19 Chic Ways to Style a Blazer Dress

Blazer Dress Outfits: Gone are the days when a blazer was just worn at work with pants and a formal dress shirt. Now, it is the era of rocking a blazer dress wherever and however, you want. It has become a staple for every fashionable woman who is not scared of expressing her style in the wildest of ways.

Thanks to their growing popularity that you have a wide variety of options. Whatever your budget, size, age, or level of comfort when it comes to showing skin you can find the perfect one for yourself and style it for any occasion.

What To Wear With A Blazer Dress?

A blazer dress can be as long as a little under your knee or stop just around your thighs. You can either take an oversized blazer and style it like a dress or you can get your hands on a dress made from the material and features of a blazer. They can be of any material and color, you can pair an oversized velvet blazer with some bright pink heels or lace-up boots.

If you want to wear a mini blazer dress then pairing it with translucent tights would be the best idea. You can even wear one with a plunging neckline underneath, sneakily showing from underneath. Apart from how you can wear these dresses, there is also a wide variety in their styles such as oversized, asymmetrical, flared bottom, cinched waist, and many more!

Styling Tips How to Wear Blazer Dress Outfits

  • To make your legs look longer always go for higher heels.
  • Go for a waist belt if you want to emphasize your curves or if you feel like the blazer dress doesn’t fit properly
  • If you want to wear pants then it’s best to go for wide-legged ones.
  • Avoid wearing flat slippers with a blazer dress.
  • Invest in bright-colored blazers if you plan on partying in them.

20 – Combination of the Day: Pink and Green

I am in love with this fresh color combination that would look amazing for parties.

blazer dress outfits


19 – With A Silk Scarf

Fashion does not look at your size or your age. The only thing that affects your style is your confidence. Take a look at this outfit and look at how confidently it is being showcased.

If you are a bit conscious about your curves then go for a slightly oversized blazer that is cinched around the waist with extra high heels (make sure you can walk in them though). This technique will give off a stylish and elongated look.

Silk scarves are a great way to add prints, patterns and colors to such monochromatic blazer dresses.


blazer dress outfits


18 – Use an Asymmetrical Blazer to Look Taller

A bright red asymmetrical blazer is something every woman needs in her life. You do not need to put in much effort because the color and the funky design of this blazer dress do the job of making your outfit look exquisite.

The asymmetrical hem makes your legs appear longer which is why this outfit is perfect for women of a shorter height. For your hair and makeup, you can take inspiration from these Red Dress Makeup Ideas & Hairstyling Tips for Perfect Look.


17 – Style A Green Pocketed Blazer With White Heels

Green is quite trendy this year, especially sage green. You can see it everywhere nowadays so why not get a blazer dress in this super cool color? The look and style of this outfit are perfect for someone who wants to look stylish but, does not want to grab an overwhelming amount of attention.

You can pair it up with some heels and gold chunky hoops and call it a day.


16 – Nude Buttoned Blazer

These dresses are for everyone. This trend is so versatile that there are options for people of all ages. If you have a long jacket in your closet, you can transform it into a dress.

Nude blazers also look really elegant in corduroy materials and if you agree then you must check out these Corduroy Blazer Outfits For Women.

blazer dress outfits

15 – Celebrity Inspired

Hailey Bieber is a style icon. Her outfits are always fiery yet, very feminine. Look how gorgeous, badass, and feminine she looks. Hailey was seen in Paris wearing a chestnut and burgundy checkered jacket dress with a pair of tan leather thigh-high boots and a white leather purse.

You can totally copy her vibe and her stunning look by getting your hands on a blazer belted dress, a pair of extra long-heeled boots, and a trendy cloud bag with a chunky chain.

14 – Black And White Fit With Red Accesories

A midi blazer dress in a white and black pattern sounds chic but, contrasting it with red accessories will take your look to the next level. Red really pops out with such muted colors. Throw on a french beret to add some more flavor. 


13 – A Black Sleeveless Blazer With Open Toe Booties

We all know that a true fashionista does not put her comfort before her look. But you can go for this badass and beautiful look in semi-chilly weather. The big black shades, the peep-toe booties, and the midi length dress – everything about this outfit portray a woman who means big buck business.

Here are some more Cute Outfits with Sleeveless Blazers.


12 – Wear A Brown Blazer With White Strappy Heels

Oversized blazers without cinched waist go well with heels as it prevents you from looking chunky. It is always a better idea to match the contrast with your main outfit piece. Just like in this outfit, dark grey has been contrasted with white strappy heels and a white bag.

One should take note of how the accessories and makeup in this look have been kept to a minimum to avoid them overpowering the edginess of the blazer.


11 – Pair A Lavender Blazer With Sneakers For Some Fun

Contemporary blazer dresses are not your usual fashion item, as seen by the variety of designs available. A feeling of intentionality is necessary to accept the appearance in vogue and brazen concord. A double-breasted blazer dress, for example, is appropriate for a formal or fancy occasion.

