How To Wear A Varsity Jacket 20 Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

Also known as letterman jackets, varsity jackets date as far back as the 1930s. They were worn as uniforms by men who were athletes or to just show pride for their school or college.

For decades men have been rocking all the trends but it’s unfair if we women can’t have fun with ‘mens’ trends. So we decided to add some spice to this trend and bring our women some outfits with varsity jackets because why should men have all the fun?

It’s quite easy to style these gorgeous jackets. They go with just about anything and everything. Be it a hoodie, a tube top, or a t-shirt. You can wear these jackets anywhere now because they aren’t just limited to the brick walls of a school or football ground of a college.

These jackets make the perfect style statements for when you want to dress feminine but also not because these jackets have a bit of an androgynous vibe to them which is always fun!

How to Wear Versaity Jackets?

We have put together 20 of the best outfits for women so that our ladies don’t have to miss out on such amazing trends. A varsity can be your best friend if you want it to be because they come in handy all the time and most of the time, you only need one and it’ll last you a long time. However, if you love to buy clothes, you might want to grab two or three of these in different colors, but it is definitely not a compulsion. Keep one on you at all times, you never know when the weather changes. Gear up because we have got some spicy outfits for you!

Styling Tips

• Varsity are great for layering clothes in the wintertime so take advantage of that and wear lots of layers.

• Oversized jackets look best with oversized hoodies underneath so make sure to give that a try.

• They can be worn in the summertime as well, on days when it gets a bit chilly so don’t think you’ll only be able to wear your favorite jacket in the winter.

• Usually people wear in black but don’t think that’s the only color you can buy in them, experiment with different colored jackets and make it a new trend.

• Know that these jackets are unisex and anybody can wear them, they are not just for boys or for girls. Fashion is for everyone.

20 – Baggy Fit

If you are somebody that loves baggy fits then this one is for you. Just pair an oversized jacket with a tube top and matching sweatpants. Don’t forget to wear some cool sneakers such as the Nike air jordans. This outfit is perfect for lounging in or going out to run some errands. If it’s your style then you shouldn’t mind wearing it to a meetup with your friends. Here are some more ideas on how to style baggy pants.


19 – Printed Jacket

This jacket is pretty cool, it is very unique. You can easily pair this jacket with a plain white crop top if you want to stick to the basics. Colored tops would make this jacket look even better. A pair of blue mom jeans would complete this outfit. Wear this jacket to a party and watch yourself become the center of attention.

18 – Brown And Orange

Is brown and orange your favorite contrast? Then we got you. Try this outfit by wearing a brown jacket with orange details on it and pair it with brown cargo pants. of course, your outfits won’t be complete without orange sneakers. Adding any other accessories is your choice, just make sure they are orange.

17 – Baby Blue Swag

Pastel colors are gorgeous and can be worn with anything and everything. Don’t worry about them not looking good with other colors. However, this baby blue jacket looks exquisite with white pants and chunky sneakers. This outfit would look amazing on a lunch date. The flame detailing on the sleeves makes this jacket stand out.

16 – Red Varsity

Varsity jackets and leather skirts? Yes, please. Who knew you could wear jackets with leather skirts but we are here to show you that it can be done. If you’re into finding new styles and ways to wear old clothes then you need to try this outfit. You could wear knee-high leather boots with this outfit or just stick to black sneakers if you’re not a boots kinda gal.

varsity jacket outfits for women

15 – Green Is Mean!

You need this green jacket in your life. You can never go wrong with green. Pair a green jacket with green or brown pants and a crop top to show off your abdomen. This outfit would look great for a walk in the park because the greenery would make the green pop even more!


14 – With Flared Pants

Flared pants are trending these days so you should give them a try, especially with a varsity. You can wear any jacket that you want with flare pants if they are black. They don’t necessarily need to be worn with loose-fitting sweatpants and jeans you can also wear them with such pants. This outfit is a mix of girly and androgynous so have fun with it!


13 – Black And White

Black and white go together like nothing else. You need to try wearing a black jacket with white sweat pants and a matching tube top. This is the real OG outfit. You could not go wrong with this in a million years. Pair a black cap with this outfit, along with sneakers, and you’ll be good to go.

varsity jacket outfits for women


12 – Oversized Jacket

If you want to try something different then just wear an oversized jacket on its own. This outfit is really sexy and would be perfect for a date night. Not everybody has to like or wear dresses on dates, if this is your style then stick with it. Black booties will match the vibe more than black stilettos.


