How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits? 13 Ideas for Women

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits – The color block ensemble creates a unique and special look for women. You may combine multiple bright hues and still appear quite elegant. However, it may require a great deal of confidence to pull it off. There are numerous patterns to choose from, including stripes, checks, and floral prints. Today, let’s have a look at 18 fantastic color block outfit ideas in this post, and I hope you discover one that you love!

If you prefer warm colors, pink, red, yellow, and orange are ideal. Additionally, it is good to combine some contrasting hues for an excellent look. Additionally, a brightly colored item such as a handbag, pumps, or jewelry can significantly boost glamorous. Color blocking is not limited to tabloids and pins. Indeed, color blocking is one of the most beautiful yet functional fashion trends ever. Granted, clashing colors (literally!) might occasionally result in a fashion faux pas, but we’re here to explain the fundamentals. If you adhere to these guidelines, you will NEVER go wrong with color blocking. Be for Beauty delves into the trend and how you may incorporate it into your wardrobe throughout the year.

Styling Color Blocking Outfits

If you’re unfamiliar with color blocking, you’re missing out on a vivid and entertaining method to show your particular style. How to color block is demonstrated here. Color blocking is a technique that includes using “blocks of color” in your ensemble to produce a dramatic, eye-catching style. Indeed, some of the world’s best-dressed ladies have been using this method for years, particularly during fashion month, and going big and flashy is only growing in favor. We’ve compiled a list of 13 different color combinations in the hopes of inspiring you. Not ready to fully embrace this trend? A few additional methods to change your outfit include adding a belt or going monochrome.

When it comes to wearing them, you realize the difficulty of putting together a great outfit, regardless of how lovely they are. This might be because the color isn’t humorous enough or is too bright for me, or it feels very uncomfortable to mix with my current wardrobe. However, there are several simple ways to mix and match the colors.

Tips To Style Color Blocking Fits

  • Avoid mixing and matching more than two and no more than three bright colors in a single outfit.
  • Avoid mixing prints and plain colors. The greatest combination is to combine solid colors to produce visually appealing color-blocked ensembles. You can use the color wheel to determine which colors pair exceptionally well.
  • Additionally, accessories like wristwatches, handbags, shoes, and waist belts can create a color block impression. As a result, you are not limited to clothing alone.
  • Combining neutral colors such as greys, navy blues, browns, and whites with vibrant hues such as red, green, and yellow may be best.
  • When selecting colors, consider your skin tone you may discover that certain hues appear better on you than others.
  • Side Note: Occasionally, one can break from the guidelines and create attractive color-blocked ensembles. As such, you are free to explore as much as you choose. Simply ensure that your ensemble does not wind up looking as though you were dumped into a bucket of colors.
  • One thing you’ll notice is that color-blocking allows you to combine your apparel in an extremely distinctive and time-efficient manner. As a result, you get to wear all of the things you’ve purchased distinctively, and you don’t have to stack them in your closet until you learn how to color-block clothing and ensembles.

13 – Orange pants with a pink sweater

Orange and pink, my all-time favorite colors, pair perfectly. The fuchsia pink sweater adds depth to the rust-colored cotton pants. Our favorite is two opposed hues and textures, but an overall jaw-dropping ensemble. This falls under the dramatic contrast category.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits

12 – Lime tank top with denim shorts

You should gradually ease into bold colors if you’re new to them. One approach to wearing color blocks without overdoing them is to break them up with neutrals. For instance, you could pair a vibrant green shirt with a grey skirt and add pink sneakers to complete the color block. As a result, you may easily add color to your ensemble with your accessories.

I would recommend this strategy to someone unfamiliar with color blocking. As a result, you’ll be able to incorporate color blocking into subtle yet sophisticated methods. For example, you can color block two different shades and finish the outfit with neutral accessories such as black handbags or white sneakers.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits


11 – Printed skirt with a black tank

Colors that complement one another are precisely colors that complement one another! They complement one another beautifully since they are opposed and perfectly balanced, like yin and yang.

Complimentary colors are determined by using a color wheel and identifying the colors that are directly (or nearly directly) across from one another. Remember that you are not required to wear the most vibrant, saturated versions of these hues. You can wear just a common color tank top with a colorful vibrant skirt and pair it with some jewels.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits


10 – Blue collared shirt with mustard formal pants

A modern, stylish woman is uncomplicated. Her aesthetic is broadly appealing yet not excessively ostentatious. The elements of her ensemble will speak for themselves, with high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship, solid colors, and fitted lines. When you’re putting something together, keep in mind the words crisp, clean, and elegant.

Include a top with a twist, such as a round neck with a surpliced V-opening. The dark rust long trouser provides a touch of feminine beauty to the bottom. Elevated slightly for added height, these pair of waterproof sneakers allow observers a peekaboo beneath the pleated skirt.

Add an easy-to-carry canvas tote bag and a lovely simple stacked ring to complete the ensemble. As a consequence, the style is minimal yet modern and trendy.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits

9 – Jeans with a white tank and sky blue front open shirt

Monochromatic color blocking is the simplest and most effective look to explore this season. Trying outfits with three identical colors in varying hues and tints is novel and fascinating. You can mix and match different hues of the same color, such as navy blue jeans with a sky blue top and royal blue shoes.

Each piece is the same hue but in three distinct tones. If you feel that the color is becoming too saturated or overwhelming, you may also add black or white to balance it out and make it more appealing.

