Date Outfits For Women – 25 Ideas What To Wear On A Date

Date Outfits for Women-  Finding someone whom you like and setting up a date with him is an achievement for sure and the start of something beautiful. But well this was just step number one. Step two is impressing him in the first glance, and that can only be done with the help of a cute date outfit.

When it comes to impressing people, dressing takes a top spot, because dressing will make the first impression which is much more compelling than anything else, it will decide your conduct and will represent you in a particular way to the person you are dating. Want to make the best of it? We have created a lookbook for you with these 25 fantastic date outfits ideas for girls and women of all age groups.

How to Dress Up for a Date

When choosing a date outfit, you have to be very careful and considerate as it more like make it or break it. There are thousands of ways of dressing up but very few ways of dressing up appropriately and according to the occasion. And here we are going to talk about some pro tips before moving on to outfits and their details.

date outfits for women

  • Don’t wear a dress/skirt that is too short or too much work because you don’t want to be focusing the entire time on fixing it.
  • Don’t opt for clothes that are too tight because you will be uncomfortable in them and will fuss and fidget with your clothes.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too loose or baggy because they look unattractive.
  • Avoid wearing thigh high boots on a first date, unless the date spot is appropriate for this.
  • Don’t wear shoes/heels in which you can’t walk or you don’t feel comfortable. Your guy won’t like you see tripping all the way.
  • Avoid going overboard with the makeup.
  • Wear sexy clothes but not slutty.

This was all on what not to wear on a date. Now you must be thinking that we are going a little off the topic but no. Scroll down to find out what to wear on a coffee date? How to dress up on movie night? How to style on the fall date? Not just these but you will also find on various cute date outfits to buy and many more things. This blog will cover it all for you.

women outfits for date

These 25 amazing ideas of what to wear on a date, on multiple occasions and different seasons. For best outcomes, you can merge these outfits and create your personal look and style and wear it according to your personality. Have a look and enjoy.

↓ 25 – Sexy Valentine Date Outfit

We’ve already covered First Date Outfits for Girls, so today’s post will be more focused on the follow-up dates. If you are planning a date on Valentine, then you should go for clothes in pink or red color. According to a survey, most men like women in red; this color attracts them. When it’s for a date, it has to be unique and cute. A cute red dress be it plain or printed, and a little flowy will be the right choice. February is pretty cold for most of us so pick a nice jacket or blazer. Accessorize your outfit with light jewelry and handbag.


cute date outfits


There would be nothing lovelier than having your date with that special one on Valentines and having to put on this one will be perfect. Check out these Top 20 Amazing Outfits Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2019.

Cute Date Night Outfits


↓ 24 – Date Outfit For Lunch

Are you in hunt of a date outfit for lunch but can’t find it? Well, here we have an idea for you, and you can rock it on a free day as well as on work break lunch. You need to wear something attractive and not overly sexy, leave that option for a hot party night or something like that. But on this date wear something like a colorful striped dress along with a jacket. You can take it off while having lunch with him and put it on again while leaving. If you have to do some other chores before or after lunch, prefer wearing flats to stay comfortable.

Cute date outfits


↓ 23 – Dressing Up For Fall Date

Neither too hot nor too cold. Perfect season and an ideal time for a date in terms of dressing up. You can create a good outfit with a plain black shirt and jeans by wearing it with a cardigan/shrug of silk fabric. You can also try adding some detailing with ribbons. Here are some more Cute Fall Outfits.

date outfits

↓ 22 – Winter Date Outfit

Want to leave a lasting impression on the person who’s the most important (at least for now)? Try contrasting colors and dress themes. And a lace dress with a coat will be an excellent choice to start. If you love wearing lace outfits, then you need to see these 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas on how to Wear Them

cute date outfits

Dressing up in extreme cold and chill breezes is a hard thing to do. If you live in areas where winters are harsh, then we can understand your pain. But we are somewhat sure that you won’t want to miss a date with your significant other on the Christmas eve. Isn’t it so? We know that you want to look beautiful and stay warm as well. Hence wear a warm jacket with fur and pair it along with jeans and joggers. You have an entire year ahead to dress up in short or sexy dresses, but for now, we don’t want you getting sick.

Cute date outfits


↓ 21 – Summer Date Outfit

Dates in summers are lovely. What makes them so lovely? The two of you? Of course! But the dresses contribute to it as well. Summer dresses are fresh and relaxing. We would recommend you try wearing skirts with crop tops this season. You can wear them on any date in summers be it lunch date, coffee date or even a movie date. Put on some nude makeup and don’t forget some splashes of perfume.

cute date outfits

Make dating in summers as lovely as in any other season. Go with a light and pretty dress, leaving your hair lose or in a hulf up-do and choose a nice pair of heels. Check out these 16 Cute Summer Hairstyles for College Girls to Stay Cool

Cute date outfits

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↓ 20 – Miranda Kerr Street Style

Love Miranda Kerr’s style? Catch her one of the most fabulous styles and use it as one of your own dating looks that will catch his eyes effortlessly.


cute date outfits

↓  19 – Date Outfits With Jeans

Jeans on a date? Eww no! But why? Just because you wear them every day so they don’t feel special? Just shake your head and let the thoughts go. Jeans are ideal for casual dates. You can easily pair it up with your favourite top. A low messy ponytail will make you look really sexy! Put on your sunglasses on your way but make sure you take them off when you see him.

