23 Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hair – Dressing Tips

Outfits that go with long hair – All the women who are blessed with long hair, looking for ideas on what to wear with long hair? what outfits suit different long hairstyles? then this post is for you. These days women all across the globe are supporting long hairstyles. So here’s a list of the cutest outfits that go with long hair for women. Hope you manage to seek inspiration from some of them, you are sure to enjoy them. 

Hair is a big part of your identity. Most women give a certain amount of consideration to their outfits and then if you have some time left, you start thinking about your hair. But hey, what if I tell you that dressing up nice means matching the length of your hair to your outfit? Don’t believe me? Here is something you need to know. 

Dressing Tips For Women With Long Hair

Your length of hair does have an impact on how you dress. You can’t wear a cute hoodie with super long hair, it would look awful when your hair is all over your hoodie especially when your top has a hat. Many girls think a hoodie with long hair doesn’t look great. However, there is always a way. Here’s how to wear a hoodie when you have long hair: create a messy high bun, make a ponytail, or leave your hair inside your hoodie. 

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs

I hope you understand it’s necessary to focus on both your hair length and clothes while dressing up. Let’s start without further ado, here are dressing tips for girls with long hair.

Cute Outfit Tips for Women With Long Hair

  • Understand what hairstyle looks good with certain outfits. For instance, a ponytail looks great with a blouse and skirt. Straight hair or a high ponytail goes well with a blazer dress.

  • Create a messy front braid and low ponytail with a basic T-shirt or button-down shirt outfit.

  • Do some beachy waves or braided hairstyles for a summer outfit.

  • For formal events, curl your hair. It will add some volume and give you a refreshing look with your gown. And if you have curly hair, consider straightening your hair.

  • If you are a college student who wears a funky look then add crispiness to your outfit by doing a mohawk half-bun.

  • When wearing a boho-chic outfit, create a messy high bun or half-bun.

23 – Box Braid Hairstyle With Crop Top And ShortsIdeal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs

Denim Shorts $26.99

Scoop Neck Crop Top $16.99


22 – Ponytail With A Button-down Shirt And Black Jeans

Tie your long hair into a ponytail for a classy look. Create a casual outfit by pairing a bright blue shirt with skinny black jeans. Add a few accessories like hoop earrings, a watch, and a designer bag. Although the footwear in the picture looks good, I would complete this look with a pair of heels. 

cute outfit 3

Blue button-down shirt $21.24

Skinny Black Jeans $49.10

21 – Basic Button-down Shirt and Jeans Outfit With A High Bun

Pair a plain shirt with jeans and a scarf, whilst tying your long hair into a loose, high bun. This is a functional look for both winter and summer. Just add boots and a coat over your outfit in winter and you’re sorted. For summers, wear casual low mules or backless loafers. 

cute outfit 2

Button-down Shirt $23.99

20 – A Messy Front Braid And Ponytail With A Cute T-shirt

Wear a loose T-shirt with a messy long hairstyle. A t-shirt paired with jeans is an easygoing outfit and this hairstyle is practical as it will keep your hair up. 

cute outfit 4

19 – Deep Neck Blouse With A Floral Skirt

Make your long hair straight and wear a cute white blouse and floral skirt attire.

Mini Skater Flared Skirt (similar) $14.86

18 – Maroon Top With A Black Skirt And Stockings

Leave your long hair loose and open with a cute outfit like this one. 


Black Mini Skater Skirt $12.73

Maroon Knit Sweater $21.66

17 – Pair A Crew Neck Knit Sweater With Black Jeans And Boots

Get subtle waves in your hair for an outfit like this. Pair your knit sweater with jeans or shorts and flaunt your loose waves.

cute716 – Let Your Hair Loose And Wear This Chic White Prom Dress

For a fashionable outfit, wear a simple and chic white short dress.


15 – High Waist Ombre Skirt With A Net Blouse

Curl your hair and wear this pretty ombre outfit to your next event.


14 – Create Loose Curls With A Blue Mini Skirt And Top

Go for a blue-themed cute outfit with your long loose curled hair. 


13 – Sheer Lace Top With Jeans Shorts

Nothing can beat messy long hair with lace see-through top and shorts.


Sheer White Blouse (similar) $23.99

Denim Shorts $26.99

12 – Skinny Jeans And T-shirt Outfit with Loose Curls 

 Go casual with a cute plain t-shirt and tight, skinny jeans on a summer day.


11 – Swag Style Outfit 

Tie your long hair into a tight ponytail. Wear aviators, a cropped jacket, ripped jeans, and heels.


White Blazer $19.99

10 – Black Suspenders With White Shirt

Wear a romper-style outfit, with bright red lips and loose wavy hair.


Black Jeans With Adjustable Suspenders (similar) $58.99

9 – Bohemian Look With Oversized Jacket, Tank Top, And Black Jeans

Boho looks are having a moment these days, make sure to give them a try. You can do this with a plain white t-shirt, rough jacket, and oversized bag.


8 – T-shirt Dress With Sneakers 


Striped Print T-shirt Dress $19.98

7 – Basic Full Sleeve Striped T-shirt With A Jeans 

For all the city girls out there, here’s a look for you! Wear oversized glasses with stripes and a cheetah print with your long hair.


6 – Sleeves White Top And Jeans

you can wear your blonde long hair in loose waves. This hairstyle can be paired with a crisp white top, lots of accessories, and classic jeans. Do not forget to wear a camel-colored, warm-toned handbag!

cute outfit 1

6 – Flaunt Your Long Hair With This Beautiful Yellow Dress

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs


5 – Curly Hair With A Black Outfit And Jacket

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs

Leather Belted Motorcycle Jacket $39.99


4 – Take Inspiration on How to Slay Long Hair from Zendaya

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs

3 – Slay in A Casual Sweatshirt And White Jeans With Your Hair Down

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs


2 – Two-Sided Braid With A Pink Set 

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs

1 – Loose Curls And Dreamy Corset Dress

Ideal Outfits That Go With Long Hairs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What long hair hairstyle will suit a gown?

Ans. There are plenty of hairstyles that go well with a gown. Here are my picks: messy curls, full braid, semi-braid hairstyles, twisted or side buns, and the classy high ponytail.

Q. What are some quick hairstyle for long hair?

Ans. Here are some easy hairstyles that will almost no time to make. They are practical and look stunning.

low ponytail, half bun, basic messy braid, twisted or high bun, and a cute front twisted hairstyle.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas, as one style is sure to attract you. All of these can be easily paired with long hair and will look absolutely fabulous. Good luck!

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