20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them

Lace up skirt outfits – Lace up fashion is spreading like wildfire all over the world, from pants to shirts and now skirts. Although the style might be uncomfortable for some, you should definitely try this at least once in your lifetime because the end look is worth the effort.

We have seen various celebrities wearing tie-up skirts. From their everyday airport looks to the runway outfits, all the ladies are gushing over how cute it looks on them. The unique design has made these skirts the center of attention.

Therefore, we have put together this easy guide for you. Follow along as we uncover the tips and tricks on slaying these skirts.

What To Wear With Your Lace Up Skirts?

You must have many styles of skirts but it’s time to experiment with lace up trend. Before you jump on the trend, it is important to choose a skirt according to your body shape. After this, select a skirt length you are comfortable in.

Even though the most popular lace up skirt is mini, you don’t have to go with the mini skirt. Choose the shape and length based on your comfort zone to rock the trendy outfit with these skirts.

Tips And Tricks on Styling Lace-up Skirts

  • You need to think about the type of kilt you wear. There are several variations of patterns and styles, including pencil, knee-length, frill, etc.
  • Select the shirt or top that you want to wear in a contrasting or complementary color or pattern, as well as the color and print of the lace-up skirts.
  • Go for an outfit that enhances the look of your kilt, like a simple white t-shirt with your favorite tie up skirt would look simply amazing.
  • Make your clothing more stylish by adding some accessories; you can go for something minimal or try on something bold and dazzling as well. 
  • Platform heels go really well with skirts. However, go for skirts if you want a casual look.

20 – Summer Tie-Up Skirt With Crop Blazer

Are you looking for ways to beat the intense summer heat while staying in style? Then look no further, you can always go for something lacy and breezy in such warm weather.

Pastel colors are perfect for warmer days because they do not absorb much sunlight. In addition to that, wearing an intertwined mini skirt along with a tie-up top will make you look nothing less than a model during the day.

The lace-up look will give you the comfortable, airy fit that you want to go for. Carry your essentials in a white handbags, from crochet bags to velvet bags; every kind of bag would work well with this outfit.

Lastly, to finish off your look, try on some white heels and you are good to go.

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


19 – Beige Skirt Outfit Idea

Beige has always looked good on everyone, no matter the style, season, or time of the day. You can always go for a beige outfit if you want to be on the safer side of trendy fashion styles, just like this outfit.

Wearing a beige intertwined kilt and pairing it up with a brown crop top is an option you can go for in any event of your day, from a day out with your friends to a lunch date with your crush. You will end up looking super cute in this fit.

The cherry on top would be the lace-up heels and the matching beige framed sunglasses that you can easily pull off as well.

If not, you can go for a beige hat and some cute minimal jewelry to complete your look in no time.

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


18 – Boyfriend Shirt with Lace Up Skirt

Do you want to feel cute, chic, and stylish all at the same time? Then wait no further, as we bring the classy all-white look that you can wear it to any semi-formal or casual plan of your day and pull it off effortlessly.

Oversized white shirts are loved by every girl out there; the big shirts bring about a feeling of comfort with their loose fittings. Try wearing a matching white pencil skirt with this shirt and see how classy yet sophisticated you look.

To give your fit more of a professional look, you can always go for some minimal jewelry, like earrings and rings, that go well with your suave look.

Try on some matching white heels, or you can go for some flat white sandals if you feel like heels are just not your cup of tea.


17 – Wear The Cute Floral Tie-Up Skirt for Concert

If you are looking for something to wear to a concert or a music festival then here is a perfect outfit for you.

Your angel in disguise for such events is this lace up kilt with flowers. You can pair this look up with your deep-neck crop top or any other matching or contrasting shirt to enhance your chic look further, and all eyes will be on you.

As for footwear, you have to wear some shoes in such events with all the walking and jumping, or some footgear with minimal heels would work as well. At the end of the day, it is all about your comfort.

To top it all off, put on some sunglasses to protect your eyes from the daylight and some minimal jewelry that works with the whole fit. You will look super cute and so ready to dance the night away.

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


16 – Mini Lace Up Bottom And Button Down Shirt

If you are looking for something on the more sultry side, and you’ve got a plain button-down shirt, then you can very easily ace this look with the help of a mini intertwined skirt.

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


15 – Nothing Can Beat The Orange and Pink Combination

The orange and pink color contrasts very well together; if you are looking for something fun and bright to wear on a summer day out, then this is definitely your look.

The pink skirt is super adorable. When paired with a mesh orange and pink checkered crop top, your whole fit would look stunning and vibrant.

Everyone will have their eyes on you with this dazzlingly contrasted pair. To further enhance the pop of color in your fit, you can try a matching pink or orange cross-body bag that would not only help carry all your essentials but also make you look like a fashion icon with all the right colors.

