What to Wear in Canada in Winters? 21 Outfits and Packing List

What to wear in Canada in Winters. A country brimming with rich culture, scenic beauty, delicious food, and adventures to remember, Canada is every traveler’s dream come true. From picturesque resort town, Banff to modern city vibes in Toronto and rocky mountains in Vancouver, when it comes to exploring the country, Canada will spoil you for choices.

So if you are planning to vacay in Canada this winter, check out our exclusive catalog of all the fabulous outfits you need to pack for your next stylish vacay. From leather coats to trendy jackets, when it comes to exploring this beautiful country during winters, we have got you covered.

What to Pack for Winter Trip to Canada?

Starting with some general tips that one needs to keep in mind before they start packing:

  • Canada is one of the most coldest nations in the world, so when it comes to packing, opt for clothes in thick and hot fabric like wool, fleece and leather.
  • Do not forget to pack warm, comfortable footwear like leather boots, uggs or snow shoes to protect your feet from harsh winds and snow. Avoid packing high heels as you most likely won’t be wearing them anywhere.
  • Avoid packing crop tops or mini dresses as canada’s winter temperatures can easily go as low as -15.
  • Pack thermal tops and pants to layers under your outfit and make sure you layer properly. For more on this, go through these tips on how to layer like a pro.
What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List

Now lets look at some outfits and clothing items that I highly recommend packing for the trip:

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List

21. Waterproof Jacket

A heavy-duty waterproof jacket is a must to survive in the Canadian winters. Don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket and get on with your adventure of exploring the stunning mountains of Canada.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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20. Cropped Cardigan

Switching up the classic crop top trend to make it a little winter-appropriate, we have the cropped cardigan. Perfect cozy outfit for movie nights and stay-in enjoying takeout, pair your cropped cardigan with matching pajamas and you are all set for a night of Netflix and chill or a pajama party with your girls.


19. Woolen Scarf

Any trendy yet effortless winter outfit is incomplete without a chunky woolen scarf. Throw it over your winter coat for a laid-back look or tie it around your neck for a more formal appeal. Cashmere scarves are perfect to protect your neck from the cold harsh winds and are a must in Canadian winters.


18. Puffer Jacket

Stylish, vogue, warm and uber-trendy, a puffer jacket is a must when it comes to packing for Canada. Pair it with straight-fit jeans, chunky shoes, and accessories with some statement silver neckpiece, and your laid-back, influencer-approved vacay outfit is ready to be flaunted. Here are some outfit ideas that you can wear with puffer jackets.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List


17. Gloves/ Mittens

To protect your hands from freezing in the Canadian winters, don’t forget to pack some gloves or hand mittens. You can opt for leather gloves in neutral shades for a chic, street-style vibe or opt for hand mittens in cute and vibrant prints to add some jolly to your winter vacay outfit.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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16. Woolen Shrug

For a boho-chic look, pack some long woolen shrugs and rock the streets of Toronto like the fashionista you are. Pair it with a winter dress, jeans, or skirts, when it comes to styling this versatile piece, the options are endless. For a unique and sassy vacay outfit, you can opt for a woolen shrug in a bold shade and pair it with a monochrome outfit.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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15. Woolen Cap

Yes, fashion is uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze to death to look stylish. Pack woolen berets or caps and enjoy the beautiful snowfall in Calgary. Wear a beret for a classy date night look and switch it with a woolen beanie for a casual daytime look.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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14. Sweatshirt

Perfect for a stroll in the Banff or to explore the rocky mountains of Vancouver, sweatshirts aren’t simply stylish but are also uber-cool. With a hint of athleisure aesthetic, sweatshirts are comfortable, warm, and suit almost all body types. Pair it with your trusty jeans, your favorite shades, comfortable shoes, and your daytime vacay outfit is ready.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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13. Jeans

A staple in every wardrobe, don’t forget to pack your favorite jeans for your Canadian winter vacation. From straight fit, boyfriend to boot cut, find your poison and pack them in blue and blacks so you can create multiple outfits without over-packing.


Skiing Outfit for Canada Trip

12. Snow Shoes

One of the coldest nations in the world, Canada in winters aren’t for the faint hearts. So if you are planning to go skiing in Canada this winter, don’t forget to pack snowshoes as Canada is famous for its magical snow season. Pair it with your puffer jacket and enjoy the dreamy snow, making iceman and look stylish while at it. For more tips, check out these ski resort & skiing outfit ideas.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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11. Thermal Tops

When it comes to protecting yourself from the harsh winds and keeping yourself warm in the Canadian winters, layering is your best friend. Pack thermal tops and pants that you can wear under your tops and cardigans and keep yourself warm and cozy. Thermals are an excellent way to layer when you don’t wish to pile on thick coats to keep warm.


