Outfits for Pregnant Women – 26 Best Maternity Outfit Ideas

Cute Pregnancy Outfits. Pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from looking stylish and staying trendy. If you are looking for ideas on how to get a glamorous look while being pregnant or what are the latest fashion trends for pregnant women, then this post is for you.

Nowhere it has been written that you can not wear stylish clothes during pregnancy. Pregnant women usually get rid of old clothes that do not fit them anymore. You must keep the old clothes and redesign them with the help of a professional tailor, except for a few dresses that don’t fit you. You can keep them aside. The truth is that when you are expecting a baby and during the last months, you need to buy clothes that are loose and flowy. You can then wear them after your pregnancy, too, so that money doesn’t go to waste. Today we will discuss the top outfits that you should have in your wardrobe during pregnancy time.

What To Wear in Pregnancy?

When a girl becomes pregnant, a lot changes for her; it is because you have to make changes in your food, habits, lifestyle, and on top of it all, you have to change many things in your wardrobe. As the baby pump starts getting more prominent, you can no longer wear tight-fitting clothes, and oversized outfits aren’t a good option either. So, here we have gathered some great styling tips for you. Follow them and look your best throughout pregnancy!

  • Stick with lightweight and breathable fabrics. In pregnancy, you can feel hot or cold anytime; maintaining a temperature is pretty hard. So go with breathable fabric and prefer layering up according to the weather and occasion.
  • Loose and flowy tops with ruffles and trims are a great choice. They are comfortable, skims your frame, and covers the baby bump.
  • Button-down shirts will be a great addition to your closet. They will give a good company in pregnancy and the nursing period.
  • Prefer buying and wearing trousers and pants with elastic waistbands. They are super comfortable! Another pro of these trousers is that they will fit you even after you deliver your baby.
  • Wrap clothes, coats, and cardigans are perfect for layering during this period.
  • Always accessorize! Accessories can brighten up your entire look. Opt for colorful or solid jewelry pieces and match them with your clothes.
  • Keep your footwear as comfortable as possible. Heels can be risky during this period, and joggers don’t go well with every outfit. So the best choices are boots, loafers, pumps, and peep-toes.
  • Invest in clothes that you can wear even after your pregnancy.
  • Wear belts when you want to accentuate your baby bump. You can style them with tunics, tops, and long shirts.

what to wear in pregnancy

Here we bring 26 striking outfit combinations for pregnant women this season. Whether you are in the early weeks of pregnancy or last weeks, we bring some stylish maternity outfits in this collection. From casual maternity style to formal look, you can get a lot of ideas from this collection. Scroll down to see how these pregnant women dressed up in chic looks. And for your post-pregnancy wardrobe, do check out our collection of trendy Outfits For Mums.

↓ 26 – Wedding Maternity Dresses

Outfits that feature multiple layers are best picks for weddings. They help you stay in style without making your baby bump too obvious. Prefer wearing solid and bold colors to stand out! Wear a long layered maxi or a simple maxi with a cape jacket for a gorgeous look. Accessorize your outfit with dainty silver jewelry, wear your hair in loose curls, and put on some peachy-pink makeup.

Outfits for Pregnant Women


↓ 25 – Summer Pregnancy Outfits

Pregnancy and summers don’t go very well together. So, to avoid sweating and suffocation, opt for loose yet stylish clothes. Oversized tunics in fresh colors and breathable fabric are great options. They will make you feel alive and refreshing. You can wear strappy sandals or flip flops with them for a comfortable and relaxed time. Wear a fresh lip shade and studs to finish off your look.

Outfits for Pregnant Women

↓ 24 – Maternity Outfits With Leggings

Maternity leggings are lifesavers! Thanks to the person who created them. They support the baby bump and save you from the trouble of zips and buttons. Also, it is effortless to fit in them as they are stretchable. Wear them with tee shirts or sweaters and pull over a long coat or cardigan. You can wear them on multiple occasions by changing your top and layering pieces. Wear joggers, sneakers, loafers, or whatever shoes you want to wear because they all go well with them. Here are some ideas on Different Ways to Wear Black Leggings.


↓ 23 – Casual Outfits

All mommies-to-be need to bulk up their wardrobes with cute casual attires. Add some new maxis and midi dresses in lively colors with fresh floral prints to your closet. Wear them with strappy sandals and enjoy yourself!


↓ 22 – Pregnancy Outfits for Winters


↓ 21 – Maternity Tops

Outfits for Pregnant Women


↓ 20 – Dungaree Pregnancy Outfit

Outfits for Pregnant Women


↓ 19 – Lounge Wear for Pregnant Women

Loungewear is a must-have for you all. There is nothing better than them during pregnancy. Get yourself a few pairs of them in a loose fit and comfortable fabric. You can buy yourself a size bigger for the last months of your pregnancy.


↓ 18 – Baby Shower Outfits

You can either opt for a mini dress or stick to long maxi gowns for your baby shower- the choice is all yours! They both look great in their own way. White, blue, yellow, and pink colors are usually the best to wear on this occasion. Wear footwear according to your comfort level and accessorize with pearl or silver jewelry for an elegant look. Style up your hair and put on some makeup. You deserve to celebrate and cherish these moments. Here are some more ideas on What to Wear to a Baby Shower Brunch.

Outfits for Pregnant Women


↓ 17 – Boho Maternity Outfits

Boho maternity outfits will be an adorable addition to your closet. They are loose, comfy, and colors are appealing as well.

Outfits for Pregnant Women


↓ 16 – How to Use Your Existing Clothes With Maternity Wear

Usually, women throw away their old pieces, but you can utilize them smartly and make fantastic outfit combinations. For example, your old scarf, tights, favorite handbag, and a statement necklace can completely pull a maternity look together. Even you can wear your comfortable cardigans or jackets over your clothes and create an entirely new look. That way, you can hide your baby bump and look stylish as well.

