Women’s Tennis Outfits-23 Outfits to Wear for Playing Tennis

Tennis Outfits: Tennis is the perfect sport to stay fit and give your body all the benefits it needs through exercise. Thus, the tennis court can be a place to flaunt your sporty skills and to look cute.

You can be athletic while looking modish and keeping up with the latest trends of the week. Comfort can go simultaneously with a tinge of style if you divulge in the world of fashion and be imaginative.

Tennis outfits are no longer confined only to basic skirts with polos; instead, they can be more. Sports visor caps and short pleated skirts are not the ones eating dust anymore.

Your outfit can be your motivation for the day, and I say this through personal experience. I find myself performing and giving my best when I am the most comfortable and feeling confident. And what better way to feel confident than through the means of dressing?!

What to Wear to a Tennis Game?

You can totally sport a tennis look with a matching set of yoga pants and a cropped tank top, or go for a pleated skirt with a full sleeves Shirt for the cutesy vibes, because why not?

You can add all the essential tennis accessories, namely a sports visor cap, the different types of headgear, and wrist bands for an apt and complete look. Keep an eye out for the latest trends and buy your comfort clothing because that’s what’ll come in handy later!

tennis game outfits

Where to buy Tennis Outfits?

The tennis ensemble poses many options for buyers. Here are a few reliable sources You can check.

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  • Boohoo: I’m drooling at their collection of gorgeous playsuits. Click here to have a look for yourself.
  • PUMA: This brand can be an excellent alternative for your tennis wear and track suits. They have their wide rang of sports accessories too. Click here.
  • Reebok: If you are looking for a matching set that looks good and is comfy, you’ve come to the right place. It would be a shame to miss out on these beauties and that too on such reasonable prices. Buy some here before they run out.

↓ 23 – Comfort is my middle name!


I’m all eyes for this absolutely adorable outfit. The comfort that the baggy sweatshirt offers is something that I reckon we all can get board with delightedly. You can wear knee-length socks with it and a pleated or plain skirt.

Tie your hair up in a high ponytail or wear a matching headband of your choice. And there you have it, an outfit that took 15 minutes to assemble but looks worth so much more!

↓ 22 – What to Wear to Tennis Finals?


Plaids have long been the choice of many, be it a plaid shirt, pants or skirts; they slay nonetheless. Plaid or chequered skirts of different colors can be worn as long as they are not uneasy because you have to look your best but feel your best to score those points. Here are some more fabulous Ways to Wear Plaid Skirts.

↓ 21 – Cute Tennis Outfits!

This look is your perfect go-to look for summer. The cropped tank top with a similar see-through shirt is the ideal outfit for when you schedule a match in the scorching heat. A bandana and a wristband can be worn to wipe off that sweat.

↓ 20 – Springin’ It!

Whether it’s spring or summer, this trendy sleeveless shirt with a box-pleated skirt and vans will be your companion. Being athletic doesn’t mean a girl can show off her accessories and flaunt your favorite pendant necklace and bracelets with the ensemble. Last but not least, don’t forget to spray on your sunblock!

↓ 19 – Dressy as usual


To conquer the match as well as your wardrobe is the ultimate goal. An all-white look has never looked so glamorous. The one-shoulder puffed blouse is one way of exhibiting your inner fashionista In sports. As elegant as white color is, any radiant earrings, necklace, or headband would do if you feel a little extra that day.

↓ 18 – 80’s Style


The funky red and white duo has been the major Trendsetter for centuries. It’s not only comfortable, modish, and up-to-date but can be worn with ease by women over 50 also! So if you are at an 80s themed party and you fancy playing a little tennis, this outfit is your savior.

↓ 17 – Collared Tennis Outfits

Nothing can go wrong when you are wearing a shirt so gorgeous and with such elegance. The combination of this sleeveless collared shirt with a plain white skirt is off the charts. White vans or joggers with ankle-length socks’ addition would be just lovely. Oh, and don’t forget to curl your hair while you are at it.

↓ 16 – Eye of the Tiger

Buttoned Down Tennis Outfits

This matching plain set of a buttoned-down top with shorts is really chic to wear. These can prove to be an excellent substitute for skirts or leggings.

Though full sleeves, the top is breathable enough to be worn in heat-stricken areas. With a ponytail or half-knot hairstyle and a sports visor cap, not even the heat can stop you.

↓ 15 – Best Sellers

Sania Mirza’s exceptional skills on the ground with a tennis racquet in hand and as a diva are well-known. She prioritizes her clothes based on her comfort level, as should be the case while keeping the latest trends in mind inspiring many. Capri leggings are the ideal workout and athletic apparel.

↓ 14 – Tennis Apparel

Who better to look up to or admire than the tennis maestro herself, Serena Williams Not only is she one of the best tennis players but also a fashionista at heart. One of the many looks that she sports, this one, in particular, is perfect for a wintery look and appropriate for modest wear.

