2021 Christmas Party Outfits – 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

2021 Christmas outfits– Well Christmas is almost here. Wondering what to wear and how to dress up for this Christmas? If you want to dress up well and want to get Christmas party outfit ideas then do not worry. This blog post will help you decide the best party outfits that you can wear. Let’s get started with our first step for the party dress up.

Firstly you need to know what is the time for the party. Few people plan a party for the evening and few keep it late night. You need to know everything before you choose the right outfit for the party. Then you can go on and decide the other details like hairstyle, accessories, shoes, and makeup.

What to Wear This Christmas

Christmas is a special event that comes around just once a year, so make the most of it by planning all the details ahead of time and try not to leave anything for the last minute. In the last post, we discussed the trendy outfits for teenage girls already.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

So today we’ll be focusing on the best Christmas outfits for women of all age groups. During a day party, it’s best to go for comfortable clothes that are easy to carry. It is not usually too cold during the daytime so you can go for the lighter fabrics. Wearing jeans with a peplum top or sparkling shirt would be a good choice this year. 2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

If the party is in the evening, then you can go for a fancy outfit as shown below in the pictures. Wear a little makeup and carry a clutch or a nice bag. Outfits like a jumpsuit, short dress, shirt with a skirt would be an ideal wear for an evening party. Once you are aware of the party time then think about your budget. If you can afford an expensive outfit then look for some designer outfits available at stores. And if you’re on a tighter budget, keep a track on the yearly Christmas sales and try to get the best deals.  2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

Styling Peplum top with other outfits is a great party wear trend these days. Since it’s winter season you can see here how you can wear peplum top in cold weather. You can also try on some of your old clothes and style them in a different way by upcycling them. You could wear a belt over a skirt or a statement necklace with a shirt. Sparkling and glittery coats are very trendy and stylish for this Christmas. Wear a golden blazer on top of a black shirt. It is simple yet very trendy for a party. Then you can select a matching purse and a nice pair of shoes. Heels are mostly preferred over flats for such special occasions. Flats can be worn if you plan on going for a party that lasts until midnight, if you’re hosting or if there’s some dancing involved. While if you plan to stay for a short time, then go for heels.

Teenagers like to wear colorful outfits. As also shown in the pictures, young girls like to wear plain bottoms with a floral print shirt or a long maxi dress. Bold colors can be worn to a party at night. A plain black maxi with golden heels and a neon clutch would work pretty well.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas Everyone has their own styling sense and they plan to dress up according to their wishes and preferences. Few young girls avoid wearing short dresses while other might be very comfortable in wearing mini-skirts. There is no rule or restriction on what to wear and what not to, so unless there is a theme for the party, wear whatever is comfortable for you.

I am sure you will take plenty of ideas from the pictures. Design your own outfit yourself and create a statement wherever you go. Do not hesitate in experimenting. Glam up for the party and have a great time. Let’s see the collection now.

↓ 20 – The Latest Christmas Trends

Here are the top 5 trends to look out for this Christmas and of course they’re all worth following (even though some might seem a little weird):

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


  • Plaid Skirts (Royalty approved)

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

  • Pantone Colour of 2018 – Ultra Violet

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


  • The Christmas Tree hair (Other popular hair colors include Tinsel and Red wine):

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


  • Christmas Tree Eyebrows:

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


↓ 19 – The Good Old Christmas Sweaters

Many women consider Christmas sweaters to be ugly presents that are not appropriate for party wear. This year, try putting them to good use by rocking them at a party. You can give them a flirty twist by pairing them with a floral dress and glittery ankle booties. Or you could wear them with tights and spice things up with your jewelry. Here are 28 Best Maternity Christmas Outfits.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


↓ 18 – Printed Dresses

You can get this cute dress by Little Lace for just $69.00. They also have more than 100 other designs to choose from and we’re sure you’ll find something there that matches your taste.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

↓ 17 – Matching Family Outfit

It’s always a good idea to dress together and it helps you get the cutest Insta-worthy photographs.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


Instead of going for the same color (in case you find them too matchy-matchy), you can simply go for different colors of the same group like different shades of neutrals or pastels.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

↓ 16 – Go Eco-Friendly

This Christmas, why not take a step towards being more caring towards the world we live in? Sustainable fashion is everywhere these days and the choices are no longer limited. This Ivalo dress for instance is by Vildnis and it’s priced at £90.00, which is a pretty good price considering that this dress is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. It comes with a gorgeous back detailing while the print is both elegant and stunning.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

↓ 15 – Be a Stunner For Christmas Lunch

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


↓ 14 – How To Dress For Work Christmas Party?

Christmas parties at work are the most difficult to dress for because you want to be in the festive mood while staying appropriate and not breaking any rules. You want to show off your fun and glam side, without going overboard so try to balance everything together. Yes we know it’s easier said than done, but for starters, try opting for a dress with a neckline that’s not too deep and go easy on the makeup. If you’re getting tempted to wear something metallic or sparkly, try going for just one such item like a sequin skirt but a simple top. This dress is another such example, a simple black top with eye-catching pants and you can easily reuse such a top for office-wear later on or even pair it with a floral skirt for a totally new look.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


↓ 13 – What to Wear To A Christmas Dinner Party?