A great option to wear during the pregnancy is a dress that is flowy such as a wrap dress. These kinds of dresses are very classy and comfy. Other than that, you could wear a T-shirt with a blazer on top, a short skirt with leggings, a cool t-shirt with a jacket, and a lot more.

maternity outfits

↓ 15 – Celebrity Style Casual Outfits for Pregnancy

The New Girl actress Zoey Deschanel also got pregnant with her second child in 2016, and her pregnancy outfits were as cute and adorable as she is.

Here she’s seen with her husband Jacob Pechenik, enjoying a sunny day. She’s wearing a blue jacket and Capri leggings. If you like this look of hers, you might want to check out these Outfits with Navy Blue Coat -22 Ideas to Wear Navy Blue Coats.


And here’s a picture from the sets of New Girl where she’s seen wearing a floral dress and layered it with a red cardigan.


This outfit of hers is perfect for the morning walks during pregnancy. Once again, Zoey is wearing a floral dress, but this time she has layered it with a denim jacket. She’s wearing flat shoes along with a belt on her waist and kept makeup light. Her messy half-up hairdo goes well with this look.


It looks like she loves wearing floral dresses and ballet flats these days. And why not? They make up the cutest pregnancy outfits. This dress has a nice empire waistline, which made her bump all the more prominent.


↓ 14 – Beyonce’s Maternity Outfit for Basketball Game

The renowned singer Beyonce is currently pregnant with twins, and her pregnancy outfits have given us some maternity goals. Have a look for yourself and be amazed by her chic styling:

For the 2017 NBA game, Beyonce arrived with Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, wearing a kimono over a white shirt and ripped jeans. The patterned kimono helped Beyonce cover up her baby bump and stay comfortable. Here are some super cute Kimono Outfit Ideas.


↓ 13 – Spring Outfit Combination for Pregnant Women

Stylish outfits for pregnant women

If you’re not a fan of showing off your baby bump and instead prefer to keep it covered, then this outfit of actress Blake Lively might win your heart as she wears a cape shawl over her outfit and keeps things simple and comfy during her pregnancy.


On another occasion, Lively was seen wearing this bright yellow loose and flowy maxi dress. The color is an excellent choice for Spring.


↓ 12 – Denim Outfit

pregnant women outfits

what to wear in pregnancy

what to wear in pregnancy


↓ 11 – Leather Pant Outfit

Stylish clothes for Pregnant women

↓ 10 – Street Style Look

Street style pregnant women

↓ 9 – Sports Look

Sports look Pregnant women

↓ 8 – Lace Short for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women fashion trends

↓ 7 – Stylish Maxi Dress for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women fashion ideas

↓ 6 – Stylish Black Dresses

Pregnant women clothing ideas

↓ 5 – Party Outfits

maternity style

Many of us love wearing gowns for formal events, and if you’re confused about how to wear a gown in pregnancy, then take cues from Natalie Portman, who was seen looking glamorous as ever in gowns during her pregnancy days. You might notice that for both gowns, she chose loose-fitting and an asymmetrically shaped tailoring, which helped her avoid looking bulky. These gowns can also make cool outfits for your baby shower.


↓ 4 – Maternity Workwear

Maternity Clothes Fashion

If you want greater coverage, you can opt for a long coat-like Amal Clooney, so just a hint of your baby bump is visible.


↓ 3 – Floral Outfits for Pregnant Women

Floral Maternity Dresses

Such floral outfits were also a favorite for the Duchess of Cambridge during her pregnancy. You can also have a look at 22 Cute Floral Print Outfits Combinations for Spring Season.


 ↓ 2 – Chic Style Outfit for the Airport

Cool Dresses for Pregnant women

Here’s another cool pregnancy look at the Airport from Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan:


↓ 1 – Casual Outfits

Casual outfits for pregnant women

It only takes a little effort to get smart while buying your maternity clothes. It doesn’t require much time. We hope you all will gain a lot of knowledge regarding maternity fashion. Good luck with your shopping 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I wear regular clothes while pregnant?

A. Yes, you can wear regular clothes during this period. All you have to do is size up so you can stay comfortable in them. You can wear A-line dresses or flowy and ruffled tops with your non-maternity pants and trousers. Even in regular clothes, look for pieces that have elastic waistbands, and prefer going with outfits that have buttons.

Q. Can I wear a skirt in pregnancy?

A. Wearing a skirt might not be a perfect option during maternity. Finding the right waist fit is difficult, and an overly tight one can cut off the circulation to the fetus. But still, if you want to wear it, look for high waisted skirts that feature elastic and stretchable waist. Wear them with tee shirts or button-down shirts to finish off your look.

Q. What not to wear in maternity?

A. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or heavy during this stage. Crop tops are a big No unless you want your baby bump showing outside your clothes. Nonstretchy jeans are hard to wear during this time as well, so either opt for stretchable jeans or wear leggings for more comfort.

Q. What clothes can hide my baby bump?

A. Layered clothes, busy patterns, ruffles, trim, wrap dresses, long coats, cardigans, oversized jackets, and hoodies can hide your pregnancy very well. You can also wear shapewear; it will help your belly stay in shape without hurting your baby.

Q. What are the best clothes to accentuate the baby bump?

A. If you are searching for clothes that can make your baby bump prominent, then wear straight and slim fit outfits. Solid and monochrome colors can also do the work for you. Last but not least, add a belt to emphasize more on the belly.

Q. What to wear with maternity leggings?

A. You can wear many things with maternity leggings starting from tees, sweaters, hoodies, and tunics. You can also wear them with frocks and maxi dresses.

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