35 Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

Hairstyles With Maang Tikka – One of the favorite pieces of hair accessories these days is the Maang tikka, which is also known as the Maatha Patti – a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry. In the last post, we covered in detail what is Maang tikka and how to wear Maang tikka in different styles.

Though it was traditionally considered a part of the bridal jewelry, now it can be worn at any traditional occasion by girls of all ages and face cuts. However, one of the most confusing and often asked question by girls is that what hairstyle should they make with their Maang tikkas? So in this post, we’ll be addressing this common issue in an effortless way. I hope that by the end of this post, you will have enough knowledge to decide on the latest hairstyle with your Maatha Patti. If you are planning on wearing the same Maatha Patti for the second time or for continuous functions, these tips will help you create a new look every single time!

How To Style Your Hair With Maang Tikka

Tikka, Maatha Patti, and Jhumars are considered to be the favorite headgear when it comes to jewelry. They are famous in Asian countries, especially Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. People don’t only wear them at weddings but on festivals, functions and dinners as well. Here are a few points which you must keep in mind before opting for any head jewelry.

  • Buns are ideal with Jhumars, Tikkas, and Maatha Pattis. You can go with sleek buns, high buns, or messy buns and fix your dupatta over them and stay relaxed.
  • If you have a square or round face, then straight hair will look perfect on you. Don’t go with tikkas that are too large. Opt for Borla Maang tikka or pendent tikkas.
  • You can do side partition if you only want your pendant to be visible.
  • Puff hairstyle is usually considered favorite when you want your tikka to stay fixed and not move. Crescent tikkas and Chaand tikkas fit this hairstyle the best.
  • Hair updos, open hair with loose curls, twists, front braids, and fishtails are also great ways to set up your hair.
  • If you are planning to wear heavy Maatha Patti or Jhumar, then avoid wearing roses or flower jewelry in your hair.
  • Make sure your hairstyle does justice to the jewelry and supports your dupatta as well.

hairstyles with maang tikka

Have a look at our top picks:

↓ 35 – Best Tikka Size And Shape For Your Face Type

Weddings are all about details. You can ruin your entire look with one small mistake. Don’t take the risk and know your face shape and decide your jewelry accordingly.

Oval Face: The Oval face is the most proportional and versatile face shape ever. It’s the most common face shape in Asia. If you are one of the people with the Oval face, then wear anything that doesn’t add extra length to your face. Also, avoid large Maatha Pattis.

Round Face: Round face is adorable, but you might want to add a little sharpness to your face hence put on head jewelry that is thin and long. Avoid too many details and fancy Maatha Pattis. Oval or rectangle Jhumars, Tikkas, and Passas will suit your face the best.

Heart Shape: If you have a heart face shape, it means you have a broad forehead and narrow chin. So, to balance out your face, you should wear Cresent tikkas, Chaand tikkas, Passas and multi-layered Maatha Pattis.

Rectangle Shape: If your face is rectangle-shaped, then wear jewelry with a large pendant. Maatha Pattis are a big yes for you. Also, South Indian jewelry will look best on you.

Here’s one of the most confusing yet essential questions people ask with it comes to head ornaments.

What should I wear, Maang Tikka or Maatha Patti? 

Maatha Pattis and Maang Tikkas both have their distinctive appeal and look alluring. But the concern is which one should you opt for. Consider the following points and choose one for yourself. You should wear Maang Tikka if your face is small as you don’t have enough room on your face. Wear small tikkas like Borla or pendent if your forehead is small.

Matha Pattis are ideal for people with broad faces, especially round or oval, as they conceal your face and make it look smaller. People with large foreheads should wear Maatha Pattis to contour their faces.

cute maang tikka styles


↓ 34 – Broad Maatha Pattis

Broad Maatha Pattis reflect the vibrant culture and takes us back to the era of Raja and Rani. If you want an aesthetic and luxurious look at your wedding or big day, then opt for broad and fancy Maatha Pattis. But make sure you have a broad forehead; otherwise, it will cover your eyes. Sleek hair buns or high buns are ideal hairstyles with such jewelry.

Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

↓ 33 – Delicate Tikka And Maatha Patti

People who want a delicate and decent look at weddings or engagement should opt for single-layered Maatha Patti, preferably of pearl. Girls with a small face and forehead should consider wearing it instead of heavy Jhumars and Passas.

Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

↓ 32 – Jhumar Or Passa

Jhumars are a dreamy, ethnic piece of jewelry. If you want to create a traditional look, then it is a win-win jewelry piece. Go for a center partitioned hair bun and add tikka in center and Jhumar on either right or left. You can match your jewelry with your dress as well. Another plus point of this piece and hairstyle is that it will support your dupatta.

Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

↓ 31 – Chand Maang Tikka

The best way to avoid too much jewelry is to wear just one piece; Chaand Maang tikka. Go for a hair puff with loose curls and fix your tikka in.

Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

↓ 30 – Crescent Style

Crescent Maang tikkas are simple yet very elegant. You can wear them to create a bridal look and even wear them on festivals like Diwali and Eids.

maangg tikka hairstyles


↓ 29 – Borla Maang Tikka

Jhumar or Passa is the traditional ornament of a Muslim Bride. It looks incredibly decent and creates an option for heavy earrings and necklaces. Avoid overdoing the jewelry even if it’s your big day.

Cute Hairstyles With Maang Tikka/Maatha Patti This Season


↓ 28 – Traditional Look


↓ 27 – Twists And Curls With Decent Tikka


↓ 26 – Aesthetic Look

hairstyles with maatha patti

↓ 25 – Red Carpet Look


↓ 24 – Kundan And Pearls


↓ 23 – Diamonds

Small Pendant Tikkas reflects your elegance. You can go with small tikkas of diamond with small colorful stones. With small tikkas, you should go with a big neckpiece or earrings. Center partitioned hair or loose curls will suit this look.


↓ 22 – Maang Tikka For Mehndi


↓ 21 – For Reception

Reception is the fun day of the wedding, and there’s no way you are missing Maang Tikka. There are a variety of designs from fancy-colored stone tikkas to pearl hanging that you can wear on this day. We recommend you go with the most decent one on this day.

↓ 20 – With Open Hair

If you have a nice long and wavy here, I believe the best option would be to go for open hair. You can use some mousse or other hair products to add volume to your hair if required. If you are using the Maatha Patti with a center strand, then obviously you will be parting your hair in the middle. When such loose wavy curls are combined with a Maatha Patti, it creates a really soft, simple, and attractive look. In case you have straight hair and want a similar effect, then you can use a hair curler or even a straightening iron to create some loose and natural-looking waves. This hairstyle is also specially recommended if you are wearing a heavy Maatha Patti or if you have long hair. Check out how stunning the Bollywood actresses Amisha Patel and Priyanka Chopra are looking in this hairstyle.


12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

↓ 19 – Celebrity Hairstyle



Open hair looks especially amazing when you’re wearing your Maatha Patti with a Nuth for a more traditional look.

↓ 18 – Back Combed Semi Up-do

If you don’t want your all over your face but still want a similar effect as shown above, then you can go for high backcombing and semi-tied hair. Again, this can be done with both straight as well as curled hair. Deepika carried this look at the 2014 Zee Cine awards. I would always recommend following Indian celebrities’ hairstyles with Maang Tikka as they always come up with stylish styles that you can copy.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka


↓ 17 – With Straight Hair

In case you are wearing the simple pendant tikkas, then straight hair is undoubtedly the best option. Hairstyles like these are also ideal for a square and round-shaped face as it helps cover up the front and create a slimmer look? Here are 18 New Maang Tikka Styles for Face Types.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikkaanuskha sharman hairstyles with maang tikka

↓ 16 – Maatha Patti With Open Hair

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikkahairstyle ideas with maatha patti

↓ 15 – Braided Hairstyles

Whether you are the Mehndi bride or attending a Mehndi function, braids create the most beautiful and traditional look. In the case of Maang Tikkas, you can go for simple braids as well as fishtail braids. They create a pleasant and soft look and are especially recommended for heart-shaped faces as they help enhance your jaw bone. In case you want to spice up your look, you can also make the braid more attractive by using hair ornaments or flowers along with your Maang tikka. You can also see here a simple step by step tutorials to make braided hairstyles.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

↓ 14 – Pakistani Wedding Hairstyles

One-Tier Maatha Patti Maang Tikka:

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka 12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

With modern style or simple Maatha Pattis like this one, a braided headband is an ideal choice.

hairstyles with maathapatti

↓ 13 – With Buns

Though buns can be made with any type of Maatha Patti, they look spectacular with the ones with side chains. Buns can also be combined with braids to create a unique look. Here are some ideas for buns that can be made with Maatha Pattis.