Cute date outfits

shop the same look below

cute date outfits

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date outfits


↓ 18 – Spring Time Outdoors Date

Doesn’t even matter if it’s your first date or 100th one. If it’s not the first one then till now, he might have seen many of your looks. But has he seen your spring side that is all flushed and jolly? If not, then its time to show him how full of life you are. Open your wardrobe if you have many fresh colored frocks or buy a similar peach mini dress below. Wear white or neutral wedges with your dress and put on a hat. Wear a bracelet or watch and studs. There you go, all set for this happy date and even better if it’s an outdoor date.

Cute date outfits

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Time to be inspired and evoked by the trendy denim shirts havoc in the fashion, with boot heels and a printed skirt.

cute date outfits

↓ 17 – Hot Date Night Outfit

We can assure you that there will be nothing better than having an outdoor date on a chilly starry night and this outfit would be perfect.

cute date outfits


↓ 16 – Date Outfit For A Rainy Day

Rains are all romantic until your makeup starts coming off with rain and your beachy waves get ruined. Or till your dress stops being flowy and gets glued to your body. You hate it, don’t you? Well, let us avoid your day from getting ruined. Go with dresses that are easy to carry like straight pants or jeans with stylish tops. Make sure you can comfortably wear a jacket over it. Bomber jackets are ideal for a rainy day. Don’t wear heels on your this day if there is even a single chance of you slipping. Here are some more Raniy Day Outfits Ideas that you might want to check out and save, in case of a rainy day.

date outfits


date outfits

↓ 15 – A Movie Night Outfit

Movie night outfits should be simple but statement-making, you can find some fabulous ideas from our earlier post on Movie Date Outfits.

cute date outfits

↓ 14 – What to Wear for a Date to his House

A date to his house? If it isn’t your first date, then no need to worry and get nervous. Make yourself feel at home. Wear a chic button-down shirt with a black pant and sexy footwear. For a sexy vibe leave at least your top two buttons open. Put on a bracelet and studs and ring the bell. We hope he doesn’t complain that you are late because we made styling up so easy for you today.

cute date outfits cute date outfits

If you want to take a simplistic road, then try a wonderful yet casual style with any of your favorite items and mold it according to the season!

↓ 13 – Party Date Look

Here you are now, going to parties together. Happy to know that! For a nighttime party this black dress with a slit will not just leave your man astounded but everyone else as well. Drop down, dangle or chandelier earrings goes really well with such dresses.

Cute date outfits

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If you are going to a party in the day time with taking your date along you then give a look at this idea.

cute date outfits

↓ 12 – Date Outfit For Plus Size Women

If you are plus size or a little curvy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear all these adoring dresses. Look at her; she looks so amazing in this blue jumpsuit. Love the way how she color coordinated her apparel and accessories. You can shop the same look for yourself as well.

Cute date outfits

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↓ 11 – Pencil Cut Dresses For Dinner Date

Going for a dinner date? Do have a look at these Dinner Date Outfits.

cute date outfits


↓ 10 – Casual Date Outfit

Casual dates are the best because you can dress up easy breezy lemon squeezy! Check out these two casual date outfits; one is for summer and the other for winters.

Cute date outfits

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cute date outfits

↓ 9 – A Girlish Date Dress

Don’t let the pre-date anxiety take over you. Stop stressing over what to wear on the next date and open your wardrobe and pick out your favourite outfit, style it with the right accessories and hairstyle, you’re good to go.

Cute date outfits


cute date outfits

↓ 8 – Coffee Date Outfit

Have a look at this outfit if you are going to grab a coffee with the (possible) love of your life tonight. This is something really chic to wear on a date. The white shoulder top is cute and sexy at the same time. Let your hair open and run for the coffee.

Cute date outfits


↓ 7 – A Professional Date Outfit

Had a presentation in the office and date right after it? Try to manage to look great at both events by dressing up a light colored dress like the one in this picture. Wear a blazer over it and get your feet in comfy flat loafers.

Cute date outfits


↓ 6 – Date Outfit With Hijab

Here is what you can wear with a hijab while going out on a date.

date outfits

date outfits

↓ 5 – Date To The Bar/Club

Dress a little sexy if this time your date is at the bar. Party and dance all night with him. Dress so well that he can’t take his eyes off you. If you’re going clubbing, don’t miss out these Girls Sheer Club Dresses,

cute date outfits


Because nothing can be cooler than a linen pants outfit with heels.

Cute date outfits

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↓ 4 – Outfit For A Museum Date

Enjoy your art museum date in a cute skirt and floral top. Be a piece of artwork yourself tonight.

cute date outfits

↓ 3 – Eastern Date Outfit

If you are not into Western wear and especially if you are from Pakistan or India then this is for you people. Wear a kurta/tunic with straight pants and put on matching accessories.

Cute date outfits

↓ 2 – Outfit With Leather Pants

Leather pants are a big yes when it comes to dressing up with class and elegance. Get some great styling ideas and tips from these 17 Cute Outfits with Leather Pants for Women this Season.

cute date outfits

↓ 1 – Shopping Time

Scroll down to shop a few dresses that you can wear on any date, including a date in the mall.

Cute date outfits

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