Matching tracksuits set are widely available and in a wide range, too; matching sneakers and wristbands can be an option to ponder upon.

↓ 13 – Cozy Tennis Outfits

Cozy PJs are always a yes. This matching jammies set is the one for morning tennis sessions before your coffee routine. If you don’t want to forget your necessities, grab your fanny pack and wear it over your super comfy shorts.

↓ 12 – The one with the Pleated Tennis Skirt

Full sleeves top can be a good way of protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays on a very sunny day or can prove itself to be useful on cold days. An oversized knit sweater or buttoned-down shirt are some other alternatives too!

A flared or A-line skirt can be styled with whatever choice you make. Throw your hair in some loose waves or curls, and wear your favorite bandana if you feel yourself.

↓ 11 – Tennis Outfits for Teenagers


This simple but sophisticated look is on my favorites list. This pair of collared shirts and skirts complement each other. Similarly, in contrast, any dark color with a light color can look gorgeous like this one. This blogger has chosen to wear a sports visor cap to shield herself from the heat and light falling in her eyes, to give her best.

↓ 10 – For Plus Sized Ladies


We all love a minimalistic and decent outfit, and to wear it with such a class is insane. This stunning blogger has draped a knit sweater over her shoulders, which gives her one hell of an athletic and modish look. You can also wrap it around your waist, and it’ll still look classy.

Also, you can wear a cropped plain or printed jacket with it to amp up your look.

↓ 9 – Playing with dyes and prints

Could printed playsuits be any dapper? Playsuits are the ultimate athletic apparel ever. They are easy to wear, cozy, and chic. You can wear them to your tournaments or your local matches, and it would still leave people in awe of your style. Wear matching socks and scrunchie to indulge in colors.

↓ 8 – Print and Match

Hella heart eyes for these floral prints. The printed upper over a plain shirt and matching floral shorts have summer and fashionable written all over it. You can wear this look on a regular friendly match with your mates. Pair this look with funky ear studs and rock on!

↓ 7 – With Shorts


This outfit is an extremely casual and snuggly one. The baggy shorts and slides are my favorites. It lets you ace your game by being in your comfort zone, quite literally. Sport it with your number one cropped jacket or hoodie, and you can also wear vans with it. To look more outdoorsy and athletic, wear matching wristbands as headbands. Here are some more Ideas on How to Wear Bike Shorts for Women.

↓ 6 – Florals are my favourites

As I’ve mentioned earlier, floral Prints like Cheetah prints Have always been favored by designers globally. The cute vibes that it reflects and its bright colors freshen up your morning like no other. These stretchy leggings allow you to move freely and make Those great shots.

These braids further add up to the liveliness of the look; you can also tie your hair in pigtails or a beautiful French braid and drape a white sweater around your waist.

↓ 5 – Playsuit

Playsuits are the Innovations of fashion mongers these days; breaking the stereotypical sportswear, they opt for new options. And we are here for it.

With these, you no longer have to worry about matching the right pairs of skirts with shirts; rather, you can wear dainty jewelry of minimalist design; a cap is optional. These playsuits come in various colors and designs, pick out whichever you fancy and show it off in the best manner.

↓ 4 – Classical

Tennis Outfits with  shorts and leggings

We have always witnessed tennis players sporting this standardized look but have never really grown tired of it. Not bound by any limitations, it offers you the liberty of mix and match as you please. 

↓ 3 – Sweatervest with shirt


This outfit is what I can label as a Formal tennis outfit. If you want to stray away from the average looks and accessories, here’s an idea of what you can wear.

↓ 2 – All Black


Black and white personify classiness, go out on a limb and wear this all black or all white outfit to a match, and get ready to welcome compliments your way. Wear black vans to match your overall attire, and wear a plain necklace with a tinge of silver.

↓ 1 – OOTD

With this classy attire, I can be sure that you’ll be a trendsetter that epitomizes style. This look is all set for a match or for your photo on the cover page of a magazine; who can tell?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should you wear to a tennis game?

You have a wide variety of options to choose from as opposed to what it looks like.

  • From skirts of all types, pleated, A-line, plaid, or plain, you can wear any that go with your top.
  • Wear comfortable tank tops, polos, tee shirts, or oversized sweatshirts.
  • Go for leggings, either Capri or ankle-length, and pair them with a cropped or full-length top or blouse.
  • Wear sweater vests for your matches because they never disappoint or taint your look. Rather enhance it.
  • Wearing a tracksuit, playsuit, or matching set are also excellent choices. 

Q. What should be avoided when picking out tennis clothes?

The fact that should never be overlooked and is of prime importance is that you should never compromise on the quality of your clothes. They are subjected to wear and tear, day and night, hence should be of the best quality. Secondly, pick out comfortable clothes, so they don’t offer any hindrance in your game.

Q. Where can I buy tennis clothes?

Nearly all the good quality sports brands offer a huge variety of articles that you can wear to a tennis game. You can get them at reasonable prices, some of the options we’ve mentioned above.

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