Shimmery and festive outfits are always the most popular ones for dinner parties. Red, Gold, and Silver are always popular colors but how about you break the rules a bit and go for the little black dress and glam it up with a royal look by using some gold colored accessories. So layer up all your gold chains, grab those heels and you’re all set to have a fabulous Christmas.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas


↓ 12 – Classic & Practical

You wouldn’t want to invest in an exquisite Christmas outfit and then never wear it again, would you? So how about you go for something chic and classy that can be worn at many different occasions after Christmas. So when buying the outfit, keep it in mind that you want something practical, can you wear it to an office party? Can you wear it at a family get-together or with your friends? Is the price really worth the usability of the outfit? Then come personal preferences, for instance, do you want something that you can dance all night in or would you prefer a dress that shows off your heels? What length of sleeves do you prefer the most? Many users find maxis to be more practical than gowns or dresses for Christmas as they maxis can easily be dressed down for casual daily wear. Consider all these things and we’re sure that you’ll land the perfect party dress that you can keep wearing again and again and again.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

↓ 11 – Fancy And Glammed Up

Are you in the mood of getting totally glammed up for Christmas? Then nothing beats the sparkly cocktail dresses and if you want to stand out from the crowd, look for ones with statement sleeves.

2021 Christmas Party Outfits 20 Cute Dresses for Christmas

↓ 10 – Christmas Eve Party Outfit

If you like dressing up for parties without going overboard then jumpsuits are usually the best middle ground to settle for. If you can get your hands on an embellished or bandage jumpsuit then they make the outfit look more dressy for fancy occasions like New Years and Christmas Parties. While this particular jumpsuit by Bebe is now out of stock, you can either waitlist for it or get a similar one here for $239.

girls christmas party outfit

↓ 9 – Christmas Brunch Party

If you’re hosting the Christmas brunch at your place then you have lots to do and it’s best to stick with a simple outfit that’s comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy the time with your loved ones. Here are too chic but casual brunch outfits, both of which include the most popular item of the holiday season, sweaters! You could go for a baggy turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans or if you want to glam things up a notch, go for an off-shoulder sweater and tuck it in your favorite linen trousers.

christmas party outfits

↓ 8 – Christmas Fashion Accessories 

Christmas is all about wearing pretty colors along with the combination of dark shades of Christmas such as green, red and maroon colors. For an outfit like this, you can wear light pink or pastel pink colored short or knee length skirt. For the shirt, you can go for the loose nude color skirt to match the outfit. For the accessories, the best option is to go for nude with golden color jewelry. Do not forget to add cute little gold earrings to perfect the whole look.

Christmas dressing ideas girls Xmas Eve Outfits

↓ 7 – Styling with Jackets

stylish dresses for Christmas teens Christmas 2014party wear

↓ 6 – Crushing On Red

We know that red is the color that is most loved color on Christmas. Most people try to wear a red dress and add red colored decor on Christmas parties. To wear red while looking unique, you can wear black knee length net dress. For accessories and everything else, you can wear red colored items. Like you can go for red-colored jewelry with red high heels and a red clutch.

christmas date outfit christmas party outfits polyvore

↓ 5 – Casual Christmas Party Wear

For casual wear, there are a lot of different color options for you to choose from. For example, you can go for Pink and blue colored combo for this cute casual dress. You can go for tight jeans in pure blue color. For the top, you can wear a pink sweater with a cute print on it. If it is extra cold out there then do add a blue blazer or jacket. For extra spice, you can wear a pink colored beanie hat and pink colored  clutch. Here’s how to How to Wear Beanie Hats & 20 Chic Outfits to Wear with Beanies.

funky outfits christmas

Dark maroon sweater with denim jeans is the best and the most comfortable combination to wear this Christmas. For the sweater, you can go for a loose sweater that has white hearts on the dark maroon background. Match the accessories and the jewelry according to the dark maroon color to get the full look. Contrasting jewelry and accessories go very well with the outfit. what to wear on christmass How to dress up for this christmass ↓ 4 – Wearing Skirts for Christmas Party

Don’t you love the idea of wearing a flared red skirt? Such skirts look best with well-fitted tops so you can choose to wear a t-shirt, a cardigan or a lace blouse.  party outfits christmas Chic party dresses for christmass

If you’re not comfortable with wearing skirts in the cold then you can always wear tights or leggings under them and we love the idea of wearing tights in a color that matches the top.

cute christmas outfits for girls


Apart from flared skirts, another hot trend for the year is of wearing sequin skirts. These skirts make perfect combinations for your Christmas date night because of how sexy, showy and glamorous they look.

how girls should dress up for this christmass

↓ 3 – How to Style a Blazer For a Christmas Party

If you are into blazers and you want to rock them for this Christmas party then  pairing them with the right dress is the perfect option for you. You can wear black pants or black skinny jeans. For the top wear a chiffon loose top with a red and white print on it. Then add a black blazer with its front open or go for a sleeveless one. Here are 16 Cute Outfits with Sleeveless Blazer & Ideas on How to Style Them.
party outfits christmas teens style blazer for christmass

You can even add a blazer with front open on top of a cute knee length dress. For makeup try to keep the eye makeup to a minimum and go for dark maroon colored lipstick.

party outfits christmas 2014

You can switch the red knee-length dress with a pink lace dress. We recommend that you check out these 20 Cute Lace-up Dresses That are Trending These Days.

outfits christmas 2014

↓ 2 – Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Dress for Christmas Party

Here’s a simple video tutorial with 8 different and festive looks to try this Christmas.

↓ 1 – Snug in Silk

These days markets are loaded with formal silk dresses. They are available in a variety of different prints and colors, not to forget that the touch of silk against your body gives the snuggest feeling ever. For Christmas parties, you can go for silk dresses, wraps or tops. For the accessories try to add nude or silver colored jewelry, nail polish, and lipstick. Oh and don’t forget to go for high heels and a formal clutch.

Christmas Costumes

We really hope that you liked these suggestions and that they helped you make up your mind on what you want to wear this Christmas. We would love to know what you’re wearing and what you would like us to discuss in our next posts.


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