16 Latest Nikah Dresses for Brides & Styling Tips

Nikah Dresses for Brides: One of the most important days of your life is finally approaching! The anticipation, stress, hard work, and energy invested into planning the perfect day are at an all-time high. And one of the most significant aspects of your planning needs to go into finding the perfect fairytale dress for yourself. After all, you will be the center of everyone’s attention, and making sure you stand out and look your best is the topmost priority!

These days, brides are breaking the norm of adorning heavy clothes & jewelry that weigh down your neck and back. They are prioritizing their comfort while being the picture of timeless elegance. Thus, the days of heavy and uncomfortable outfits are gone. Instead, classy and simplistic looks that are easy to wear all day long are becoming more and more common.

Buying or getting a custom bridal dress is long, anxious, and even stressful. The intricate embroidery and tiny details added to your dress to make it special and nostalgic will be worth a story to your daughters and granddaughters one day. Who knows? They might even want to incorporate pieces of your outfit on their special day for nostalgic value!

What to Wear for Your Nikah?

Lately, there has been a trend of wearing lighter-colored dresses for the nikah event. Pastels, ivory, cream, and white are all colors that look beautiful and picturesque, but I find them overused and worn by every other modern bride. So you might want to go for a unique look that is equal parts stunning, modern and memorable. For this, I would advise opting for bolder colors and silhouettes that are not mainstream yet.

memorable bridal nikkah outfits

Tips on Getting the Perfect Nikkah Look:

  • Comfort is key! Make sure that you are wearing the dress, not the other way around!
  • If your dress flared from the bottom, you can get away with wearing flats, including khussa, chapal, or sneakers.
  • Nikkah is one of those candid events where less is more, so keep your hair and makeup minimal to allow your true features to shine through.
  • Add on a little something of your mom or grandmom for sentimental value. It could be jewelry, a dupatta, or anything valuable.
  • Try the double dupatta look. Who knows? You might be able to pull it off! You can get some good ideas from these Types Of Dupattas And Tutorial On How To Wear Dupattas.
  • Do not forget to decorate your wrists with flowers and your hands with minimal mehndi.
  • And lastly, do not be afraid to smile and express your emotions the way you deserve to on this special day!

We have gathered the best look for you to gain inspiration from, including all kinds of trending styles, cuts, and silhouettes. Keep scrolling to find the perfect outfit which is right up your alley for a memorable nikah!

16 – Go for a Simplistic Hairstyle with Heavy Dress & Jewelry

Single-tone dresses are always a hit on functions like the nikkah. They look elegant and add to the beauty of the entire vibe you are going for. This dress is a beautiful option! The flare of the pishwas adds a little something extra to your look that is what you want to achieve on your special day.

Pair your clothes with minimalistic, clean jewelry to compliment your one-tone pishwas. And the best way to get the perfect look for the day is to go with the sleek bun with flowers in your hair and bronzed makeup with glossy lips that accentuates your features.

Here are some inspiring bridal outfits of Pakistani celebrities.

15 – Pair a Plain Lehnga with Fully Emroidered Pishwas Dress

Sona Rafiq looks like perfection in this outfit!

14 – Keep the Make-up & Hair Minimal with a Bright Dress

This dress is custom-made by the brand “Rano’s Heirlooms,” and I am obsessed with the collection that they carry. Right below is the proof of how beautiful their dresses are. This nikkah look is vibrant, classy, and oh-so-pretty. The details are immaculate, and the pops of red add a refreshing touch.

Furthermore, the matha patti makes this look regal! I would advise opting for a muted pinkish-red lip color to bring out the red touch in the outfit.

Nikah Dresses for Brides


13 – Go for the Traditional Red Look, but Add Depth with Different Shades!

Pair your traditional red outfit with different shades of red and orange to make your look unique and personalized!

Nikah Dresses for Brides


12 – Master the Art of Slaying the Double Dupatta Look!

An excellent way to make your nikkah outfit memorable is by going for the double dupatta look. This style allows you to add sentimental value to your clothes as you can drape your mother or grandmother’s wedding dupattas from back in the day. Moreover, you will be able to ensure that your look is unique to you and you alone. On that note, this lady looks phenomenal in this exquisite mint green and accents of red combination. Add on white gajray to your hair and wrists to truly stand out!

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


11 – Step Aside from the Norms and Go for a Bottle Green and Gold Outfit!

Bottle green is a personal favorite, and with how gorgeous it looks on this nikkah bride, it will be snatching some hearts! Paired with gold, this outfit seems like something out of a dream!

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


10 – Whimsical in White with Minimal Jewelry!

When in doubt, go with white! This color is one that you can never go wrong with, and it always ends up making you look extra special! You could drape a red dupatta as a veil during the paper signing to add a little color to your photographs.

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022

09 – Prove Everyone Wrong Who Says Yellow is not the Color for Nikah Brides!

Now here is a sight that is truly for the sore eyes! Yellow is a color that you rarely – almost never – see worn on a nikkah event since this beautiful color is mainstream for the mehndi and dholki events. However, I am so glad to see the trends breaking because if yellow looks this phenomenal on a nikkah bride, everyone needs to start wearing it! The pop of red on the lips looks pretty with the dress and compliments the stage decorations. With that being seen and said, you should start wearing the colors you desire!

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


08 – Color Coordinate with your Husband-to-be for Ultimate Couple Goals!