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka

↓ 12 – Indian Wedding Hairstyle

12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka 12 Cute hairstyles with mang tikka


↓ 11 – Wedding Hairstyles With Maatha Patti

latest hairstyles with maatha patti

↓ 10 – For the Bride/Groom’s Sister

The bride or groom’s sister is one of the busiest people at any wedding event, which is why she wants a simple, no-fuss hairstyle. But at the same time, she also has to look her best. Which is why we recommend this simple look with Maatha Patti. The loose curls are simple enough and won’t require much work, while the Polki Maatha Patti makes sure you look great. The look works best with a lehnga choli outfit and dewy makeup in pastel shades. Here are some 14 Best Summer Wedding Outfits for Mother of The Bride.

hairstyle ideas with maathapatti


Instead of the loose curls, you can also opt for beachy waves:

hairstyle ideas with maatha patti for girls


Or go for a simple Alia Bhatt inspired blow-dry with a Kundan Maatha Patti:

hairstyle ideas with maatha patti for girls


↓ 9 – Side Parted Hairstyle For Mature Women

For women in their 30s or 40s, this hairstyle is undoubtedly the best choice. The gorgeous Kareena Kapoor looks regal in Maatha Patti, with her hair parted on one side. Have a look at these 20 Latest Style Indian Bridal Outfits.

maathapatti hairstyle ideas

↓ 8 – Swept Back Hair

If you have some statement earrings to go with your Maatha Patti, then you would want to go for swept-back hair as they’ll allow your jewellery to shine truly.

hairstyles with maatha patti


Here we see the beautiful Disha Patani acing a lehenga choli with the same hairstyle and a Maang tikka.

hairstyles with maang tikka

↓ 7 – With Messy Bun

For semi-formal events or parties when you don’t want to look effortlessly chic, go for a messy bun with Maatha Patti. If you’re a fan of buns, do check out these 20 Cute Outfits with Top Bun Hairstyle to Compliment Style.


hairstyle ideas to go with maathapatti


↓ 6 – With Hijab

Girls with a hijab too can wear Maatha Pattis, whether it’s for their big day or just for formal wear. This girl’s Jodha Akbar style Maatha Patti frames her hijab perfectly well to give her a glowing look. For more such ideas, check out these 17 Ways To Wear Hijab With Maatha Patti.

hairstyle ideas with maatha patti


↓ 5 – With Chignon Hairstyle

Here’s the same hairstyle with a Maang Tikka instead of the Matha Patti and some fresh flowers to freshen up the look.

hairstyles with maang tikka

↓ 4 – Twisted Updo

This is the most straightforward hairstyle for girls with short hair, and it looks terrific when worn with a Maatha Patti.

↓ 3 – Best Pakistani Brands For Jewelry

The following are the top authentic Pakistani jewellery brands that you can blindly trust even if you can’t visit the store and are planning to buy jewellery online.

  • ARY Jewelers
  • Damas Jewelry
  • Hanif Jewelers
  • Almas Jewelers
  • Patiala Jewelers
  • Waseem jewelers
  • Kundan Jewelers

Cute Hairstyles with Maang tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

↓ 2 – Best Indian Brands For Jewelry

Let the top Indian jewelry brands help you create a magnificent look on your big day. The following are the most trustworthy brands.

  • Kalyan jewelers
  • Amrapali jewelers
  • Malabar gold and diamonds
  • Tanishq
  • PC jewellers
  • ORRA
  • Caratlane
  • Damas

Cute Hairstyles with Maang tikka/Maatha Patti This Season

↓ 1 – Best International Brands For Jewelry

If you are not from Pakistan or India where Maang Tikkas and Maatha Pattis are commonly used then you should try out the following brands.

  • Chopard
  • Mikimoto
  • Bvlgari
  • Piaget
  • Graff
  • Tiffany and Co
  • Buccellati
  • Ali Express
  • Gilmour

Cute Hairstyles with Maang tikka/Maatha Patti This Season


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