The range of hues is critical because wearing only one color results in a washed-out appearance. This season, experiment with several monochromatic color blocking schemes to achieve the greatest results.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits
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8 – Pastel pink and blue jeans and top

Pastel colors scream spring. While soft pinks and blues may appear inconspicuous, they can be just as eye-catching as a strong splash of color when dressed correctly. This color scheme will transport you to the gentle aroma of jasmine and the warmth of a spring breeze.

Combine a soft blue cashmere sweater with a pink jacket for a day outfit that will help you forget about winter’s remains. Add some pastel arm candy to a traditional all-black look to soften it up. Layer your accessories, and don’t be afraid to incorporate a variety of pastel hues. This color scheme pairs well with a striking shoe, such as a white stiletto, to balance the palette.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits

7 – Red blazer with jeans and orange shirt with jeans

Red and blue are some of our all-time favorite color combinations. We adore how a fitted red blazer and stunning shoes can dramatically change a pair of denim. Up top, it’s business as usual; down below, it’s party time. It’s seductive without being ostentatious, and it instantly elevates a casual look.

Who can go wrong with a traditional Breton striped shirt? When paired with jeans and a red blazer, it’s the ideal French Chanel-inspired style. Alternatively, you can pair your jacket with a clean white shirt to showcase the vibrancy of the red and the contrast of your blue trousers.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits

6 – Blue crop top with yellow skirt

The next section discusses complementary color blocking, which is the polar opposite of the monochromatic appearance. It is the two colors on the color bar that are opposed. Occasionally, contrary hues appear brighter and more eye-catching. For example, green and red, or yellow and purple, are vibrant colors that, if not complemented appropriately, can destroy the effect by standing out against one another. However, a few techniques improve your appearance and make it more appealing.

One method to make it more appealing is to use one bright color and one slightly paler shade. In this manner, one of the hues will take precedence and serve as a complementary color accent for your outfit. Additionally, you can utilize a variety of tints of colors, such as pastel colors with a pale shade such as pink or pastel green, to create a pleasing aesthetic. For example, if you want to create an earthy, autumnal atmosphere, one color combination to try is forest green and red or orange. This will undoubtedly lend an attractive appearance to your whole personality.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits
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5 – Mint green top with yellow cinched skirt

While green and orange both belong to the same family of zesty hues, they are opposites on the color wheel. Combining them in an ensemble is not for the faint of heart, but it is a fashion risk worth taking, so be sure to experiment with the flour, pastel, and primary variants of these colors.

With a look this vibrant, you’ll be the talk of the town. To add a subtle bag and your most comfortable white sneakers in case, would-be street-style photographers decide to follow you around like a beacon.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits


4 – Baby blue suit with red earrings and bag

If you’re concerned about how to incorporate a newfound passion for color into your wardrobe and budget, fear not. Utilizing what you already own and then adding a few accouterments selectively isn’t only inexpensive; it’s also the quickest method to make each ensemble appear impeccably tailored.

Whether you’re wearing electric or baby blue, adding vivid red accessories elevates this outfit to new stylistic heights

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits

3 – Black top with yellow leggings

Utilize two-color combos for this appearance; one should be dominating, while the other should act as an accent. For instance, if you’re working with yellow, red, blue, and green hues – complement them with green bags and accessories, such as red jeans with a yellow shirt and blue shoes.

Avoid mixing tints and hues; this will allow you to construct a great tetradic color blocking scheme that will undoubtedly offer you a distinct personality.

Black and yellow, as scene here is a very eye-soothing combination despite being color blocked.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits


2 – Blue top with orange palazzo

Orange and blue is the ideal color pattern for color blocking. Choose blue jeans and pair them with an orange top or you can mixe these up too, or choose a garment that incorporates the perfect amount of both colors. For a unique look, combine burnt orange and a darker navy blue.

Whichever you choose to wear these hues, be sure to pair them with the appropriate footwear. A nude shoe will provide the perfect amount of focus to your ensemble and unify all the brightness into one glorious daybreak.

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits


1 – Yellow blazer with colorful pants

Playing around with colors can not be more fun than this! This outfit is perfect for traveling as you’ll stand out in every picture you take, no matter how beautiful the background, all eyes will be on you!

How To Wear Color Blocking Outfits


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to use color blocking to slim down your waistline?

Without dieting or exercising, you can virtually create the appearance of a reduced waistline by using color blocking. Color block fashion is characterized by the use of contrasting colored panels strategically positioned on the sides of a garment or top. Oftentimes, color block dresses designed to slim the waistline feature elastic panels that help constrict the waist and create the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Q. Color Blocking: How to make it work for you?

While experimenting with new trends is thrilling, it is critical to always make a trend work for you. It’s pointless to try to emulate the pink and orange color blocking trend if the colors themselves do not make you feel wonderful. Begin by selecting hues that complement your skin tone; this ensures that you will look beautiful immediately. Individuals with warm skin tones may find that strong colors enhance their appearance, while those with cold skin tones may prefer milder hues.

Q. How to wear and care for color block clothing?

There is something enjoyable about combining (not matching) bright colors to put together an ensemble!

  • While primary colors are ideal for colour blocking, you can be as creative as you like with any colour combination.
  • Assort your things according to their common colour.
  • Always wash in cold water and use a detergent designed for bright or strong colors. Turning the materials inside out helps maintain the vibrancy of the colors.
  • Dry at a cool or warm temperature in your dryer to avoid fading your items.


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