but black girls can. Wear a black top with white pleated cropped harem pants and polish off your look with sunglasses, earrings, beige sandals, and a striped purse. So ethereal!

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↓ 19 – Glitz And Glitter

If you haven’t thought of taking the jogger silhouette from day to night, then now is the time to do it. Let people be enthralled to see you in sparkling sequins that are lightning up your look tonight. You can easily carry yourself in such sequin; hip hops harem pants along with white eyelash Chenille sweater, red purse, and silver pumps. Perfectly dressed to the nine!

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V neck eyelash chenille sweater

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↓ 18 – For Your Lazy Days

Here’s how you can look all cute and dainty in your harem pants, even on the laziest day of the week.


↓ 17 – Blue And White

Girls, look all sassy in this figure-flattering blue and white outfit. It’s simple to create this look yet rock the floor. All you need is high slit harem pant and white bikini top. Wear Espadrille tie up flat sandals with this outfit and carry around a straw pompom shoulder bag. Put on dangle earring to complete your floaty and sheer look.

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↓ 16 – The Best Look Ever With Harem Pants

Nothing will ever look more stylish and attractive than this captivating silhouette. You must try on  Jacqemus belted harem pants with a checkered wool blazer and tartan wool ankle boots. Here are some more ideas on How To Wear A Checkered Blazers.

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JACQUEMUS belted harem trousers

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↓ 15 – How To Wear Harem Pants To Office

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↓ 14 – Harem Pants With Sneakers

This is one of the simplest, most comfortable, everyday looks that you can carry with harem pants. A simple t-shirt that you can either tuck in or tuck out. Add some accessories like a necklace or bracelets and wear them with your favorite sneakers.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (1)


↓ 13 – Style Them Heels

Here are some more alterations to the look given above. If you want to look a little more formal then instead of sneakers, use heels. Add on a jacket or a scarf and a matching handbag. For this look, you can add a long chunky charm bracelet if you want to add more spice to your whole look.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (2)

↓ 12 – Casual Style

Greys look great when combined with white harem pants outfits.  You can use turtle neck or blouses and for accessories, use belts, clutches, and jewelry. This creates a simple and yet perfect party look.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (3)

↓ 11 – How to Wear Harem Pants At Job Ideas

Blazers and scarves go wonderfully with harem pants, particularly if its a bit chilly outside. Again this look works great with heels, bags, some simple jewelry, and sunglasses. Perfect workwear look.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (4)

↓ 10 – Style Harem Pants Like Celebrities

Here is a picture of Victoria Beckham carrying this look like a comfy airport outfit. Just like her, you can also wear washed out the color of harem pants with black or another colored coat with front open. Check out Celebrity Inspired Women’s Outfits for the Airport.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (15)

↓ 9 – Party Style

A similar look is being carried here by Ciara as she wears harem pants in a super silky material. If you have identical harem pants, then try pairing them with a fitted and tailored blazer and even a contrasting scarf. Wearing a different scarf is the trick of the whole look because it will bring every element of the outfit together in an effortless way.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (13)

↓ 8 – Polyvore Outfit Combination

One of my favourite colors in harem pants outfits is the combination of blue and grey. This colour combination I feel looks fabulous on anyone. A blazer, harem pants, and a simple belt creates such a cute outfit and it can be worn almost everywhere.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (5)

↓ 7 – Spring Style

Here is a unique and different idea to style these pants. If you have harem pants and waistcoat of a darker shade, add in a bright-colored or floral tunic and create this beautiful look. This outfit is perfect if you pair up with matching waistcoat, harem pants, and accessories along with a contrasting tunic. Check out 16 Beautiful Tunics Top collection for women this season

Stylish ideas with harem pants (6)

↓ 6 – Beach Day Outfit

This looks like such a cute outfit especially for a day out on the beach, or even if you feel like going shopping on a sunny day. A lovely striped shirt in pink, blue, or some other cool color and, if possible, with puffy sleeves, white or beige harem pants, a hat with matching pumps, and some beautiful jewelry. Try to keep the colors on the fresh palette. Stylish ideas with harem pants (7)

↓ 5 – Street Style

Harem pants, a matching tank top, and a jacket in contrasting color. Such a simple outfit, and yet it’s sure to turn heads around. You can always rock this outfit just by adding a matching or contrasting thick belt.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (8)


↓ 4 – Style With Crop Top In Summers

Here’s a picture of Lily Collins wearing drop-crotch leather harem pants and a crop top. This creates a casual and yet classy look that works best for taller girls. These types of black leather harem pants are in fashion these days so they’re surely worth trying on. Check out these Cute Ways to Wear Crop Tops This Season.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (9)

↓ 3 – With Leather Jackets

Leather jacket, harem pants, and sandals. An outfit you can wear to college, to work, or even for a casual day out with friends or family. This outfit will make you look sophisticated and trendy at the same time!

Stylish ideas with harem pants (10)


↓ 2 – Winter Style

Gwen Stefani has often been seen around wearing Harem pants. Check out how beautiful she looks in this casual denim jacket and pants. To rock this particular look, you can always go for contrasting colors. Wear a blue denim jacket with a bright colored tank top and finish the look with black harem sweat pants. Here are some more cool Girls Sweatpants Outfits.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (12)

↓ 1 – Funky Style

Harem pants also work great if worn for funky or hipster style. Pair it with a printed tank top and a bold colored jacket to bring everything together.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (11)


Celebrities Spotted In Harem Pants

Rihanna is wearing a high waisted blazer with harem pants. This is hands down the best combo that you will see anywhere. If you’re wearing contrasting colors in a blazer and harem pants then put on some smokey eye makeup too, as this look will be spot on for any occasion.

Stylish ideas with harem pants (16)

Jennifer Lopez and Leona Lewis have added some sparkle to their harem pants outfits. Such outfits are best for parties and get-togethers. Not only these two singers but a bunch of other celebrities are also rocking sparkling harem pants on their events, and the list includes Justin Bieber too!

Stylish ideas with harem pants (14) Stylish ideas with harem pants (17)


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