20 Funky Hairstyles for Guys Worth Trying

Are you a teenage boy and looking for funky hairstyle ideas? Then this is the right place for you to learn new funky styles that you would love. Don’t forget to scroll down to read the entire post for some latest hair styling ideas.Trying these hairstyles with funky outfits  can bring a real swag for men.

Young boys always prefer to have funky styles whether it’s dressing or their hairstyle. They go with the easiest hairstyles that are perfect for their daily routine. A cool hairstyle can change your entire look. Whether heading to an event or for a hangout with friends, you should always pay much attention to your hairstyle as it is an essential part of dressing. If your hairstyle is not up to the mark, you will not look complete.

Below we have arranged some of the pictures of hairstyles that are not just easy but very trendy and unique. From bangs, curls, and afro look too spiky hair. You will surely love these ideas. Hopefully, you will find these pictures very helpful.

Funky Hairs for Boys

 Purple shade Under Cut Hairstyle

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 Unique Hair Cut Design

This style is the right one for guys who can carry away this kind of bold styles either it is in their dressing or in their hair styles. If you think you are bold enough to make the style look perfect on you then you should get this hairstyle.

Simply, go for a bald haircut but only on the lower parts of your head, then ask your barber to use a razor and make unique patterns. Just like the ones that are used in tattoos. This pattern on your head will make your hairstyle extremely unique and funky and everyone will for sure ask yours about it.

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 Colored Hairstyle

Men can also color their hair and style it with their preference. Different kind of hair colors is also available in the markets. To get some distinctive haircuts and styles, you can visit a salon and get your hair styled by a professional.

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 Afro-American Funky Hairstyle

A long time ago, African braided hair used to be a taboo, but not anymore. People from around the world are now getting this braided hair that originated in Africa and apparently, everyone is loving them too. They can be your next fav haircut too just give them a try and see what happens. It doesn’t matter it you are white; you can still opt for braided hair if you feel like getting them.

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 Lengthy Tousled Hairstyle

The lengthy tousled hairstyle looks very flirtatious on every guy despite their age. For example, you are going to a party and you want to hook up with some girls, then this swag hairstyle is definitely for you. All you have to do is to keep your hair quite long from the middle section of your hair, but keep them short from the sides of your head. You can the tousle the longer section of your hair and make them look messy so that they will exhibit flirtatious vibes.

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A perfect hairstyle will make you gain everyone’s attention. If you plan to enhance your looks then spend some time on styling your hair. Hairstyles keep changing time to time. Teenage boys who have short, medium or long hair can try out a million ways to style their hair.

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 Funky hairstyle With beard.

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 Light Pink Shade

From Korean celebrities to Hollywood celebrities, we have seen everyone going for pink hair color. And yes they look just awesome if they are well managed. The trick here is that yu should know how to keep your pink hair in good condition and how to carry them as well. As far as the haircut is concerned, you can go for the cut with shorter hair around the sides of your head. This haircut looks the best with pink hair color.

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 Black men Funky Hairstyle

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Afropunk Hair

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Hairstyle for School

This hairstyle look is wearable to college as well. You won’t be needing to spend extra 2 hours just to get your hairstyle right but this hairstyle can be prepared in only minutes. You can use hair gel to keep your hair firmly in place.

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 Funky Long Hairstyles

Everyone seems to be inspired from long hair of Jonny Depp. And they are very very easy to replicate as well. The best way to make long hair work and to get highlights on them to make them look more vibrant and eye catching. This way your long hair will look funky too with a mixture of elegance in them. You can go for blonde of chocolate brown highlights etc, depending on the color of your hair and your skin.

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Teenage Boys Hairstyle for Swag Look

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Funky  mohawk haircut

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 Short hairstyles for African Men Street style

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 Black Male Models Hairstyle

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 Funky hairstyle that goes with formal Dress

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 Teenage boy Hair Look

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 Funky style with Mustaches

This parted hair look is perfect for funky guys and looks like the best combo with mustaches. You can also use hair gel to make your parted hair look more crisp and firm.

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 Medium length Haircut.

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