Menswear for Women – 20 Best Menswear Inspired Outfits Ideas

Menswear for Women-What is it about menswear that makes those outfits so attractive for women, no one knows I guess. But there is no doubt that women can carry menswear inspired outfits much more beautifully and elegantly than men. It has been a trend around the world lately, even amongst the top designers to design looks for women that are inspired by men outfits.

There’s simply something sexy about wearing menswear, but only if you style them with the right accessories.

Stylish Women Outfit Ideas, Inspired by Men’s Clothing

So what is so great about these clothes? I believe the main thing is that we all need a little change every now and then. I mean wearing the same old dresses, skirts and other feminine outfits can get a bit tiring at time and you feel like doing something different. That’s when such clothing come in, they don’t just give the change you need but are so comfortable and easy to wear all day long that you immediately fall in love with them. Plus they allow you to explore the tomboy side of yours. Lately, men have been becoming more and more fashionable and this makes it even easier to be inspired by menswear.

The best part is that once you start shopping in the men’s section, you’ll realise that every item there is so much similar to the women’s and yet much reasonably priced. which is why once you start shopping menswear for yourself, you would never want to go back.

menswear inspired clothing for women

So here are our favourite outfit ideas inspired by men, you can either copy them as they are or be creative and mix and match or create a whole new look.

↓ 20 – Oversized Clothes in Neutral Shades

Oversized clothes are just so lovable for being slouchy and yet they still have it in them to make you look attractive. So if you feel like enjoying a lazy day at home or even outside, grab some baggy jeans or pants and your partner’s shirt, put your hair up in a messy bun, wear your favorite sunglasses and be all set to have a great day. For more unique women’s outfits, you should also have a look at these ideas on How To Wear A Backward Shirt.

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 ↓ 19 – Never be Afraid to Sparkle

If you feel like bringing the feminine side of yours out of a men’s outfit, then how about shining a little? The glitter in any menswear-inspired outfit makes it look like its made for you and is great for any night party.

menswear inspired outfits for women (2)


↓ 18 – How to Wear a Men’s Blazer

Some accessories have the ability to bring a new and trendy look to even the years old outfits. For instance, check out how the hat, scarf, belt and the tights make this outfit look feminine and yet menswear inspired. And dont forget to take a look at that beautiful pearl necklace in her neck. Here are 24 Ideas to Wear White Blazer this Year.

menswear inspired outfits for women (3)


menswear for women

 ↓ 17 – Menswear Suit for Women

When wearing a menswear-inspired suit, try to use your accessories for a touch of feminity. For example, here we see the fashion blogger Aimee Song wearing a matching pin stripe suit but for the softness, she added a fedora hat.

menswear outfits for women


menswear inspired outfits for women (4)

 ↓ 16 – Layering Menswear

Check out these 27 Ways to Layer Your Clothes like Pro.

menswear inspired outfits for women (5)


 ↓ 15 – Menswear Brands for Women

Shopping in the men’s section doesn’t just mean that you get some unique outfits. But, you’ll realize that you also save lots of money. While you can literally shop at any store’s men’s collection, some of our favorites include Givenchy, Next and Aldo. Amongst the more high-end brands, Micheal Kors and Alexander Wang have been producing some amazing menswear-inspired pieces in their women’s collection.

menswear inspired outfits for women (6)

↓ 14 – Women Outfit Combinations with Men’s White Shirts

A men’s white shirt is something you must have in your wardrobe because it’s the most versatile piece of clothing that you’ll ever find. Here are 18 Ways To Wear White Shirts For Girls.

menswear inspired outfits for women (7)


You can even wear these shirts as dresses in summers with black shoes and handbag. Add a gold watch and vintage earrings to accessorise.

how to wear menswear for women

 ↓ 13 – Floral Men’s Shirts

menswear inspired outfits for women (8)


 ↓ 12 – Baggy Jeans

Don’t miss out these 16 Ideal Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans.

menswear inspired outfits for women (9)

 ↓ 11 – Checks and Business Socks

menswear inspired outfits for women (10)


 ↓ 10 – Long Coats

Tuck in your menswear shirts in your jeans or even skirts or shorts. Add a tie and layer with a long coat and you’re all set for work. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter.

menswear inspired outfits for women (11)

 ↓ 9 – Suspenders

Tired of wearing cocktail dresses for formal events? Why not try something different by wearing suspenders with a nice pink lipstick. For a more feminine look, you can also opt for heels instead of the shoes shown here.

menswear inspired outfits for women (12)

 ↓ 8 – Men’s Bow Ties for Girls

Bow tie’s come in so many great colors and prints that you can always find one which matches your personal style. Check out this amazing guide on How to Make Bow Tie and 16 Cool Ideas to Wear Bow Tie.

menswear inspired outfits for women (13)

Here’s another chic way to wear a men’s bow tie blouse. Style it with oxford shoes and you’ll love this cool and casual Summer look that will keep you comfortable and sweat free all day long.

menswear inspired outfits for women


 ↓ 7 – Check Prints

Whether you are a plus size woman or a petite one, you can always find a menswear fashion that suits your style.

menswear inspired outfits for women (14)


menswear inspired outfits for women (1)


 ↓ 6 – Women’s Menswear Shoes

These oxford shoes are Love! You should wear them without socks or wear socks that let you show your ankles. Here are the best Women Outfits with Oxford Shoes.

menswear inspired outfits for women (15)


 ↓ 5 – Leather Military Jackets

If you’re trying the menswear look for the first time then jackets and blazers would be the easiest items to start with.

menswear inspired outfits for women (16)

 ↓ 4 – Men’s Hats

Check out these 22 Ideas How to Wear Hats with Different Outfits.

menswear inspired outfits for women (17)

 ↓ 3 – Denim on Denim

Who doesn’t love a denim on denim kind of day!

menswear inspired outfits for women (18)


 ↓ 2 Jumpers

So cute and fun to wear.

menswear inspired outfits for women (2)


↓ 1 – Men’s Jackets

You can now find a variety of dresses made using plaid design in shops as well as on-line. They look so unique and eye catching that even the best women outfits find them to be a tough competition.

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