20 Corduroy Blazer Outfit Ideas to Try This Year

Corduroy Blazer Outfits: This timeless piece is the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are someone who likes to be stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Apart from its warmth, this piece of clothing looks absolutely stunning with different kinds of wardrobes.

Belonging to the non-jeans family. corduroy blazers look modern and can be used in both casual and professional settings. The velvet-like texture of these blazers helps you in adding a luxurious touch to your wardrobe without having to compromise your comfort.

There are so many looks that you can create with this absolutely stylish and classy piece of clothing. However, if you are confused and do not know what to wear with a corduroy blazer then this article is just the one for you.

How to Style Corduroy Blazers

To add a touch of eccentricity to your look, you definitely need a corduroy blazer. You can always dress it up or down according to the event. For a casual look, opt for T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. For a formal look, pair it with a dress shirt, solid-coloured corduroy pants, and leather boots.

You can style the blazer and add a cardigan to it when it’s cold or pair it with a dress shirt for summer. Also, if you don’t want your look to be too outdated, keep the blazer to a slim fit, this will help you in achieving a classic style.

To help you, here are some inspirations to boost your wardrobe. Before diving in, here are some of the dos and donts that you should definitely follow while planning your outfit to make it look classy and not make it look like it came out straight of the 70s.

Styling Tips

These blazers are a popular choice among fashion-conscious women and you can easily find several wallet-friendly options. To ensure that you style it the right way, here are some dos and don’ts that you should definitely follow:

  • Right Fit Matters – To look effortlessly stylish, make sure that the blazer fits sharply. Take it to the tailor to get it fitted so that your shoulders do not look weighed down.
  • Do Look for Lining – Lining refers to the soft material that is sewn to the interior of the blazer. Viscose material which is made of cellulose fibre is a good option as it is both soft and gentle on the skin. This will make the blazer more comfortable.
  • Know Your Wale – The ribs of the fabric, also known as wale plays an essential role in making or breaking the look. There are several degrees of wale, ranging from thin to super thick. If you are looking for a relaxed look, go for thick-wale corduroy. If you like to look fashionable, go for thin to medium wale.
  • Classic Colors for The Win – The thing that makes corduroy blazers stand out is their texture. To make sure that the blazer looks best, opt for classic colors such as purple blazers, hunter green, khaki brown, or rich marine blue. There are so many classic color options to choose from to make you look just right for every occasion.
  • Don’t Go For Low Quality Corduroy – There are different qualities when it comes to the corduroy mateiral. Low quality blazers cost much less but their quality wears off after some time. If you’re looking for a long-lasting blazer, stick with high quality.
  • Know When Your Corduroy Ages – Unlike leather or any other material blazer, corduroy does not look good after it has retired. Make sure to check for cuffs, elbows to see if they are messed up after using for some time.
  • Control The Urge To Iron – De-wrinkling the blazer is important to get a crisp look, but iron is not a good option for this as it can potentially damage the blazer. Also, there are chances that the wales on the blazer will shrink causing damage that cannot be easily repaired. Always opt for dry cleaning to de-wrinkle as this method does not involve direct heat, so it won’t damage the wales on the blazer.

20 – Rust Corduroy Pants With A Matching Blazer And V Neck Sweater

In case you are a fan of bold colors and need something that can instantly make you stand out, go for this rust corduroy blazer paired with matching pants. To make the whole look put together, pair it with a grey top and a nice belt, and for accessories, opt for a chunky necklace for a fun nighttime event. Complete the look with black leather heel sandals.


19 – White Summer Dress With A Sage Green Blazer And Plaid Boots

If you are looking for a nice casual date outfit, you should definitely go for dark corduroy blazers paired with a summer dress, nice pair of sunglasses, and cropped jeans. Finish off this look by adding a nice pop of color with a hot pink leather embellished bag and for shoes, go for ankle strap low heel shoes.


18 – With Black Corduroy Pants And Converse

If you are looking for a nice casual look that you can pull off on a day out with friends, this look is just for you. A nice corduroy short blazer paired with a relaxed tee shirt, matching corduroy pants, and a nice pair of sneakers. You can leave your hair open if you have short hair or you can tie your hair in a high ponytail for a more chic look. For accessory, add a cap for a casual look.


17 – A Plaid Skirt With A Brown Blazer And A Floral Scarf

For a chic look, you can pair a nice grey plaid knee skirt with a brown corduroy blazer. You can further amplify the look with a nice printed scarf preferably neutral colored. Accessorize the look with a nice embellished bag and to add a pop of color, pair the blazer with a nice yellow pair of heels.


16 – Purple Blazer With Skinny Jeans For Over 50

Corduroy blazers look good on every woman irrespective of their age. One of the classic looks that will definitely look great on you is to pair a dark purple blazer with a pair of blue jeans. This is a more subdued look and the blazer pairs nicely with many things.


15 – With Boyfriend Jeans, A Matching Sweater And Gloves

For a laid-back look, pair a nice corduroy blazer with boyfriend jeans. If you want to amplify the look, pair it with a nice brown sweater to give a relaxed and comfy look, and add a white pair of pump heels to the equation to add some style.