You can always try on some matching or contrasting jewelry along with hot pink heels that would go perfectly well with your whole outfit. You are ready to slay now!

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


14 – Lacy Warrior Look

Is comic-con coming up, and are you looking for some alluring, bold and black outfit to try on this time of the year? You are at the right place.

This is personally one of my favorite looks; with the creative character and the aura this look brings about, it will instantly change your whole personality.

With this bold warrior look, you will not only look amazing but your confidence will ooze out of you as this fit will make you feel more powerful and fierce. The lacy blouse along with the kilt, paired with the belt and the cape, will look stunning on you.

As a prop to your comic-con night, you can also carry a fake sword that you can easily get online. Try wearing some black boots to further get into character.


13 – Corset Top With Full Length Skirt

The tie-up corset top and the long skirt will give you the bold and powerful look that you like. The two lacy apparel will fit perfectly well on anyone and make them look like a model or a fashion influencer.

The black color will help give you that lean look. If you want something simple yet classy and bold, then this fit is perfect for you.

To boost up your outfit, you can wear lace up heels to match the style with your fit. In addition to that, try wearing some bracelets or necklaces to look more alluring.

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


12 – White Front Lace Up Winter Look

It’s necessary to wear sweaters or something warm to fight off the harsh winter winds but your winter look doesn’t have to look boring. Let me tell you a little secret, tie-up skirts look amazing when paired with sweater tops.

The whole outfit combo just fits so well that no matter what style or design you try, it will look good. Just like this white sweater with an intertwined white skirt, which makes you look nothing less than a diva.

The all white fit makes you stand out on the dark and hazy winter nights, as the light color is different from all of your everyday black leather jacket looks.

Carry around a white cross body bag for your essentials. As for footwear, you can wear white platform heels that would not only give you comfort but also make you look great.

Lastly, Wear some white shades and cute anklets and bracelets to amp up the look.


11 – Plaid Mini Skirt Fit

Plaid mini kilts look super cute no matter the season, day, or event you have to go to. The adorable plaid look, when paired with simple white full sleeves or half sleeves shirt, works really well together, as the simple sold colored shirt helps put the spotlight on the cute mini skirt.

To further make your fit more appealing, you can try wearing a hat and knee-high boots and you are good to go.


10 – The Trendy Newspaper Print Set

Newspaper print is loved by every woman all over the world. Wen a cute mini tie-up and a corset blouse have newspaper print on them, everyone will definitely swoon over this look. You will undoubtedly hear a lot of praise for such a fit.

To top it all off, a black leather jacket will be the cherry on top for such a look. Not only will it protect you from the cold weather but also give you that statement look.

Wear some super cute necklaces and chokers along with some rings if you like, and you can always go for some black pencil heels as your footwear to steal the show.

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


9 – Add Shacket Over Your Lace Up Skirt and Blouse

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


8 – Cross Wrap Sweater And Suede Skirt


7 – Pair Your Black Skirt With Deep V-neck Blouse

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


6 – Lace Up Blazer And Skirt Set


5 – Turtleneck Can Never Go Wrong

On a day out with your family or friends or on a cute mini date with your partner, this outfit is perfect for you.

Wear a grey turtleneck top with a black skirt. Add hoop earrings and matching black leather boots to complete your look.


4 – Laced-Up Halloween Look

If you want to go for a Halloween outfit but do not have time to try on something that requires too much effort, you can always go for something as simple yet stylish as this.

The orange skeleton hands shirt paired with a black faux leather tie up frill kilt will make you look cute and classy at the same time. This low-key Halloween outfit is something that will make you look as good as ever.

Wear some leather boots to complete your look, and try on some accessories that you think would work flawlessly with this fit, like a matching orange or black wristwatch and hairpins.


3 – Green Mini Skirt with White Cotton Shirt


2 – Tie Up Skirt with White Oversized Shirt

20 Best Lace Up Skirt Outfits And Tips On How To Style Them


1 – Tie-up Skirt With Puff Sleeves Blouse


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you wear with a lace up skirt?

Ans. You can wear anything with a lace up skirt, just keep in mind the event. For instance, try on blazers and button-up shirts with your skirt for a formal event. For your casual days, you can wear any graphic or cropped t-shirt to pair with your skirt. Make sure the colors mix and match well in accordance with your event and style.

Q. What kind of lace upskirts are in style 2022?

Ans. From tight to knee length lace up skirts are in style in 2022, the styles ranging from normal frills to pencil skirts that are loved by many all around the world. In various colors like black, white, beige, pink, etc., with fabrics like denim and leather, intertwined skirts are the talk of the town.

Q. What shoes do you wear with a lace up skirt?

Ans. The best footwear for lace up skirts is heels; any type of heel would look best on such skirts. From pencil heels to platform boots to laced up heels, they all look super amazing. The different colors and styles go well with any tie up kilt that you own.

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