Now let’s talk about this look for a second. Just take a good look at this sassy piece of art. The purple blazer with those pearls, a barbie pink tube top, and those colorful chunky shoes put together are the most unusual yet, iconic and eye-catching. 

Here are some more ideas on How To Wear Purple Blazers.


10 – Match A Plaid Blazer With White Pointed Toe Heels

This look is classic and fashionable, and you can wear it without breaking the budget. The plaid pattern is powerful, feminine, modern, chic, and shows off confidence. The outfit is so versatile that you can wear it in a conference room and be taken seriously or wear it out for drinks. 

This blazer dress attire will make you look classy and stylish. A double-breasted collar, gold button fastenings, and a puff long sleeve. To complete the outfit, add a pair of stiletto shoes and gold jewelry.

If you’re a fan of plaid outfits like these then do check out these Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas.


9 – Wear Lace With Blazers To Look The Best

Chelsea Healey was photographed in Manchester wearing a black plunging neckline blazer dress, black lacey lingerie, thigh-high lace stockings, a pink sparkly Givenchy purse, gold hoop earrings, and black Louboutin shoes.

8 – Nude And Plaid Blazer To Style With Sneakers

This look is a great option for work. The colors, design, and styling are very sober and hence, can be worn in a professional setting. However, you would want to swap the sneakers for a pair of pointed-toe heels. Here are some more of my favorite Plaid Blazer Outfit Ideas.


7 – Try Blazer On Blazer For Something Different

Teal may be an edgy color and that is exactly why the fashion industry has accepted it again with open arms. There was a time when wearing vibrant colors like teal was not the trend because that was the era of neutral and nude tones.

When it comes to this particular outfit, the teal is definitely not overwhelming. It has been balanced with earthy colors like maroon and blue.


6 – Go with a White Blazer Dress for Cocktail Parties

A white blazer dress looks super elegant so ditch the formal dresses and instead go for this boss baby look with a white blazer dress. You can either go for white accessories like the ones shown here:

blazer dress outfits


Or if you’re in the mood for fun, go for colorful accessories as white acts as the perfect base for them:

blazer dress outfits


5 – Black Blazer Dresses Don’t Need Any Spice

This black blazer-style dress will offer you a powerful and confident style. Style with gold heels and a pendant necklace for a beautiful weekend mood, including traditional black linen with an asymmetric shape and gold button details.

Here are some more of my favorite Ways to Style Black Blazers.


4 – Kendall Jenners Satin Blazer With Fishnet Stockings

The greatest blazer dresses manage to be sophisticated, crisp, and sensual all at once, and this one does exactly that! Have you noticed that the outfits that you take risks with end up looking fire? The same has been done with this outfit.

The suit is satin and the shoes are leather. Matte and shiny rarely ever look good together but, this outfit maintains the perfect balance.

If you’re open to trying bold looks like these then do have a look at these Orange Blazer Outfits For Women.

3 – White Blazer Dress With Nude Pink Accesories

This chic blazer-styled dress is definitely for classier and high-end gatherings. It is embellished with lovely gold buttons, giving you a glamorous and elegant style. For a fancy cocktail party or formal supper when you can style it with either metallic or classy black strappy sandals.

Put on some lovely jewelry and style your hair into beachy waves or a classic neat bun for a more fierce look.


2 – Match Grey Tones With White Booties

The outfit looks fiery in this oversized blazer which is intelligently styled with a thick belt, a mini pencil skirt, and a pair of eye-catching ankle boots. The fun part about this outfit is that a simple headband can change the overall vibe of it from “professional” to “party”.

Overall, the outfit is fun, edgy, and anyone can pull it off.

Instead of a skirt, you can also try this look with shorts. Take inspiration from these Blazers with Shorts Outfits for Women.


1 – Style A Pink Cutout Blazer With Stockings

This beautiful piece of eccentric art of a dress can be worn at any cocktail party, business casual event, or brunch. The bright color of this dress suggests that it is more of a day event outfit than a night party. The cut-out dress comes with the features of a blazer which include; an inseam zip closing, long sleeves, shoulder pads, double breast neckline, and lapel collars.

The outfit does not need many accessories to make you stand out. Just style it with minimal jewelry, a pair of chunky black shades, and keep it simple.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear tights with a blazer dress?

Ans. Yes, you definitely can wear tights, leggings, or stockings with a blazer dress. It really depends on the weather and the occasion.

Q. Is a blazer dress formal?

Ans. A blazer dress is definitely not as formal as a blazer with dress pants as it is more of an uncommon style. However, they can be worn on semi-formal events and occasions. You can pair an orange blazer with stockings and white booties for a formal look.

Q. Can you wear a blazer dress with pants?

Ans. Yes, of course, you can. However, for the sake of style go for wide-legged pants and only wear pants with a mini blazer. For long and form-fitted ones either go bare legs or translucent tights.

Q. Are blazer dresses flattering?

Ans. Yes, they give off a slimmed-up appearance with a tiny waist and accentuate your curves.

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