30 Cute Outfits to Wear with Pajamas/PJs to Look Gorgeous

Pajamas are no longer the nightwear just limited to your bed room, instead they have turned into the latest fashion trend. Whether you are shopping, partying or even at work, pajamas can be turned into amazing outfits for the summers. So how to wear pajamas? what outfits to wear with them ? what shoes  suits with pajamas ?For what all occasions you can wear pyjamas? Outfittrends is going to give you ideas on all these question in this post.

In case you still feel that wearing pajamas gives a nightwear effect, try pairing them with your favourite jewellery, bags, sunglasses, belts and other accessories. Style up your hair a bit and wear some natural makeup and you wont believe the final results. I mean if models can wear pajamas at runways, why cant you wear them for everyday tasks?

Sweatshirt and pajamas with studded sandals

This is such a sweet and simple everyday look.


Lace Pyjamas with Tank top

How about a white tank top or tee with a lace pyjama? Its casual and a bit fancy at the same time.


With a lace shirt

This is definitely my favourite pajama outfit as the shirts are just too beautiful. It creates such a fresh and feminine outfit.





With a colourful Blazer

Isn’t summer all about colours? So how about getting your blazers out and pairing them with your pajamas? This is the most unique look that can be created with pajamas i believe.



With a leather jacket

An extremely unexpected and yet interesting combination. Totally lovable! If you want a professional look, this would be the recommended outfit, along with wedges or heels.



With a Long Robe

Casual and classy!


With a Belt

Belts help shape up your outfit and give it a chic look.



With a crop top

Crop tops give such an elegant look when paired with pyjamas. If you want a baggy look, go for a loose fitted crop top. If you don’t want that, how about knotting up the shirt in the front? Gives a whole new look to the outfit while showing off you beautiful waist.



Pajama and shirt of the same colour

By wearing the shirt and pajamas of a similar print or colour, a very interesting jumpsuit effect is created. You can add a belt to this outfit too if you want.



Spring Season look



With a denim jacket

Jackets are helpful for layering your outfit and create a different look. You have the option of either keeping it simple or adding your favourite jewellery.Also see stylish dressing combinations with denim jackets.



With a loose blouse

Too much cuteness in one outfit!



Casual style with PJs

Sleeveless top with pajamas


Heel with Tiger Print Pajama

shoes to wear with pajamas

Celebrities wearing pyjama outfits

There is no doubt that celebrities are the ones who give us the latest inspirations for our outfits. Our celebrities have offered us some of the most comfortable and stylish pajama outfits. Have a look at some of these here:

Jessica Alba in polka dot pyjama outfit


Kate Hudson wearing Pajamas with a blazer


Famous blogger Bip Ling wearing a beautiful pyjama suit

BLing_GL_13jul11_pa_b_426x639 (1)

Rihanna in a pyjama look for a premiere



Kate Hudson in a lace shirt with pajamas



 Street Style with PJs-Winter outfithow to wear pajamas

photo @Stockholm Street Style

PJs with Sneakers

Street Style with Pajamas


Pajama Day Outfit

polyvore pajama outfits


Beach Style with Pajama

pajama for a Summer Party

Hello Kitty Cute PJs

Hello Kitty Tropical Vacation Pajamas

Pajamas for Summer Party 

The best thing  i love about these trouser is that you can easily diy Pajamas yourself at home.
floaty mosaic-print trousers


Exumas Preppy pants


For Spring Season

casual style pajama

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