Preppy Hairstyles for Men-20 Hairstyles for Preppy Guy Look

The Best Preppy Hairstyles For Men – There was a time when only women would concern themselves with beauty and fashion but the turn of the century brought on men’s latest fashion ideas and ideas that beauty is not just for women but men also can and should take care of themselves. So this change brought on a surge of fashion designers just for men and with that the total appearance of men underwent a total change with hairstyles and accessories etc. These days, men are more concerned about their hair than women. In order to appear stylish and sexy, men will go to all lengths. One such method is by dressing well, and keeping their hair well-maintained. A preppy hairstyle is one where the overall look is neat, tidy and well-kept. It is a sexy and elegant way of keeping one’s hair by using a lot of gel or hair pomade. Scroll through our list and you are sure to find an inspiration or idea for the sexiest men’s hairstyle of the season. Do try one of these preppy haircuts for men and you’ll surely look and feel great.

How to Look Preppy – The Preppiest Hairstyles For Men

#1. Tousled and Bearded Look

If you have a slightly bushy beard, and wavy hair, then go for the tousled look. Comb some gel through the front parts of your hair and let the waves fall on your forehead. This look is perfect for guys in their twenties. With this kind of look you can either wear a sporty outfit with sneakers and a sweat shirt and trousers or look like a medical student with a coat an sweater and horn rimmed glasses.For more outfit ideas with this look, have a look at [highlight]15 best preppy outfits for guys[/highlight].

preppy hairstyles for men


#2. Combed and Dapper Look

Attending a formal event or an important meeting? Gel it all back by making a neat side-parting and keep it in place with hairspray. Looks suave yet seductive for men of all ages. Dressing well for the event along with well kept hair is a must. So choose a nice colored suit as this blue here with a white button down and nice Oxfords.

preppy hairstyles for men 1


#3. Pulled Back Look

If you want a more rugged look, then pull your hair all the way back. This looks very macho and manly, and works well with a beard and mustache. This hair style is mostly preferred by men who earn their living hard core which means that jeans and a simple shirt rolled up and construction shoes will do well with the whole look. You can wear a beaded bracelet but a wrist watch is a much better choice.

20 preppy hairstyles for men 2

#4. Messy yet Sexy

If you want to look messy yet preppy at the same time, then rough up your hair with some texture spray. Set the spikes in place so that your hairstyle stays in tact. A little stubble will ultra cool with this hair style. Suited for attending concerts or going to a birthday bash. Oh and if you like these glasses, do take a look at this [highlight]awesome collection of Oakley sunglasses for men[/highlight].

preppy hairstyles for men 4


#5. Cropped Hairstyle

In the mood for a fun yet professional look? If your hair is cut into layers, then opt for this cropped men’s hairstyle. It looks really good if the sides are clean shaved and the layers are pulled back. Mostly suited for young boys or artists.

preppy hairstyles for men 5


#6. Seductive Italian Look

Italian men are the sexiest! Follow their smooth look by letting your mid-length hair flow long and open. Gel it back from the front so that it stays neat and polished. Try this look if you have a slim face with high cheekbones and with a mustache. Outdoor party look and same goes for the outfit also. Mid length black coat with a stripped button down and loafers in black matched to the t with your denim.

preppy hairstyles for men 6

#7. Bushy Mane Look

If you’ve got bushy, fluffy hair then this look is perfect for you. Don’t put gel or pomade, rather leave then natural and have them cut in such a style.  Pompadour will look good and a dutch beard is giving off a macho vibe. If you’re into beards then check out the [highlight]15 latest and sexy beard styling ideas[/highlight].

preppy hairstyles for men 7


#8. Defy Gravity With This Look!

Time to have some fun! Make your hair defy gravity by running pomade through it and letting it stand up from the front. This gives volume and lift to your hair. Dapper and ultra glam look when worn a suit and tie. Young professionals can style their outfits and appearance in this manner.

preppy hairstyles for men 8


#9. Sexy Schoolboy Look

For younger teens or boys in their early twenties, going back to school means you need to look your best again and handsome. Outfits can play a major role but hair styling is another thing. They can simply comb their hair into a rough texture. Leave the other side rough and standing up. So, one side stays neat and polished and the other side stays rough and messy.

preppy hairstyles for men 9

#10. Prim and Proper Look

This style is a bit complicated, but is perfect for men of all ages. Take the middle portion of your hair from the front and gel it back, but leave the rest of the hair swept side ways. This way, only the front middle section is pulled back giving a nice neat and tidy yet stylish look of a man who take care in dressing and attention to his look. Be a little mod and put on a round collared shirt with grey suit.

preppy hairstyles for men 10


#11. Preppy Styles for Curly Hair

Curls are not just difficult for women to handle but rather hard for men to style also. You can have some long strands at the front side and have the back side of your head cropped up. This gives a nice casual look. Or just have long hair tied in a pony tail or use gel to tame that mane.

preppy hairstyles for men 11


#12. Preppy Hair Styles for School

preppy hairstyles for men 12


#13. Preppy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Army look. Very modern and in high demand among the young boys. Good for the summer season as you will not feel the heat much and no need to comb again and again.

preppy hairstyles for men 13


#14. Preppy Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you can carry this meaning you can maintain the hygiene and neatness if keeping a long mane. Only then adopt this style otherwise it is not cool rather you will look pathetic with unkempt hair.

preppy hairstyles for men 14


preppy hairstyles for men 15


preppy hairstyles for men 16


20 preppy hairstyles for men 17


Pompadour at its best. This can be adopted by many boys young and mature. But only for glamorous nights.

preppy hairstyles for men 18


preppy hairstyles for men 19


preppy hairstyles for men 20





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