Color-coordinated outfits are always a great way to ensure a seamless event that compliments your wedding decor and helps you achieve the ambiance you want. Moreover, the photographs are going to turn out great! There is nothing cuter than a couple who decides to twin their outfits for their special day! If you’re confused about your hairstyle, check out these Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season.


07 – Get a Customized Ghunghat Bridal Dupatta in Red!

A bridal veil customized with your husband’s name or the two words that will change your life, “Qabool Hai” is a super cute detail to add. This detail will make your outfit memorable for your future daughter and granddaughters. You never know they might want to use your dupatta on their special day!


06 – Or You Could Ditch all the Expectations & do What Works for you!

While going all out for your nikkah event is normalized, we should make not going all-out normal too! Cut back on the spending and opt for a simple, laid-back affair.

Along with saving money, you will be relieved of the stress and anxiety of making sure everything is perfect. We should normalize simple nikkahs in mosques with your loved ones to celebrate you and your partner’s union.

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


05 – Opt for Baby’s Breath Gajray with Your Outfit

Baby’s breath flowers are famous for their versatile use and long-lasting nature. I have mostly seen brides opt for these flowers in intricate hair updos. However, they look stunning and dainty worn in the hands as gajray too! After all, what they say is true. It really is the little details that make or break your outfit!

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


04 – Get a Plain Dress Tailored to Match Your Moms Vintage Fancy Dupatta

If you plan on wearing your mom’s dupatta on your special day, the best way to do so is by making it the center of attention. The vintage embroidery and unique patterns on this fabric deserve to stand out in your outfit. A great way to ensure that is by going for a plain shalwar and kameez or a long shirt paired with a churidar pajama.

Moreover, you could also go with light embroidery on the edges of your shirt to match the dupatta. You can also reuse the dupatta by using one of these tips on Dupatta Reuse Ideas.

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


03 – Pair a White Sari with Red Dupatta to get the Perfect Poised Bridal Look!

We have already established that white is a classy staple for the nikkah look. But an excellent way to make it unique and amp it up is by going for a sari! I am a fan of the elegance and poise that comes along with nailing this outfit on your special day.

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


02 – Get a Long Veil Made Out of Your Dupatta to Add a Flair of Drama!

We often see non-Muslim brides wearing white dresses with long trains, and you can’t help but wish for the same sometimes. Well, I am here to inform you that you can get that look as well!

Most desi brides find long trains extended from the lehnga inconvenient and difficult to handle due to the heavy embroidery they come with, and not to forget, be a bit heavy on the pocket. However, you can get a large veil made with a train which is easy to carry and helps you achieve the dream too!

Nikah Bridal Dresses 2022


01 – Shine Bright In Gold & Mirror Work but Keep your Makeup Natural & Minimal!

If your is bright, sparkly, and eye-catching as this dress below, then it is best to keep your make-up, hair, and jewelry minimal. This will avoid unnecessary crowding and give you the regal look you deserve!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What color do Pakistani brides wear? Why do brides wear red in Pakistan?

Pakistani weddings traditionally have three main functions. And the brides dress according to the event. The three functions include:

  • Dholki/ Mehndi: This fun-filled event consists of yellow, oranges, hot pink, and basically the brightest bold colors that remind you of all the happy things in life.
  • Baraat: Also known as ‘Rukhsati,’ brides almost always go for red or maroon shades to carry on the traditional values followed for generations. This fun-filled event consists of yellow, oranges, hot pink, and the brightest bold colors that remind you of all the happy things in life.
  • Valima/ Reception: The very last day of the wedding festivities is about elegance, class, and simplistic shades. You will find most brides wearing pastel shades of pink, blue, green, and shades of white, ivory, and creams.

We can merge the nikkah with the mehndi or Barat, or a separate function may take place for signing the paper. For a separate event, you’re going to need a dress which can be of any color that pleases you! I will say this for all the events, wear whatever color speaks out to you, and do not be afraid to break the traditions. After all, your happiness and wishes are more important!

Q. What is a Pakistani wedding dress called?

There are so many different designs that you can wear as a bridal dress! And every outfit has its name. over the generations, one of the dresses that has remained a bridal go-to is the lehenga-choli! You can not go wrong with this outfit, even though is being worn since the very beginning. And we completely understand the importance of how lovely it looks. Other than that, pishwas, frocks, gharara, sharara, and maxi dresses are all mainstream outfits that Pakistani women are wearing lately.

Q. Where to buy nikah dresses for brides?

It comes down to your personal preference. Some women have a vision in their head regarding their dream dress and get them tailored and customized. On the other hand, others prefer to avoid the hassle of getting a custom dress made and reach out to designers and brands to grab a ready-made dress! Here is a list of all the best places to shop your nikkah dress from:

  • Suffuse by Sana Yasir: This gorgeous maxi (here) is different from the usual silhouettes worn by nikah brides!
  • Zaha: Talk about having the perfect color, embroidery, and cut in one outfit (here)!
  • Zara Shahjahan: The red outfit (here) is perfect for a nikkah event. It is just the right amount of traditional and unique to make you stand out!
  • Laam: Check out their wide range of nikkah dresses available for all sorts of budgets and requirements (here).
  • Republic Womenswear: Breathtaking is all I have to say about this dress (here)!
  • Faiza Saqlain: This brand (here) is the way to go ff you’re looking for a dress that is the perfect amount of wow-actor and elegance!

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