11 – Casual Vibe

Do you like to wear skirts? Pair a varsity with a skirt and rock it. Wear leggings with this outfit if it’s chilly outside and of course, wear a beanie as well to add some cuteness to this outfit. Everybody that looks at you will instantly fall in love with the comfort and vibe of this outfit.


10 – With Oversized Hoodie

Have you ever tried wearing jackets with hoodies? If not, you need to! They look the coolest when paired together. Pair some flare jeans with this outfit and a pair of black Nike air jordans and you’ll be good to go.

9 – Hailey Biebers Look

Here is Hailey serving looks in this plain black jacket paired with a blue denim skirt and black leather booties. She wore this outfit so casually it makes us think we could rock this just as well! You should definitely give this outfit a go because if Hailey has worn it, it’ll be a trend pretty soon. Outfits with Denim Skirts are super cute which is why you should give it a go!

varsity jacket outfits for women

8 – Red coca-cola

This red coca-cola jacket has been paired with an oversized hoodie. This red jacket will make jaws drop because it’s that stunning. You should wear black leather pants with this because they will look flattering paired with the red jacket. Chunky sneakers are trending so go ahead and wear a black pair with this fit!


7 – Matching Bestie Fits!

Don’t we all want to match our best fits with our best friend? We have this outfit for you and your bestie so you can finally match. Get matching jackets in different colors or the same one if you like and pair them with jeans in whatever style you want. All you have to do later is go out together show your outfit off!

varsity jacket outfits for women


6 – All Black Beauty

All-black outfits are always stunning and you can never say no to them. A black jacket paired with a matching crop top and sweatpants will be a comfy outfit but it will also look amazing. Black converse are one of the best sneakers out there so you need to try them out!


5 – Blue And Denim

This oversized navy blue jacket looks really cute with ripped blue jeans. The red detailing matches with the sneakers and it stands out. Try out a different hairstyle such as pigtails or a sleek back bun and you’ll look the coolest!


4 – Wear It Everywhere Fit!

Need to run some errands or go out with your friends? This outfit is easy to put together and looks good too! You just need a black crop top, blue mom jeans, and a jacket in whichever color. You can put your hair up in a bun to give the impression that you just woke up.


3 – Hailey Biebers Fiery Hot Red Jacket

Once again Hailey showed us how to look hot in a varsity upper. She makes it look so easy! She just paired a red jacket with a white tank top and blue skinny jeans. She made sure to wear gold jewelry with this outfit to complete the look.

varsity jacket outfits for women

2 – Dark Green Vibes

Green is a gorgeous color and owning a jacket in this color would be one of the best things ever! Wear this jacket with blue ripped jeans and rock the look. Matching green sneakers would look really cool and so would a beanie if it’s cold outside.

varsity jacket outfits for women


1 – When To Wear A Varsity?

Saved the best for the end! This jacket is one of the best ones we’ve laid our eyes on. So we’re going to tell you when to wear it. You can wear a varsity for any occasion; they can even be worn every day because they look that good. You don’t need a specific occasion to wear a varsity, you just need the vibe and know-how to style it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you wear with a varsity jacket?

Ans. There are tons of clothes that you can wear with . These jackets are supposed to be comfortable and artistic so usually, you wear something plain with them. You can wear tube tops with these jackets if you like to keep it simple. You can also wear dresses with such jackets. However, mostly these jackets are worn with denim jeans, ripped or regular. Baggy fits are always cooler so go with those If you prefer street style. Hoodies underneath such jackets are amazing outfits for the wintertime because you can stay warm and look cool both at the same time.

Q. What sized jacket should i get?

Ans. Most people prefer to buy jackets at least one or two sizes bigger than theirs. However, if you are somebody who does not like baggy fits, we recommend that you stick to your own size. Bigger sizes are also better for layering clothes underneath. People also prefer them because are more comfortable and for some people, they feel safer than wearing something that is skin tight. So It is 100% your decision as to what size you want to get.

Q. Are these jackets warm?

Ans. Yes, varsity as pretty warm. So it shouldn’t hurt to wear something so cool and trendy because it will also keep you warm. However, people still wear hoodies and sweaters under these hoodies for some extra protection against the cold so it depends on how cold you feel. For some people, just the jacket would suffice.

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