14 – Pink Chiffon Skirt With Matching Blouse And Blazer

For a girly chic daytime brunch look, you can definitely get inspiration from this one. Pair a nice pink chiffon skirt and white ruffled top with a tea pink corduroy blazer and a nice pink bag for a nice girly touch. Finish off this look with nice pink heels and sunglasses for a daytime event. Open hair looks best but you can also go for a low ponytail.


13 – Nude Blazer, Pants And Silk Top

To step up the casual look a notch, pair the corduroy blazer with a pair of nice nude brown corduroy pants. This look is comfy yet ridiculously stylish. Complete this look with a pair of nice tan leather pumps for a semi-formal event and a nice leather printed bag to bring the whole look together.



12 – White Shirt Dress With Black Blazer And Boots

You can pull off this look for every occasion. For a super trendy look, pair a nice black corduroy blazer with a white shirt dress. Complete the look with a nice sheer bag and high boots. For hair, tie it up in a low ponytail. This look is perfect for a night out with friends or a date.


11 – Match Your Purple Blazer And Pants With A Pastel Blue Turtleneck

There’s nothing more stylish than a good coordinating suit. If you’re looking for a nice nighttime look that is perfect for winters, go for a berry-hued corduroy suit. This outfit will give you all the good vibes and you can add a nice cozy turtle neck sweater to complete the look, pair it with a nice clutch. This look is perfect for fall and the color combination is definitely worth trying.


10 – With A Denim Skirt And Striped Croptop

For a chic retro look perfect for teenagers, go for a nice rust-colored corduroy blazer paired with a striped crop top. To add more fun to the look, wear a blue denim midi skirt and add a youthful touch with a beret. This look will be perfect for a casual day at school or a day out with friends.


9 – Wear A Plaid Coat On Top Of A Bright Pink Corduroy Blazer

This timeless piece can be layered for a quirky and cozy look. All you need is a nice double-breasted blazer and layer it with a checkered overcoat. The velvety texture of the blazer adds luxury to the everyday outfit and you can pair it with a nice cotton shirt underneath over a polo jersey neck. This can be a perfect fall look and can be pulled off easily in your day-to-day routine.



8 – Oversized Pink Blazer With Plaid Pants

For a nice relaxed and casual look, you can pair a nice pink oversized corduroy blazer with a white shirt and plaid trousers. This look is stylish and chic yet super comfortable. You can add a tote bag to carry around whatever you need during the day.


7 – Wear Skinny Jeans With A Striped Shirt And Heels

You can easily style a polo shirt with a nice fitted corduroy blazer. This will give you a casual yet stylish look. To add some more statement to the look, wear a nice pair of heels. For hair, go with a high tight hair bun and accessorize the look with a nice pair of sunglasses to keep the look casual.


6 – With A Houndstooth Mini Skirt And Cheetah Print Heels For Work

In case you are looking for an office look, pair a nice brown corduroy blazer with a nice houndstooth mini skirt for a super stylish look. You can play around with the accessories like sunglasses and a necklace and a nice cross-body bag.


5 – Pair A Red Blazer With A Cute T-shirt And Loafers

For a casual look, pair a nice corduroy blazer with nice pair of jeans. To add more comfort to the look, pair it with a nice T-shirt and go for loafers for a relaxed look. This look can be pulled off easily on a day out for shopping or a nice brunch or can be worn as a cute date outfit.


4 – Berry Skirt With Matching Cropped Blazer And Black Inner

A nice comfy fall look that you can easily pull off is this one. You can easily pair a berry-colored corduroy blazer with a matching skirt. This look can qualify for a formal or a semi-formal event and you can easily amplify the look with accessories like sunglasses, a nice neck chain, and a handbag. For hair, you can leave your hair open and add loose curls for a stylish look.


3 – Fun Plaid Pants With A Black Blazer And Turtleneck

If you like adding a nice touch to make your wardrobe more stylish and less dull. This look is just for you! You can pair a nice black corduroy blazer with a black turtleneck sweater. To add a pop of color to the look, wear nice checkered red and green pants, and adding a pair of heels is always a good idea to amplify the look.


2 – Beige Blazer With Matching Booties

For a classic and sophisticated look that you can pull off easily for work or running errands, go for a corduroy blazer paired with a black turtleneck, a nice pair of jeans, and suede boots. Finish off the look with a nice black tote bag.


1 – Nude Blazer With Nude Pants And A White Turtleneck

There is nothing more sophisticated than a neutral-colored outfit. You can easily amp it up for a more formal look or tone it down for a casual day out with friends. You can pair a neutral-colored corduroy blazer with a nice white turtle neck sweater and neutral-colored pants for a perfect fall look. You can further amplify your look by adding on a statement necklace and classy earrings for a chic minimal look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to define or spot quality while looking for corduroy blazers?

Ans: The corduroy blazer is a variation of velvet and the wales (chords or ribs) are woven to lie parallel to each other. You should check for finer wales as the finer the wales, the softer and more durable the blazer will be.

Q: Can you wear corduroy on corduroy?

Ans: You don’t want to pair a corduroy blazer with a corduroy shirt or trousers as it will make them look bulky. Corduroy goes best with smooth, casual garments as it will help in bringing out the natural texture.

Q: What season should I wear corduroy?

Ans: The fabric and texture of corduroy are best suited for the spring, fall, and winter seasons as the thickness of the material may look too heavy during summer. But, you can go for lightweight fine wales if you want to wear them during the summer season like summer blazer outfits.

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