10. Leather Coat

For all our baddie fashionistas out there, don’t forget to pack a leather coat for your next winter vacation. Pair it with a bodycon winter dress or style it with flared jeans, whatever you choose don’t forget to click some pictures for your Instagram.


9. Arm Warmers

We all have seen and coveted Kendal Jenner in her super chic arm warmers. And now is your chance to shine. Your winter vacation in Canada is the perfect occasion to flaunt this celebrity-approved look. Pair it with a contrasting top and let your chic look do all the talking.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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8. Woolen Stocking

Woolen stocking is the up-and-coming trend that has completely changed the face of winter fashion and styling. Simply wear it under your mini skirt and layer it with a regular skin-toned or black stocking and voila, your facade is up. This trick will not only help you achieve that classy look but will also protect your legs from freezing.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List

7. Winter Coat

Classy, sophisticated, and oh-so-chic, a good quality coat is a winter essential that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Find one to match your personality, from a long winter coat in bold shades, to the one in classic black color, whatever your favorite is, don’t forget to pack it for your Canadian vacation this winter.


What to Wear Hiking in Canada?

6. Bomber Jacket

Not sure what to wear to your casual brunch at the Alo Restaraunt or for your hiking trip in the Jasper National Park? We’ve got you covered. Pack a couple of bomber jackets, pair them with your trusty jeans, sneakers, a beanie to keep your head warm and voila you are all ready for the day. For more ideas, check out our complete guide on winter hiking outfits.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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5. Turtleneck Sweater

Be it a chunky turtleneck sweater or a fitted one, one cannot deny the sheer elegance and style of a turtleneck sweater. Chic yet fun, a turtleneck sweater has stood the test of time and has emerged as an indisputable winter staple. Wear it under your winter coat and stay stylishly ready for the Canadian winters. Here are some ideas on how you can style turtlenecks in different ways.


4. Warm Tops & Tshirts

Apart from outerwear, don’t forget to pack some comfortable t-shirts and a few stylish tops. Pick them in bold shades or with graphic prints to add a touch of drama to your otherwise monochrome winter fit. You can style your tops with jeans, trousers, or skirts, this versatile piece will allow you to create multiple outfits without having to overpack.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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3. Ear Muffs

In cities like Alberta, temperatures can go as low as -40 C, to protect yourself from freezing, pack some ear muffs for your next winter vacation in Canada. From cute furry earmuffs to the ones that mean business, there are a variety of options available for you to choose from.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List
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2. Fleece Jacket

For Canadian winters, thick and warm fabrics like wool and fleece are your best bet. Pack a pair of fleece jackets and style them with different tops or dresses to create a new look. Effortless and trendy, a fleece jacket won’t only keep you happily toasted but will also help you look stylish while at it.


1. What to Wear in Montreal in Winters?

Montreal is the most popular tourist destination in Canada, even in Winter when the temperature is between -1 and -12°C. So a puffer jacket, as discussed earlier is a must-have for visiting Montreal. You can pair it with thermal inners and lots of layering along with a woolen scarf. Since it will most probably be snowing, I highly recommend that you go through these outfits to wear when its snowing.

What to wear in Canada in Winters?21 Outfits & Packing List


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to prepare for a Winter trip to Canada?

Warm layers of thick fabric is how Canadians prepare for winters. From earmuffs to gloves and socks, if you are planning to visit Canada in winters, cover as much as possible to protect yourself from the extreme temperatures. Woolen scarf and leg warmers are also some garments that the Canadians swear by in the winters.

Q. What clothes to pack for canada?

For a 2 week trip, I recommend 3-4 casual tops and t-shirts, a waterproof jacket, a couple of your favorite jeans, woolen coat, thermal top and pants, wool cap, mittens, warm socks, 3-4 underwear, comfortable pair of shoes and boots, and a couple more jackets to protect yourself from the harsh cold winds.

Q. What shoes to wear in Canada in winters?

In simple words, you need something warm and slip-resistant that can withstand the heaps of snow that you might get surrounded by any day. So the best option is to go for long boots with a good grip. You should also have with you at least one pair of snow boots and if you don’t have one, you can easily find them in Canada.

Summing up, if you are planning to vacay in Canada this winter, opt for warm, thick layers as Canada tends to get pretty chilly during the winters. Think woolen coat, fleece jacket, leather coat, wool scarf, mittens, and socks. To keep yourself happily cozy, opt for snow boots, woolen socks, and don’t forget to wear your waterproof jacket and enjoy the beautiful snowfall in Alberta or dance in the rain in Vancouver. Don’t forget to click some pictures for your Instagram and tag us!

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